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A podcast about eating better for ourselves and for the planet. We interview change-makers, consult with medical authorities and journalists, and highlight innovative restaurants and food services. Lee Schneider anchors Season 3, focusing on how restaurants will survive in pandemic times. We are part of the FutureX Network.

A podcast about eating better for ourselves and for the planet. We interview change-makers, consult with medical authorities and journalists, and highlight innovative restaurants and food services. Lee Schneider anchors Season 3, focusing on how restaurants will survive in pandemic times. We are part of the FutureX Network.


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A podcast about eating better for ourselves and for the planet. We interview change-makers, consult with medical authorities and journalists, and highlight innovative restaurants and food services. Lee Schneider anchors Season 3, focusing on how restaurants will survive in pandemic times. We are part of the FutureX Network.






Tracking Food Farm to Table with Creg Fielding of Fusionware

How old is that potato? It's a question every restaurant has to answer. And when you shop for groceries, have you ever wondered if what you put in your cart is really fresh? These are supply chain questions that Creg Fielding can answer. He’s the founder and owner of Fusionware, a platform designed manage supply chains for food growers, packers, and shippers.


Restaurant Ordering via Text with Lex Gopnik-Lewinsky and Tasso Roumeliotis

For the next few episodes, we're going to get into tech solutions for the crisis facing restaurants during pandemic times. Restaurants are more than a place to eat. They become cultural institutions, enhancing the value of the neighborhood. They will have to adapt to the changes the pandemic brings. Today's guests are a deli owner and a tech guy who loves restaurants. Augie's Authentic Montreal Deli Numa


Restaurants In the Pandemic with Grace Guber

Restaurants are the soul of a neighborhood. That makes the news hard to hear that this week we've had another order to close restaurants here in Los Angeles. Some owners decided that it’s just not worth it. They shut their doors. Maybe for good. Our guest for this episode is Grace Guber, host and producer of The Family Meal podcast, She shares per perspective about working in the restaurant business during the pandemic and suggests some ideas about what the future of restaurants might...


Dining at a Distance with Sean Lynch

Sean Lynch is a co-creator of Dining at a Distance, a platform that helps you find a restaurant you can order out from or contact online for pickup. It started in Chicago and spread quickly worldwide in response to the need for a simple, integrated hub listing restaurants that can feed you during the pandemic crisis. Future of Food Season 3 is looking at the challenges faced by restaurants in pandemic times. We'll be speaking with chefs, entrepreneurs, and foodies who are seeking the way...


Seed Sharing and Indigenous Wisdom with Rebecca Webster

Rebecca Webster is a member of the Oneida Nation. Along with her husband and two teenaged daughters, she farms 10 acres of land and has helped members of her tribal community reconnect with their past. The philosophy behind her work is that every time an indigenous person plants a seed, it is an act of resistance and an assertion of sovereignty.


Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek Eats For the Win

Ivy Joeva interviews Scott Jurek, an elite ultramarathoner who eats for the win with a plant-based diet. Scott has won nearly all of ultrarunning's top trail and road events. He won the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run a record seven straight times. In 2015, he set the Appalachian Trail speed record, averaging nearly 50 miles a day over 46 days. He credits being a vegan with giving him these seemingly super-human powers of strength and endurance. Scott is the author of two books, Eat...


Palette Food and Juice - Molly Keith and Melissa Nester

When Molly and Melissa opened their restaurant Palette Food and Juice in Los Angeles, they knew they would source all their ingredients locally and offer a plant-based menu. Everything would be organic. They made the kind of food they wanted to eat, and found that locals liked it too. They took action on those words we hear so often: Buy local and eat a plant-based diet. During the pandemic, Palette Foods is offering online ordering and curbside pickup and delivery. Ivy Joeva interviewed...


Fighting Climate Change Misinformation with Georgia Gustin

Scientists have established that large-scale farming is one of the causes of climate change. Do you think that some of the forces behind big ag would want to hide the truth about their damage to the environment? As a matter of fact, that's just what they're doing. In this episode, Georgina Gustin a Washington-based reporter for Inside Climate News who has covered food policy, farming, and the environment for more than a decade, discusses who is behind this spread of misinformation, where...


Timothy Wise - Eating Tomorrow

Tim is also a senior researcher fellow at Tufts University's Global Development and Environmental Institute and an advisor at the Small Planet Institute, where he previously directed its Land and Food Rights Program. We’ve long wanted to do an episode at Future of Food about where to get good information about food and the climate crisis. We’ve wanted to identify which organizations might be giving us misleading information about food and climate. My interview with Tim is a first step...


