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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.

Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.
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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.




S03E22 Halftime Adjustments for the 4-2-5 Defense

How can you make the right halftime adjustments to win the big game? Here’s how to plan for success with the 4-2-5 Defense. You had a great game plan. It should work. Maybe it’s even working for you… to a point. But at halftime, you need to make a few tweaks to get to the finish line. Halftime adjustments in your 4-2-5 Defense (or any defense, for that matter) can be made for a number of reasons. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll break down the 5 reasons you should...


S03E21 Coaching Football in the Rain

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Hold onto the football so you can keep scoring! Don’t let a driving, pouring rain cost you a football game. Or footballs. Because footballs are expensive. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll go into detail about how to prepare for a rain game. I’ll give you the 11 items your program needs to have to get ready (put these on your off-season shopping list!). Then we’ll talk about in-game management. Keeping the balls, and your players, dry all...


S03E20 Playing the Same Team Twice

You played them once. Now you’ve got to do it again! Here’s how to prepare your Offensive Game Plan. You beat them once. Or maybe you lost to them. But this is your second game against the same opponent! Last season, we faced this conundrum twice. We played our week 9 opponent in the first round of the playoffs, and our week 10 opponent in the 2nd round. It’s tough to prepare for the changes you’ll see! In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll focus on preparing an...


S03E19 Coaching Pass Protection Footwork for Offensive Line

You don’t have to be an Offensive Line guru to coach great Pass Protection. You just need the first two steps. The biggest difference maker in the success of your offense, and maybe your football team, is how good your Offensive Line plays. For most offenses, that includes great Pass Protection. Today’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast focuses on Offensive Line footwork for blocking defenders in drop back passing. And it’s really independent of what pass protection scheme you...


S03E18 Goal Line Package for the 4-2-5 Defense

Is your Goal Line Defense ready to make the critical, game winning stop? Probably not. Your opponent drove the ball the length of the field. They’re inside your 5 yard line. It’s time to make the big stop. Defensive Coordinators need to take a big step forward right now - and accept that getting the stop is not very likely. After all, you couldn’t stop them up til now. But if you CAN make that big stop? What a momentum changer! So your Goal Line Defense needs to be ready to show up. In...


S03E17 Practice Planning to Keep Your Players Fresh

How can you have better practice planning in significantly less time? Here’s how to plan efficient and effective practices. We’ve all been through those long practices that seem to drag on forever. It’s not productive, no matter how long you spend out on the field. What if you could get twice as much accomplished, in just a fraction of the time on the field? Higher energy practices. Consistent effort from your players. And then get home to your family earlier? It can be done. But you’ve...


S03E16 Turn Your Offense Into a Short Yardage Machine

Does your team sputter in your Goal Line Offense? Here’s how to turn your base offense into a Short Yardage Machine. You drive the length of the field. But when it really counts, your goal line offense has a tough time punching the ball across the finish line. This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast is all about turning your offense into a high powered short yardage machine. Find out how you can create a powerful goal line offense and still keep it simple for your players.


S03E15 Coaching Tackling Technique

Scheme doesn’t matter if you don’t have great tackling technique. We’re taking a deep dive into teaching safe and effective tackling for your football team! Player safety is the single most important aspect of coaching football today. But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice effective blocking and tackling. We started using the Hawk Tackle method before it was even a thing (though we had no idea what we were doing). It has been a huge benefit for football coaches all over the country by...


S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys

Coach Safety Reads that tell your force and alley players if it’s a run or a pass. And never have to change those reads again. With the defensive philosophy that I subscribe to, the ‘umbrella’ is critical to the success of the defense. That means your Safety reads must be fast and accurate. You can’t have a lot of confusion or hesitation. And you can’t give up long passes on play action because of a bad read. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll look at 4 different...


S03E13 Installing RPOs with Brent Dearmon

Brent Dearmon talks about installing RPOs into your offense and how he’s turning around Bethel University with an explosive offensive style. Coach Brent Dearmon has a pretty impressive resume including most recently working as Offensive Coordinator at Arkansas Tech. Now he’s turning around his alma mater at Bethel University in Tennessee. In this Football Coaching Podcast interview, Coach Dearmon shares how you can install RPOs into your offense, and how to call plays to attack any...


