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At The Hops brings you weekly servings of music and beer. Recorded in Nashville, Tn, singer/songwriters Chas E. and Mike Mitchell introduce you to up and coming singer/songwriters as well as the latest beers on the craft beer scene. Listen weekly and in no time you'll be a craft beer aficionado and hip to the latest musicians from Music City.

At The Hops brings you weekly servings of music and beer. Recorded in Nashville, Tn, singer/songwriters Chas E. and Mike Mitchell introduce you to up and coming singer/songwriters as well as the latest beers on the craft beer scene. Listen weekly and in no time you'll be a craft beer aficionado and hip to the latest musicians from Music City.
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Nashville, TN


At The Hops brings you weekly servings of music and beer. Recorded in Nashville, Tn, singer/songwriters Chas E. and Mike Mitchell introduce you to up and coming singer/songwriters as well as the latest beers on the craft beer scene. Listen weekly and in no time you'll be a craft beer aficionado and hip to the latest musicians from Music City.




Zack Roskop's Magical Mystery Tour of Craft Beer

Zack Roskop is the owner of Knox Brew Tours and he's embarking on a brew tour of magnificent proportions - 76 breweries in 21 days! Zack joins Chas and Mike on this episode of At The Hops to talk about this upcoming tour of every brewery in Tennessee, and how you can be a part of the action by way of Facebook or one of the tour's after parties! Check out this great interview and check out Zack's tour page at We've also got some great beer to taste including...


Hoppy Holidays 2016!

Okay, we know that Christmas is officially over but the holiday spirit at At The Hops goes on indefinitely. To prove it, here is our latest beer and music filled holiday podcast. Chas and Mike kick off the show with the lowdown on winter warmers and a close look at the Dark Horse 4 Elf winter warmer from Dark Horse Brewing Company. Chas relates his latest choices for Top 6 terrible holiday songs while Mike offers some witty commentary. All under the influence of Stone Xocoveza - a winter...


Hallelujah - A Toast to Leonard Cohen

Chas and Mike give a special toast to singer/songwriter and altogether renaissance man Leonard Cohen. Powered by two featured brews including a black IPA Dark Matter from Blackstone Brewery and an imperial stout Bang from Prairie Artisan Ales, Chas and Mike check out the Top 6 Leonard Cohen songs according to listeners. Chas gives us the lowdown on "skunky beer" science in a segment of Brewery School Dropout and Mike gives us an inspired performance of his original song "Abbeville." And,...


Toasting Leon Russell

Chas and Mike are back with beer filled tribute to musician Leon Russell. We take a look the Top 6 Leon Russell songs while sampling Founders Brewing Pale Joe - a pale ale brewed with coffee, and check out a new beer creation from Corsair Distillery and Black Abbey Brewing called Wildfire. Mike gets the lowdown on the history of pale ales and IPA's and Chas brings us all the latest news in craft beer and performs one of his original numbers - Several. All this plus some inebriated...



Chas and Mike are back with more music and beer. Recorded during historic game 7 of the 2016 World Series, this episode includes some baseball innuendo as we investigate Dubbels and Tripels in the world of beer. Chas and Mike check out 2 beers including Snake Handler from Good People Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama and the ETF Callan BBA Belgian Dubbel from Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, Tennessee. All this plus original music, the Top 6 beer songs, and the latest in craft beer news...


St Louis Brews w/ Filmmaker Bill Streeter

Film director Bill Streeter joins Chas E and Mike Mitchell to talk about his independent film "St Louis Brews" - a documentary about the dramatic history and future of the craft beer industry in St. Louis. Bill gives us the lowdown about his film as well as an overview of some of the best breweries in St Louis. Chas and Mike dabble in some sour beer tasting with the Dugges - Tropic Punch Ale. This ale is special brew created by a joint effort between Stillwater brewing in Maryland and...


Musicians AnneMarie Neff & Ken Grandjean, Beer Expert Jeremy Short, and Terrapin Beer’s Poivre Potion Saison

It’s a jam packed craft beer, musical extravaganza on this week’s At The Hops. We’ve got superstar musicians AnneMarie Neff and Ken Grandjean. The music dynamic duo return to our studio to share some stories from their last tour of Ireland and talk about their upcoming return to the UK. AnneMarieand Ken give us two amazing performances including AnneMarie’s original “What I Got” featured on her latest EP “Brand New Day” AnneMarie and Ken also join Chas and Mike for tasting of the Terrapin...


Devil's Backbone Kabong & James Taylor Top 6

This weekMikeandChastake on two heavyweights. First, it's theKabong Triple IPAfromDevil's Backbone Brewing Company. With an ABV of 11.1, this is one serious high gravity beer that could takeMikeandChasto the limits of their beer tasting abilities. And if you've ever wondered about the mysteries of high gravity, we'll dive into that subject during our segment ofBrewery School Dropout. Our other heavyweight is on the musical side, asMikeandChastake on the legendary James Taylor in our first...


Bells's Beer Special Double Cream Stout

It's a virtual Valentines hangover episode. ChasandMikeare back with more beer tasting, original music and talk. This episode we check out theSpecial Double Cream StoutfromBell's Brewingin Kalamazoo, Michigan. We also have a bonus round ofSmall Town Brewery'sNot Your Father's Root Beer, and in honor of Valentines check out the Top 6 most romantic songwriters. Chaskeeps us updated on the latest in craft beer news and bothChasandMikeshare an original song from their vast repertoire.


