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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.

Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.


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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.




4-3 Defense Install Schedule | FBCP S06 Episode 21

Get the full plan for your 4-3 Defense Install Schedule. It only takes 5 practices to get this done. During Season 6 of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ve been going through the pieces of the 4-3 Defense System. Now it’s time to actually install your 4-3 Defense with your players. Learn how you can get the entire defense installed in just one week of practice. No two-a-days and you don’t need to be a 2-platoon team to get it done. This is the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win approach to the...


Coaching Safeties in 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage| FBCP S06 Episode 20

How can you get the most out of your 4-3 Defense Safeties in Quarters Coverage? Here’s the levers you need to pull. During Season 6 of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ve been looking at the Miami 4-3 Defense System. No position is going to define the success of that defense for you more than your 4-3 Defense Safeties. Today’s episode walks you through the A.S.K.A. for Quarters Coverage Safeties. The Alignment, Stance, Key Reads and Assignment for the position. Learn how you can use these...


Coaching the Onside Kick with Kevin Kelley | FBCP S06 Episode 19

Get extra possessions for your football team using the Onside Kick this season. Here’s how to do it. Kevin Kelley is a 8 time Arkansas State Championship Pulaski Academy. He’s known for doing this a little different. Like onside kicking every single time. A while back, I adopted the same philosophy. It really is a difference maker for your team when you commit to it! Check out this podcast to hear Coach Kelley and myself talk about the onside kick. The logic behind it, how to study the...


Tips for Getting Your Players Recruited | FBCP S06 Episode 18

How do you lead your players through the recruiting process? How can you protect them from a harsh business? You’ve got athletes that want to play at the next level. And they’re capable of doing it. But how do you point them the right direction? It’s a thin line between helping your players get exposure, and wasting your athlete’s time and money by attending a bunch of one-day ‘camps’ (fundraisers?). This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast is more like a JDFB Quick Clinic. I’m...


Coaching the Little Things with Chris Fore | FBCP S06 Episode 17

Coaches love talking about the X’s and O’s. But it’s these ‘Little Things’ that make the big difference for Championship Programs. You spend your entire off-season working on blitz packages and trick plays. You might call some of them once or twice the entire season. But you miss the big picture. Chris Fore from The Coaches Locker Podcast joins me on today’s episode to talk about the ‘little things’ that really matter in coaching. We’ll talk about recruiting your building, player...


Double Wing Offense with Jerry Vallotton | FBCP S06 Episode 16

The Double Wing Offense is one of the most feared and brutal offensive attacks in football. Learn it or lose to it! Years ago, I wanted to learn the Double Wing Offense and turned to the Internet for resources. After all, you can’t just visit your local college to learn this stuff. I found an amazing resource to learn from. That was Coach Jerry Vallotton’s “The Toss” book, available at Easily the best resource I found then, and still great. This episode of The Football...


Play Action Passing | FBCP S06 Episode 15

How can you simplify the Play Action Pass for your offense and still be effective? All you need to know is in this episode. The Play Action Pass is a critical part of any offensive playbook. You’ve got base runs, counters, and play action. That creates a simple series based offensive package. You can go overboard in preparing your Play Action Pass game, though. The key is to get the maximum amount of benefit with the minimal amount of teaching. Check out this episode of The Football...


6 Special Teams Schemes You Should Be Using | FBCP S06 Episode 14

What are the Special Teams schemes your football team needs to be running? Here’s my favorites. Every football coach knows how important Special Teams are to winning football games. If it’s one-third of the game, why don’t coaches spend a whole lot more time on it? There’s good reason. If you’re going to be a Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win type of coach - it needs to carry over to your Special Teams philosophy. Check out this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast to find out the special...


10 Keys to 7 on 7 Football Success | FBCP S06 Episode 13

How do you get the most out of 7 on 7 football this off-season? Don’t waste your team’s time - follow these tips. I’m not the biggest fan of 7 on 7, and that’s no secret. It’s not because it’s an offensive drill or because there’s anything wrong with the concept, either. It’s more about how 7 on 7 has evolved in the football landscape over the years. But the truth is, 7 on 7 football can be really valuable for your team. It’s a chance to learn the route concepts, learn the coverage...


4-3 Defense Linebacker Reads | FBCP S06 Episode 12

Your 4-3 Defense Linebacker Reads are critical to your run stopping defense. Here’s how to get the job done. The Miami 4-3 Defense has proved itself time and again to adapt to every change that offenses have thrown at it in the last 30+ years. At the core is a sound, aggressive defense that can play fast. This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast looks at the Linebacker Reads for the 4-3 Defense System. We’ll talk about the options you have, the thought process I’ve been through over...


