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Episode 23 - Ezra Bye - Data Vs Experience

Dr. Ray Carr, Dr. Nick Perugini, Rob Rabena MS and Ezra Bye, Maplezone Director of Pitching, discuss using technology to monitor workload and manage fatigue. They also discuss combining data with an experienced eye to make good coaching decisions. This is another can't miss episode that describes how an integrated team can promote optimal athletic success.


Episode 22 - Building Power Without Olympic Lifts

In this episode Dr. Jon Herting, Dr. Nick Perugini, Dr. Ray Carr and Rob Rabena M.S. discuss how to build power in your athletes without using Olympic Lifts. Olympic lifts are highly technical and not every coach has the time or expertise to teach these. This episode discusses power and the many options coaches have to build this in their athletes without needing to rely on the technical barbell focused lifts.


Episode 21 - How To Be A Student Observer

In this Episode Dr. Jon Herting, Dr. Nick Perugini and Rob Rabena M.S. discuss how to be a student observer in the clinic and in the weight room. They discuss what they look for in a student observer and how you can stand out as you make connections in the fields of Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.


Episode 20 - How to Influence Youth Movement Dysfunction - Bill Ewe - Part 2

This this episode, Dr. Jon Herting, Dr. Ray Carr, Dr. Nick Perugini and Rob Rabena, MS welcome Bill Ewe for another fantastic episode. In this episode Bill discusses common movement dysfunction that he sees in his Middle School students on a daily basis and what interventions he uses to help set these students up for success moving forward.


Episode 19 - Bill Ewe - State Of Physical Education

In this episode Ray, Nick, Jon and Rob welcome Bill Ewe to the program. For the past 20+ years her has been a New Jersey Middle School Physical Education teacher. Bill has developed a nice niche and has been able to build, what amounts to a Crossfit Box, in his current Middle School. In this episode Bill discusses his path to this point, how to influence superiors and how to create buy in from the kids in his class.


Episode 18 - Treating Diagnosis or Dysfunction?

In this episode Dr Ray Carr, Dr Jon Herting, Dr, Nick Perugini and Rob Rabena, MS discuss their thoughts on if you should treat a clients diagnosis or their presenting movement dysfunction. The guys will discuss their thoughts on if the diagnosis matters when treating a patient and what their main thought process is when a new client walks in the door and they have to craft a rehab or strength and conditioning program.


Episode 17 - Nick Mascioli Ep 2 - Technology and Velocity Based Training

Nick provides a unique perspective on training professional baseball players as he also practices as a licensed massage therapist. This week Jon, Rob, Nick and Ray sit down with Nick to talk about his experiences applying the latest technology in S&C to optimize performance and recovery strategies with his athletes. . Nick touches on Velocity Based Training (VBT) and how he was able to implement this with his athletes while working with the Pittsburgh Pirates. . Nick also discusses acute to...


Episode 6 - Are You Addicted To Foam Rolling

In this episode Rob Rabena M.S., Dr. Jon Herting, Dr. Nick Perugini and Dr. Ray Carr discuss Foam Rolling. When it fits into a performance and rehabilitation program, how it should be implemented and how much foam rolling is too much. This episode provides both practical experience and researched based evidence to discuss the efficacy of foam rolling and where it fits into a person's program.


Episode 5 - Should Overhead Athletes Press Overhead?

In this episode Ray, Jon, Nick and Rob discuss their thoughts on having overhead athletes press overhead. Is it necessary? What are the prerequisites that athletes need to demonstrate and is it really something that should be included in an overhead athletes performance or rehab program?


Episode 4 - Should you place strength on dysfunction?

In this episode Dr. Jon Herting, Rob Rabena M.S. Dr. Ray Carr, and Dr. Nick Perugini discuss their thoughts on placing strength on dysfunction. Dysfunction can mean different things to different individuals and populations. In this episode the guys define what dysfunction means to them in terms of human movement and discuss their thoughts on why you should not load dysfunction a majority of the time. They will also discuss instances when loading dysfunction may be appropriate. Tune in to...


Episode 3 - So You Are a Physical Therapist Who Wants to Work with Athletes?

In this episode Jon, Ray, Rob and Nick discuss what it takes to work with athletes. Most people would agree that this is a fun population to work with though it comes unique challenges as you become more familiar with the specialization and expertise required. This episode discusses how a new student or seasoned professional can prepare themselves to excel with this population. The guys offer tips and recommendations on what to read and what opportunities to seek out to best prepare you to...


Episode 1 - Introduction

Welcome to Training Room Talk. We will discuss a wide variety of topics in the fitness, performance and rehab fields to better educate clinicians, fitness coaches and active individuals in their quest for prime performance. In our first episode we introduce the team members and what you can expect from future episodes.


Episode 2 - What to do after graduating with a degree in Exercise Science?

Today Jon, Rob, Ray and Nick discuss their Exercise Science Program experiences with recommendations on how to take advantage to internships and opportunities to land your dream job.