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Answering YOUR Questions at Our Local Radio Station w/Nick!

Happy Thursday and welcome back to another episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! Usually, we record at the Chantel Ray Headquarters, but today we took a little trip to one of our local radio stations! Of course, we are still going to be answering YOUR questions, but Nick is going to act as an MC for this episode! We have lots to get through, so let’s get started! Watch the Video Version: https://youtu.be/2E14zlOdArY QUESTIONS: Jenny Illinois - 2:11 I started toying...


“My Family Doesn’t Support my Intermittent Fasting…What do I do?” - Favorite Clip from Episode #35 w/ Dr. Mark Scott

Hey Guys, HAPPY MONDAY! Welcome back to another Waist Away Favorite Clip! This week, we are featuring a question from the full podcast. Jade asks “I love the Podcast, and I love Intermittent Fasting! I have averaged 1-2 lbs a week for about 3 months. The problem is, my family isn’t a fan! What would you say to family members who are just constantly saying it’s not good for you? I’m having my family saying they are doubtful and it’s not sustainable or healthy? They are concerned about my...


Checking our Blood Sugar and Keytone Levels LIVE - The Return of Dr. Scott!

HEY GUYS! Welcome to another episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! Today, we welcome Dr. Scott back on to answer YOUR questions! Not only that, but we are going to be testing our blood sugar AND keytone levels LIVE for all of you. You know what that means?? Click RIGHT HERE >https://youtu.be/vvHC6ol98xs to watch the video version! You are not going to want to just listen to this one! Enjoy today’s episode of Waist Away! YouTube...


“Celebrate Your SMALL Victories!” - Favorite Clip from Episode #34 w/ Heather Roemmich

It’s Monday…SO HERE’S ANOTHER PODCAST PREVIEW!! If you take anything from this clip, it should be to celebrate ALL victories. If you lose 5 pounds 1 week, but only 1 the next, CELEBRATE! 🎉 Don’t let that set you back because you are still moving forward and toward that goal! Keep Waisting Away - we’ll see you in a few days! Check out the FULL Episode HERE: https://chantelray.podbean.com/e/heatherpart2/ ————————————— To learn more about the principles of intermittent fasting, purchase...


What is the BEST Eating Window to LOSE Weight?? Should You Just Eat 1 Meal A Day (OMAD)?? w/ Heather Roemmich Part 2

Welcome back to Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! We are back with Part 2 of the Heather Roemmich Podcast! First Episode () If you are new to the intermittent fasting lifestyle, you probably have many questions and where to start/ One of the most asked questions is “What is the best eating window to have” which is going to be answered in TODAY’S podcast! As always, we are going to be answering so many other questions so make sure to sit back, relax, and have a great day! Part...


How to Survive a 3 Hour Eating Window - Favorite Clip from Episode #33 w/ Heather Roemmich

It’s Monday, which means ANOTHER PODCAST PREVIEW! One of the most asked questions we get is “What is the best eating window to lose weight”. From different studies, and multiple peoples experience, they say that the short windows are really what render success during intermittent fasting. The next question may be “How do I only eat 2-3 hours throughout the day??” That will be answered in today’s podcast preview! To listen to the whole episode, click the link right down below! FULL...


“I’ve Lost Over 30 Pounds Using the Chantel Ray Way Diet” - Intermittent Fasting Q&A w/Heather Roemmich

Hey Guys! On Today’s episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, we are having some Q&A with Waist Away reader Heather Roemmich! She is going to dive into some of her secrets of how she has implemented the principles from The Chantel Ray Way. As always, Chantel will be going over and answering some question asked by YOU, the viewers! As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s episode! Check out the Video Version HERE: https://youtu.be/lS5RZoEjxfA Question 1:...


Taking 1 Step Forward and 2 Steps Back….Favorite Clip from Episode #32 w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

It’s Tuesday, which means ANOTHER PODCAST PREVIEW! We hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend! Last week, we had Author/Psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston talk about the psychological part of fasting. In today’s podcast preview, Glenn and Chantel answer a user-submitted question about constantly going back to square one through fasting. We hope you enjoy, have a great week, and we’ll see you on Thursday! FULL EPISODE HERE:...


The Psychology Behind Intermittent Fasting and Binge Eating w/ Author and Dr. Glenn Livingston!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way Podcast! Today, Chantel is talking to Dr. Glenn Livingston, Author of “Never Binge Again”. Usually, we talk more about the health aspect of IF, but in today’s show, we jump into more of the psychological side! Sit back and enjoy! YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/yJYcYVDX5Bk A Few Things We Mentioned: http://www.trendweight.com https://bit.ly/2xfAHnI htt [...]


Partial vs Normal vs Absolute Fasting - Favorite Clip from Episode #31 w/ Bishop Courtney McBath

It’s Monday, which means ANOTHER PODCAST PREVIEW! Last week, we had Bishop Courtney McBath in to talk all about biblical fasting and intermittent fasting! In this preview, Mcbath explains his beliefs behind Partial vs Normal vs Absolute Fasting. This is just a little snippet of the full episode, but you can watch the full episode HERE: https://chantelray.podbean.com/e/bishopmcbath/ ———————— To learn more about the principles of intermittent fasting, purchase Chantel’s book, Waist Away:...


