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Football >'s weekly podcast keeps you up to speed with the biggest news, views and talking points from the Australian Football League's weekly podcast keeps you up to speed with the biggest news, views and talking points from the Australian Football League
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Description:'s weekly podcast keeps you up to speed with the biggest news, views and talking points from the Australian Football League






Most unfairly criticised coach, footy-related rap names & are the Lions being let off too easy?

Can the Cats beat the Tigers without Tom Hawkins? Why are we so accepting of Brisbane going out in straight sets? Is Leon Cameron the most unfairly criticised coach in the AFL? What is 'spirit of the game'? What would be the best footy-related rap name? Name the biggest bandwagon team in sport? Who is making the decisions at North Melbourne right now? Who is your favourite niche topic expert? Who are the players who market themselves as different? What is the most footy nuffy thing you've...


Worst footy fashion trends, club membership slogans & which team is set for the biggest Trade Period?

How will you remember Danny Frawley? What was Toby Greene thinking? Who has got the most to lose in week two of finals? Who is the best kick on their opposite foot in the competition? Which club is set for the biggest Trade Period? What was the most predictable thing to happen in the first week of finals? Which footy person has cashed in the most on one thing? What is the worst footy fashion? What's your favourite club membership slogan? Who are the most obscure players to have tasted finals...


Fringe players on the trade table, best quote of 2019 & function season kicks off

Which clubs face the biggest calls with injured players this week? Who are the fringe players getting traction at the trade table? What is the pick of the functions in this off-season? What is the definition of cocktail dress? Should the Blues bring back Eddie Betts? Which players will get fresh cuts for September? Best quote of 2019? What did you get up to on the bye weekend? Should Dunstall and Pavlich be on the external review panel at the Crows? Which draftee has had the best house...


Online footy identities, 50-disposal games & All Aus squad stitch-ups

Who is the luckiest player to make the All Australian squad and the stiffest player to miss it? What was the biggest story of the home and away season? What's the greatest individual performance you've ever seen? Who's the most random person in your phone contacts? Are Chris Scott's finals complaints detrimental to his players? Is the stable pony a real thing? Who won the Adelaide and Carlton trade? Who's your favourite online footy identity? Why as an industry are we always sceptical of...


Players meeting rival coaches, footy novelties & Lyon landing spots

Will Ross Lyon get another senior coaching gig? Can Brisbane win the flag? Should players be meeting with rival coaches before the end of the season? If Adelaide and Port Adelaide are tied for the same percentage, how would you decide 8th spot? What's the most random story you've reported on in footy? Should Jarryd Roughead play against West Coast? What would Mason Wood command on the open market? Should another club come for Dale Thomas? Best novelties in footy over the years? Is is OK to...


Cam Zurhaar LIVE, footy rumours & the AFL's most improved player

Cal and Mitch surprise Riley with a visit from his man Cam Zurhaar! We also answer a bucketload of big questions, including... Where should Gold Coast's priority pick fall? Should clubs have to respond to rumours? What's your favourite footy x reality TV crossover? Are fans being short-changed by mid-week press conferences? Where's the coldest place you've ever watched footy? Do we actually think the players choose the 'Players' Playlist' before games? Who is leading the way out of the next...


Footy's Steve Smith, first-week finals matchups & GF entertainment wish lists

What are the first week finals match-ups going to be? What captaincy changes are you predicting for 2020? Who is in your West Australian starting midfield? Which players have animal nicknames? Who is the second-best speccy taker in the competition behind Jeremy Howe? What's Andy McGrath's ceiling? Are club banners getting better or worse? What's your favourite thing about going to the footy? Who would you pick as Grand Final entertainment this year? What are some of the stranger ways clubs...


Best team outside the top-eight, most important Bomber & first-round draftees on the move

Who is the best team outside the top-8? Cameron, Himmelberg and Finlayson or Kennedy, Darling and Allen? Who is Essendon's most important player? What are the rules around press box etiquette? Why do clubs sign players to long-term deals? Is it disrespectful to have an opinion? Who's the best footballer currently not on an AFL list? Which players are always referred to by both names? Who are the most random stars from other sports to check out the AFL? Who is a random ex-athlete you've...


Most intimidating AFL players, unexpected captaincy choices & which teams are actually good?

Are any teams actually good? Who are the AFL's superstars? Why do clubs train at 10am? Who is the last player you would expect to captain a team? Who is currently the AFL's most intimidating player? What's your favourite AFL premiership podium moment? What's the most painful injury you've ever suffered? What are the great 99s in sport? How many mid-season draftees will end up debuting before season's end? Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary answer all of these questions and more in a hefty...


