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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!

People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!


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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!








230: Beyonce' Is Back plus our interview with Katie Johnson

John Mills is back to discuss Cody Rigsby and Dancing With The Stars. asks when will Peloton breakeven? Peloton says one of the plaintiffs in the "purge" lawsuit lied about being an attorney. Dr. Jenn - What do when you can't exercise for months. Bustle talks to Hannah Frankson. Boston NBC affiliate NECN sits down with Emma Lovewell. Alex Toussaint was on the Scott Van Pelt Podcast. Matty Maggiacomo is getting ready for Halloween. Olivia Amato spoke at the HLTH conference in...


229: Rebecca Kennedy & Andy Speer make it 'Facebook Official' plus our interview with Marcy Bullock

Rigsby returns to the ballroom on DWTS. Rebecca Kennedy & Andy Speer are Instagram-official. Olivia Amato partners with Puma. Shape Magazine talks to Olivia Amato. The Lily spotlights Robin Arzon. Robin Arzon makes the cover of Parents Latina. Susie Chan gives us a video guide to Tread workouts. Ocean Drive features Camila Ramon. Dr. Jenn - What to do when you're ashamed of your Peloton stats? You can now get text updates from Peloton. Peloton now limits the number of profiles account...


228: Cody Rigsby Makes 'Dancing With The Stars' History plus our interview with Yaneyra Pellascini

Cody Rigsby dances from home on DWTS. A sneak peek at Cody's next performance. John Mills joins us to discuss the BeachBody live experience. Dr. Jenn: Tracking vs. Intuitive Eating We have a new instructor - Carmilla Ramon. Peloton Apparel releases a Breast Cancer Awareness collection. The Wall Street Journal writes about "Peloton Fatigue." PC Mag reviews the Peloton Tread. A Peloton-loving civil servant in the UK raises eyebrows. Alex Toussaint partners with Puma. Jess King guests on the...


227: Cody, Covid, and Week #2 of DWTS plus our interview with Joey Ruggero

John Mills joins us to discuss Cody Rigsby & Week #2 of DWTS. There will be no live classes from October 10-12. Last week's Tread conversation had technical issues so they tried again on 9/30. CNN writes about Peloton's apparel launch. The Daily Mail reports on the apparel launch in Australia. talks about how Peloton is focusing on diversity. The Today Show profiles a woman who lost 100 lbs with her Peloton. Digiday spotlights Dara Treseder. Marketscale (with help from...


226: Cody Rigsby Debuts on 'Dancing With The Stars' plus our interview with Gabby Brauner

We do a deep dive on Week #1 of Dancing With The Stars. John Mills joins us to discuss People Magazine's Sexiest Peloton Instructor. We hit the highlights of John Foley's Goldman Sachs' conference. Dr. Jenn - Getting back into a routine following an injury and/or depression. Peloton looks to expand to hotels and other commercial spaces. Shape Magazine writes about Peloton Yoga. PopSugar has the best scenic rides. Morning Brew sings the praises of the Peloton app for the cost-conscious....


225: Peloton Launches the London Studio plus our interview with Claire Werner

John Mills joins us to discuss the latest Apple Fitness announcements. Jayvee Nava was featured in Ad Week. Buzzfeed asks, "Will Cody Rigsby be the first "internet star" to become mainstream?" Tonal now has live classes. Dr. Jenn - Preventing a splurge spiral. Details on Peloton's new apparel line. The London studio is open for business. Record Industry revenue is up and Peloton played a role. Outside Business Journal writes about Peloton's impact on diversity in the industry. What are Cody...


224: Cody Rigsby to Join 'Dancing With The Stars' plus our interview with Michele Kerulis

Cody Rigsby to compete on ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars.' John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton's drop in app usage. Dr. Jenn - When the athlete you want to be isn’t the athlete you actually are. Olivia Amato is rumored to be engaged. Kendall Toole talks to Extra about her famous fans. Shape Magazine features Robin Arzon's motherhood recovery. Shape also spotlights Emma Lovewell's 80-mile ride for cancer research. Aditi Shah is featured in Vogue India. Jess Sims, Alex Toussaint, Aditi...


223: Three New Peloton Tread Instructors plus our interview with Natalie Oven

Analysts are talking down Peloton stock. John Mills joins us to discuss the future of Peloton wearables. Dr. Jenn - Adjusting workouts during perimenopause. We have new instructors - Daniel McKenna, Kristen Ferguson & Marcel Dinkins Peloton surprised people with visits from their favorite instructors. Christine D'Ercole is trying on wedding dresses. Kendall pens a touching tribute to a fallen soldier/fan she never met. Chelsea Jackson Roberts shares stretching yoga poses with In Style....


222: Peloton Launches a Price War! plus our interview with Jennifer Barker

The Peloton Tread is back! A Peloton delivery van gets carjacked. Rower stories were everywhere last week. (yawn) Karina Kogan was featured in Ad Week. John Mills joins us to discuss the earnings call. Peloton drops the price of the bike. Dr. Jenn - When your 117-week Peloton streak is in jeopardy. Robin Arzon talks about her new children's book. Tunde headlines the Impact Leadership Conference. Real Simple has hamstring exercises with help from Matty Maggiacomo. Alex Toussaint visits...


221: Peloton Rolls Out its First Tread Fix plus our interview with Ali Feller

A Tread fix is being rolled out. John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton ending their Century shirts for digital members. Dr. Jenn - Remembering to celebrate fitness milestones. Peloton sued for improperly charging sales tax. Peloton sued for trademark infringement by Peloton Cold Brew. Business Insider writes about how quickly Peloton can change your life. Fitnessista gives her favorite gym-free cardio options. Mirage News reports on Peloton Australia Angelo joins us to discuss calories. Is...


