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A winding tour and exploration into the exploding beer & brewing culture in Ohio. Podcast will include discussion from Ron, Kevin, Mark & Darrell and interviews from beer barons, lovers & leaders through out the state of Ohio.

A winding tour and exploration into the exploding beer & brewing culture in Ohio. Podcast will include discussion from Ron, Kevin, Mark & Darrell and interviews from beer barons, lovers & leaders through out the state of Ohio.
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A winding tour and exploration into the exploding beer & brewing culture in Ohio. Podcast will include discussion from Ron, Kevin, Mark & Darrell and interviews from beer barons, lovers & leaders through out the state of Ohio.




Come Original

Knee deep into September and Mark and Darrell are back on the mics for the latest episode of the Ohio beercast. Digging into this episode we debate the true meaning of rating beers/beer ratings, we give you some insight into us with our top 5 pet peeves of the Tap Room/Beer world. And of course you can find out about some great crowd funding projects, events and births that are going on in the great state of Ohio and the country. So grab your ipod and turn it up to eleven, it's beercast...


We Are All Getting Sued

In the studio for another round is Darrell and Mark of the Ohio Beercast. We over come some user error to bring the latest in beer news and thoughts. You'll find some shout-outs in this episode, a great local crowd funding project and product. In the news corner we talk about the new study reporting on jobs created by the growing beer industry and the importance of feed back to the brewers and breweries. Also in this episode we highlight a couple events in Ohio and announce some brewery...


The Reveal Part II

We are back with the final 16 for the field of 32 beers in the 2014 Fantasy Ohio Beer League. In episode 78, Darrell and Mark reveal the beers selected for the Leisy Conference and Huebner Conference. We will reveal the number one preseason beer and reveal so much more. So join us for part II of the 2014 Fantasy Ohio Beer League reveal. Don't forget regular season voting starts Sept 8th for 4 weeks of regular season play before we find our 10 teams for the plays to crown the one beer to...


It’s a Sheep World

Here once again to invade your ears, its the Ohio Beercast. Darrell and Mark saddle up and jump on it to bring you the latest in beer news. We have an interesting kickstarter project to check out, fancy smoked beer, Stone Brewing talk and dissecting the top 10 Ohio breweries list. Of course we have some fun events to check out, along with some births and expansions. So sit back and relax its beercast time, enjoy.… Continue reading →


Kinda Out of It

The middle of August is here, school is starting up and the Ohio Beercast is back with another fantastic episode about beer in Ohio. Darrell and Mark step up to the mic and discuss the drinking age, beer at baseball stadiums, big beer at festivals and blind taste testing the big boy beers. So do yourself a favor and crack one open, turn that dial to eleven and get ready for your ears to weep with joy as the Ohio Beercast kicks off episode 75.… Continue reading →


Franklin Brewing Co. & Beerfest Waterfront District Interview Session

Well folks we are having a two for one special today on the Ohio Beercast. We are interviewing the team behind Franklin Brewing Co & Beerfest Waterfront District with some personnel cross over. Packed inside this episode we talk to Howard and Aaron to find out what makes Franklin Brewing tick, while getting the details for the first ever Lorain beerfest with a surprise guest, Bob McDonald of the Lorain Growth Committee. Most important of all, find a beer and open your ears to noise we call...


Brew Salt Interview Session

They say variety is the spice of life, and with the rise of craft beer we have been getting that in droves. But the team at Brew Salt is taking that idea and turning it up to an 11 with their beer salt. We talk to Robin and Pat, two of the owners, about beer, brew salt, and fun. So with a little of this and a little of that it's Episode 73. Sit back and relax and let your ears learn a little something.… Continue reading →


SweetWater Brewing Co.

Water in Ohio is going to be getting a little bit sweeter for everyone. With the great local growth of beer we are getting the attention of some great brands out of the state. And SweetWater Brewing Co fits that bill. We stole some time from Chaz at SweetWater Brewing Co, as they make plans to invade Ohio beginning in the fall. Chaz gives us the details of what they are bringing and how they plan to conquer Ohio. … Continue reading →


The Creep at the Pool

In beercast studio 1, Darrell and Mark, are back dropping some knowledge boombs on the world of beer. In this weeks episode we have some fan email response, the evils of seasonal creep in the beer world, beer in the year 2000, and Stone Brewing in Ohio news or not. But don't be afraid we are here to walk you through the process. Grab a beer, a radio and lets boogy. … Continue reading →


