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Spinning mostly true tales of Texas BBQ, we're fairly new but learning this podcast thing.

Spinning mostly true tales of Texas BBQ, we're fairly new but learning this podcast thing.
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Spinning mostly true tales of Texas BBQ, we're fairly new but learning this podcast thing.




TFP BBQ History Ep, 63 - Bobby Mueller

Texas BBQ History - Bobby Mueller As part of our continuing series on the history of Texas barbecue, we bring you a very special episode about the history of Louie Mueller Barbecue and the legacy of the late Bobby Mueller. Bobby’s sons Wayne and John Mueller sat down separately with us to discuss growing up in the BBQ business with their grandfather, Louie Mueller, and dad Bobby. You’ll hear in this episode about the legendary work ethic of Bobby Mueller, the growth of the business, and...


TFP BBQ News Ep. 62 - BBQ News July 2018

In a news roundup for the month of July, we discuss some pitmaster changes, new BBQ restaurant announcements, BBQ closings, and more. Jason Tedford, longtime assistant pitmaster at Louie Mueller Barbecue, has left the restaurant and is now working in the kitchen at Saint Arnold Brewery in Houston. John Brotherton has announced he is opening Liberty Barbecue in Round Rock alongside Tre Dotson of Tortuga flats. Brendan Lamb, who recently left La Barbecue, is starting Smiley’s Barbecue...


TFP BBQ Ep. 61 - The Evolution of Louie Mueller Barbecue

The aura, history, and feeling one gets walking into the hallowed dining room at Louie Mueller Barbecue is unparalleled. The smoke lined walls, the brick pits, and many of the roots of modern day Central Texas style smoked meats can be traced back to the historic former gymnasium in Taylor that has been home to the Mueller family’s restaurant operations since 1959. While the Mueller family is acutely aware and protective of their family legacy, they’ve always understood the importance...


TFP BBQ Ep. 60 - LeRoy and Lewis BBQ

While the brewery remains in development, Evan and Sawyer are operating the LeRoy and Lewis BBQ truck parked at 121 Pickle Road next to Cosmic Coffee and Beer in the South Congress area of Austin. Open five days a week for lunch and dinner, Evan and his team of talented cooks (including Brad Robinson who was kind enough along with Evan to join us for this interview) are serving some of the best, most innovative barbecue in Texas; New school BBQ with old school service. With a strong team...


TFP BBQ Ep. 59 - Reveille BBQ Interview

Reveille Barbecue Co. is a newcomer to the barbecue scene in Texas. Currently operating out of a trailer in Magnolia (a suburb north of Houston), Reveille was started by co-owners/pitmasters James McFarland and Michael Michna. James began chasing his BBQ dreams a few years ago and quickly built a resumé working at The Pit Room and Tejas Chocolate and Barbecue. Michael had a passion for cooking barbecue dating back to his days in the armed services and continuing into his career as a...


TFP BBQ Ep. 58 - Breaking BBQ News and upcoming openings

A quick word on our recent Doubleback BBQ pop up as well as a final thank you to everyone who helped make the Santa Fe High School benefit the success it was. Tune in every week to hear more stories and interviews!


TFP BBQ Ep. 57 Flores Barbecue Interview

Growing up close to Lockhart (the barbecue capitol of Texas) ignited the passion for smoking meat at an early age for Michael Wyont. Soon after attending culinary school, Michael decided to enter the barbecue world, working at Black’s BBQ before deciding to strike out on his own. The Wyonts originally opened the Flores Barbecue trailer - named after Michael’s maternal side of the family - in Michael’s hometown of San Marcos. There were some logistical issues in San Marcos, and the...


TFP BBQ Ep. 55 Helberg Barbecue Interview Pt 1

Phillip and Yvette Helberg met on a cruise ship where he was an employee and she was a guest. The love affair started soon after and Phillip, a native Texan who moved to California to be with Yvette, became interested in cooking. His attention turned quickly to smoked meat following a trip to Texas where he and Yvette had some of John Mueller’s barbecue. They purchased a small retail pit and began experimenting. After a lot of backyard cooks for friends and family, Phillip and Yvette...


TFP BBQ Ep. 56 Helberg Barbecue Interview Part 2

After deciding to move to Texas, Phillip and Yvette Helberg began looking for a large spread of land where they could live and farm the land. They found a perfect spot outside of Waco to put down roots, and began to make plans for the next phase of Helberg Barbecue. They source responsibly raised meats and plan to use as much product grown on their land as possible for their menu. With unique items like Filipino seasoned pork and homemade Zwieback rolls stuffed with smoked meats, Helberg...


TFP BBQ Ep. 54 - One year show anniversary and an important fundraiser for Santa Fe

We’ve reached the one year mark of the show, and could not be more excited for how the first year has gone and for all of the things lined up for year two. We reflect back on some of the highlights of the last year in this episode and talk about all of the great people in and around the BBQ world that we’ve been fortunate to meet through the show. The most important part of the episode, however, is a bit of news surrounding a tragic event in the state of Texas. Following the horrific...


