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The Celticunderground podcast is produced by the people behind www.celticunderground.net. Just a few Celtic fans talking about Celtic, the greatest football team in the world.

The Celticunderground podcast is produced by the people behind www.celticunderground.net. Just a few Celtic fans talking about Celtic, the greatest football team in the world.


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The Celticunderground podcast is produced by the people behind www.celticunderground.net. Just a few Celtic fans talking about Celtic, the greatest football team in the world.




With success in mind

Success in mind Saturday’s result and performance could have been better…! Rather than have a knee jerk rant, I thought it would be more appropriate to have some positive thinking on the podcast and who better than the guru of Scottish positive thinking, Mr Jack Black. I first came across Jack around 1997 when my then boss handed me some audio tapes and said - I think this will be right up your street. The days before Apple Car Play or even in car CDs, these tapes were of Jack’s...


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.7

Antony Murray brings us episode 7 of the lifetime XI series. Many listeners have been enjoying the lifetime XI series of Antony Murray. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and this series is coming to a close, butnot before we have at least one more episode. This week Antony returns and we have episode 7 of the series. Enjoy...


Celtic in the black white era

Celtic in the Black & White Era There’s a new book out and St Anthony chats with the author, Steve Finan This brand new book features hundreds of previously unseen classic Celtic photos from the glory days. Even if you know the history . . . have you seen it like this? These photos have lain hidden in archives for 40, 50 or even 60 years. They show the great events such as the European Cup triumph of 1967, Hampden in the sun, Gil Heron’s debut, the John Thomson tragedy, and the Leeds...



Garbage Tonight Celtic played a team who are vastly inferior to us. They had three attempts on goal and scored with two of them. Meantime our manager picked a starting 11 with no striker and didn’t bring one on until the 78th minute. I get that Ajeti may not quite be fully fit and I fear Klimala not starting is because the manager doesn’t rate him. what a shit show We wanted to get a podcast out and to your ears as quickly as possible and so we start with just Antony Murray and...


Viva Espana

Viva Espana We have had a very eventful time of things both on and off the park at Celtic since our last podcast discussing the current squad. In that last podcast Juco James disected the pros and cons (minus the pros) of continuing to play Scott Brown. we then had the Killie game which was the usual purgatory on plastic. We lack creativity and gave away a stupid goal and many fingers pointed at Jullien and Brown. After that we had the Boli 24 hour Spanish holiday jaunt. In between...


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.6

Antony Murray returns to discuss the all time Celtic XI of another hoops fan. This week Paul Rutherford picks his favourite Celtic XI with some alternative options from the norm. Enjoy...


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.5

The first game of the new season has just finished with a 5-1 victory over Hamilton so if you're looking for Celtic chat, we have episode 5 of the Lifetime XI podcasts. It's the first official podcast of our 15th season and features our old friend Lawrence Donegan. He's had plenty of time to get the pronunciations correct so hopefully no mangling. It's Antony Murray with Lawrence Donegan's best XI. Enjoy...


Big Data, The Squad and Brown

Big Data, The Squad and Brown Data and statistics are increasingly playing a big part in sport but our guest today suggests that football remains largely in the dark ages in this field. His belief is that this is changing, and rapidly and those clubs that are late adopters will find themselves at a long term disadvantage. For those who follow him on twitter, @Jucojames has been at the forefront of detailing the numbers behind Celtic performances and, once we get past how he ended up...


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.4

This week we continue with Antony Murray discussing with guests their all time Celtic XI. This week the guest is our very own Lachie Mor. Regular listeners will know that Lachie has been attending games since before Stein and so with an array of talent to choose from including the Lions, the first 9iar team and the Seville team his all time XI will be an interesting listen. Enjoy...


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.3

It's a simple concept, get a guest on and ask them to choose their favourite/best all time Celtic eleven but sometimes the simplest things are the best things and today we bring you episode 3. Hosted by Antony Murray listen and decide if you agree. If you don't tweet myself or Antony or email podcasts@celticunderground.net and we'll get you on.