Never Fear, Beer is Here

After a forced vacation from a broken hard drive, we are back in the saddle. Mark and Darrell are behind the microphones talking about their first love, BEER. We are jumping into the stats/state of beer recently released, the trend of Detox Retox for work outs, and the merits of brewery tours vs brewery crawl. It's a loaded episode that we have all geared up for you. So join us, take a break, grab a beer and let us invade your brain.… Continue reading →


Ingredients Not Listed

Yes it is that time again. And of course we are talking about the Ohio Beercast. Darrell and Mark are in the driver's seat again this week. We are taking you on journey through beer news. We start you with some local crowd funding from Kickstarter. Then we move on down to new and improved ingredients that are FDA approved for beer as we move into a discussion about the noise the food babe is making about beer ingredients. We have some killer events for you to check out so get your radio,...


Dazed and Confused

We are still here, kicking out these episodes. After a rough week Darrell and Mark are back at the mic to bring you the news you can use. On tap is an awesome crowd funding project to check out along with an interesting eco friendly product. Even with the world cup we can find a beer connection. We debate the "craft beer problem" and Stone could be rolling in. Get some beer in your hand and man the grill, the Ohio Beercast is on. … Continue reading →


Ghost Breweries Interview Session

We tricked Bret Dodd onto this weeks episode of The Ohio Beercast. Bret is heading up the new documentary Ghost Breweries. Not looking for spirits but examining the buildings that were the life blood of the pre-Prohibition brewing industry. Bret gives us some of the details for this project and the breweries he will visit along the way. One of the areas to be featured in the documentary is Over The Rhine in Cincinnati. Download this episode and open your ears along with your beers for this...


Revenge of the Craft Beer

The third installment of the Ohio Beercast prequels is here for your ears. Darrell and Mark are behind the mics. We have found some fancy beer equipment for the beer fan that has everything. Tax credits for breweries dominate the news and some ripples of the Affordable Care Act enters the world of beer. Turn off that TV, grab your friends and some beers, it's beercast time.… Continue reading →


Attack of the Clone Beers

We are back with the next installment of the Ohio Beercast. Darrell and Mark find themselves in the middle of the age battle as episode 63 of the Ohio Beercast gets rolling. A new petition has popped up questioning the drinking age and age-gate is getting questioned for it's effectiveness/need for them. We have a plethora of information to fill your brain with today. Download and check it out.… Continue reading →


Beer Geeks Interview Session

Kicking off the week right, we have an interview with the Executive Producer of the tv show Beer Geeks on tap. David Page and team each week give us access to the brewing process some of the most innovative brewers are using to create fantastic beer. With host Michael Ferguson, David and team are entering season 2 of Beer Geeks with more breweries to see, learn from, and enjoy.… Continue reading →


The Phantom Beer

It's the end of May and we are back with Episode 61 of the Ohio Beercast. News is starting to filter out about possible hop shortages and hop prices going up. Mark and I explore this headline along with the new sample law that has been adapted in Ohio. With some great events, births, and anniversaries thrown in there for a little flavor, you're guaranteed to have a great time with the Ohio Beercast. Find a beer, grab a seat and turn that dial to 11.… Continue reading →


Catawba Island Brewing Co. Interview Session

It's beercast time again folks and episode 60 is here to dance in your ears. This week we dragged Cindy of Catawba Island Brewing Co. behind the mic. While not technically an island anymore we let it slide as get to know more about Catawba Island Brewing Co. We get the info on their beer, atmosphere and some Ohio views on beer. So do yourself a favor and find a seat, turn the dial to 11, and grab a beer.… Continue reading →


Give Me Beer or Give Me Beer

It was election day and the Ohio Beercast was in full swing. Darrell and Mark spout off on this day of democracy about the most democratic product out there....Beer. We do an early heads up on the sin tax vote up in Cleveland, learn the details of the beer and Bitcoin relationship, a beer raid of sorts and we talk some Modern Family. Of course we have some sweet Kickstarter projects we recommend you take a look at. There many beer focused events going on and we hand you a few we think are...


Braxton Brewing Co. Interview Session

Episode 58 takes us south of the border into Covington, Kentucky as we talk to the boys of the Braxton Brewing Co. The entire team joined us for the interview. The team consists of Evan Rouse, Richard Dubé, Jake Rouse & Greg Rouse. Looking to open this year Braxton Brewing is quickly building a following. Built on the foundation of Evan's experience as a home brewer and time brewing at the Haufbrau house in Newport, Braxton Brewing Co. will be looking to raise some pints near you soon. Find...