TFP BBQ Ep. 53 - Corkscrew BBQ Interview part 2

Listen in to part two as Will and Nichole Buckman buy their first Oyler and discuss their move to their new location in Old Town Spring, Tx. We also talk about their consistency, selection of meat sources, and their obsession with order accuracy. Be sure to check out Corkscrew BBQ, one of the Texas Monthly Top 10 BBQ Joints, and order the cobbler! www.Corkscrewbbq.com 26608 Keith Street, 77373 Spring, Texas Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am- Sold Out Twitter @corkscrewbbq Instagram...


TFP BBQ Ep. 52 - Corkscrew BBQ Interview Pt 1

Corkscrew BBQ Interview Part 1 Will and Nichole Buckman had just started a family when they decided to transition from running a small barbecue catering business out of their home to a full fledged business. It was a big leap of faith with two young babies at home, but the risk paid off. Corkscrew BBQ began operating their food trailer in 2011 in Spring, Texas (just outside of Houston) and soon began receiving acclaim. Though both had worked in barbecue restaurants as teenagers, Will...


TFP BBQ Ep. 51 - Franklin Fans round table

We love meeting up with fellow barbecue fans to eat and talk ‘cue, and there’s no better place for that than the tailgate atmosphere that is the Franklin Barbecue line. When we decided to make our yearly pilgrimage to Franklin, we asked if any friends and listeners to the show would like to join us. A crew of nine of us arrived early on a Friday morning to wait our turn for some of the famed smoked meats from Franklin Barbecue. From Houston to San Antonio to Austin, we convened from...


TFP BBQ History Ep. 50 - BBQ History project introduction

The history of barbecue in the state of Texas cannot be confined to one story, one influence, or even one method of cooking. In a state this size with so much history, barbecue styles vary based on different influences throughout the regions of the state. Low and slow or hot and fast? Pork or beef? sauced or dry? Oak or mesquite? We wanted to explore where the primary origins of Texas Barbecue came from and how Texas has not one, but multiple signature styles of barbecue We are...


TFP BBQ Ep. 49 - Feges BBQ Pt 3

The conclusion of our interview with Patrick Feges of Feges BBQ Leaving Killen’s BBQ and joining the staff at Southern Goods afforded Patrick Feges the chance to continue composing smoked meat dishes in non-traditional ways, and also made it possible for Patrick to cook whole hogs more often. Whole hog cooking had become a passion for Patrick, and his reputation as a talented hog cooker was growing in Houston. While Patrick was furthering his career in preparation for owning his own...


TFP BBQ Ep. 48 - Patrick Feges of Feges BBQ part 2

Join us for part two of our interview with Patrick Feges of Feges BBQ. After receiving his medical discharge from the Army and completing culinary school, Patrick Feges embarked on his cooking career. Following a brief stint manning a Mongolian grill, Patrick got an opportunity at one of Houston’s longest established great restaurants, Brennan’s. Working in a high volume fine dining restaurant was a vital step in Patrick’s career, and when Underbelly opened Patrick saw another chance to...


TFP Ep. 47 - Feges BBQ Pt 1

NetZero Message Center We have told a lot of stories about people in the barbecue world and the different paths that have taken them to a career in smoked meats. While we have respected all of these stories, we are honored and very humbled to have Patrick Feges tell his story on our show. After joining the Army after high school, Patrick was deployed to South Korea and later to Iraq right in the thick of the war in 2004. It was in Iraq that Patrick was struck by a mortar and gravely...


TFP Ep. 46 - What’s Going On - Loro, Feges, Banger’s and more

Tales From the Pits has been traveling and eating barbecue. We’ve been out on the BBQ trail quite a bit over the last couple of months, and the foreseeable future looks just as busy. In this episode we reflect on new restaurant openings including our extended thoughts on Loro, the new Asian smokehouse restaurant from acclaimed chef Tyson Cole and Aaron Franklin of the world famous Franklin Barbecue. We’ve also been to the newly opened Feges BBQ in Houston and provide some...


TFP. Ep. 45 - Red Dirt BBQ Fest - Chase Colston

For years Chase Colston dreamt about bringing a festival to downtown Tyler, Texas. His persistence paid off when after years of trying, Chase was able to convince his employers at Townsquare Media to help him launch the Red Dirt BBQ and Music Festival. Held every spring since 2014, the festival has grown every year into one of the best in Texas. The 2018 barbecue line up is incredible with joints like Black’s Barbecue, Bodacious Bar-B-Q, Evie Mae’s Pits Barbeque, LeRoy and Lewis BBQ,...


TFP Ep. 44 - Pioneer BBQ - Shawn and Amy Collins

Shawn and Amy Collins, from St. Louis and Houston respectively, met while working at a busy restaurant in Manhattan. While planning to marry Shawn was looking for barbecue wood on Craigslist when he saw a restaurant for sale. Before they knew it they were picking up and leaving the big city for the tiny town of Nixon, Texas where they would be the new owners of Pioneer BBQ. Shawn and Amy would slowly tweak the menu, refining it to fit the food they wanted to make the way they wanted to...