Left-field ways to fix the Suns, Rising Star nomination snubs & which players would've dominated in the 80s

What will the Alan Richardson era at St Kilda be remembered for? How does a long-term injury factor into Stephen Coniglio's thinking? How would you fix the Gold Coast Suns? What's the best footy song? What would be the most unusually disappointing way to lose a Grand Final? Is there any point in club injury lists? Which coach gives the best post-match press conferences? Which current players would've dominated in the 1980s? Name the players we know by names other than their actual names? Who...


Dropping star players, most annoying mispronunciations & names on jumpers

How hard is it for teams to drop guns? How many wins guarantees Rhyce Shaw the North job? Is Mason Cox a one-game wonder? Who's your favourite on-field pump-up person at the footy? Should club directors be able to commentate their own teams' games? Should we have names on the back of jumpers? Is footy just basketball now? Who would be in your Warnie painting? What are the most annoying mispronunciations in footy? Riley, Cal and Mitch tackle all of these questions and more in a colossal...


Best big game players, obscure trade targets & what's the most boring annual AFL topic of discussion?

Have we gone too light on Melbourne? Who are the best 'big game players' in the league? Who is the player we're not talking about now who is going to be involved in a big trade? If you were a kid now whose number would you want on your back? Is it time for a countdown clock at the grounds? Has James Worpel hit his peak already? Who is the competition's most injury prone player? What are the most boring annual AFL topics of discussion? Mitch, Riley and Cal answer all of these questions and...


Which top-8 sides will drop out, best rookie selection & the funniest thing you've heard at the footy

Which clubs who are in the top eight now will drop out by season's end? Who's the player you refuse to give up on? Where will James Sicily play the best footy of his career? Who's the best rookie selection of the past five years? Name the ruckmen who will change clubs at the end of this season? How many more coaching changes can we expect by January 1, 2020? What's the best thing you've heard in the crowd at the footy? Who did you think was gone but has proved you wrong? Who's your favourite...


Under the radar free agents, players remembered for only one thing & a curious special guest

Which free agent is flying under the radar? Who are players remembered for one thing? At the midway point of the season, who wins the flag, who are they beating and who is the Brownlow Medalist? How does a night at the AFL Tribunal actually run? Who is the Giants' most important player? Will Sonny Walters finish his career a better player than Cyril? All of these questions and more, plus a highly anticipated appearance from RESOSMOTW legend Farren Ray!


Best father-son combo, coach of the year & which player deserves a biopic?

Who's the best player in the game? At the halfway point of the year who gets the 3,2,1 for coach of the year? Which AFL star deserves a biopic? Who are the best father-son combinations? Is Sam Walsh a match-winner? Which team has the most to prove in the second half of the year? Has the AFL gone too far with the umpire abuse lockdown? Who played above their height? Riley is back to join Mitch and Cal for another large edition of AFL Exchange, featuring all of these questions and plenty more.


Roos list v Blues list, Rising Star top five & which club can blame injuries most?

If you're a prospective coach, which list is more appealing – Carlton or North Melbourne? Is the AFL too obsessed with copying American sporting leagues? Why don't coaches use taggers more? It's the middle of the season, name your NAB AFL Rising Star top five as it stands? If you could watch one AFL highlight on loop, what would you choose? Would you rather face a bouncer from Patrick Cummins or go back with the flight against Shane Mumford? Which team is most justified in using injuries as...


Caretaker coaches, annoying footy phrases & fans who leave early

Did the Roos screw up the Brad Scott announcement? Does a caretaker job help or hinder your chances of getting a full-time coaching gig? Does Ken Hinkley get left off too easily? What footy term or phrase annoys you? Who's the best defender-turned-forward and forward-turned-defender? Do you judge people who leave the footy early if their team is losing? Cal, Riley and Mitch are here to answer all of these questions and more in another large edition of AFL Exchange.


Bolton's breaking point, your AFL dream job & footy trip locations

What is the breaking point for Brendon Bolton? What should the Dogs do with Tom Boyd's money? What's the best West Coast Eagles mark of all time? Which footballer should turn to politics post-career? What's the best excuse you've had for missing work? What are the most generic footy trip locations? If you could have one dream job somewhere in the footy industry, what would it be? Riley, Cal and Mitch are here to answer all of these questions and more in a gargantuan edition of AFL Exchange.


Celebrity footy fans, coaches talking spin & who can't make finals

How many teams can we already rule a line through for playing finals? Which coach talks the most spin? What's the most creative way you've seen a player try to distract his opponent? Does the AFL have an alcohol issue? Who's your favourite celebrity footy fan? Are the Crows back? What is the hardest name to pronounce in AFL history? Mitch, Riley and Cal answer all of these questions and plenty more on an enormous episode of AFL Exchange.


Bonus pod: Inside the Gold Coast Suns

Cal and Riley give you inside look into what happens at an AFL club during a regular week, after Cal spent time within the inside sanctum at Gold Coast. What is a game review actually like? How are the Suns trying to shed their 'culture of entitlement'? Which players left the biggest impression? Answers to all of these questions and more on this special bonus edition of the podcast.