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A show about reality chef tv featuring celebrity chef guests, NFL players and anything from the world of food! Chef Plum has been featured on Food Network, BET, Hallmark Channel Jamie Oliver's Foodtube, and many more! We talk food, food tv, and many uncomfortable moments right here on Plum Luv Foods with Chef Plum!

A show about reality chef tv featuring celebrity chef guests, NFL players and anything from the world of food! Chef Plum has been featured on Food Network, BET, Hallmark Channel Jamie Oliver's Foodtube, and many more! We talk food, food tv, and many uncomfortable moments right here on Plum Luv Foods with Chef Plum!
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A show about reality chef tv featuring celebrity chef guests, NFL players and anything from the world of food! Chef Plum has been featured on Food Network, BET, Hallmark Channel Jamie Oliver's Foodtube, and many more! We talk food, food tv, and many uncomfortable moments right here on Plum Luv Foods with Chef Plum!






Plumluvfoods live Se:6 Ep4 Guy Crims

Tonight we arte chatting all about waygu beef with the master himself San Fransico's own Guy Crims aka Guy the Butcher, Guy is bringing a special guest as well. Its a night under the meat tree as we all get an education on some of the best in the world from some of the best!


Plumluvfoods Se:6 Episode 3 Guest: Truecooks live 10pm

On this episode we check in with the one an only Jedi Master of Truecooks himself Chad Minton. Truecooks has some awesome stuff coming up from parties to comics and more! We also talk a little late night food and why we all love bad for you food late night


brooklyn live ep 1

Brooklyn Live episode one from Stationhead, guest include Michele Ragusis, music from Silvestry, featuring, Chef Brother Luck, Ore, Ryan Star and more


Plumluvfoods SE:6 EP:2 Panini Pete

On this episode we chat with the one and only Panini Pete! We talk all about the industry and get some great advice from a accomplished multi restaurant owner. We also chat about "Mess Lords" and traveling the world all because of food. Oh yeah he has also toured with Guy Fieri's roadshow! Our first episode with a call in guest on Spreaker! bye bye blogtalk! Tune in folks this one is going to fun!


Plumluvfoods SE6 Ep 1 Cheftacular 2.0 from Boston

Plumluvfoods Season 6 ep1


Plumluvfoods Best of Vol 1

Tonights episode we recap a few great interviews and moments from the show as we get ready to kick off season 6 of Plumluvfoods live next week in Boston with a 2 hour cheftacular! On this episode we re visit some great interviews from EDM icon Tommie Sunshine, TopChef Season 15 contestant Tyler Anderson, and of course Guy Fieri. We also talk about the future of the show and whats in Store!


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep32 Kibbe/ Linda Kavanagh PR comparisions

The season 5 finale is upon us and tonight we are chatting PR industry, techniques and more from two differnet persepectives. On the show tonight we have Kibbe, she is a very expierenced social media/ touring manager for many bands and musicians as well as working all forms of managment with artisits. We are also joined by friend of the show Linda Kavanagh founder of MaxEx PR, a firm with a focus on the hospitailty industry not to mention a crazy sucessful track record for 20 years! We...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep31 Matt Welsch "Vagabond Chef"

On this episode its all about traveling and cooking with the one and only, West Virgina's own "Vagabond Chef" Matt Welsch. The Vagabond Chef Project is one man, a motorcycle, a passion for travel and learning, and an invitation. MT Welsch has spent half of his life traveling the globe and chronicling his journeys. As the Vagabond Chef his focus is on exploring new techniques in the kitchen, discovering new types of cuisine, and learning. Whether it’s on the back of his motorcycle or...


Plumluvfoods Se 5 Ep 30 Sheree Mooney (NRA EF Pro Start)

Tonight we chat food and culinary education with Sheree Mooney the co-lead judge from this years Pro Start Nationals. We talk about how the industry is changing with better education for incoming cooks, what we as chef's need to improve on, and we get her take on the "celebrity chef" in the digital age. We also spend a little time defining some often mis-used terms in the food world with Chef. Sheree Mooney’s dream started with a toy oven. She would pull out her Fisher-Price oven, “cook”...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep29 Chef Brian Tsao

On this episode we talk about jobs in vacation spots, beach vs mountains. We also announce a giveaway with our friends over at Ergo chef! Plum also addresses a little controversy from last week :) This weeks guest is Chef Brian Tsao from Beauty and Essex in NYC. Chef helms one bad ass restaurant as well as a Beat Bobby Flay champion. His new project "Chop & Shred" available on youtube showcase's his fire on guitar as well as in the kitchen! Before finding his way into the kitchen, Brian...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep29 Cupcake Casey

