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Clare Mulley and Lucy Boler present #InGoodTaste - a weekly food programme cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio - the community radio station for Central London.

Clare Mulley and Lucy Boler present #InGoodTaste - a weekly food programme cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio - the community radio station for Central London.
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Clare Mulley and Lucy Boler present #InGoodTaste - a weekly food programme cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio - the community radio station for Central London.






#InGoodTaste meets Urban Food Fest

#InGoodTaste's Lou Kenney talks to Jessica Tucker, founder of Urban Food Fest, about her fun and hugely successful street food events which are known for their quirky gourmet foods and brightly decorated vans. - The popular night market will begin again in Shoreditch on Saturday 12th April with a 'Where's Wally?' theme and will take place every Saturday night 5pm-midnight until the 21st June.


#InGoodTaste: What's On The Menu? Breddos Tacos

Read the menu but want to learn more? We spoke to famed street food traders Breddos Tacos about their new pop up restaurant under a railway arch in Haggerston. Along with their famed tacos, there are some exciting new additions to the menu! -- Breddos @ Trip Space Launching 11.4.14 Arch 339-40 Acton Mews E8 4EA


#InGoodTaste: What's On The Menu? When MAC met CHEESE

Read the menu but want to learn more? Listen to our interview with food entrepreneur and chef, Samuel Shonn, from Bayswater pop up When MAC met CHEESE. He takes us through each of his dishes (including their famous deep fried oreos) and tells us how he came to specialise in macaroni cheese. He's also gives us a heads up about some amazing specials he's developing for the menu - including a mac 'n cheese stuffed hot dog. - Find them Wednesday-Sunday on 43-45 Porchester Road, Baywater W2 5DP...


#InGoodTaste: The Joy of Chocolate -- @z1radio

Clare Mulley presents #InGoodTaste, cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio. This week we’re taking a look at Chocolate. Nothing can match the sensation of a smooth square of chocolate melting on the tongue, in fact it’s the only edible substance to melt just below body temperature. Dark, milk or white, it’s gives instant pleasure and is one of the most frequently craved foods in the world. But what do we really know about chocolate? And, why are we so obsessed with it? In order to try and answer...


#InGoodTaste with Michel Roux Jr., Jay Rayner, Raymond Blanc and more! -- @z1radio

Today’s programme is a look-back at some of our favourite #InGoodTaste moments from the last 12 months. We’ll be hearing from some of the biggest names in the food & restaurant industry who’ve appeared on the show - Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux Jr, Jay Rayner and Jason Atherton to name but a few. Then Clare and #InGoodTaste presenter Lucy Boler will be revisiting some of the key food trends and events we’ve covered this year - everything from apprenticeship launches, to burger competitions, to...


#InGoodTaste: Interview with Supper Club Chef James Ramsden



#InGoodTaste: Interview with @yummychooeats a.k.a Selina Periampillai

Mauritian chef Selina Periampillai tells us all about her country's cuisine and her London supper clubs. -- -- www.ZoneOneRadio.com www.InGoodTaste.me www.twitter.com/_InGoodTaste & www.twitter.com/z1radio www.facebook.com/ZoneOneRadio


Mixtape: Soul Food & Just Plain Rude

While researching music for a programme on Soul food, we were delighted to learn that many of the songs we found contain more innuendo than you can shake a stick at...so for your aural pleasure we have put some of our favourite soul food tracks together in one mixtape. It's finger-licking good. -- Memphis Soul Stew By King Curtis 1 Bar B-Q By Wendy Rene 2 Salt Pork West Virginia By Louis Jordan 3 Barbecued Ribs By The Three Riffs 4 Closer To The Bone By Louis Prima 5 Shortnin' Bread Rock By...


#InGoodTaste: Bread with Charles Campion

Tom Du Croz presents #InGoodTaste, cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio - the community station for central London. This week we're looking at bread. Bread is one of the oldest and simplest of foods. But nowadays, we’re faced with more than just a simple choice between white and brown when it comes to our daily bread. People are willing to pay £4 or even £5 for artisan bread from local bakeries which are making sourdoughs, ryebreads, brioches and all manner of exotic loafs. We’ll be looking at...


#InGoodTaste: Oysters!

Clare Mulley presents #InGoodTaste - cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio, the community station for central London. This week we’re taking a look at Oysters. A rich man's delicacy in ancient Rome, the poor man's protein in Victorian London, it’s fair to say Britain’s native oysters have had a rocky ride. We visit Whitstable, Kent, home to arguably the world’s most famous Oysters, during their annual Oyster Festival. Our first stop is the Whitstable Oyster Company. Over the last ten years,...