Blue Pants Peanut Butter & Jelly Stout

We're back! MikeandChashave returned after a 6 month hiatus bringing you more music and more beer tasting. Today we're checking out a special brew fromBlue Pants Breweryin Madison, Alabama. It's's's based on an American classic - thePinstripe Peanut Butter and Jelly Stout. Who would have thought you could change a sandwich into a beer? And speaking of "ch-ch-ch-ch-changes," we have a Top 6 dedicated to the one and only David Bowie,as well as an original Chas E...


100th Episode!

It's a special episode ofAt The HopsPodcast as we celebrate our 100th episode. Chas E.andMike Mitchelltake us on a special musical journey featuring the many singer/songwriter artists we've featured the past three years. This episode'sTop 6 features the topSongs of the Centuryaccording to the Recording Industry Of America, and Jackstops by to give us the facts about Cream Ales. Speaking of ales, we check out three beers this week including theKiwanda Cream Ale fromPelican Pub,Enemy Within...


Memorial Day 2015

Hey, we’re back, and just in time for Memorial Day! After a few weeks of packing, unpacking and moving, Mike Mitchelland Chas Eare back with a new episode of At The Hopsand a special Memorial Day theme. On this week’s episode we crack open three beers recommended by MicroBeerClub.comincluding the Redfeather Session IPA from Black Raven Brewing Company, the Farmlandia Saison from Iron Horse Brewery, and the Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA from Alameda Brewing Company. Jack stops into to tell us...


Three Generations of Six

Chas Etakes us on a historical journey of Top 6hits with a little help from A.C.andAdia K. First, we focus on some golden oldies and turn back the handsof time to preview what songs were burning the charts in 1978 and 1990. Then we fast forward straight to 2015 to hear just how much things have changed with today's hit makers. Chasalso gives us the lowdown on a new craft beer as we check outNice Rack - a mango infused IPA from our good friends atCool Springs Brewery. And we revisit a...


Denny Tedesco - Director of The Wrecking Crew

Film director Denny Tedesco joinsChas Eto give more insight into thetrials and tribulations of creating his documentary film theWrecking Crew. Denny will be present for a special screening of theWrecking Crewthis week in Nashivlle at theBelcourt. Of courseChasandMike Mitchelllwill alsobe there to giveAt The Hopslistenerst the live experience, and this episode will get our faithful listeners preppedfor the big event. MicroBeerClub.comsendsChasa Rye I.P.A. to check out - theRocket Dog Rye...


Tom Whall Meets The Kolsch

Singer/songwriterTom WhalljoinsChas E.andMike Mitchellfor more rounds of original music and beer tasting. Originally from Maryland,Tom Whallcame to Nashville after studying drums and percussion at theBaldwin Conservatory of Musicin Ohio. Today he's making waves in Music City as a singer/songwriter as well as a percussionist. Tomplays three new tunes for us includingHard Wired,Same Damn Life, and Hard To Read, and shares where you can download his latest albumColored Groundfor whatever...


The Wrecking Crew

Chas Eand Mike Mitchellcheck out Denny Tedesco's filmThe Wrecking Crew. The Wrecking Crewpays tribute to thegroup of 1960's studio musicians who played on some of pop music's most important recordings, including the Beach Boys, Sonny & Cher, the Monkees, the Byrds, and Nancy Sinatra to name a few. And you thought the Monkees themselves played on those recordings, didn't ya? In addition,The Wrecking Crewalso played on numerous soundtrack and jingle recordings including the theme to M.A.S.H,...


Dream Aria

Supergroup Dream Ariais #1 ranked on Reverb Nationand haveover 15,000 fans onFacebook,and this weeksingerAnn 'Aria' BurstynjoinsChas Efrom Toronto to talk about the band's origins, future and its amazing eclectic sound. You'll hear the story of how members Don Stagg, Andrew Berezowsky, Garry Flint, and Ann Burstyn found each other and started creating their unique blend ofrock, techno, classical, goth and world music. And we'll get even further into Dream Aria's sound as we we check out...


Riders to Reverie - The Doors, Cherie Currrie, & 2 Great Ales

Chas EandMike Mitchellare all about reviewing this week including everything from books to music to beer. ChasandMikebegin the show with a close look atJohn Densmore's auto-biographical bookRiders On The Stormincluding a Top 6countdown of the greatestDoorsalbums. Next up we have a very special review ofCherie Currie's latest albumReverie. Reveriewill be hittingthe virtual shelves of your favorite download sites in the next few weeks, and we'll give you the lowdown on what to expect...


AnneMarie Neff & Ken Grandjean

Singer/songwriter AnneMarie Neffjoins Mike Mitchell and Chas Ewith banjo accompanist extraordinaireKen Grandjean. AnneMariehas recently released a fantastic EP called "Brand New Day" and she andKenperform the title track as well as "One Penny Two Penny" before venturing on their tour of Ireland. Kenalso performshis instrumental "Shenandoah Sunset" from his own cd of the same name. We also check out three beer selections from www.microbeerclub.comincluding Miss B-Haven Tripel fromWingman...


Emily Earle - A Voice for all Saisons

Singer/songwriter Emily Earle joins Chas E and Mike Mitchell on this week's At The Hops for somemusic and some beer tasting. Emily Earle is a name you may know. You may have seen her on The Voice, on tourwith Steve Earle, or "busking" in the subways of New York - we'll explain "busking"on the show. At any rate, you'll love her classic, Americana sound as she plays 3 of her originals songslive including the title track of her EP - "News From Colorado." Emily also helps Chas and Mike check...