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A recovered sportswriter and a demented college football fan discuss the week's best college football games -- and a few of the worst ones.

A recovered sportswriter and a demented college football fan discuss the week's best college football games -- and a few of the worst ones.
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A recovered sportswriter and a demented college football fan discuss the week's best college football games -- and a few of the worst ones.






Carla and Crappy Show: The Natty Edition

And then there were two. In the most anticlimactic end to a (somewhat) bonkers season ever, Alabama and Clemson - the two teams that nearly everyone expected to be national title contenders entering this season - will indeed play each other Monday night ... in our least favorite stadium in Santa Clara. Sigh. (In case you were wondering, tickets are indeed still available.) But, a national title game is to be celebrated, and so in our final show of the 2018 season, we attempt to do just...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2018 Final Four Edition

In the midst of what has been a crazy Bowlapalooza season, it's time to get serious. Four teams have been selected ... and now it's time to talk about the college football playoff. Playoff? Playoff. After a conversation about coaching changes (hey, Crappy was right about something!) and early bowl results, we get right down to business. Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic: No. 3 Notre Dame vs. No. 2 Clemson (4 ET Saturday, ESPN): Clemson's got a really good defense, especially against the run...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2018 Bowlapalooza Edition

Bowl season is upon us, which can only mean one thing … it’s time for our #CnCShow annual roast of the 3,613 meaningless (but ridiculously fun) college football games that will happen between now and early January, in a show that we lovingly call Bowlapalooza. In addition to our #GroupOfFiveAfterDark correspondent AJ Kufic, we’re typically joined by a cast of thousands. This year, however, we apparently needed to work on making more friends, because the only person we could bribe to return...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2018 Championship Week Edition

We've finally reached the point of the college football season when the week doesn't matter. Yes, boys and girls, it's Championship Week. We're once again joined in studio by our good buddy AJ, our #GroupOfFiveAfterDark correspondent, and we dive into each and every FBS conference title game. Yes, really. Ten games. Buckle up. This one's a fun ride. Group of Five We begin in AJ's stomping ground and talk about five games that you shouldn't ignore this weekend. MAC: Northern Illinois at...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2018 Wivalwy Week Edition

In this week of giving thanks, here at the #CnCShow, we're thankful for the abundance of college football happening this weekend. It's Week 13 on the calendar, but really only one name matters - it's Rivalry Week, boys and girls. So fix another plate of leftovers and practice your very best Elmer Fudd impersonation. After checking in with AJ and his #GroupOfFiveAfterDark games ... and our last hope for someone beating Notre Dame (insert sigh here), here's this weekend's feast of...


Carla and Crappy Show: The #BakedGoods 2018 edition

It's Week 12 of the college football season ... and we have visions of baked goods dancing in our heads. While teams like Alabama, Florida, and LSU playing the powerhouses of The Citadel, Idaho, and Rice respectively, it's officially cupcake week. And that means it's an opportune time to sit down with our buddy AJ to talk about the most exciting games this weekend. Yep, it's a full show of #GroupOfFiveAfterDark. Memphis at SMU (9 ET Friday, ESPN2): We start in the American, where AJ...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Stiff Drink Edition

One of us is offering an alternative reality for the playoff rankings. The other one is totally distracted by mid-week #MACtion. And thus begins Week 11 of the college football season. In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we have a full buffet of games that we're keeping our eyes on this week. So, after our "Dear God, someone please beat Notre Dame already" conversation (hint: Florida State isn't it), we dive right in to the goodness. Mississippi State at Alabama (3:30 ET, CBS):...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Lions and Tigers and Wildcats, Oh My, Edition

Week 10 of the college football season is underway ... and boy, is it a big weekend. With a slate of impact-heavy games on the docket, we give our thoughts on the first College Football Playoff ranking and then get right into the four games we're keeping a close eye on this weekend. Georgia at Kentucky (3:30 ET, CBS): The road to the SEC East title goes through Lexington, just as we all predicted. (Heh.) The Bulldogs rebounded in a huge way last weekend; the Wildcats have been trending...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Crappy Hates College Football Edition

It's Week 9 of the college football season ... but we'd prefer not to talk about it. (One of us is still being a bit overly dramatic after a road loss. So, hello, MLS and MLB playoffs!) Anyhow, yes, we do eventually discuss Ohio State's loss at Purdue ... and then consider the hierarchy of teams at this point in the season. We also hear from AJ, who says he's done with the Pac-12. (Which, you know, might be problematic as he's our Pac-12 correspondent.) But somehow, even with all of...


