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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!

People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!


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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!








168: NBC-Universal Sells Its Stake in Peloton plus our interview with Vivian Feeney

Leanne Hainsby issues an apology. Peloton is hiring a VP of AI. NBC-Universal sells its entire stake in Peloton. 4th Quarter earnings call on September 10. We have a winner in our FightCamp contest. Dr. Jenn Mann - How to not let a negative world impact your workout? Forbes talks about the Black wellness experts you should have on your radar. Celtics player Jayson Tatum has a Peloton. The final week of Pelothon is here. Jess Sims and Kristin McGee went live on IG to talk about keeping your...


167: Resale Prices of Peloton Clothing Skyrocket plus our interview with Todd Bohannon

We give you an update on the Leanne Hainsby situation. Peloton wins a battle in the "Purge" lawsuit. Resale prices of Peloton clothes will shock you. The New York Times talks about BLM and the world of boutique fitness. Vox finally comes around on Peloton. Jenn Sherman is featured in New Jersey Monthly Magazine. Dr. Jenn Mann - What to do when a celebrity you love says something you hate? Motley Fool is treating Lululemon's acquisition of Mirror with skepticism. Garmin is held hostage by...


166: Leanne Hainsby Sparks Controversy with Instagram Post plus our interview with Courtney Snowden

Leanne Hainsby upset members of the Jewish community this week with an Instagram post. We have an update on the lawsuit over purged classes. Rumor - details on the new bike SoulCycle instructor Soeuraya Wilson quits over their selective activism. Jennifer Jacobs has a new job. Pelothon 2020 update including info on new badges and rules. There's a new line in the boutique. Quarantread 26.2 Challenge is here. What does that mean? Dr. Jenn Mann - When your brain hasn't accepted your weight...


165: Peloton 2020 is Underway plus our interview with Tracy Chou

Peloton 2020 is underway. A less expensive Tred is getting nearer. John Foley revisits How I Built This. The fitness industry is struggling with the supply chain. Dr. Jenn Mann discusses A new connected fitness boxing competitor has entered the fray. Win a FightCamp Gym! Well And Good has yoga for brain fog. Robin Arzon has started her own YouTube channel. Jess Simms was on the "Ali On The Run" podcast. Robin is featured in Haley Shapley's new book "Strong Like Her." New Peloton Artist...


164: Pelothon 2020 Announced plus our interview with Ty Audronis

Pelothon 2020 is here. Who's team are you on? Echelon challenges Peloton's patents. Peloton welcomes a new Head of Music - Gwen Bethel Riley. Peloton stock hits yet another high. (This is not a repeat.) Whoop now integrates with Strava. Dr. Jenn Mann talks about what to do when your partner isn't supportive of your workout regimen. Our FightCamp contest continues. Soul Cycle is setting up tents in the Hamptons. Tunde is launching her own line of lipstick. New Artist Series - The Grateful...


163: The Peloton Roku App is LIVE plus our interview with Steven Little

Peloton launches their Roku app. Accessibility gets better as Peloton adds a screen reader to their tablet. Instructors are headed back into the studio. Peloton was looking to acquire Tempo. Lululemon purchases Mirror. Peloton addresses manufacturing issues with the Beyond Yoga collection. talks about the psychology of Peloton's customer experience. reports that a quarter of all gym-goers plan to NEVER return. NEW CONTEST - You can win your very own Fight Camp...


162: Peloton Pledges $100 Million to Fight Racial Injustice plus our interview with Greg Hoskins & Crissie McDowell

Peloton puts their money where their mouth is pledging $100 million to fight racial injustice. Peloton stocks hits a record high...and then hits it again. The new summer collection seems to be showing signs of manufacturing flaws. Jenn Sherman was on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up show. Christine D'Ercole was interviewed on the website for American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. writes about how the spa and hotel industries are adapting for a post-COVID world. Popsugar discusses...


161: Peloton Allows Users To Select 'Non-Binary' plus our interview with Ariel Brown

Peloton will now allow users to select "Non-Binary" as a gender option. Peloton stock is up yet again. has some theories as to why. 24 Hour Fitness officially files for bankruptcy. Tread sales have started back up. German Apple TV and IOS dropped this week. We get another visit from Dr. Jenn Mann. BuzzFeed reports on Peloton delivery workers' concerns during Covid. Hydrow raises $25 million. We're hosting a "virtual house concert" with Shannon Curtis. Former guest Peter...


TCO 160: The Peloton Facebook Group Hits 300K plus our interview with Kari Gormley

The Peloton Facebook Group hits 300,000 members. National political conventions are looking to emulate Peloton. Motley Fool calculates the ROI on Peloton stock. A quick chat with Axios' Dan Primack to discuss his super-successful fundraisers. Ally Love has nutrition tips for fueling your workout. The Crossfit CEO is out. has a list of African-American fitness instructors you should be paying attention to. NEW FEATURE - Getting The Psychological Edge with Dr. Jenn -...


TCO 159: Peloton's #BlackLivesMatter Statement plus our interview with Joanie Young

Peloton supports Black Lives Matter movement and makes a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Peloton canceled live classes on June 2 in support of "Blackout Tuesday." Robin Arzon has tips on how to be an ally. Tunde hosted a special "Speak Out" ride. Chelsea Jackson Roberts hosted a special meditation. The OPP has been set to moderated posts only. Alex Toussaint had a heartfelt IGTV post. A look back at the ESPN All-Star ride. talks about Peloton's impressive stock...


