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Cichlids of the World: My FAVORITE Cichlids

Cichlids are an popular aquarium fish. There are many different kinds of cichlids. Aggressive cichlids such as red devils, jaguar cichlids to semi aggressive cichlids such as Oscars, green terrors, and severums to peaceful cichlids like angelfish, discus, apistos and ram cichlids. Cichlids come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and aggression levels. Welcome to the Cichlid show on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. Cichlids of the world is going to be the cichlid show where I discuss any and everything...


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A.C. Network Retirement Special

Today A.C. Network retires!!! It's time to move on to bigger and better things! On Tuesday May 15th 2018, Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast will officially launch and debut!! Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast will be 99 percent tropical fish shows,. Inside the ring WWE shows, On the Case Crime Shows, Alex Cardinale Show,and Life Changes by Sara Chunglo will be the non fish keeping shows to call Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast home, BUT THEY WILL AIR ON OCCASION AND BE TREATS! I want to thank everyone for their...


Life Changes By Sara Chunglo: Races, Spring, Sleep & Energy

Sara Chunglo is proud to host another episode of Life Changes By Sara on the Alex Cardinale Show. Today, Sara has a variety of topics that she is going to discuss. All of these topics that she will be discussing are important and will be a beneficial listen for you. Be sure to check out the first few episodes of Life Changes by Sara Chunglo by going to Have you ever wanted to run a marathon/race? Have you ever wondered what activities you can do outside in...


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Exotic Aquatics Monster Fish Keepers: All about Arowanas

Coming from four parts of the world, the Arowana is a majestic monster fish. Often called Water Monkeys because of their ability to jump out of the water onto branches to eat insects and other small animals. Arowanas are also called dragon fish because their scales resemble those of a dragon!!! Arowanas are said to bring luck to their owners and are very popular in Asian culture. Arowanas can grow anywhere from 2 feet up to 4 feet! Silver Arowanas, Black Arowanas, Jardini Arowanas, African...


Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Interview with Oscar Lover Robert Schmidt

It's time to chat about Oscar Cichlid fish with another fellow Oscar cichlid fish lover! For the first time ever, I welcome an Oscar cichlid keeper to the Oscar Cichlid Lounge. Oscar cichlids are loved by many fish keepers from all around the United States and World. All Oscars and Keepers are welcomed to the lounge. On this episode, the Oscar Cichlid lounge opens up to Oscar Cichlid Keeper Robert Schmidt from Idaho! Robert has been keeping fish for many years and has kept Oscars for a...


Alex Cardinale Show: Friday NIGHT with Aqua Alex Cardinale

Aqua Alex, the tropical fish keeping version of Alex Cardinale makes his first ever appearance as host on the Alex Cardinale Show! It's Friday night and that means the weekend is here!! Time for us to take a night and 2 days to relax and unwind after a long work week! Maybe your week has been stressful? Well, I have put together a show where you can sit back relax and unwind! You will enjoy this show! This show is aimed for everyone! Tropical fish keepers and even NON tropical fish...


Alex Cardinale Show: Pastor David Morton Interview

I am very honored and privileged to have a very special guest on the Alex Cardinale Show today! Our guest is a good friend of mine. He lives in Canada and is a good, kind hearted man with a lot of personality and a good heart. David Morton is a tropical fish keeper, a excellent griller and cook, but for today we are talking about David's career. David is a Pastor. He has roles in Weddings, Funerals, church masses, and more! Today I will be interviewing Pastor David Morton . We will find...


Inside the Ring: WWE Greatest Royal Rumble PRE-SHOW

For the first time ever, WWE emanates from Saudi Arabia!! It's Friday and WWE has a wonderful event for us WWE fans! For the first time, WWE hosts a Event at 12 NOON EST, 11 AM CT, 10 AM MT, and 9 AM PT. 7 Championship matches, a ladder match, a casket match, a cage match, and a 50 man greatest royal rumble match!!!! We get to kick start our weekend with an awesome WWE event! Join me WWE fan Alex Cardinale as I break down the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble!! I will go over the match card, make...


