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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.

Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.
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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.




S02E16 How to Coach Option Keys for Your Quarterback

If you can’t block ‘em, read ‘em. That’s what the Option Gurus like to say… but how do we read ‘em!? Listen to find out! I love Option Football. Any style. Flexbone Option, Split back Veer, Zone Read Option, or today’s most advanced Run Pass Option plays. At the end of the day, it’s all option reads. This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast focuses on coaching option reads for your Quarterback. How do you read the Dive Key? How do you attack the Pitch Key? Check out this week’s...


S02E15 The 1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense Playbook

The Miami 4-3 Defense is one of the most successful defenses of the last 30 years. Let’s break down the 1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense Playbook. The Miami 4-3 Defense is one of my favorite defensive schemes out there. In the previous episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we talked about the foundations. In this episode, I’ll dive into the 1996 Miami Hurricanes 4-3 Defense playbook. This very detailed playbook gives a look at how the defense was evolving throughout the 1990’s at the...


S02E14 The Miami 4-3 Defense

How did the Miami 4-3 Defense come to be one of the most popular defenses in football today? Here’s the background. When Jimmy Johnson installed his 4-3 Defense at the University of Miami, he built a great defense. It continues to expand and adapt with the evolution of offensive football, year after year. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll look back at the origins of the 4-3 Defense, before Miami. The Even 4-3 Defense and Tom Landry’s Flex 4-3 Defense get...


S02E13 Call a Run or a Pass?

Run or Pass? What should you call? Here’s how to decide. When you’re putting together your playbook, you’ve got a good idea of what you like to do. You’re either a running team, or a passing offense. But how do you know what to call during the game? Should you try for balance, or take what the defense gives you? In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll talk about when to call a run vs pass and why should make that decision!


S02E12 Coaching Quarterbacks to Read Coverages

Increase your completion percentages and get better pass protection by coaching your Quarterback to read coverages. In the Pistol Power Offense System we have a great passing system that can attack any defense. And it’s simple. But it will really accelerate once your Quarterback is able to start reading coverages. This doesn’t have to be a super complicated graduate level class on reading coverages. There’s only a pieces he needs to be aware of before the snap. 4 to be exact. Listen...


S02E11 The 2008 Georgia Military College Playbook

Georgia Military College’s 3-5-3 Defense is the foundation many teams have based their entire playbook around... We’re breaking down Georgia Military College’s 2008 Defensive Playbook. You can get the playbook from Coach Hoover’s 3-5 Defense page. This is one of the best defensive playbooks we’ve looked at on the podcast. The description is fantastic, and useful for any defensive coach (not just 3-5-3 Defense guys!). We’ll look at the GMC Playbook for the fronts, blitz packages,...


S02E10 Defending Screen Passes in the 33 Stack Defense

Tired of watching a great defense series fall apart on a poor job defending a screen pass? Here’s how to get your 33 Stack Defense ready to stop the Screen Pass. Screen passes are great calls for offensive coordinators. When your 33 Stack Defense is really bringing the pressure and getting fired up, a screen pass can cool them down in a hurry. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast I’ll share 6 steps for preparing your 33 Stack Defense to defend the screen. Plus, I’ll share two...


S02E09 Anatomy of the Screen Game

How can you slow down a hard charging Defensive Line’s pass rush? What’s the right call on 3rd and a mile? Turn to your Screen Game. Visit to get the PDF download that goes along with this episode. I love calling the screen game in our offense. There are so many situations where it’s the right thing to do. A conservative play call when you can’t afford to lose yardage. A potential big gainer when you need a play. And an incomparable tool to...


S02E08 Wide Receiver Drills for Better Route Running

If you run a passing game based on timing, wide receiver routes have to be perfect. Here’s the progression of Wide Receiver drills to make it happen. Coaches love drills. But are those drills actually accomplishing anything? The progression of Wide Receiver Drills I’m sharing in today’s Football Coaching Podcast is how you can get your receivers to run the best possible routes to get open on time for your Quarterback. You can’t neglect the importance of your receivers being in the right...


S02E07 Kentucky’s 1997 Air Raid Playbook

The Coaching Tree out of the Kentucky Air Raid System is well known. Let’s take a look at the playbook that started it all. Hal Mumme’s 1997 Kentucky football team brought the new Air Raid Offense to the SEC. They were throwing the ball all over the place. The Air Raid System uses a unique philosophy of distributing the ball to your athletes in space using the passing attack. It might seem complex. When you get into the inner workings this is an extremely well designed offensive system...