10 Tips for Better Football Strength Training| FBCP S06 Episode 11

Champions are Built in the Weight Room, so check out these tips for better football strength training! It’s great to come back from the winter holidays and see your guys again. Ready to get after in the weight room and start building for the next season. But don’t waste their time. Check out these 10 football strength training tips to get more out of your weight room this off-season!


8 Reasons to Change Your Defensive Playbook | FBCP S06 Episode 10

Your football team’s defensive playbook just didn’t get the job done last season. Is it time for a change? I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on the reasons you should NOT change your defensive playbook. Way too many coaches jumping from shiny object to shiny object. But there are reasons why you SHOULD make a change. Remember, only a Sith deal in absolutes. This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast shares the 8 reasons why you might want to change that defensive playbook for...


Playbook Breakdown: 1970s Arkansas Wishbone Offense | FBCP S06 Episode 09

The Wishbone Offense might not be as popular as it once was. But we can still learn a lot from a 1970s Arkansas Playbook. Download the Arkansas Wishbone Offense Playbook The Miami 4-3 Defense was originally developed to shut down the Wishbone Offense that Barry Switzer was running at Oklahoma in the 1980s. But we’re going to go a little further back. Today’s playbook breakdown is on the 1970s Arkansas Wishbone Offense. It’s a really well laid out playbook from the Lou Holtz era (that’s...


Simplified Quarters Coverage for the 4-3 Defense | FBCP S06 Episode 08

Quarters Coverage is the perfect fit for your 4-3 Defense. But you can’t let Pattern Matching slow your defense down. Quarters Coverage can mean a lot of things to a lot of different coaches. Cover 4? 2-Read? Palms? Hey who knows… but here’s how we do Quarters Coverage as of now, in 2019. A lot has changed over the last 12 years since I started running Quarters Coverage. It’s a pattern match coverage that requires you to have some pretty good Safeties. But if you’ve got the horses, and the...


Top 5 Ways to Level Up Your Off-Season with Ron McKie | FBCP S06 Episode 07

Let’s get outside the box for leveling up your football team’s off-season in a new way. Coach McKie joins us on this episode! Coach McKie from The Talking Football podcast and the Football Coaching Podcast Network joins the show as we run down our Top 5 Ways to Level Up Your Football Program. This is a little more ‘out of the box’ thinking on ways to make your team better this off-season. You’re going to get some tricks that we’ve used throughout our coaching careers, plus some ideas we’ve...


Football Off-Season Planning | FBCP S06 Episode 06

Time to plan your 2020 Football Off-Season. And there’s a whole lot to plan for if you want to be successful. OK, Mister #nooffseason, here it is. All the things… well, most of the things… you’ve got to get done during the off-season. There’s plenty of work. This episode breaks down your football off-season into coaching development, player development, speed and strength development and on-field development. This is going to be a critical time for your 2020 Football Season.


Coaching Defensive Line in the 4-3 Defense | FBCP S06 Episode 05

Get the breakdown on coaching defensive line in the 4-3 Defense. Alignment, Stance, Key Reads and Assignment. The Miami 4-3 Defense is a great system for defenses that have the right athletes. One of the features is the simplicity and aggressiveness in the Defensive Line play. We’ll break down the ASKA for coaching defensive line play in this great defensive front. Alignment, Stance, Key Reads and Assignments for your base 4-3 Defensive Line.


Choose the Offensive Playbook For Your Football Team | FBCP S06 Episode 04

Is there a perfect Offensive Playbook for your Football Team? Probably, but it might not be for the reasons you think. Following up on last week’s show on choosing the perfect defense, this week we’re working on finding the right offensive playbook for your football team. It’s a little different. I’ll walk you through eight different offensive playbooks that might fit your team. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but a good enough look for you to get a good idea on how to figure out...


Choose the Best Football Defense for Your Team | FBCP S06 Episode 03

What’s the best football defense for your team to run? There is no ‘right’ defense, but there’s a right one for you. Wasn’t planning to do this show, but it’s a good time for it. If your defense wasn’t ‘lights out’ last season, or if you’re just moving into coaching or rising to a coordinator position, you’re probably looking for that ‘right’ football defense. I can end your search for the Holy Grail of defense right now. It doesn’t exist. But there is definitely a right defense for you to...


The I-Formation Offense is Not Dead | FBCP S06 Episode 02

Once upon a time, the I-Formation Offense was dominating the High School football world. And it’s not dead yet. When I started coaching way back when, we were lining up in the I-Formation Offense. Running the toss sweep, Iso, and trap. And it was a pretty good offense. The I-Formation Offense is not dead in the high school football landscape. In today’s episode I’ll break down when you should use the formation, how to make it a part of your offense, and we’ll put together a basic playbook...