Exotic Aquatics Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast News

Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast is set to debut on May 15th, 2018! A.C. Network is retiring! Out with the old and in with the new! I am going to be focusing on the one thing I love the most, the one thing I love talking about and the one thing I am most passionate about..... TROPICAL FISH! I will be going back to doing mostly ALL tropical fish shows!! I have some very exciting news to share with the fish keepers!!!!! What is the exciting news that I have for fish keepers? Plus, for the first...


Alex Cardinale SAYS THANK YOU FOR 5,000 LISTENS!

Today I logged onto my Buzzsprout account and went to my stats section and saw that I have reached 5,000 listens!!!! YES THAT'S RIGHT 5,000 LISTENS! Nine months in 111 episodes in I can finally say that A.C. Network has 5,000 listens!! With out all of you the listeners, I would NOT be at 5,000!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR LOVE, YOUR SUPPORT, AND YOUR LISTEN! I really appreciate your listen and your support and it means a lot to me. To celebrate 5,000 listens I have put together a make...


Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Feeding & Tips for Keeping Oscar Cichlids

Oscar cichlids are one of the most popular aquarium fish around the world! Oscars bring a lot of personality and spark in any aquarium they call home. One thing Oscars love to do is EAT! Oscar cichlids will eat everything but the kitchen sink. They will eat and eat until they just can't eat anymore! Feeding is one of the biggest aspects of Oscar cichlid fish keeping. Most fish keepers don't realize what a good oscar diet should consist of. Many people feed live goldfish which is a terrible...


On the Case: America Under Fire Ep. 4

It's been a while but I'm back on the case. Time for some more crime!!! I bring to you the 4th installment of America Under Fire where I discuss some of the worst Mass Shootings in the United States! This has been quite a successful crime series and this series will be renewed for a new season coming up in the next few months. Mass shootings seem to be unfortunately become common place each year. Together, we have learned about a lot of mass shootings but each episode has taught us that...


EA Monster Fish Keepers: South American MONSTER Catfish

It's time to talk about the MONSTER CATS! Monster catfish that is! Monster Catfish of the Amazon and South America. Red tail catfish, Piraiba catfish, jau catfish are three of the largest catfish in the world and they come from South America. Many other catfish from South America grow large and can be considered monsters. These catfish include Niger cats, Irwini catfish, shovelnose catfish, and more. The 2 catfish genus on this show are as follows. Pimelodidae- The long whiskered catfish....


Inside the Ring w/ AC: WWE Wrestlemania 34 PRE-SHOW

It's Wrestlemania Sunday! The biggest WWE PPV/EVENT of the year! This should be a great Wrestlemania this year! Ronda Rousey makes her pro wrestling WWE debut when she partners with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon! Shinsuke Nakamaura makes his Wrestlemania debut against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship! Roman Reigns goes for revenge from 3 years ago as he takes on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship!! I am very excited for Wrestlemania!!!! find out who I...


Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Introduction to Oscar Cichlid Fish

Oscar cichlids are a common aquarium fish that hail from South America. They have outstanding personality and are the closet underwater pet to a dog. Oscar cichlids are very popular and have been in the tropical fish keeping hobby for decades. Exotic Aquatics and Aqua Alex proudly present to fish keepers and Oscar cichlid lovers, Oscar Cichlid Lounge where oscar cichlid lovers can rejoice and hear about their love of oscar cichlids! This is going to be a show that will air exclusively here...


A.C. Network Easter 2018 Food Special

Happy Easter to all of you the listeners! I hope you have a great Easter!! With Easter coming up this Sunday, do you know what you are having for Easter dinner? Do you need some ideas for what to make this Easter? Maybe you could use a side dish idea, a main entree idea, or a dessert idea. Chef Alex is here to help you! Chef Alex loves Easter and loves cooking for Easter and so will you. On this special Easter show, Chef Alex presents an Easter food Special packed with plenty of food chat...


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