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Episode 049: How to Make Your Everyday Extraordinary with Jordan Lee Dooley

Today’s guest is Jordan Lee Dooley, and I don’t know whether to say ‘down-to-earth’ or ‘relatable’ first when it comes to describing this Midwest girl turned international inspiration. This chat felt like a beautiful heart to heart with a friend mixed with a real-talk life coaching session and I know that you’re going to get SO MUCH out of Jordan’s stories and wisdom. This girl is a POWERHOUSE with a purpose, and she has so much incredible insight to share with us, like: - Why vulnerability...


Episode 048: The Truth About Therapy with MY Personal Therapist, Elyse Snipes

This is e a very special episode; We are sitting down with MY personal therapist Elyse Snipes, who is genuinely one of the most caring, brilliant, & encouraging women that I know! Elyse is a California based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, life coach, podcaster and educator who is taking therapy OFF the couch and out in to the world (in her adorable VINTAGE trailer!). You may have heard of her Podcast, Trailercast, which is changing the narrative and expectations of what people THINK...


Episode 047: What Really Happens When Women Lift Weights? with Meg Gallagher / MegSquats

Welcome back, this week I am SO excited to bring on one of the most badass friends that I have made over the years— You may not be able to deadlift over 400 lbs (or squat over 300lbs!) like her, but by the end of todays episode, you will have gained one Strong Strong Friend, too.A record holding powerlifter and CEO among other titles, Meg Gallagher aka @MegSquats "is on a mission to make powerlifting as trendy as Soul Cycle.” I’m sure you’ve seen her pop up on your Explore feed on Insta, or...


Episode 046: Walk Through Fear to Find Your True Purpose with Amber Lilyestrom

Quick question, friend: "What if instead of doing all of the things, jumping through all of the hoops, aiming at someone else’s targets, we focused our lives around doing what fills us up, what makes us feel more alive right now?!" Wise words from today’s guest, who is going to help us feel MORE ALIVE and more fulfilled than ever! We are so grateful to have Amber Lilyestrom on the show today, and she is a transformational branding strategist + business performance coach, writer, and speaker...


Episode 045: 5 Ways to Create Massive Change in Your Life with Marie Wold [Solo Episode]

This week, I'm here (SOLO) to help you get unstuck and create massive change in your life! If you're feeling unfulfilled, drained, frustrated, or like you have untapped potential that you just don't know how to access, then this episode is for YOU, my friend. I know change can be scary, but after this, you will feel empowered and clear on how to create the change that you're craving. APPLY FOR THE MOVE NOURISH SHINE COLLECTIVE: http://movenourishshine.comFOLLOW MARIE:...


Episode 044: How To Refresh Your Wardrobe + Define Your Personal Style with Daniella Siebert

When was the last time you stood in front of your closet and were truly EXCITED to get dressed?! For most women, I feel like it’s more of a staring at all of your hangers for five minutes, try some stuff on, throw a pile of “no’s” onto your bed, and end up wearing the first outfit anyway, even though it was “meh” kind of situation. Does that sound familiar? Do you feel like you truly know and own your style, or do you wake up each morning, frustrated with what’s hanging in your closet/folded...


Episode 043: How To Glow Up + Get Healthy with Georgie Stevenson

Topics like setting fitness goals from a place of love… daily habits for balance… avoiding extremes… all of those sound familiar if you’ve been a part of my tribe for a while now, but I’m excited to really dive deep into each one and bring you some new insights across the board! I know that each of those topics can be tricky, because there’s no one RIGHT way to achieve balance or love yourself, and that can be frustrating. I totally get it. BUT one thing that always helps is to hear from...


Episode 042: Life-Changing Money Hacks for Millennials with Chloe Elise

I’m SO glad you on this episode even though it has the word MONEY in the title. I know finances can be a touchy subject for some people, but I really wanna make money talk NORMAL and break the stigma around it because our financial health is so so important when it comes to our quality of life, stress, and our general wellbeing. As we’ll talk about today, that DOESN’T mean that you have to make a TON of money to be happy or secure, it just means that you have to know how to optimize what you...


Episode 041: The #1 Thing Holding You Back from Reaching Your Highest Potential with Jenay Rose

I am SO excited to have today’s guest here to share her light with us-- Jenay Rose, aka Namaste Jenay! Jenay quit her “successful” corporate job, and followed her heart to become a self-made soulpreneur. Self-doubt, horribly convincing inner criticism, and attempting to please everyone else but herself-- these are all things that today’s Transformational Life Coach and self-empowerment expert turned her back on, before catapulting herself inward for a journey of self development to her...


Episode 040: The Truth About Making All of Your Dreams Come True with Jasmine Star

Have a pen handy, because this week’s guest will be bringing you one of the most quotable episodes you have ever listened to, and I know that you’ll want to come back to the insights she shares again and again! Today, we have the one and only Jasmine star on the show, who is a photographer, entrepreneurial educator, and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. Jasmine has a SUPER cool story that we’ll get into a little bit during the interview, but essentially, she is a master at...


