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When you've got HEART there's no room to hate. Cut it up with coach Johann Francis, CSCS about the stuff we LOVE in Fitness. Also, RAP ALBUM IMPRESSIONS

When you've got HEART there's no room to hate. Cut it up with coach Johann Francis, CSCS about the stuff we LOVE in Fitness. Also, RAP ALBUM IMPRESSIONS


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When you've got HEART there's no room to hate. Cut it up with coach Johann Francis, CSCS about the stuff we LOVE in Fitness. Also, RAP ALBUM IMPRESSIONS






Clean Eating isn't Real | Part 3 of 3

Meal prepping has become the domain of packing brown rice and chicken into tightly sectioned polygonal spaces. Unfortunately, this unoriginal eating is synonymous with clean eating. Without question however, the first priority of those eaters is the emphasis on sugar avoidance and the adding of carb cycling. This is clean eating but what is our end goal... how can we keep this up? Hit me up: Free Course on UDEMY.COM Online Learning. Gym Nutrition Certification for Trainees, Family...


Brown rice, chicken Breast & broccoli | Clean eating = Boring | Part 2 of 3

Does red meat count as clean? Do pork chops? Sure, they do. Because clean eating is an unrealistic construct. Take a look at the beats of a quality eating pattern and menu! THIS is how I universally suggest you eat when you have goals inside the gym. This isn't "clean" or perfect but instead compliments your activity. In fact, the volume of goods we eat in the day prevent overeating, not a reduction in sugar. Hit me up: Free Course on UDEMY.COM Online Learning. Gym...


Clean Eating Debate | Is Clean Eating Real??? Part 1 of 3

Whenever I personally hear about cleaning eating, I am listening to my girlfriend talk about her diet for her next Figure competition or my best friend weight cutting for his bodybuilding show where he'll drink black coffee and tilapia for weeks. I even think about my friend, a pro boxer, who has to shred a few decades in pounds during training camp as he consumes BCAAs and brown rice like the salubrious wellsprings they might be. However, they recognize the temporary stake these patterns...


Part 2. | “30 Second” food label Breakdown

Hit me up: YOUTUBE Supplement reviews: LIVE CHAT!!!! (Register for the next round) JOIN IN Instagram: Visit:


"30 Second" food label Breakdown | Expert Advice #1

TRY MY Full Course with Pictures HERE! WE ARE HERE! You're here! "EXPERT NUTRITION ADVICE" #1 begins here today. As I said, we'll begin a new series of episodes gear toward heightening your nutrition literacy. Still, we'll have fun but we'll focus on CONTENT in Nutrition, instead of crap in Nutrition.Feel free to follow the courses WITH PICTURES HERE, Ill give you a meal plan with honest (4,5 star, maybe) review. Thanks for your support! Behind every great food, every nutrition...


Juice Cleansing - is BS | Juicing is Genius

WE are HERE! Today let's talk about cleanses because I've been ear-beaten by stories of friend and folks alike who don't JUICE - they juice CLEANSE. And, I have to say, what a waste of money and time! Juicing in itself is a brilliant practice for your eating needs. You control you food intake, you skip inorganic processed crap and you have options. But, cleansing via juicing is largely bullshit. So keep your benjamins where they belong, inside your pockets! Spend them instead on juicing...


HoliDAZE & Malaise | Fired Up #4

Let's give it up for the new year! Let's also remember why it's important to remember why the holidays are excellent for most but also tough for some. And when I say tough, I mean me, I see it alot! If that's you make sure you CHANGE THE NARRATIVE! 7:16 here's how to set smart goals. Hit me up: YOUTUBE Supplement reviews: LIVE CHAT!!!! (Register for the next round) JOIN...


"The Game Changers" on NETFLIX review | #25

The Game Changers is a documentary on NETFLIX which aroused lots of conversation. Youtube's resident phD and pro bodybuilder, Bio Layne, comments on it, so does the Paleo guy, Chris Kresser, and so do a lot of my trainees. Why so compelling??? Pro fighter and bad motherfucker, James Wilkes, is the focal point in the documentary which does incite vegan and plant based eating ideals. After my friend asked if I'd seen it weeks ago, I already imagined how pissed off meat lovers were gonna...