220: Peloton Announces Internal Restructuring plus our interview with Calvin Harris

Peloton's internal restructuring. John Mills joins us to discuss BODi's busy week. Dr. Jenn: Tom's Tonal Tantrum Peloton breaks ground on a new factory in Ohio. Peloton is opening a new call center in Tempe, AZ. Business Insider takes a look at the rise of digital fitness. Washington Newsday reports on the effect of connected fitness on gyms. The Today Show spotlights kids and meditation (via Peloton). Angelo drops by to talk about fueling up for endurance. Buzzfeed writes about Ally Love's...


219: Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby Get Engaged plus our interview with Cathy Huff

Equinox and SoulCycle make vaccines mandatory for studio usage. John Mills joins us to discuss Seeking Alpha's bullish long-term take on Peloton. The next earnings call is scheduled for August 26. Dr. Jenn - How to keep going during a tough workout. Cody Rigsby address "ButtFart"-gate. The 3 free months for Tread owners are almost over. Peloton recommits to being anti-racist. Peloton is advertising in unique ways with the Yankees. People Magazine features a woman who transformed herself...


218: Peloton's Marketing Spend Reaches New Highs plus our interview with Katrina Sophia

Echelon partners up with Disney's Jungle Cruise. John Mills joins us to discuss the return of Eric Villancy. Checking in on how connected fitness companies measure up on social media. Beachbody unveils their new bike. Dr. Jenn - When you don't think your best is "good enough." GQ writes about Cody Rigsby's rise to fame. Texas News Today covers the same topic in a barely literate fashion. Jess Sims signs a deal with Nespresso. Jess Sims shares her favorite stretches with In Style. Angelo...


217: The Gamification of Peloton plus our interview with Jessica Menardy

Peloton is beta-testing a video game. John Mills joins us to discuss if Strava will be the will winner of Peloton vs. Gyms. Investors are betting on a short-lived return to the gym. Dr. Jenn - When life's curveballs disrupt your plans. One of the families suing over Peloton's Tread breaks their silence. Peloton offers a free year of app access to United Health customers. You can get a custom-built cabinet for your bike...but why? The Every Mom reviews the Peloton Bike. Cody Rigsby used to be...


216: Is Peloton Seeing a Decline in Engagement? and our interview with Debra Allison

Is Peloton's engagement declining? John Mills joins us to discuss iFit's attempt to challenge Peloton. Equinox merger talks fall through. Echelon is making strategic moves to increase valuation. Dr. Jenn - How to climb back on the exercise wagon. Peloton is finally live in Australia. Peloton creates Australia-specific Spotify playlists. Slate reports on how much Peloton pays for music rights. Forbes writes about iFit's efforts to "bring down" Peloton. Photos of a new "Peloton device" have...


215: More Details on Peloton's Top Secret New Hardware plus our interview with Jasmine Mills

More details have leaked Peloton's upcoming strength device and we have an exclusive up-close image of "Tiger." Sam Yo takes us behind the scenes of class creation. Dr. Jenn - How to prepare when things keep canceling. Gizmodo spotlights Sam Yo. Shape Magazine features Robin Arzon's postpartum workouts. Yahoo talks to Kendall Toole about healthy ways to deal with social media. Angelo talks about combining exercising with fasting. Well And Good examines the Strive Score. Mashable has tips on...


214: Cody Rigsby Buys a Penthouse plus our interview with Tracy Patman

John Mills joins us to discuss the Beachbody SPAC merger. Echelon inks a deal with Pitbull. Little Tikes has a Peloton-style bike for the kiddos. Dr. Jenn - Listening to your body after a major diagnosis. Cody Rigsby buys a penthouse in Williamsburg. Ally Love teams up with The Knot for her upcoming nuptials. Tunde and Common spotted out on the town. The Cut talks to Ally Love about her wellness routine. Angelo discusses whether meal replacement shakes actually work. Peloton launches its own...


213: Peloton Treads Without Monthly Membership Stop Working plus our interview with Jen Watson!

John Mills joins us to talk about virtual reality and connected fitness. Can gyms and connected fitness peacefully coexist? Treads without Peloton memberships have stopped working. Bloomberg reports on Peloton's upcoming wearable device. Peloton launches a corporate wellness program. Dr. Jenn - How to balance all the Peloton content GQ Germany launches a fitness podcast with Erik Jager as their first guest. Cody Rigsby complains about the delivery time...of a lamp. Congrats to Jenn Sherman's...


212: Robin Arzon Is Back In The Studio plus our interview with Danielle Verwey

McAfee finds a new security issue with Peloton. We have new instructors! Callie Gulickson and Rad Lopez. FORME and Barry's partner up. ICON Health & Fitness changes its name. What does Peloton's FCC filing for a new monitor really mean? Dr. Jenn - How to get up early for your workouts. Robin Arzon was back in the studio recording new content. CNN rates Peloton accessories based on your favorite instructor. Peloton has an official date for its Australian launch. Peloton debuted a new...


211: Are People Abusing the High-Five? plus our interview with Nicole Gonzales

Peloton has new app pricing for students, teachers, healthcare workers, first responders, and the military. Hisao Kushi and Yony Feng were featured on CUNY. explains why Peloton stock has been trending up Peloton ups their radio advertising. There's a bit of movement in the Peloton/Icon lawsuit. Hilton adds Pelotons at more of their hotels. Jennifer Cotter is on Ad Week's list of Content Innovators. Caitlyn Johnston is featured on Fast Company's Queer 50. Dr. Jenn - Meal planning...