On this episode Chef Plum recaps the Prostart nationals in Providence this year. Plum was honored to be a judge in the culinary entree catagory. We also talk about underage "Chefs" or Kids in the field. We are joined by two time cupcake wars champion Casey Shiller. Casey was also a judge at this years pro start and spent some time with Chef Plum. He is a very funny and awesome guy with an real respect for the industry. We chat about baking in the restaurant world, teaching and more! Follow...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep27 Roundtable with chef's Dimitri and Dave

ON this episode Chef Plum talks bachelorette parties! And gives his top five tips for catering and for the client. Do's and dont's and wtf's. We then joined by Chef Dmitriy Karpunin and friend of the show Chef Dave Bortnam. We talk about the industry today as it pertains to pay, hours and should we have a national union. We also touch on the seemingly lack of great restaurant cooks as they all are going to more 9-5 banker hour type chef jobs. A great show tonight as we make a new friend...


Plumluvfoods Se:5 Ep 26 Marysol Castro

Tonight we retake mondays and start with a convo about chefs vs other chefs. Plum gives his take on if we are insecure or do we think we are just better than other chefs. Tonights guest is Marysol Castro is the host of the new show Somos she is a in her words a recovering journalist, chef (I have questions about this) and athlete not to mention a veteran in the entertainment and news world working GMA, ESPN to local tv. Marysol Castro is an American broadcast journalist who was employed as...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep25 Matt Timms from The Takedowns

On this special Thursday night edition of Plumluvfoods we talk about kitchen remodeling and what does it mean to make your home kitchen a commercial kitchen and is it even possible? We also recap the Ny Hot Sauce Expo Judgnig process that took place monday night! We are joined by Ny's own Matt Tims the creator of "The Takedowns"... he Takedown blasted into existence in the winter of 2003 – in a little hovel somewhere in Brooklyn NYC. Everyone loves us, so the Takedown has quickly grown...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep24 PR in the industry with Linda Kavanaugh from MaxExPR

On this episode we talk a little about seasonal menus and what that means. How often should you change your menu? What does seasonal actually mean. We are joined by industry PR expert from MaxEx Linda Kavanaugh to talk about what are the top ways to market yourself in this ever changing world we live in. MaxEx has worked with over 250 Connecticut and New York restaurants to date, as well as a myriad of spirit brands and consumer products. Linda has led media tours throughout Friuli Venezia...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep23 Charity work as a chef with roundtable

On this episode we recap the awesome Food Fight 2 event, we also talk about catering work and on the fly changes. We are then joined by Chef John Brennen from Elm City Social and Olives and Oil in New Haven CT and Chef William Eschner from Locali in New Caanan CT. We chat about charity work and how important it is as a chef. What charities can somtimes do that might be bogus plus we talk a little about the big event we are all going to be at tomorrow for theAmerican Liver Foundation! Check...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep22 Luca Paris

On this episode we talk about the "celebrity chef" in 2018 and people who use the term "public figure" in social media. If you do this, you should stop cooking btw. Also Plum talks all about Food Fight 2 happening this weekend at Ergo Chef Knives in Danbury CT. Our guest this week is Chef Luca Paris, Luca has taken New Hampshire by storm with "Luca’s Mediterranean Café", a fine dining restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire. Luca also hosts a radio show locally on WKBK, you can listen to...


Plum Luv Foods se 5 ep21 2018 Line Threads

On this episode we talk about Chef Plum's birthday bash last week and what to do when you are working a themed party. Also this week's guest is Eric from Line Threads. Line Threads is a lifestyle brand for chefs everywhere. We design clothes for chefs and collaborate with chefs to promote self expression beyond the plate. As chefs ourselves, we cater a special breed of human building passionate careers because of our love for food, people and being better tomorrow than we are today. We...


Plumluvfoods ep 20 Future food with Miss Metaverse/Kyle Schutte revision series

One this episode we check in with Kyle Schutte and learn a little bit more about his dining series "Revison". The food looks amazing! Plus we have our yearly check in with futurist Miss Metaverse and talk more about AI and robots cooking food instead of people. We also talk a little more about social media and content creation Follow Miss Metaverse @missmetavese


Plumluvfoods Se:5 Ep 19 Kyle Schutte pop up series and Ryan Kristifer

On this episode we talk a little more about what makes a great tv food segment with our friend and host of CTStyle Ryan Kristafer. The do's and dont's and whats important! Plus we check I with our buddy Chef Kyle Schutte from L.A, Kyle has a brand new pop up series with a new take on the tasting menu plus and brand new book out very soon! Plum also give his persepective on the recent school shootings and what that is like from a parents point of view. Follow Kyle on Instagram...