We love to be in Pain | #24

WE. ARE. BACK! Thanks for returning with me. Let's keep the flow of the show going into the future. Today, we discuss pain management and why it is so easy for us to embrace our physical pains. *RATE US on iTunes* please because it allows us to set up Live Chats where I answer YOUR QUESTIONS FREE! 5 Star Love is essential!! 4:23 accepting injuries is a cycle we buy into 8:18 working through pain... isn't heroic 12:25 we might keep injuries to remind us of our pain... which we...


Bare Bones about Alcohol and Weight Training | "Can I drink and lose weight?"

WELCOME BACK to this show, presentation & forum and home of nutrition myths, debunked. Long post each Sunday, little posts Wednesday/Thursday. Let's talk about it...this presentation is on drinking alcohol and training for weight loss, muscle gain and the secrets therein. FOLLOW! First, FOLLOW! I promise to get to EVERY topic on sports nutrition, strength, habit change and meal planning. Its simple guys: we're gonna break down the 3 (+1) tips regarding alcohol and weight loss and general...


Protein Recommendations & Cheat Meals.. really?

Welcome back. Let's go over how much protein you probably need. Adjusting this macro is the most vital. Then let's myth-bust a bit! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! YOU can join this LIVE CHAT here at: And get the LIVE VERSION here on YT at: Twitter Check Out Episode #11 About the President &...


#1 Introducing the GYM to KITCHEN Chat | How to Eat BETTER Overall - Tips from a Seasoned Nutrition Expert

Family! Hopefully you're all doing amazing because Ive been gone for a long ass time and haven't checked in enough, admittedly, to you all but that changes! It's like this: the ability for me to record shows changed overnight and now - along with every aspect of my profession seemingly - I gotta adjust, but it's simply another challenge except I'm excited to bring you something different. THE GYM TO KITCHEN LIVE CHAT is a series, simply, about gym and active nutrition. It's Live and...


This Part & That Part | Rap Impressions ScHoolboy Q "CrasH Talk"

Yo guys, remember these are impressions and not reviews. We focus on the feel and vibes of the art as it happens and so it's stream of consciousness. With that preamble out the way. Let's listen to some real music! We have 5 main sections to our rap impressions -Intro, I introduce the artist to you -Topical/trends the artist talks about -General thoughts on the art -Overall meta breakdown of the work and how it fits in with modern music -Best song to give a 1st listen to Fitness...


Do EVERYTHING to Stay in Shape | #23

Guys, I've said it a million times it seems. Not much is outlawed in fitness! that means you should be out here doing everything. Try everything if you wanna stay in shape. From kettlebells to Oly's, you should be unafraid of the results you get from touching a bit of fitness in it's totality. I teach everything at my studio to a number of trainees. It's easy to get wrapped up in doing THAT THANG because you feel like you're good at it... but thats because we're told "this is the...


Impressions of 2Chainz | Rap or Go to the League | #5

2Chainz "Rap of Go to the League" album is the latest in the discography but does that get you MOVING??? It's about as close as I go to the mainstream. Well, maybe it's too much of the same... maybe you like that. let's find out! there's 5 parts to our rap album impressions but today I struggle to get through all of them.


Why Fitness Models act exactly THE SAME | #22

Everyone loves that assPECT of the gym... the eye candy! even if you don't, you're well aware fitness models are your before and after goals no matter how unrealistic it all seems. but why do they all act the same and give you similar workouts? or here's a better question: what compels us to keep paying attention even though we know every workout there is and aren't surprised. once again, fitness as an industry is just too predictable.


Quitters ALWAYS Prosper | New Year's Resolutions anyone?? #21

This is for all the QUITTERS out there: you're WINNING. Allow me to clarify. Everyone who is out there trying to quit the disgusting habits they repeat on the regular have to know that your coach is with you! Be invested in the act of quitting. Today, I shed light on the "WHY" and HOW of quitting bad habits. 1. Your original FEELING of failure which made you wanna quit 2. WHY it's so hard to quit habitually destroying your health - because it's who you BELIEVE you are in instead who...


3 Ways the Gym's EVOLVED | Women's Fitness Role Models #20

3 Ways the Gym’s EVOLVED | Women’s Fitness Role Models #20 We are BACK! For good. Thanks for joining us. Excuse the in-outs of the mic... but... Thanks to our sponsor Chicago Boudoir Photography. I've seen ALOT in 16 years of fitness and the gym has become the domain of women in so many ways. Mainly, because of MMA! I learn this first hand as one of the thought leaders in Bay Area fitness and I chopped up gym life the other day. Fitness Videos & Fitness...