#InGoodTaste with Clare Mulley: Ferran Adrià - The World's Greatest Chef - @z1radio

#InGoodTaste - cooking up a storm on ZoneOneRadio, the community station for central London. - This week’s programme is about Ferran Adrià - the man commonly described as the world’s greatest living chef. At the opening of his exhibition at Somerset House, we speak Ferran Adrià himself, Bloomberg's head food critic Richard Vines, Catalan food expert Rachel McCormack, and two top chefs who worked in the legendary elBulli restaurant - Jason Atherton and Nuno Mendes. - Dubbed 'The most...


#InGoodTaste: Lucy Boler interviews Nuno Mendes - chef and owner of East London's Viajante Restaurant

Lucy Boler meet Portugese chef Nuno Mendes at his michelin-starred Bethnal Green restaurant, Viajante, which means 'traveller'. - Nuno talks about how East London has inspired him creatively and the kind of style of food he serves at the restaurant - fine dining but with a lot of fun involved. - Nuno's restaurant is the only michelin starred eatery in East London. Unusually there's no menu, guests are treated to a surprise selection of courses which is inspired by the places Nuno has visited...


Interview: Jason Atherton tells #InGoodTaste about working with Ferran Adria at elBulli -- @z1radio

Michelin-starred chef, Jason Atherton, tells Vicky Ferran what it was like working with head chef Ferran Adria at the legendary Spanish restaurant elBulli - which famously won the title of world's best restaurant five years in a row. -- Ferran Adria is considered the best chef in the world, having invented molecular gastronomy and inspired an entire generation of new chefs including Heston Blumenthal, Jason Atherton and Nuno Mendez. He changed the face of gastronomy and his restaurant now...


#InGoodTaste: The Great British Breakfast Tradition -- @z1radio

#InGoodTaste- cooking up a storm every week on ZoneOneRadio, the community station for central London. The first meal of the day is an important one - nutritionists believe it can help you stay healthy, more alert and improve concentration. It’s also a meal which has changed significantly since its became an established part of the English diet during the 17th Century. We speak to food critic, Charles Campion and Seb Emina, editor of the London review of Breakfasts and author of The...


Interview with Danny Meyer - Restaurateur and owner of #ShakeShack - @z1radio

InGoodTaste spoke to Danny Meyer at the launch party for the UK's first Shake Shack restaurant, in Covent Garden. Shake Shack began as a food cart in a Manhattan park and grew to become one of the most respected burger chains in America, serving up delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes and more. www.twitter.com/_InGoodTaste & www.twitter.com/z1radio www.facebook.com/zoneoneradio www.ZoneOneRadio.com www.InGoodTasteLondon.com


#InGoodTaste: Whisky! -- @z1Radio

Clare Mulley presents InGoodTaste- cooking up a storm every week on ZoneOneRadio, This week we’re taking a look at whisky. Like many other types of alcohol, Whisky began life as a medicine distilled by monks using fermented Grain. Aqua vitae or ‘water of life’ as it was originally known, has now become one of the most popular drinks in the world - surviving the dissolution of the monasteries, civil war and prohibition along the way. And now thanks to a rise in the popularity of cocktails and...


Clip: #GreatBritishBakeOff judge Paul Hollywood's top baking tip.

At the Bloomsbury Cooks event in Chorleywood, InGoodTaste grabbed a quick word with Paul Hollywood - master baker, author, and judge on the Great British Bake Off. - www.twitter.com/_InGoodTaste & www.twitter.com/z1radio www.facebook.com/ZoneOneRadio www.ZoneOneRadio.com


Clip: Charles Campion talking about the Tiptree World Bread Awards

Lucy Boler talks to Charles Campion, food writer and Masterchef judge, about judging The Tiptree Word Bread Awards and what makes the perfect loaf. -- www.twitter.com/_InGoodTaste & www.twitter.com/z1radio www.facebook.com/zoneoneradio www.ZoneOneRadio.com


#InGoodTaste - An Introduction to Wine -- @z1radio

#InGoodTaste, cooking up a storm every week on #ZoneOneRadio - the community radio station for central London. This week’s programme is all about wine! The world of wine can often be a daunting one - it’s hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones and know which wines go best with which food. Wine also seems to have its own particular vocabulary - which can often seem confusing to the beginner. So in this episode we’re giving you an introductory guide to wine - we’ll be speaking to Martin...


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