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Episode 309: Hospitality beyond identity

Today on The Speakeasy, Damon and Sother talk to an activist, a trans woman and a female general manager to discuss hospitality in the new culture of gender fluidity, activism and the #metoo movement. Jackie Summers, Jesse Wohlers and Tyler Beebe


Episode 308: Enrique De Colsa

Today on the Speakeasy, Damon and Sother talk to to Master Distiller Enrique De Colsa from tequila Don Julio.


Episode 307: La Penultima

Today on the Speakeasy, Damon and Sother talk to Penelope Roussetzki, Stephen Hoppe, Chris Hoppe about beer, working in the food industry and more


Episode 306: Johnny Schuler & Pisco

Damon and Sother get the opportunity to talk with Johnny Schuler, Master Distiller for Caravedo Pisco and all around Pisco advocate. He has dedicated much of his life to setting the standards for excellence in the Pisco industry. And, as Pisco’s ambassador, his travels have taken him throughout Peru, and around the globe, to educate spirits industry professionals and the public alike about the culture, heritage, and craftsmanship that makes Pisco so unique.


Episode 305: Healthcare & Hospitality with Paul Finn and special guest William Pineapple

Today on The Speakeasy, we talk to Paul Finn. He started his career in music and movies, producing his first feature film at age 21 for Kevin Smith’s View Askew Productions. While working on the soundtrack for that film, “A Better Place”, he decided to re-focus on a career in the music industry both as an artist, touring with critically acclaimed bands The Kingsbury Manx and Spider Bags as well as working behind the scenes at the legendary Drag City and Merge record labels. During this time,...


Episode 304: Service at Scale with Kevin Beary

On Today's Speakeasy Damon talks with Kevin Beary, Beverage Director at Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago. Kevin Beary his first taste of bartending while shaking and pouring colorless liquid as a minor. His first official gig was aboard a Delaware River cruise in Philadelphia, where 500 thirsty passengers would board the ship most nights and drink tickets would start flying. Beary worked in restaurants while attending La Salle University and rose to beverage director of Hyatt at the...


Episode 303: Rocky Yeh & Danny Ronen

Rocky Yeh is the Gardien des Chais (keeper of the cellar) at Maison Ferrand and Danny Ronen is the proprietor of Academia in Austin and partner at Unlimited Liabilities. Tune in as Sother chats with these two about travel, New York Brandy Week, subscription cocktail boxes and getting educated at a bar.


Episode 302:

Aaron Goldfarb is a writer who lives in Brooklyn. He’s written the novels “How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide” and “The Guide for a Single Man/Woman.” He writes about beer, whiskey, and drinks culture for places like Esquire, PUNCH, and VinePair. His latest book is “Hacking Whiskey.”


Episode 301: MiniBar's Jeremy Allen

This week, Damon sits down with Jeremy Allen, the GM of MiniBar in Hollywood, CA. Allen has done time under James Beard Award winning chefs in both LA and Mpls, and is a CMS Certified Somm with a Wine Spectator Award, but you wouldn't guess it by his sailor speak. More importantly, Jeremy has spent tons of time drinking in the best and worst bars and restaurants, backstages and backyards across the world. Tune in to hear them talk cold beer, warm gin, live jazz, and more!


Episode 300: Nightcaps with Kara Newman

The Speakeasy turns 300! Joining Damon and Sother to celebrate is Kara Newman, author of the forthcoming book NIGHTCAP: More Than 40 Cocktails to Close Out Any Evening. Tune in to hear them talk nightcaps, and drink a few (or several) themselves!


Episode 299: The History of Drinking with Diana Pittet and Scott Rosenbaum

This autumn, Asbury Park resident Diana Pittet, who grew up in Atlantic Highlands, is teaching a pioneering, one-of-a-kind graduate seminar at New York University on “The History, Culture, and Politics of Drinking,” from the Neolithic period to the present day. That’s a time span of over 9,000 years of humans intentionally (as opposed to accidentally) making and consuming alcohol--all the while, having mixed feelings about it.


Cleveland Rocks!

Your hosts travel to the southern shore of Lake Erie to investigate the hospitality scene in Cleveland. Guided by native Stefan Was of the Porco Lounge and Tiki Room, Damon and Sother zig zag across the City talking to some of Believeland's most beloved bartenders and restaurateurs. From Ohio City Provisions to the venerable Velvet Tango Room, Cleveland is making its mark on the nightlife landscape.


Jabin Troth - Founder - Licensed To Distill

Sother went down to this year's Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, armed with a recorder and a dream...a dream to cover the entire festival in-depth. However, due to his jam-packed schedule, only this interview got recorded: a sit-down with Jabin Troth, founder of the world's largest craft cocktail Instagram account, Licensed to Distill. Tune in and give him a follow!


Episode 298: Salute the Cucumber

On Today's show Damon and Sother talk with Charlotte Voisey, Director of Advocacy at William Grant & Sons USA. They discuss the rise of gin in America, respect for cucumbers, and travel tips. Plus, we get some surprise guests at the end of the episode!


Episode 297: Rob Morton of Voltaire

Rob Morton spent 17 years in the music business running marketing departments for record labels and Virgin Megastores, and 6 as a production manager for live action music videos and commercials, before going into bar ownership in 2010. He worked for Idle Hands from 2010-2015, Fools Gold from 2014-present, Voltaire as of 2018, and Paul’s Of Oak Island coming in 2019.


Episode 296: Cocktails 201

This week Damon and Sother chat with Freddie Sarkis, Chief Cocktail Officer at Liquor Lab in NYC. They chat about his journey from coffee to cocktails, teaching the basics of bartending, and how to progress beyond Cocktails 101. But first, Damon and Sother give a quick review of their trip to Cleveland.


Episode 295: Gatekeepers

On this episode of The Speakeasy, Damon and Sother share their experiences of Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Then they welcome two NYC gatekeepers - Josh Polina, a doorman at Death & Company and Santi Dady, who handles reservations at Please Don't Tell. They talk about managing customers' expectations, what customers shouldn't do in their quest for access, and their philosophies of hospitality.


Episode 294: Threesome Tollbooth

Today on The Speakeasy we're talking with Jesse Sheidlower, a lexicographer and bar manager of a very small, high-end cocktail bar in Brooklyn called Threesome Tollbooth. Before bartending he authored The F-Word, a detailed history of the word "fuck". We also can't forget that he's been named one of the 100 smartest people in New York by New York Magazine. We talk about immersive experiences, swear words, and much, much more.


Episode 293: Hospitality with Matt Kourie of NY Cocktail Expo

Today on The Speakeasy we talk with Matt Kourie. He's a cocktail enthusiast, turned home bartender, turned guest bartender, who had turned his one bedroom Queens apartment into a speakeasy, home bar room. Kourie has been organizing successful events in hospitality since 2013. The New York native has brought together over 20k individuals since that time, through his NY Best Wings Festival championships to BBQ events, partnered events with Time Out New York Magazine, the New York Cocktail Expo...


Episode 292: Life Behind Bars with Noah Rothbaum & David Wondrich

Noah Rothbaum is the editor of The Daily Beast’s Half Full section. He also hosts the podcast Life Behind Bars with legendary cocktail historian David Wondrich. In addition, Rothbaum is the author of the book The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of the Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, through 100 Iconic Labels and the associate editor of the forthcoming Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails. Rothbaum’s first book, The Business of Spirits: How Savvy Marketers, Innovative Distillers,...