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Scott Lever, Chivas Regal, London - How to Start Your Career Right

Most of the people I interview have been doing their jobs as brand ambassadors for a long, long time - having begun their career as bartenders or in house at a drinks brand. Few have come to it through a special program designed to appeal to graduates from all backgrounds. I thought that hearing that journey would make a change. Our guest today, Scott Lever was one of those lucky grads.. Only a year ago, he embarked on the Chivas International Graduate Programme and is here to tell us all...


They Weren’t Kidding When They Called This The Bone Church [Episode 23]

Key Links: Mike’s Road TripVisit Kutna HoraSedlec Cathedral Sedlec Ossuary This week, we’re visiting the Bone Church, AKA Sedlec Ossuary. This is a very unusual church, located just outside the Czech town of Kutna Hora. The Bone Church is the final resting place for the remains of somewhere between 40,000 to 70,000 individuals. What makes this cemetery/church so unusual is the macabre decor. A little over a hundred years ago, a decision was made to do something with all the bones that had...


Charlotte Cook, Truman's Brewery, London - How to be bold in your approach

It might seem like a long stretch to go from lawyer to Co-lead Brewer at Truman’s Brewery, one of the most iconic of British brands. but not if you listen to the advice of our guest’s mother. Charlotte Cook wasn’t shy and she grabbed what she could. It literally took one sip of IPA to get her to change her career from would be lawyer to would be brewer, but let her tell you how. I am forgoing our usual cocktail of the week to give you a guided tour through a few of Truman’s special...


Javiera Lorenzini Raty, Pisco Waqar, Tulahuen - How to complete a PHD while sipping Pisco

Thanks to the hard work of our guest today, Pisco Waqar is a whole lot easier to find on the shelves in London than it was even three years ago. Javiera Lorenzini Raty, Brand Ambassador for Pisco Waqar, fell in love with Pisco and John Donne at about the same time. I don’t usually say that in a sentence that’s for sure. Her passion for English poets may have led her to London, but her studies as a sommelier led her to Waqar and she couldn’t pass up the chance to work with her favorite Pisco...


Joyce and Raissa de Haas, Double Dutch, London - How to be born entrepreneurs

I truly believe that today's guests were on a mission to take on the business world as soon as they were born and in this case that would be the same day. Joyce and Raissa de Haas are the twin sisters behind Double Dutch Drinks, the extremely successful mixers that in less than a year were the most sought after in London. These two took the time to sit down with me to tell me their tale of where they began and how they went on to win the prestigious Foodpreneur Award by Sir Richard...


Tom Tuke-Hastings, Borrago, Oxfordshire - How to test more and debate less

Who applies to Harvard when they know they have no chance of getting in? Today’s guest, that’s who, and, of course, Tom Tuke-Hastings, founder of the non-alcoholic spirit Borrago, wowed them in every way and succeeded in winning a place to one of the most exclusive programs in the world. It’s not a surprise - Tom has succeeded in almost everything from winning the design prize at school to cooking for sheiks to writing books on vodka jelly. Now that his sights are set on conquering the...


Stephanie Jordan aka Drinking Out Loud for La Hechicera, Amsterdam - How To Be The Guardian Of A Story

La Hechicera Rum is one of those brands I have fallen head over heels in love with. Maybe it was its history recounted so beautifully by owner Miguel Riascos right here on Lush Life in April of this year. Maybe it was my own wonderful adventure to Colombia and tasting La Hechicera in situ or maybe it was because of today’s guest, Stephanie Jordan. I met her when she was Brand Ambassador of La Hechicera Rum earlier this year. Even then, I could tell hers was a story that needed to be...


Luca Missaglia, Italicus, London - how to realize your greatest asset and make it work for you

This episode is a cocktail whose ingredients include hard work, determination, and a natural ease with guests all mixed with a centuries old Italian spirit reborn. This creation is served up by today’s guest, Luca Missaglia, the Brand Ambassador for probably the chicest spirit to come out of Italy today, Italicus - Rosolio di Beragmotto. I almost said it was a new spirit which has taken the world by storm, but Italian grandmothers have been brewing a version of it in their homes for...


Rose Unwin, Silver Swift, Cotswolds - How to conquer your mental and physical wall

Sometimes I sip something at a drinks do and immediately need to meet the people behind it. This time, that cocktail was Silver Swift’s Ready to Drink Wild Rose Gin at the Spirit Show in London. It as fortuitous that Rose Unwin, the founder of Silver Swift, was the one holding the bottle. A few months later, when I could lure her into London from the wilds of the Southwest, she sat down with me to reveal her secrets. Of course Silver Swift is already a perfect Ready to Drink cocktail, but...


The Inaugural Peter Spanton Cocktail Competition at Jin Bo Law, London

This week I was invited to the inaugural Peter Spanton Cocktail Competition, being held at the Jo Bin Law cocktail bar in Aldgate, London. Before anyone picked up a shaker, William Stern, the Commercial Director of Peter Spanton, sat down with me to explain why and how they conceived the competition in the first place. Four groups of two bartenders prepared and presented one cocktail to the three judges: Veronika Karola, Jarek Zawadzki and William. And they were off. I snagged them for a...


