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Episode 288: Boats, Bikes, and Bars with Thomas Spaeth

Thomas Spaeth is a bartender at Dear Irving in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. In the summer, you can also find him serving drinks at Grand Banks, a seasonal oyster bar on the deck of a historic fishing boat docked at Pier 25 on the Hudson River. He's always on the go. When he's not bartending, Thomas can be found salvaging bicycles by night and rebuilding them into urban speed machines.


Episode 287: Angus Winchester

Damon and Sother are joined in the studio by Angus Winchester, the Global Director of Education for the Bar Convent Berlin and Bar Convent Brooklyn and is curating over 100 training slots at these two significant trade events helping to educate and inspire Hospitality staff from around the world. Winchester’s contacts and knowledge have been built up over nearly 30 years of engagement with the best bars and bartenders in the world. As founder member of one of the first global bar...


Episode 286: William Elliott

From a young age, William Elliott had a fascination with taste and memory, and sharing the experience. Though he grew up in a “dry” household, his obsession with liquor and food sprang from elicit sips of pastis from his parent’s cupboard and busted attempts at bouillabaisse. During a stint playing music around California and the desert Southwest, Elliott realized a new obsession, and transitioned full-time into the realm of beer, wine, and spirits. He has been an integral part of the...


Episode 285: Drinking Distilled

This week, Damon and Sother are joined by Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the bar manager at Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon. His newest book is Drinking Distilled: A User's Manual, an opinionated, illustrated guide for cocktail beginners, covering the basics of spirits plus making and drinking cocktails.


Episode 284: The Cure for Hiccups Is a Moving Target

This week, Damon and Sother are joined by the husband and wife team of Jackson Stamper and Tonia Guffey-Stamper, of Employees Only and Highland Park Distillery, respectively. Tune in for hiccup cures, beef tartare, and some pretty outstanding Scotch.


Episode 283: Cocktail Photography with Eric Medsker

Eric Medsker is a New York City based photographer and content creator working on a variety of commercial, publishing, and personal projects centered around food and beverage. Some notable projects include Wylie Dufresne's WD~50 cookbook, Brian Bartel’s The Bloody Mary Cocktail Book for Ten Speed Press, and the social media for Death & Co.


Episode 282: Drinking Like a Lady with Mellie Wiersma

In her own words, Melissa “Mellie” Wiersma is just a girl who giggles a lot, makes lots of drinks, has a lot of love for Boston, and has started falling in love with New York. She's worked in every type of joint, from buttoned-up cocktail bars to roofs and dives, and has enjoyed every moment of it! She is also a contributor to the forthcoming book Drinking Like Ladies, which is dedicated to the proposition that a woman’s place is behind the bar. . . or in front of it. . . or really any...


Episode 281: Lauren Corriveau and Natasha David of Nitecap

Originally from the Finger Lakes, NY, Lauren Corriveau moved to NYC at the age of 17. After graduating college with a degree in Merchandising and Business Management, Lauren went on to work in the fashion industry for almost 10 years. Although she worked in bars and restaurants while in college, hospitality didn't factor into her career path until 2013, when she was hired as a member of the opening team for Battery Harris in Brooklyn. The process of opening a new space resonated with her...


Episode 280: Sweet, Sweet Vermouth with Giancarlo Mancino

Giancarlo Mancino is a gifted bartender and entrepreneur hailing from Pignola, Italy. Famous for his amazing hospitality, he has literally traveled the globe progressing the world of cocktails with his own Giancarlo BAR Ltd., a Hong Kong based bar and beverage consultancy firm. Giancarlo is also the creator of the Mancino line of artisanal Vermouths and the Aperitvo Rinomato. He recently launched his own glassware "the Wormwood Collection" in collaboration with Italesse.


Episode 279: Whiskey Tasting with Nate Dumas

This week, Damon is joined in the studio by Nate Dumas, a Prime Meats alum, premium account specialist for the Campari portfolio of brands, and Wild Turkey connoisseur.


Episode 278: Atomic Hospitality with Steva Casey

Steva Casey is a bartender at The Atomic Lounge in Birmingham, AL. She also works on numerous projects including International Cocktail Karaoke and Tiki By The Sea. Her cocktail recipes and ideas about building drinks have been published in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Journal, and on CNN . When asked to explain her job, she quickly responds that it's mainly about being a good host. She owns more bottles of Scotch than dresses. Also sitting in this week is Greg Benson, co-host of the podcast Bar...


Episode 277: Eryn Reece of Banzarbar

This week, we're joined in studio by Eryn Reece, who has tended bar all over New York City, and is now heading up a new bar program at Banzarbar, a new concept above Freemans Restaurant in the Lower East Side.


Episode 276: Kate Perry and the Last Rum Crusade

Kate Perry grew up in Maine, and earned degrees in Anthropology/Archaeology & Geography/Geology from the University of Denver. She moved to Seattle after college, drank a lot of sherry, opened a rum bar, and drank a lot of rum. She was invited to Haiti with the Velier spirits company, where she fell in love with Haiti and fell in love with Velier. After returning to the states, she moved to NYC to work for Velier, the Indiana Jones of rum -- so she's using her degrees and still drinking a...


Episode 275: Rob Dietrich, Head Distiller of Stranahan's Whiskey

This week, Damon is without Sother...which is fine. He's joined in the studio by Rob Dietrich, Head Distiller of Stranahan's Whiskey, which, at tender age of fourteen, was the first company to be granted a distilling permit in Colorado.


Episode 274: Hospitality Design with Charlie Marshall

This week, Sother is joined by Charlie Marshall, the Design Director and a principal of Parc Office. With a background in industrial design, retail and hospitality design, and interactive experiences, Marshall works to find innovative ways of integrating digital interactivity in physical spaces. Prior to Parc Office, Marshall ran the Lab at Rockwell Group, designing experiences and innovation labs for Coca Cola and Google, and designing bars and restaurants for Le Meridian, W Hotels,...


Episode 273: One-Bottle Cocktails with Maggie Hoffman

This week, Damon and Sother are joined by Maggie Hoffman, author of the new book The One-Bottle Cocktail: More than 80 Recipes with Fresh Ingredients and a Single Spirit, which will be published by Ten Speed Press in March 2018. Hoffman writes about cocktails, spirits, food, beer, and wine. She founded the drinks section of Serious Eats in 2011, and served as the managing editor for the James Beard award-winning site.


Episode 272: Cane Club Co

On this Valentine's Day edition of The Speakeasy, Damon and Sother are joined by Dani DeLuna, Shannon Mustipher, and Austin Hartman of the Cane Club Collective, a group that organizes experiences around cane spirits that foster community and appreciation for rum and the people working in the industry.


Episode 271: The Four Corners of Cointreau

This week, Damon and Sother sit down with Alfred Cointreau, the sixth generation scion of – you guessed it – the Cointreau family, which has been making the French orange-flavored liqueur brand of the same name for over 150 years. Also joining them are Kayla Mata and Emily Arseneau of Collectif 1806.


Episode 270: Shaker & Spoon

Sother is back from Miami, where he was named Mixologist of the Year by Wine Enthusiast. He and Damon are joined today by Mike Milyavsky and Anna Gorovoy, founders of Shaker & Spoon, which is sort of like the Blue Apron of cocktail ingredients.