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Trout Manure Diet Cheater

What s the difference between God and a Goddess The former is everywhere and the latter is in one place at a time, right NOLA Food Goddess Lori Gaudin comes mighty close to challenging that definition. Ray and Margo do their best to list all Lorin s culinary exploits from blogs to cookbooks, podcasts, TV shows, social media, and radio programs, but the list of achievements pales like vanilla against the colorful conversation about Lorin s life. From disparate childhood influences to daring...


Tequila Is The New Scotch - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Chef Richard Papier still remembers when Mexican food in New Orleans meant Taco Bell. And he s not that old. Chef Richard is changing how we experience Mexican dishes with authentic recipes from Mexico steeped in his fine dining training working alongside Emeril, Susan Spicer, Nathaniel Zymet, Donald Link and Guillermo Peters. Chef Richard s new Uptown restaurant on Magazine Street is a few thousand giant steps up from Nacho Mama s, the space it now occupies. Arana Taqueria y Cantina is...


Low and Slow - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Bar B Q ain t what it used to be when dad threw a few ribs and chickens on the grill, pretty much forgot about it while he got loaded on crappy beer and we all had to pray mom s potato salad was edible before we were forced to accompany it with various forms of carbon which we just knew would give us all cancer. Well, we survived. And just as well because we ve lived long enough to learn to bar b q right thanks to the pride of Mid City, Colleen Rush. Colleen wrote the 10 commandments of...


I Am The Rooster - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Many things in life are not as simple as they appear. That goes for sausage. And hogshead cheese. And hearts, bellies, snouts, stomachs and every part of an animal you could butcher that ends up in a meat product or on a smoker. Chris Roos aka The Rooster is a meat broker. A meat middle man whose company Holton Meats


Fresh Peche - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

If it's fresh, lives in La and you can throw it in the back of a truck it's at Peche


Food Fighters - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

If you re the type of New Orleanian who "goes out" meaning you spend time in bars or music clubs and tend to see the same couple of hundred faces, some of whom you know by name and some of whom you just recognize Joe Armitage is a fellow traveler. Joe has been working in restaurants around New Orleans for, by his own reckoning, 30 years. And he s only 43. For about the same amount of time he s been playing in bands around town. So if you go out there s a fair chance you know Joe. Most...


Based On a True Story - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

If you want to know what really goes on at Stein s Deli, Bouligny, Bellocq, Cellar Door, and you want the answer from a chef to the age old question "Do chefs spit in people s food " this show might have everything you re looking for. Then again, everything in this conversation could be a total lie. It s hard to tell. When mixologist, maitre D and film maker Mike Yusko one of our favorite all time guests asked Midnight Menu 1 if he could shoot a scene for his upcoming movie on our show we...


Allez Alon! - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Domenica link1 Chef Alon Shaya explains how an Israeli living in New Orleans fell in love with Italy and Italian food and why cooking it is a way of life. His surprise 1 is the real deal. link1 http


Your Bead Dog Ate My King Cake - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Meredith Timberlake brings along 40 pounds of Haydel s Bakery King Cake to share with Margo and Ray on Midnight Menu 1. In an "only in New Orleans" way of life, Meredith works off her day job king cake by being a cross fit trainer and a power weight lifter. Meredith s 1, Cornell Landry, started out owning restaurants and cooking. When he discovered he could write children s books Cornell left the restaurant business but didn t entirely leave food out of his stories. Cornell is the author...


Mondo Loco Tocco - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Welcome to the amazing crazy world of Tony Tocco, circling the Earth at 5x the speed of life. Ray accurately describes Tony as having an influence on more hip New Orleans places than almost anybody in town. Tony was on the floor the night Bayona opened, spent a decade at Gautreau s, was the co founder of Snake and Jake s Xmas Club Lounge, The Circle Bar, and his current super success, Atchafalya. Tony s plus one, David "Feel No" Payne, has an equally storied NOLA dining pedigree spanning...


Two Girls One Shuck - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

If you re looking at the title of this show, Two Girls One Shuck and think the name of this oyster shucking duo is a play on the f word, you re in a better place than knowing the truth. Don t, for the love of God, Google "Two Girls One Cup." Your life will never be the same. Becky Wasden and Stefani Sel met one unlikely evening in a straight bar in Salt Lake City after every lesbian in the state of Idaho had spilled out of a Melissa Etheridge concert. They ve been together ever since and...


Rum and Folk - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Phil Minissale visited New Orleans for the first time when he was 17. An impressionable age, Phil got the bug and as the years unfolded found himself visiting the city as often as he could get here. As a traveling songwriter, Phil made his way through New Orleans on extensive tours, either playing the Blue Nile or Neutral Ground Coffeehouse each year. In 2012, with nothing but a fierce impulsive desire, Phil stuffed his 97 Civic Hatchback may she RIP with all his clothes, guitars, and...


Little Gem - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Nick Bazan started out washing dishes at Shoney s in New Orleans East. Two years later he was the longest serving and hardest working sucka in the history of Shoney s, still making a little over minimum wage as a line cook, working "It s illegal by the way" 12 hour shifts without a break. The he wised up, got the heck outa there and started on a career working the gamut of famous New Orleans restaurants till he ended up as an owner of Rio Mar and now the historic Little Gem Saloon. If the...


Katie Dreams of Sushi Fest - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

If you're the type of person who love's sushi with a passion, then you're probably like Cheryl Lemoine. If you're the type of person who creates an entire festival around sushi, and then comes onto Midnight Menu 1 to talk about it, then you most likely are Cheryl Lemoine. Cheryl sits down with Ray and Margo this week to discuss the second annual New Orleans Sushi Fest and Competition. But Cheryl isn't just the brains behind Sushi Fest; she also works for Renaissance publishing and enjoys...


Roast 'em If You Got 'em - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Ironically it s the worlds crappiest coffee that started the international "second wave" of coffee drinking that continues to crank up the world on caffeine. Having gotten us all hooked, the green St Joan of coffee watches implacably from her ubiquitous seal as those with more discerning taste enter the era known as The 3rd Wave of Coffee, pursuing an ever growing flight to quality.


It's The 90's, Dad - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Calling Luke Deadnettlez a barista is a little like calling Richard Branson a businessman, or Mick Jagger a vocalist. While it s essentially true, the job description doesn t begin to do justice to the scope of their influence. Luke holds court daily at Zotz coffee shop on Oak Street. He doesn t own the place that distinction belongs to a couple Luke describes as "Old school New Orleans Goths" but Luke s been there for a decade and his brand of intensity, humor, politics, and ambiguous...


Old McLocal Had a Farm - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

If you catch and smoke a raccoon, an event that involves neither a farm or table, is that strictly "farm to table" That is just one of the many vexing questions posed by the annual Eat Local Challenge in which you re challenged to eat only locally sourced foods for 30 days. Eric Bucich is a board member of the Eat Local Challenge. He s a raccoon smoker. And he eats bugs.


Yelp: It's What's For Dinner - Midnight Menu +1 - It's New Orleans

Of all the TV shows, radio shows and podcasts about food of all the years of restaurant reviews in newspapers probably nothing has revolutionized dining out more than the smart phone app, Yelp. Yelp puts the power of approval or disapproval of a restaurant in the hands of regular people. But it also means in New Orleans that tourists have discovered every great little neighborhood restaurant that we used to consider local. That s just one of the daily issues that local Yelp Community Manager...