Carla and Crappy Show: A Chill In The Air Edition

It’s Week 8 of the college football season … and it finally feels like football weather. (And for one of us, that’s true both inside the house as well as outside. Gotta love furnaces!) We begin by recapping the insanity that was Week 7, including Florida's offensive inconsistencies, a poorly timed trip to the nacho line, and anxiety over October performances. Then, AJ explains the cause of his heartburn in this week’s #Pac12AfterDark report. And finally, we break down the rest of this...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Halfway Home Edition

It's Week 7 of the college football season and Carla and Crappy are both looking back at the first half of the season ... and still hoping someone would just beat Notre Dame already, dammit. (We're looking at you, Virginia Tech.) After our first-half highlights and AJ's Pac-12 After ... Noon? report, we dive into three games with big-time implications this weekend: Pitt at Notre Dame (2:30 ET, NBC): OK, so maybe we're just talking about this one because we REEEEAAAALLLLY want someone to...


Carla and Crappy Show: The It's A Whole Other Country Edition

It's Week 6 of the college football season, and one of us is still basking in the glow of last weekend ... and the other one is still a bit bitter over 4th and 5. But we digress. There are some amazing games -- many of them taking place in Texas -- to occupy our time this first weekend in October ... even if it's still pretty darn hot outside. Texas vs. Oklahoma (Noon ET, FOX): This year, the old "Red River Shootout" moniker would seem to be more apt as these two offenses go head-to-head in...


Carla and Crappy Show: The White Out and Gray Edition

Carla's wearing White Out gear. Crappy is taunting her about last year's come-from-behind win (in their gray jerseys). It must be time for Penn State-Ohio State. But before Beaver Stadium starts rocking (and those offenses start rolling) CnC (and A.J.) take in a ridiculously full slate of great games this weekend: BYU and Washington, Oregon and Cal, West Virginia and Texas Tech, Florida and Mississippi State, Stanford and Notre Dame. And then the two best scoring offenses in the country...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Contender or Pretender Edition

In the first few weeks of the season, it's hard to know what a team is all about. Even teams with high expectations -- like, say, Washington and Wisconsin* -- can stumble unexpectedly early on. (*Note: Crappy apologizes to fans of Alabama and Clemson for the inevitable losses their teams have coming -- sort of like the ones suffered by the Huskies and Badgers -- after Crappy picked them to make the final four.) This week, though, we'll find out about three of those teams, all of which have...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Hurricane and Coffee Edition

It’s Week 3 of the college football season … and this weekend, while we’ve got one eye on the games, the other is watching the East Coast. With the arrival of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, many teams are wisely canceling games. A few, however, have been able to relocate games further inland, including Saturday’s scheduled game between Ohio and Virginia, which has been relocated to Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville. So, hey Vandy students? Go support these two teams. We also hear for...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Overreaction Edition

It’s Week 2 of the college football season, which can mean only one thing — it’s time to overreact. So, that’s how we start our conversation this week. What fan bases have a legitimate reason to feel concerned? Which ones should count to five, take a deep breath … have another sip of their tasty beverages and hang on for another week? It’s our first edition of Overreaction Monday … even though we recorded on a Tuesday … and you’re probably reading this on a Friday. But, that’s how we...


Carla and Crappy Show: The Identity Crisis Edition

We're back for the 2018 college football season ... and the seventh year of the Carla and Crappy Show. We start the show with a look at our waaaaay-to-early picks for the 2018 CFB final four. A couple of those are easy, and the others ... well, not so much. Does the cloud over Urban hold back the Buckeyes? Will the B1G East beat itself to death? Can the Pac 12 return after a year out of the mix? And oh yes, there are games: No. 6 Washington vs. No. 9 Auburn in Atlanta (3:30, ABC):...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2017 Championship Game Edition

And then there were two. After an epic Rose Bowl and a dominating performance by Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, we're left with an all-SEC National Championship game (much to both of our chagrins). But it's hard to deny that we didn't get a great match-up in Alabama and Georgia. Now it's time to play for all the marbles. It's Alabama's defense against Georgia's offense. On paper, this game looks to be evenly matched ... and so after extensive analysis, we both decide to go with our guts in...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2017 Final Four Edition

With Bowlapalooza season now safely in our rear view mirrors, it's time to get down to college football business. And while we may have visions of Cotton and Fiesta Bowl glories in our minds, we take a few moments out of our hectic holiday season -- including near-misses with epic snowstorms -- to focus on the two games that really matter on New Year's Day. And here's the really fun thing: Despite using the same data, we can't agree on either game. Rose Bowl (5 p.m. ET, ESPN) No. 3...


Carla and Crappy Show: The 2017 Bowlapalooza Edition

Welcome to Bowlapalooza 2017 … where we bask in the thrill and wonder of bowl season … and the analysis is all made up and the results of the Tennessee coaching search don’t matter. This year, in addition to our #Pac12AfterDark correspondent AJ Kuftic, we’re joined by: Braden Gall, host on ESPN Radio 102.5 The Game in Nashville and SiriusXM’s ESPNU RadioJake Rose, broadcaster for Middle Tennessee State University sports and contributor to Athlon SportsDavid Fox, formerly of Athlon Sports...