S03E12 Coaching the Outside Zone Play

The Outside Zone Play is one of the best plays in football, no matter what level you coach. Here’s the deep dive details on how to run it precision for big gains on the ground. The Outside Zone Play is one of the best offensive plays in football. In the NFL, it may be the most frequently called run in the entire league. But you don’t care about the NFL. You care about your football team, and how the Outside Zone Play can help you. Listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast...


S03E11 Breaking Down the 1986 Washington Redskins Playbook

From the early days of the Pistol Power Offense System, let’s take a deep dive into the run game of the 1986 Washington Redskins Playbook. The Pistol Power Offense System has a lot of roots with the Washington Redskins playbooks from the 1980s. Today we’re taking a look at one of those playbooks. Be warned… this playbook was a mess. There’s no way any Redskins player ever received the playbook in this format. But we powered through! Look at Inside Zone, Outside Zone, and a couple of very...


S03E10 Defending the Run with the 4-4 Defense

Shut down the run with your 4-4 Defense. Or whatever you want to call it... Time to shut down the run. Get serious. You don’t defend spread teams every week! Better be ready to play it tough! This week, we’re talking about running that powerhouse 4-4 Defense against all of the most popular offensive run schemes in football today. Okay, time for true confessions. This is how we teach defending the run in the 4-2-5 Defense System, and you can sign up at the top of this article to get instant...


S03E09 Defensive Game Planning Guide

Wasting your entire weekend watching film, trying to find the secret for your Defensive Game Plan? Here’s how to stop. You can spend hours and hours watching Hudl, hoping to find some little secret nugget that makes you a genius on your defensive game plan. Truth is, you’re wasting a lot of time. Learn how to watch film efficiently and take care of the things that matter in your life. Listen to today’s episode for efficient defensive game planning, and then download the free Offensive Film...


S03E08 Coaching Half-Slide Pass Protection

What pass protection scheme is best for keeping your Quarterback safe? Take a look at the Half-Slide Pass Protection scheme. In the Pistol Power Offense System, we use Half-Slide Pass Protection as our drop back protection scheme. If you want a scheme that works great and adapts to any front, this is the place to start. Listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast to get the basics of Half-Slide Pass Protection. Could this be the solution to your Quarterback protection problems?


S03E07 How to Make Offensive Line Run Blocking Easier

Think your Offensive Line isn’t good enough? Make their job easier using these critical Offensive Line Run Blocking tips. There’s a few myths in coaching offensive line run blocking that we need to break through. Then we can start to build a better run game. In this episode, we’ll talk about why you don’t need your Offensive Linemen to sustain blocks longer. Or drive their man down the field. And how you can make your less talented Offensive Line look like a group of All Pro’s with a few...


S03E06 Coaching Cover 3 Coverage in the 4-2-5 Defense

What’s the simplest, most effective coverage you can teach? Let’s take a look at coaching Cover 3 Coverage in the 4-2-5 Defense. Coaches love to over-complicate things. In a lot of situations, the less complicated answer would be the better one. That’s often the case with coverage packages. Aside from trying to run every coverage, many coaches are running a coverage that is much more complicated than necessary. If you’re in a league, conference or level where the teams you need to beat are...


S03E05 Coaching Offensive Line with Dave Christensen

What are the critical keys to great Offensive Line Play? Arizona State Offensive Line Coach Dave Christensen has your answers. Dave Christensen has been coaching football for 36 years. Mostly working with the Offensive Line. And I had a great time talking OL play with him on this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. Listen to this episode to hear Coach Christensen talk about what it takes to have a great Offensive Line, the most important...


S03E04 Power Series in the One Back Offense

Every offensive playbook needs a foundation. The Power Series is that foundation for the Pistol Power Offense System. [create optin box for the Pistol Power Offense PLC content] It’s nice to do a podcast where you don’t need any notes. You’ve talked about something so many times that it just flows. That’s the Power Series for me. It’s the foundation of our offense, and has been for a number of years. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll go in depth on the details for...


S03E03 The 1992 Washington Huskies 4-4 Defense Playbook

Tired of watching a great defensive series fall apart on a poor job defending a screen pass? Here’s how to get your 33 Stack Defense ready to stop the Screen Pass. Download the Huskies ‘92 Defense Playbook Here The 1992 Washington Huskies 4-4 Defense Playbook is the subject a deep dive look on this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. And it’s an interesting look. We’ll investigate the similarities and differences between the Huskies 4-4 Defense and the more modern 4-2-5 Defenses...