Kaitlin Mogentale Creates a Better Snack for You and the Planet

In an interview recorded in a studio before the pandemic, Kaitlin Mogentale tells host Ivy Joeva of the journey that led to create a food company that transforms upcycled ingredients — the overlooked, nutritional byproducts of fruit and vegetable processing — into wholesome, better for people and better for the planet, pantry staples: Pulp chips. Waste Less, Thrive More, is the company motto, because Pulp Pantry believes that a thriving humanity depends on a thriving, healthy planet. Learn...


Dr. Zach Bush - A Vision for the Pandemic, Immunology, and the Future

How can we support our immune health despite toxicity in our environment, especially in the context of a global pandemic? How are our systems of food production contributing to the destruction of ecosystems worldwide, and giving rise to disease outbreaks like the one we’ve seen with Covid-19? We had the privilege to "sit down" online with Zach Bush MD, to ask these questions, and get his insights on everything from the top anti-inflammatory foods, to how the air you breathe affects your...


Dr. Vandana Shiva - Economic, Food, and Gender justice

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned scholar and tireless crusader for economic, food, and gender justice. Dr. Shiva was trained as a physicist, and later shifted her focus to interdisciplinary research in science, technology and environmental policy. In 1982, she founded an independent institute, the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology which was dedicated to high quality and independent research to address the most significant ecological and social issues of our times...


Loretta Allison - Urban Gardens that Heal

LINKS AND RESOURCES Loretta Allison https://www.lorettaallison.com/ Loretta Allison on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spadeandseeds/ Fig Earth Supply https://www.figearthsupply.com/


Ryland Englehart - Regenerative Agriculture

Future of Food is part of the FutureX Podcast Network. Show transcripts, articles, and more at the Future of Food website. On the Kiss the Ground website you’ll find a resource called Find Your Path. It will help you see a path forward to activism. Try it! Resources Mentioned in this Epiode Ryland Englehart on Instagram @lovebeingryland @cafegratitude Make Soil Spy Community Garden Kiss the Ground Purchasing Guide Here is an intro to regenerative agriculture and ways to make your...


Future of Food Season 2 Trailer

What if you had an opportunity for meaningful change each time you sit down to eat? In the ten new episodes for Season 2 of Future of Food, Ivy Joeva interviews activists and innovators who show us that at every meal we have the opportunity to wake up to the impact our diet has on the environment, as well as understand how our environment affects our physical health and well being. Why? The same foods that support healing the planet are also the supportive of our health, vitality and...


Farming the Ocean

Seaweed first made it on the menu as part of a macrobiotic diet, and was popularized by grocers like Erewhon. That was back in the 1960s, and since then, chefs have caught on, moving seaweed from a mere condiment to the center of the plate. Seaweed can be wild harvested, as they do at Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, farmed in the ocean, as they do at Sea Greens Farms and Greenwave, or farmecd in tanks on land, as they do at Monterey Bay Seaweeds. There are a lot or enviornmental and social...


The Cricket On Your Plate

Making edible protein consumes resources. Not only is the world population growing — the United Nations predicts there will be nine billion people on Earth by 2050 — but rising income levels mean that more people can afford meat. When the demand for protein exceeds the plant's carrying capacity, there will be an environmental crash and people will go hungry. This reasoning is a driver of the "why eat crickets" argument. Our demands for protein cannot exceed the Earth’s carrying capacity. or...


Big Green Learning Gardens with Tighe Hutchins and Kyle Kuusisto

While Kimbal Musk’s brother Elon is tunneling under LA to reinvent high-speed transportation, sending rockets into orbit to reboot commercial space travel for our time, and mass-marketing electric cars, Kimbal Musk is working with food. Over the last six years he’s started restaurants, designed vertical gardens, and developed an ambitious plan to put a thousand gardens into schools so that kids can discover their connection to food by growing it themselves. The idea is simple: A pre-fab,...


Farm Like an Art Form with Valerie Dantoin

As an instructor in sustainable food and agricultural systems at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Valerie Dantoin is helping create career paths for students who want to become farmers, or become closer to the land. If you close your eyes and you just imagine what you would think of as an organic farm, you probably get this image of a nice cow out on green grass. That happens on our farm. It doesn’t always happen on every organic farm and it certainly doesn’t happen anymore on farms...


How to Recover Millions of Dollars Worth of Food with Luis Yepiz and Eva Goulbourne

What is going on? Why all that wasted food? One in six people in Los Angeles copes with food insecurity, the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Why is the food they need tossed away? There are a lot of reasons. In this podcast episode, you'll meet two people are working on solutions. Luis Yepiz is the wholesale food recovery manager for an organization called Food Forward. Food Forward started by collecting unharvested fruit from...