158: Peloton to Air on ESPN plus our interview with Brandie Posey

ESPN will broadcast an All-Star Peloton ride. Classes will resume in the studio but without riders. There's a new Yoga instructor - Chelsea Jackson Roberts Adrian Williams has his premier run. Time Magazine talks to John Foley. Peloton stock drops $7 per share. Emma Lovewell to speak at the NMPA Conference. Business Insider talks about Peloton's best classes. Covid quarantining is making us fatter. NordicTrack has a new commercial and it's crazy. Esquire features Andy Speer. Steven Little...


157: Peloton Sues NordicTrack plus our interview with Tammy Cunnington

Peloton has a new instructor - Adrian Williams Peloton sues NordicTrack What's with all the Peloton giveaways on Instagram? Peloton stock continues to climb. NBC News asks if Peloton has a cultural appropriation issue. Jezebel talks about the demise of the boutique studio. More details on the new Quest Badge. Zach Bitter sets a new treadmill world record. Run Across NY has a new virtual challenge. Alex Toussaint has a new collaboration. Alex Toussaint discusses the impact of Michael Jordan...


156: Peloton Head Of Marketing Steps Down plus our interview with Geoff Schwartz

The Head of Marketing for Peloton is moving on. Peloton hits a subscriber milestone. We learn what the mysterious green badge is all about. We have a winner for the Tonal! A new podcast from Crystal and Tom? Peloton mailed out packages to people. The Wall Street Journal talks about AI fitness and a bike we've never heard of. Crystal tries out news stuff on Fight Camp. The Peloton blog talks about meditation. Matty's parents are super excited about him teaching classes from home. Robin Arzon...


155: Peloton Earnings Report Thing and our Interview with Gina Harney

We dig into the quarterly earnings report. Recap of "Homecoming" and the warehouse sale. There's a new badge but how do you get it? New York Times reports on "Peloton Panic Buying." Washington Post talks about what exercise looks like in other countries as they reopen. Gold's Gym officially files for bankruptcy protection. Alex Toussaint gets featured on The Golf Channel and The Today Show. Christine D'Ercole was in Dead Poets' Society and we found the picture. The next Zoom call is set for...


154: Shocking Revelations Lead to Oliver Lee's Exit plus our interview with Amy Wallace

Oliver Lee is out at Peloton. And the reason why is shocking! Peloton introduces a new hashtag feature. Peloton breaks another record for ride attendance...and then does it again. This weekend is Homecoming-ish. This week's Zoom call with be after John Foley's talk. Tonal has freshly redesigned app plus this is your LAST WEEK to enter to win a Tonal! Chipotle has five new fitness-based bowls - one of which is from Cody. Tunde did an arms workout with Women's Health Magazine. Engadget has an...


153: Live Classes Are BACK! plus our interview with Zach Honig

Live classes are back as instructors begin teaching from their homes. KOIN interviews a Peloton delivery person about delivering bikes during the crisis. Peloton announces when their 3rd Quarter fiscal results will be revealed. NBC/Universal sells off half of their Peloton stock. 24 Hour Fitness is eyeing bankruptcy. Eric Villency of VR Optics infamy might have an invention to help spot sick people. Ben & Leanne are officially a couple. Crystal talks about her Fight Camp journey. Updates on...


152: Peloton Stock Hits Record Highs plus our interview with Brendan Dunn

Peloton stock soars as more people workout from home. One our listeners (Tammy Lynne) is a frontline worker and was featured on the local news. Philly-based triathlete and app creator sings the praises of Peloton. GQ has a list of the best treadmills. Tunde went live with Venus Williams. The Food Bank for Chicago is raising money. Your chance to win a FREE Tonal. Our next Zoom call is scheduled for Friday 7pm CT/8pm ET Peloton dropped a new collection. The Prophet has predictions about the...


151: Peloton Halts Live Classes plus our interview with Priyanka Gadinski

Peloton stops all live classes through April 30 after an employee tests positive for COVID-19. Peloton is offering financial assistance with monthly payments for those whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic. The Comeback program has been tweaked to help frontline workers during this time. Android TVs get the Peloton app. Peloton wins another lawsuit. talks about the NFL and their love of Peloton. A cool blog post from Medium from a former Peloton insider. has a...


150: The Peloton Wife Is BACK plus our interview with Tamara Cella!

The Peloton Wife returns. The Peloton Prophet has scoop on live classes. Financial types are predicting good things for Peloton post-Coronavirus. Nordictrack ups their game. Axios' Dan Primack raises thousands with his Peloton ride. Crystal updates us on her Fight Camp journey. There's a new Facebook group for Scarsdale riders. Terry McMillan has a Peloton. Stephen Curry discusses his love of Peloton with the Wall Street Journal. You can still win a Tonal. We had another Zoom call. Dance...


149: Should Peloton Still Be Doing Live Classes? Plus our interview with Melissa Bazarian

The Verge has an article about Peloton continuing to hold live classes. Is it the right call? Tread deliveries are on hold and bike deliveries are "threshold only" due the Coronavirus. Slate has a "snarky" article on Peloton's "struggles" during this time. Bloomberg talks about the spike in connected fitness sales. Mirror now has an (expensive) app. Solidcore and Flywheel are forced to lay off 98% of their workforce. Peloton raised $500,000 for the Food Bank for New York City. WTOL talks...