Reinhard Engel, Nürnberger Altstadthof, Nuremberg - How To Multitask And Do Everything Well

How is it possible for our next guest to do so many things at once and all well? Reinhard Engel, the owner of Nuremberg’s Altstadthof makes Beer, Whiskey, and gin from his distillery in the historic centre of this ancient city - a city that has over 26,000 kilometers of beer cellars below the street. He’s with us today to describe how he managed to revive A nuremberg beer that was almost lost forever. For this week’s Cocktail of the Week, we give you a few special beer cocktails, but you...


Tim Etherington-Judge, Healthy Hospo, Cornwall, Part 2 - How to take care of your own

If you’ve just joined us then you need to go back to the previous episode and start from the very beginning of Tim Etherington-Judge’s journey. Before he established Healthy Hospo - the foundation that provides information, advice, and support on mental & physical health for all hospitality professionals, he’d been all over the world as a bartender and brand ambassador. Now, in this episode, we find him on his way to Africa via London.. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Pea & Pine-nut...


Tim Etherington-Judge, Healthy Hospo, Cornwall, Part 1 - How to find work that takes you everywhere in the world

If you are new to the hospitality industry or even an old-timer, you should listen to the next two episodes of Lush Life. The story that unfolds over these two episodes could be your story. Our guest, Tim Etherington-Judge has literally been through it all and come out the other side with all the tools necessary to help his fellow colleagues in the hospitality industry. Thank goodness he had the bravery to tell his story and then to establish Healthy Hospo which provides information,...


Stephan Schulz, Mata Hari Bar, Nuremberg - How to take over a bar and make it the most popular in town

Providing a great experience for his punters is the driving force behind everything today’s guest does. I can tell you right now Stephan Schulz has achieved his goal because everyone who either lives in Nuremberg germany or visits knows to stop into Mata Hari Bar. He wasn’t even supposed to own a bar but it might be the perfect instance of when a dream becomes a reality. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Mai Tai - Mata Hari Bar version: Ingredients: 5cl Havana Club 3y.4cl Apricot...


Justus Hoffstaedter, Hotel Heureka, Venice - How to prepare for managing a castle in the future

I really want to make this the shortest intro of all. It’s just I don’t want to give away anything about our next guest until you hear it from him. Visit Justus Hoffstaedter at the Hotel Heureka in Venice now and I mean now because you’ll want to say you knew him when. As for his future plans, I’ll let him tell you, but it all began in Baden-Baden! Our Cocktail of the Week is the Lagoon Spritz - Ingredients: 6 cl White wine (or Prosecco)3 cl CynarDash of club sodaSlice of lemonGreen olive...


Sara Stode, Freelance Drinks Illustrator, London - How to draw the perfect pint

Our guest today is not a bartender, distiller, or brand ambassador - but boy, does she make what they do look good. If it weren’t for the kindness of the city’s bar staff, Sara Stode might never had stayed in London, but she did and we are the lucky ones. How did this Swede end up being the London’s most famous Drinks Illustrator, she was here to tell us. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Sgroppino from Bar Swift in London’s Soho: Ingredients: 10mlItalicus Rosolio di Bergamotto1 scoop of...


Sigi Klein, Gelbes Haus, Nuremberg - How to make the hangover-free cocktail

Our next guest spent her early years in the woods foraging for tasty treats, leaving her mother in constant fear that she might nibble on a poisonous mushroom. Happily, we can report that Sigi Klein is alive and well and using those same herbs to build her cocktails. Working as at Gelbes Haus, the oldest cocktail bar in Nuremberg, Sigi revealed how she ended up as a Chef de Bar in the first place. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Schorsch Ingredients: 5 crushed cloves4 mint leaves5 cl Pear...


Fanny Fougerat - How to be a revolutionary and innovator in the world of cognac

Our guest today is a revolutionary and an innovator in the fIeld of Cognac. Even though her family have been making cognac for four generations before her, Fanny Fougerat came late to the party. She joins us today to tell us how she is making up for lost time. Creating the first of many mind-blowing cognacs which are making bartenders sit back and rethink everything they knew about the spirit. Our Cocktail of the Week is Ingredients: 50ml Fanny Fougerat Petite CigueCawston Rhubarb & Apple...


Vijay’s Lounge - Sandy Kaur & Mario Romano recreate a love story in a cocktail

Our guests today are the guardians of Lady Charlotte Fitzrovia’s daring love story. It was up to Sandy Kaur and Mario Romano to recreate the world of Lady Charlotte and her lover at Vijay’s Lounge in London’s busy centre of town. How did they even start? I’ll let them tell you all the details. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Ananda Brew created by mixologist Topesh Chatterjee who hails from New Delhi. Ingredients 1 Masala Tea Bag60ml Vodka50ml Egg white20 ml Lime juice20 ml Sugar syrup...


Valentine Warner - How to make gin from plants outside your very door

The family of our guest today views the world by what is edible and what is not edible. It’s not a shock that Valentine Warner would end up as one of the most well known chefs in the UK. Working hand in hand with Mother nature, Valentine’s first foray into the spirit would produced award winning Hepple Gin. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Hepple Martini. Ingredients 10 Parts Hepple Gin1 Part Dry Vermouth Method Pour ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice.Stir slowly 30 times....