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BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Lost Sanity Brewing Full Pulp IPA

Another brew from Lost Sanity Brewing out of Madelia, Minnesota, this Full Pulp IPA is a New England style with a hazy hopness of Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, and Amarillo. Beer guy, Shane Zeppelin, happens to like New England style IPAs. Does this one live up to his standards? You'll have to watch or listen to this BeerGuysTV BrewCast to find out.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Deschutes Fresh Haze IPA

Deschutes Brewery puts a fresh spin on their Fresh Squeezed IPA, one of our favorites. This version offers a full mouth feel of haziness but with a bit of a different flavor. Fresh Haze IPA is sort-of an orange juice beer without the orange added. We give it our review right here.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Lost Sanity Brewing Funny Farmer

Lost Sanity Brewing out of Madelia, Minnesota, bring us this Funny Farmer, a "Belgian style Triple named giving a nod to the agricultural community. Made with Pilsner from Rahr (Shakopee), Corn (everywhere around here), Moody Bees Honey (Madelia), and hops from TCF hops (Fairmont)." Lost Sanity Brewing takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients for its beer and it shows….in a great way. Watch this BeerGuysTV BrewCast to see what we think of Funny Farmer.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Oscar Blues Beerito

With a low ABV and relatively low IBU, this Mexican style lager is anything but ordinary. What do the ordinary Beer Guys think of it? You'll have to watch this episode as they check out Oskar Blues Brewing's Beerito.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Roundhouse Nightshift Coffee Stout

We review a coffee stout from Roundhouse Brewing, out of Brainerd, Minnesota. This beer uses coffee beans that are roasted just down the road from them. The relatively average ABV of 6.5%, which is light for a stout of this nature, is quite welcome. Watch or listen and find out what the Beer Guys have to say about this dark brew.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-O’Fallon Triple Beer Review

In this episode, the Beer Guys take on three brews from O'Fallon Brewing; 5Day IPA, Tea It Up, and Wheach. Nothing matches so this isn't a "best-of" review, rather this is a general review of all three. Each Beer Guy chooses their favorite. Which one wins? You'll have to watch or listen to this BeerGuysTV BrewCast to find out!

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Sixpoint Brewing 5Beans Bazaar Porter

The Beer Guys go bazaar for a brew by Sixpoint Brewing. It’s their 5Beans Bazaar Porter. This brew is a Turkish Coffee inspired brew with notes of chocolate and cardamom. Also this episode reviews a book called “Wilt, Ike, and Me”, about Wilt Chamberlain and his career. It’s available on amazon through this link: Enjoy this BeerGuysTV BrewCast!

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Angry Minnow Charlie’s Rye IPA

The Beer Guys check out a beer from a microbrewery in Hayward, Wisconsin. Charlie's Rye IPA, a seasonal IPA from Angry Minnow. There isn't a lot of information on this beer on the Angry Minnow website, but that doesn't deter us from giving it a go. With a relatively low ABV (around 4.8%) this beer is more of a sessionable brew. Listen or watch this BrewCast episonde about Charlie's Rye IPA.


BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Firestone Walker Nitro DBA

We check out this nitro double-barrel ale from Firestone Walker Brewing out of Paso Roble, California. This is a nitrogen infused beer and that gives it a unique mouth feel. The head brewer at Firestone Walker is a native of Minnesota and actually the hometown of a couple of the BeerGuys. This doesn’t sway our review, however. So what do we think of this tiny bubble brew? Watch or listen to this BrewCast episode.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Hayes Public House 5th Anniversary

On September 16th, the Beer Guys (and Gals) were invited to Hayes Public House in Buffalo, Minnesota to help celebrate their fifth year anniversary. Pugs, who has a business background, decided he wanted to work for himself and saw an opening for a brewery in the central Minnesota town. They had a plethora of events and single batch specialty beers on hand. The town came to celebrate and so did we. Take a look at this special edition of the BeerGuysTV BrewCast!

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Klockow Brewing Beatrice

This may be a one-off as they don’t have any information on their website about this brew, but Beatrice from Klockow Brewing is an Irish Red style beer. All we can say is….well, you’ll have to watch or listen to this BrewCast episode. Klockow Brewing Beatrice Irish Red

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Golden Spike IPA

All aboard! Take a ride to the Roundhouse with this IPA from Roundhouse Brewing! Golden Spike IPA, named after “The eastern and western lines of Northern Pacific’s transcontinental railroad were joined together near Independence Creek in western Montana in 1883. To commemorate the occasion, the first spike driven at the start of railway construction near Carlton, Minnesota was used to connect the last section of rail. It was named the Golden Spike, and was driven home by NP President Henry...

BeerGuysTV BrewCast – Upper Hand Brewing Deer Camp

From the far north region of the southern shores of Lake Superior comes this lager ready for fall. Deer Camp is an Amber Lager that gives you a fall flavor without high ABV. A division of Bell’s Brewery, Upper Hand says this beer is “Mild earthy and herbal notes shine through without being overly bitter. A clean mouthfeel and pleasant finish round out this richly copper colored lager.” We’ll see about that in this BeerGuysTV BrewCast.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Lone Tree Brewing Cucumber Wheat

After a short break, we are back with our weekly BrewCasts. We start off with a seasonal summer ale from Lone Tree Brewing. Cucumber Wheat is a light and refreshing American style wheat ale with an every-so-light hint of cucumber. How does the group like this craft brew? Watch or listen to this BeerGuysTV episode. Video BrewCast of Lone Tree Cucumber Wheat

BGTV BrewCast-Telluride Brewing Face Down Brown Ale

Brown ales come in many styles and flavors quite possibly only outnumbered by IPAs. For some of the Beer Guys they are a like or dislike relationship. This time we review Face Down Brown Ale from Telluride Brewing Company out of Colorado. This beer comes in at 5.7 ABV and 37 IBUs. They say it pairs well with bison and almonds among other things. We didn’t have either but we trudged ahead with our review anyway. Watch or listen as we review this brown ale.

BGTV BrewCast-Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus

Beer Guy Shane Zeppelin anoints Greg Johnson and Brent Anderson with a holy of holys brew from Evil Twin Brewing. They thought they knew Jesus before, but Shane showed them Even More Jesus. Here is an Imperial Stout as opaque as the vessel that carries its soul. How do you think this communion went? Watch or listen to this BeerGuysTV BrewCast.

BGTV BrewCast-Jack Pine Brewing Hornets Nest

In this podcast we check out a Wheat offering from Jack Pine Brewing out of Baxter, MN. This one is called Hornets Nest Honey Lemon Wheat. Find out if liked this brew or if we got stung on this BeerGuysTV BrewCast.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Lake Monster Brewing Empty Rowboat IPA

As we drift through this BrewCast, the Beer Guys and Gal check out an IPA by Lake Monster Brewing. We paddle around tasting this brew but do we find this rowboat empty or full (of flavor)? Check out this BeerGuysTV BrewCast of Empty Rowboat IPA by Lake Monster Brewing.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Eddyline Raspberry Wheat

In this BrewCast, we check out Raspberry Wheat from Eddyline Brewing out of Buena Vista, Colorado. What do we think of this special edition brew from Eddyline? Watch or listen to this BrewCast from BeerGuysTV.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Pike’s Peak Brewing Summit House Oatmeal Stout

Beer Guy Greg Johnson took a recent trip to Colorado and brought a few brewskies home to try. This time we give Summit House Oatmeal Stout a try from Pike’s Peak Brewing Company.