S02E06 Coaching Cover 1 Coverage (Man/Free)

I love playing Cover 1. With our 4-2-5 Defense System, it’s my favorite coverage to run. But not everyone is comfortable. In this episode, I’ll talk about why you should think about Cover 1 coverage and why you should be even more comfortable than you would be with a lot of zone coverages. We’ll look at elements to consider when your athletes are not ‘man cover’ guys, and how to adjust for it, too. All in this week’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast!


Interview with Rick Stewart, Read & React 4-2-5 Defense

This is a special interview with Rick Stewart on his Read & React 4-2-5 Defense.


S02E05 Attacking Man Coverage

What’s the best plan for attacking Man Coverage? Here’s how to beat Cover 1, Cover 0 and 2-Man Coverage with your passing game. Nothing fancy. I’m not going all ‘Air Raid’ on you just yet. This week’s Football Coaching Podcast is about attacking man coverage with sound principles that can work in any offense. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a loaded box, blitzing linebackers, and not having a way to make the defense pay for it. But all that pressure can really cause chaos...


S02E04 Coaching Linebacker Blitz Technique

Coach Flawless Linebacker Blitz Technique to Get All the Reward of Aggressive Play Calling, with Less Risk. Too many coaches use blitzes as a way to just ‘make something happen.’ That something could mean either your band, or their band, is going to play. And the outcome might be 50-50 at best. Defensive Coordinators can minimize risk in two ways. One is obvious. Study the other team, and call your blitzes with intent and purpose to stop specific actions by the offense. The other way to...


Season 2 Episode 3 - West Virginia 3-3 Defense Playbook from 2002

In the 2000’s, the West Virginia 3-3 Defense was one of several Odd Stack fronts turning heads across the nation. Along with Georgia Military College’s 3-5-3 Defense, these two variations became the most popular for High School Football teams to emulate. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’m breaking down the West Virginia 3-3 Defense playbook from 2002. We’ll look at the philosophy behind the defense, base fronts, alignment, adjustments, blitzes and coverages in this 192...


S02E02 - Coaching the 33 Stack Defense

Your football team will have more success, and you will be a happier coach, when you give an identity to your offensive play calling. I started running the 33 Stack Defense in 2006. At the time, it was just gaining in popularity. Many coaches criticized the defense because “you can’t stop the run.” But the defense gained a foothold. Coaches liked the aggressiveness and the idea of a defense built for smaller players. More speed on the field. Unfortunately, a lot of myths sprung up...


Season 2 Episode 1 - Offensive Play Calling Identity

Your football team will have more success, and you will be a happier coach, when you give an identity to your offensive play calling. Everyone has that team on the schedule. You know exactly what they are going to do on offense. You just can’t stop it. It’s a great situation to be in. One that seems so simple and obvious. But so many High School football coaches are putting way too much time into coming up with the next great thing. Instead, work to establish your offensive play calling...


Episode 224 - 10 Football Coaching Lessons Learned This Year

Hopefully I won’t forget these Football Coaching Lessons again before next season... For the final Football Coaching Podcast of 2017, I wanted to talk about the football coaching lessons I learned this year. I sat down and started hammering out a list. It’s a good list. Learned a lot this year. Unfortunately, several of the things on this list are football coaching lessons I have learned many times before. And just seem to forget them. So for you, and for me, this year’s list is not...


Episode 223 - TCU’s 4-2-5 Defense Playbook

Do you need your 4-2-5 Defense to dominate? Take a deeper look at one that has already done it. We’re going deep into the pages of the 1999 TCU 4-2-5 Defense Playbook. This playbook was used when Gary Patterson was still the Defensive Coordinator for the Horned Frogs. It’s a great playbook to look at for any football coach. But 4-2-5 Defense coaches should be intimately familiar with it. I’ll point out what you should take from it, and what you should probably leave alone. And a few...


Episode 222 - How to Defend RPO’s in The 4-2-5 Defense

Your defense must be ready to stop any RPO the offense can run at you. Getting your defense ready to defend Run-Pass Options isn’t as hard as other coaches will make it sound. At least, the X’s and O’s side of things isn’t so hard. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll give you a plan for shutting down RPO’s with your 4-2-5 Defense. Just by running your base scheme. Plus, I’m going to share the 5 Keys to Defending RPO’s that every defense must follow. If you can take...


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