Episode 039: The Real Self Care Essentials with Essential Oils Expert Dr. Mariza Snyder

I know you’ve heard the term “self-care” about a million times in the last year, but I’m super excited to give you a FRESH perspective and share some really actionable insights on self-care and hormone health with you guys today! I sat down with Dr. Mariza Snyder to talk all thing self-care, and she is a functional practitioner and the author of six books, with her newest one being The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, which is all about balancing hormones with the power of essential oils....


Episode 039: The Real Self Care Essentials with Essential Oils Expert Dr. Mariza Snyder

I know you’ve heard the term “self-care” about a million times in the last year, but I’m super excited to give you a FRESH perspective and share some really actionable insights on self-care and hormone health with you guys today! I sat down with Dr. Mariza Snyder to talk all thing self-care, and she is a functional practitioner and the author of six books, with her newest one being The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, which is all about balancing hormones with the power of essential oils....

Episode 038: Mindset Secrets for Fitness Success with Caryn Paolini

You guys hear my guests and me talk about MINDSET alllll of the time, but I know that it’s one of those tricky topics that be hard to take action on and actually APPLY to your life. There’s just SO MUCH information, so much content, and so many opinions out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So this week I wanted to make mindset really TANGIBLE and ACTIONABLE for you when it comes to HEALTH + FITNESS. Because you can have the absolute perfect plan for your goals and still not see...


Episode 037: How To Live Unapologetically + Let Go of Your Limitations with Karissa Pukas

This week, we’re diving deep into holistic wellness, including non-toxic living, breast implant illness, adaptogenics, and cannabis, PLUS a general conversation around how to make informed choices about your health and wellbeing instead of just going with fads or trusting things because they’re the “norm”. I had to pleasure of sitting down to chat with Karissa Pukas, who is a Canadian content creator and entrepreneur, and as you’ll find out, she is a total badass. Karissa has built a YouTube...


Episode 036: How To Land Your Dream Job + Define Your Destiny with Ashley Stahl

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re on the right path in life, or if you’ve ever questioned your next career move, OR if you know your mindset around success and self-worth needs a little tune up, this episode is for YOU!This week’s guest is the epic, incredible, badass Ashley Stahl, who has SO much to share with you guys today. Not only does she have a super interesting background and story for how she became a super successful career coach, but she is also just a really COOL human that has a...


Episode 035: 8 Steps to Total Confidence with Marie Wold

You’re listening to episode number 35 of the grind and be grateful podcast, and today it’s just you and me! I’m going to take you guys through my 8 pillars of total confidence and wellness and I’m SO excited for it because unlocking these 8 things is truly just life-changing for anyone that commits to it. And for a little background as to how these came about, a while back, I was looking for a framework or curriculum to take my coaching clients through that would help them integrate MENTAL...


Episode 034: Behind the Scenes of a Real Life Wellness Lifestyle with Gracie Gordon

If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is full of perfectly arranged smoothie bowls, beautiful, rainbow salads with avocado art on top, super intense adaptogenic concoctions with all sorts of superfoods, mushrooms, and who knows what else, from wellness influencers who make it look so effortless and EASY, Being a content creator and influencer myself, I should KNOW better than to take all of that stuff at face value, but the truth is, I STILL struggle with comparing myself with...


Episode 033: How To Take Control of Your Hormonal Health Beyond the Pill with Dr. Jolene Brighten

In case you haven’t noticed, this show has had EXCLUSIVELY female guests for the 8 months of its existence, but this week, we are taking girl talk to another level because we are talking ALL things hormonal health, periods, and birth control. Think of this episode as a super empowering, mind-blowing upgrade in place of what high school health class SHOULD have taught you. I sat down with the incredible, Dr. Jolene Brighten, who is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Medical Doctor and the...


Episode 032: The Best Diet for 2019 with Registered Dietitian, Kara Corey

With it being mid January right now, New Year’s resolutions are either going strong, or starting to fizzle out no matter how GOOD our intentions were. The other day, I was reading an artcile about New Year’s resolutions and they had polled over a 1000 people… among that sample, almost HALF of them had diet resolutions, with the top approaches being low carb, basic calorie restriction (which could include just eating healthier), keto, and low-fat. As a wellness coach, I DEFINITELY have my own...


Episode 031: Sex with the Lights On + Confidence in the Bedroom with Devon Day Moretti

This week we are turning the lights ON and getting real about sex! Our guest, Devon Day Moretti, is a women’s health and fitness coach that focuses on confidence and self-love, and one of the BIG topics she focuses on with her clients and her content is sex. She encourages women to start having sex with the lights on and feel empowered in the bedroom. Whether we’re talking openly about it or not, I think SO many women struggle with this aspect of their confidence and self-love, so I’m really...