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Dream Pictures Ep 3

Episode 3 of the Dream Pictures Podcast is the new series that started with the 25 Native American Flute Music Podcasts. Dream Pictures refers to illusions and this podcast provides music and interviews that break the illusions of this world and bring us to the stark reality that we are all made of Love, Peace and Harmony. Realize it now and watch the change. EP 3 contains music from Enter Now, One Lone Friend and Native American Flute VOl II. AND an exclusive interview with Yoga Therapist,...


Dream Pictures Ep 2

The music and discussion podcast that challenges your versions of reality. An excerpt from the audiobook version of the novel, One Lone Friend. Music from Bill Webb Jazz, SUmmer Woods and Drums of Yoga. Challenge the illusions you are unaware have been erroneously taught by the unaware. Find the truth of your being: Lopeha (love, peace and Harmony).


Dream Pictures Podcast Ep 1

1st in a series of podcasts that include music, audio book clips and discussion to challenge your current illusions of reality. Bill Webb and guests play Native flutes and other world instruments. Hear clips from the audio book novel, "One Lone Friend". Question your interpretation of reality. Break through the hypnotic suggestions over which you had no control, and enter Lopeha. Find out what Lopeha is.


Podcast EP 26 FINAL

This final episode also kicks off the next series of podcasts entitled: "Dream Pictures". Elizabeth and Bill Webb begin the process of what dream pictures are, the illusions of sense, in an informal discussion interspersed with spontaneous song, and ending with 15 minutes of Native American Flute music from Bill Webb's albums: Drums of Yoga, Medicine, What Could Be and Native American Flute (the first volume)/


Podcast Ep 25

Life is for the Living, so live it now! 30 minutes of Native American Flute Music hosted by Bill Webb to guide you to the realization of love, peace and harmony...if you are ready. Enjoy songs from the albums, "Forever" "Medicine" "Native American Flute: One Soul" and the forthcoming "What Could Be". And a few words from Bill Webb yo reveal what is on the inside.


Podcast EP 24

This week is medicine. Permanent medicine. The medicine that comes from you. Let it pour out. The music will be like a light beam you can travel on to peace, love and harmony. These three are the essence of healing. Music from Medicine, Summer Woods, One Lone Friend, Freeway Grand Rain, and ending with "Supply is What You Give". Bill Webb


Podcast Ep 23

This week's guest is Thomas Moore AKA Nazario Chickpeazio who is famous for his mandolin, lute, ud, guitar and flute playing a la renaissance music. His range is wide as he creates and re=recreates music on a wide variety of instruments. You will hear original music live in the studio, as we played together on native flutes, African drum, lavta, guitar and vocals. Also hear two raw tracks from my journey into the forests and lakes of Wisconsin that will be on the upcoming album, "What Could...


Podcast EP 22

Music has a message. Hear messages from two songs you will only hear on this podcast. Songs from "Summer Woods", "All Out Freedom", the hard-to-find no longer available album, "Freeway" by Bill Webb and the album and audiobook, "One Lone Friend". Improvisation and quips included with a brief discussion on the audacity of some musicians thinking people don't understand their music because it is so de-e-e-ep. (just kidding) Enjoy this weekly audio podcast deeply.


Podcast Ep 21

Native American Flute Music audio podcast Episode 21: A flowing mountain stream, can be like your dreams, and you can follow it to success. Music and a story to help recognize peace, love and harmony in your own heart. Music from Grand Rain, Medicine, Healing Music, Transparent Waffles and Bill Webb Music


Podcast EP 20

Native American Flute Music Podcast hosted by Bill Webb. The theme this week is "What is the Core of Your Being?" Music of Peace, Love and Harmony and a bit of humor. includes music from Drums of Yoga, Cosmic Healing, All Out Freedom, Summer Woods and a special song not on any album. This is a weekly audio podcast. Sign up at iTunes, or


Podcast Ep 19

Episode 19 of this half-hour weekly music podcast by Bill Webb includes an excerpt from the novel, "One Lone Friend, a new song for you to name played on Celtic Harp and Native American Flute, some Bill Webb Rocks songs and an instrumental journey through the forest. The theme is freedom. Enjoy and be free, now, IN ALL THINGS!


Podcast Ep 18

The "Native American Flute Music" audio podcast features music selected from over 1,000 songs recorded by Bill Webb. This week's theme is "The Creative Principle of the Universe" from which all music comes featuring a peaceful collage of tracks from the albums, Bill Webb Jazz, Bill Webb Rocks, All Out Freedom, Forever and the audio book and album, One Lone Friend.


Podcast Ep 17

Native American Flute Music Podcast Ep 17 by Bill Webb with special guest Josh Knight and Barb Basaj. Music and snippets about releasing the body mind and spirit. Let go to this music. Includes live recordings from a basilica in Italy.


Podcast Ep 16

Episode 16 asks the question, can music help us help one another? What does it mean to help each other? and "Can we live in peace and harmony?" Music from the albums, "Native American Flute", "Forever" and "Cosmic Healing" and one new flute tracks added live in the studio.


Podcast Ep 15

Bill Webb's 15th week of audio podcasts includes rainstorms. Listen intently to the sounds of the rains, thunder, flutes and birds as they intertwine into a symphony of unity. Music from Drums of Yoga, What Could Be (Release date TBA) and Freeway (released way back in the early 2000's and no longer available unless you ask Bill). Expression of peace, love and harmony is the simplest thing in the world. You can do it now.


Podcast Ep 14

From the album and audiobook novel "One Lone Friend" by Bill Webb. This week's Native American Flute Music audio podcast consists of excerpts from the new album, “One Lone Friend” and forthcoming audiobook , “One Lone Friend” Pre-release of the album is July 15, 2018 on iTunes. Release date is July 25, 2018. The audiobook is slated for the end of August 2018.


Podcast Ep 13

Ep 13: 30 minute weekly audio podcast hosted by Bill Webb featuring his native American flute and other world instruments albums. Over two dozen albums. This week features songs and stories from the forthcoming album and novel, "One Lone Friend", a trip into the past with a song from the 1998 release, "Enter Now", a song from "Bill Webb Jazz" and a raw track recorded in the woods by a waterfall, for the future not yet recorded album, "What Could Be"


Podcast Ep 12

Podcast 12 is meditative. Let the music guide your own connection to peace, harmony and love. Music from "Medicine", "Grand Rain", and the original improvised tracks that will be the basis for the future album "What Could Be". You will be in the forest playing your flute along with Bill Webb and discovering the truth of who you are: Peace, Harmony and Love.


Podcast Ep 11

Episode 11 of the weekly Native American Flute Music Podcast with host Bill Webb. Very meditative this week. Music from the albums "Forever" "Cosmic Healing" "World Flute Music" "One Lone Friend" and "Forever". More music and all podcasts on iTunes,, and Over two dozen albums by Bill Webb Music at all major online stores like iTunes and Amazon and streaming such as Spotify.


Podcast Ep 10

Native Flute and World instruments from Bill Webb's library of over two dozen releases. Weekly audio podcast about 30 min. Theme this week is 'Going beyond choice" and includes music from Dream Presence, Grand Rain, Cosmic Healing, Transparent Waffles and the after school kids sing a little of their own songs. Also, Bill Webb speaks and plays flute and guitar live in the studio.