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Farming, Food, and Family with Andy Lane of Hand Hewn Farm

Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast. In this episode, I’m talking with Andy Lane from Hand Hewn Farm out of Fresno, OH. Growing up spending summers between farming communities on both sides of my family, I love talking with people who are still out there today putting in the hard work and time required to operate family farms. Andy does a great job explaining how he, his family, and some friends are pooling their time, effort, and resources to breathe...


Episode 31: Your BBQ Photos and How to Make them Awesome with Mike Lang

Episode 31: Your BBQ Photos and How to Make them Awesome with Mike Lang Raise your hand if you've seen Weber Grill's social media photos. You all have! As such, you've very likely seen some of the expert grilled food photography offered up by Mr. Mike Lang. Mike is the official "Grillographer" for Weber Grills and is responsible for many of the great visuals the company has used over the last several years. I came across Mike per Craig Tabor's suggestion. In fact, in this podcast episode I...


BBP 007: Talking Local Food in Kansas City with Local Pig Founder Alex Pope

Talking Local Food in Kansas City with Local Pig Founder Alex Pope The Local Pig is about eating local. This isn't a new concept, in fact - it's something we did in this country as a matter of necessity less than 70 years ago. Put simply, we ate what was produced nearby, likely by farmers whose fields, pastures, and pens we passed by to and from work. Over time, the numbers among us who actually live near where our food is produced has dwindled considerably, but the "charm" of going local...


Celebrating North Louisiana Food Culture with Chef Hardette Harris

Download this episode... Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast. Today, I’m sharing with you a fantastic conversation I had a little while back with Chef Hardette Harris who hails from the Shreveport, Louisiana area and has been instrumental in efforts to showcase the food culture of that area. I first learned about Chef Harris from her appearance on The Great Cornbread Debate episode, which is part of the PBS Digital Series Nourish hosted by Dr. Howard...


BBP 016: Catching up with Mark Graham and Shane Draper of Grilla Grills

BBP 016: Catching up with Mark Graham and Shane Draper of Grilla Grills In this podcast session I talk with Mark Graham and Shane Draper of Grilla Grills. You've likely read the review I wrote on the Grilla Grill model. If so, I hope you found it informative. This podcast interview takes things with Grilla a step forward as we speak with Mark and Shane about their respective roles at Grilla, as well as the different thoughts, plans, and iterations Grilla went through as they launched what...


Talking Food Heritage, Culture and History with Dr. Howard Conyers

Visit: This episode features a talk with Dr. Howard Conyers, NASA Rocket Scientist, and Southern Food and Culture Historian. Dr. Howard Conyers - NASA Engineer, Pitmaster, Food Historian I recorded this episode several months back and was fortunate to have a nice long conversation with Dr. Conyers. As you have come to know, the interviews here at The BBQ Beat Podcast are long-format. As such, it’s not unusual for conversations to go into the...


Malcom and Rachelle Reed talk food, family, and living that BBQ life

Visit: Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast. This episode features Malcom Reed and his wife Rachelle. Many of you know the Reeds via the outstanding How to BBQ Right YouTube videos they put out. With just around 520,000 subscribers, their content keeps getting better and better. If you haven’t subscribed, please do so. In addition to their YouTube channel, Malcom and Schelle operate the How To BBQ Right website located at...


Talking Hasty-Bake Grills History with Jay Johnsen

Visit: In this episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast, I talk with Jay Johnsen, noted Hasty-Bake Grills collector and historian about his love of these really cool cookers. Hasty-Bake was founded in 1948 by Grant Hastings. A pioneer in the industry, these charcoal grills or "charcoal ovens" as they were called predate Weber's entry into the marketplace.


2019 World Food Championships Final Table and Dallas Update with Mike McCloud

Visit: Hey Everyone, and welcome to another episode of The BBQ Beat Podcast. In this episode, I share a conversation I had recently with World Food Championships President and CEO Mike McCloud. During our chat, we discuss some exciting news about the dates, location, and cooking format for the upcoming Final Table event, as well as some exciting changes coming up for the World Food Championships in its new Dallas, TX location.


Heath Riles on Burnin' Up the Road and Establishing a Brand

Visit: In this episode, Heath shares some of his earliest memories cooking with his family. His recollections on how he got started cooking BBQ competitions mirrors some others you might have heard (or experienced) -- with drinking and partying playing a big role at first and an increase in focus and effort as the desire for more consistent results takes hold. There's a lot to learn from Heath in this one, so be sure to listen on through to the end.


Crafting Great Recipes, Judging the Jack, and Building a Solid Following with Girls Can Grill

Visit: In this episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast, I talk with Christie Vanover, who runs the food blog Girls Can Grill, as well as the competition BBQ team by the same name. Christie has a long history of writing about food, as well as a strong academic and professional background in marketing communications.


Craig Verhage on BBQ Family, Tradition, and Keeping the Fire Burning

Visit: With twenty plus years cooking competition BBQ, much of it as part of the famed Ubons BBQ family enterprise, Craig Verhage knows a thing or two about a thing or two. This conversation was a real pleasure for me, and I hope you enjoy listening to Craig's stories and life lessons shared here.


Green Mountain Grills Distribution, Sales and Customer Service

Visit: Green Mountain Grills Distribution, Sales and Customer Service In this episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast, I take a full 360-degree view of the Green Mountain Grills operation. As you listen in, you'll hear from the sales, distribution, and end-user standpoint where GMG Grills is concerned. Likely, you've realized that some BBQ Smoker and Grill manufacturers use direct sales models, while others use a distribution model. There are benefits to...


Hanging with Jason Ganahl of Colorado’s GQue BBQ

Visit: In this episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast, I sit down with Jason Ganahl, owner of GQue BBQ in Colorado to talk about the origins of his restaurant.


Talking with Susie Bulloch of Hey Grill Hey

Visit: In this episode, I talk with Susie Bulloch about the good work she's doing over at her Hey Grill Hey website. Learn how she does what she does and more!


The Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply Origin Story with Chad Ward and Carl Griffth

In this bonus episode, Chad Ward and Carl "Griff" Griffith talk about the Origins of Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply both as a store and as a brand.


World Food Championship 2018 Update with CEO Mike McCloud

In this bonus episode, World Food Championship CEO Mike McCloud sits down with me to talk about what's in store for the 2018 Event in Orange Beach, AL.


Talking with Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware Company

In this episode, I talk with Smithey Ironware Company founder Isaac Morton about his Charleston, SC company and the quality cast iron and its products.


Talking with Chad from Crydermans Barbecue

In this episode, I talk with Chad Cryderman of Crydermans Barbecue in Cocoa, FL. Offering some of the best barbecue in Central Florida - cooked fresh daily!


Doing a Little Front Porch Sitting with Gentry’s BBQ

In this episode, I talk with Chris Gentry of Gentry's BBQ. We discuss his background with BBQ, his Carolina heritage, his line of rubs and sauces, and more.