Brought to you by Ask Jeeves

Transfers and season books Most of our output during these past few footballless months have been our specialist series - the 9iar chronicles and the new Lifetime 11 podcast series. There has been little else going on bar the season-book stooshie but far more important things going on in wider life and therefore we haven’t been as prolific as usual on the podcasts. We decided that needed to change! We contacted Lawrence Donegan and Antony Murray and had a chat about all that is going...


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.2

It's like buses, you wait for ages and then they come along with the frequency of, well, buses! It's episode two of the Celtic Lifetime XI podcast from Antony Murray. This week his guest is Kes Devaal. Both guys can be found on Twitter @KesDevaal and @antonymurray25


The Celtic Lifetime XI Podcast No.1

This is the first in a series of Celtic Underground podcast where Antony Murray discusses with guests their lifetime Celtic XI. This week Antony chats with Gregg Kennedy to review his Lifetime XI.


The 9iar Chronicles - Season (not) Ten 197475

The 9iar Chronicles - Season not the ten 1974/75 Two Cups - but no Ten-in-a-Row League Position – 3rd - finishing 11pts behind Rangers who won the League and 4pts behind Hibernian League Cup – Winners Scottish Cup – Winners Drybrough Cup - Winners European Cup - First Round Celtic were to miss out on a world record of ten consecutive League championships this season and had to be content with the two domestic cups and the Drybrough Cup in it's last year. This season saw the...


The Rugby League One

The Rugby League Podcast! Welcome to the Celtic Underground Rugby League podcast. Listeners will be wondering why a Celtic fans podcast is talking about rubgy league - because we want to. Although born in Scotland, all my relatives are from Cumbria and specifically, for those who know the area they are from an area steeped in rubgy league history - Whitehaven, Cleator Moor and into Workington. When I grew up my mum’s dad was in to horse racing and Rugby League, Working Town Rugby...


The 9iar Chronicles - Season Nine 1973/74

A Double and Nine-in-a-Row League Position – 1st - Ninth League title in a row - a record League Cup – Losing FinalistsScottish Cup – Winners Drybrough Cup - Losing Finalists European Cup - Losing Semi-Finalists The most outstanding accolade of the season was the completion of nine League championship titles in a row closely followed by reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup for a fourth time they had reached that stage or beyond since 1967. For a club the size of Celtic in a...


The CU Top Ten 2017-18 plus 9iar 2020

The Celtic Underground Top Ten season 2017-18 A topical podcast this week as we review the top ten players for the 7th season of the current 9iar….but don’t worry, the first 20 mins are disccusing the fact that tonight, as we record the podcast, Celtic are officially champions of Scotland AGAIN and have officially achieved 9iar AGAIN. First up we have a very special message from the manager to all our listeners (yes, we actually do) and then we have a 20 minute chat about achieving...


The 9iar Chronicles - Season Eight 1972-73

The 9iar Chronicles - Season 8 1972/73 (Courtesy of The Celtic Wiki) The New to the Fore. League Position – 1st - Eighth League title in a row - a record League Cup – Losing Finalists Scottish Cup – Losing Finalists Glasgow Cup - Not played this seasonDrybrough Cup - Losing Finalists European Cup - Second Round So close to being a Double; so close to being a Treble! And in the end a record consecutive eighth League Championship title. Season 1972-73 should have been the season...



SPFL TO RFC - WTF? It’s here, the dossier that everyone (well everyone in scottish football) was waiting for. The evidence, the whistle blower, the reports of bullying, the substantiation, the smoking guns, deep throat, the bombshells that would lead to the resignation of the CEO were all…well NOT there. Unfortunately RFC seem to confuse questions with evidence and fact with opinion. Following it’s publication, their CEO (who sits on the SPFL board that is so useless) appeared on...


The 9iar Chronicles - Season Seven 1971-72

The 9iar Chronicles - Season Seven, 1971/72 A Blend of Old and New League Position – 1st - Seventh League title in a row - a record League Cup – Losing Finalists Scottish Cup – Winners Glasgow Cup - Not played this seasonDrybrough Cup - Losing Finalists European Cup - Semi Finalists Season 1971-72 was a significant season as it really marked the start of a new chapter for the club, of players that had begun to appear the previous season but made their true marks this season. It...