Intermittent Fasting VS Biblical Fasting w/ Bishop Courtney McBath

Welcome Back To Another Episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! In this Episode, Chantel talks to Bishop Courtney McBath and discusses the differences of Intermittent Fasting and Biblical Fasting! Instead of user-submitted questions, Chantel has come up with her own questions to ask Bishop McBath, and find out exactly how he fasts and his overall thought on consecration! We hope you enjoy today’s episode! Watch this here: https://youtu.be/zxj8Ka4YvFY Question 1 - 6:07 I...


“I’m Tired ALL The Time…Is it my Thyroid??” - Favorite Clip from Episode #30

Happy Monday Everyone! Welcome to another FAVORITE clip here on Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast. On the last podcast, we had author and coach Elle Russ talk about her book and how she overcame her thyroid issues. In honor of her book, mostly all the questions were thyroid related, which we hope you enjoy! This question, as well as so many more, can be found in the full episode…LINKED DOWN BELOW! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s favorite clip! We’ll see you next...


Lowering Your Cholesterol, Reaching Ketosis, & more with Dr. Mark A. Scott!

Back by popular demand – Dr. Mark A. Scott! Join Chantel & Dr. Mark as they discuss tips for lowering your “bad cholesterol”, how magnesium should fit into your diet, how long it takes to reach ketosis, plus more! Video Version: https://youtu.be/tfMHdjlp04w Things Mentioned In Today’s Episode: Acai Bowl Recipe– https://chantelrayway.com/freerecipe/ Calm – https://amzn.to/2I5RKcQ Liquids You Can Drink - https://youtu.be/g_hXWZ_gzCg Dr. Mark Scott Routine 1:55 Question 1: 8:25 I...


Practical Nutrition Advice with Nutrition Guru Jennifer Van Horn

Welcome back to another Episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! Today, Chantel is joined by Nutrition Expert Jennifer Van Horn. Listen as Jennifer breaks down exactly what she eats to stay in shape! It’s a content packed episode as always with 10 of YOUR questions! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode! Check out the Whole Foods Video on YouTube! https://youtu.be/nFUejcJQeeg Question 1: 4:35 I lost about 40 pounds since I started Intermittent Fasting mixed with the...


Get into FAT BURNING MODE with the Doctor - Favorite Clip from Episode #27

Hey guys! Welcome back to Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! Today, we’re excited to announce that you will now be getting TWO episodes of the podcast each and every week! You will still be getting the full episode on Thursdays (as always), but we will now be uploading a TEASER podcast every Monday! This will be one of our FAVORITE clips from the week before, just to give you a little taste of what the full episode has to offer! In this clip, Dr. Mark Scott and Chantel go over...


The Doctor Is In to Talk ALL About Thyroid!

Welcome back to another Episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! Today, Chantel is joined by Dr. Mark A. Scott! He has been in private practice here in Virginia Beach, VA since 1996. Chantel and Mark dive into 10 listener submitted questions in this thyroid information filled episode! Sit back, take some notes, and enjoy this Episode of the Intermittent Fasting Podcast! For more information about Mark, head over to http://www.thyroidvirginiabeach.com TIMECODES: Question...


Heal Your Thyroid!

How do you heal your thyroid? Can you take medicine in a fasted state? Are you able to fast if you work a swing shift with constantly shifting windows? We answer this question and more in today’s episode! Chantel is joined by her good friend, Jenna Kehoe. Timecodes: Question 1 and Question 2: 1:29 Question 1 Q: Levothyroxine)


You are NOT getting enough POTASSIUM!!!

On Today’s episode of the Waist Away Podcast, Chantel and Chris dive into the topic of POTASSIUM. Did you know that bananas aren’t the best source of potassium? There are so many other sources that can actually help you get to your daily potassium goal so much quicker. They also answer a few questions that haven’t been asked before! Can you still do Intermittent Fasting if you’re pregnant?? Find out in todays episode! To learn more about the principles of intermittent fasting, purchase...


Why Am I Not Losing Weight While Intermittent Fasting? (+ more!)

You may be asking yourself, “why am I not making any progress while fasting? I feel like I’ve actually GAINED weight.” Or maybe you’re wondering if pre-workout drinks or even chewing gum could be spiking your insulin and breaking your fast. We have the answers! Join us for today’s episode with Chantel and Chris answering your questions. Continue to send your questions to questions@chantelrayway.com or text 757-412-9278 To learn more about the principles of intermittent fasting, purchase...


Muscle Loss, Fat Burning and Fasting DEBUNKED with Jay Campbell!

Today Chantel and Chris are joined by Jay Campbell, a Champion Men’s Physique Competitor and the best selling author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, and most recently, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet! Jay has experience working with thousands of men and women in optimizing their nutrition, exercise, fitness and fat loss. He also does intermittent fasting! Listen as the three of them answer your questions on fasting, fat loss, and more! Get Jay’s book for free!...