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Episode 45: Hemp Regulations for 2019 with Michael Bowman

What does the 2018 Farm Bill mean for Hemp Cultivation? Michael Bowman is Founding Chair of the National Hemp Association. He is also the author of Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill. He’s known in some circles as “Mr Hemp” for his activism and has been instrumental in shaping the State of Colorado’s hemp policy as Chair of Colorado’s New Energy Future and served as Co-Chair of Governor-elect Bill Ritter’s Energy Transition...


Episode 44: Documenting and Preserving Cannabis Cultivars with Dr. Eleanor Kuntz

Eleanor Kuntz, PhD, is a trained herbalist and geneticist bridging the gap between traditional herbalism and modern science. She is a co-founder at Canndor, the People’s Herbarium, the first herbarium committed to documenting and preserving cannabis cultivars and varietals along with the collective knowledge gained through community engagement.


Episode 43: Latest Research in Cannabis Cultivation with Dr. Allison Justice

Have you ever wondered what's the best way to prune and train your plants? And what's really going on in the curing process with cannabis? These questions get address with some actual science in my latest podcast with Dr. Allison Justice of Outco and SC Labs.


Episode 42: Fertilizer and Pesticides in Cannabis with the Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rules and regulations are an important aspect of cannabis cultivation. In addition, it’s important to know that the products we purchase to use in our garden are safe and providing the nutrients or microbes that are listed on the labels. My interview this week is with Sunny Summers and Matt Haynes with the Oregon Dept of Agriculture.


Episode 41: Q and A with Jeremy Plumb of Pruf Cultivar

Jeremy Plumb is the Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar, one of the most technologically advanced cannabis cultivation facilities in North America. At Pruf, Jeremy combines decades of cannabis horticulture experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver previously unattainable consistency in both product quality and consumer effect. In this episode, he answers some of my questions along with questions from podcast...


Episode 40: Jeremy Plumb, Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar

Jeremy has been in and around the cannabis industry and really made his mark in helping identify and catalogue chemotypic expression of cannabis related to genetics and environmental factors (photobiology, nutrient uptake, etc...). This is the first part of the conversation where he explains more about himself and his findings. The second part will be a Q & A session with questions from listeners and myself.


Episode 39: Branding and Marketing Part 2 with Shango Los

Part 2 of my interview with Shango Los. For anyone growing cannabis as a business or working in the cannabis industry, you know that having a great product or growing top shelf cannabis is only half the story. The other half is shaping your message in a way to effectively reach your audience. Shango Los is founder of Shaping Fire and host of the Shaping Fire podcast. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it. His YouTube channel features exclusive cannabis how-to...


Episode 38: Branding and Marketing with Shango Los

For anyone growing cannabis as a business or working in the cannabis industry, you know that having a great product or growing top shelf cannabis is only half the story. The other half is shaping your message in a way to effectively reach your audience. Shango Los is founder of Shaping Fire and host of the Shaping Fire podcast. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it. His YouTube channel features exclusive cannabis how-to videos and expert...


Episode 37: A Deeper Dive into Mycorrhizal Fungi with Jim Eagan

Our guest this week is Jim Eagan. Jim has been working for Plant Revolution Inc. for more than a decade. Having been the first company to bring mycorrhizal inoculants to commercial applications, he and the company have been spreading the good news of the benefits of healthy soil to gardeners, landscapers, and farmers all over the world. His degree in environmental studies, his work in the permaculture community, and his experience running a small farm form a background that has given him a...


Episode 36: Plant Probiotics with Sarah Pellkofer

Microbial-based products are becoming more and more popular in agriculture and horticulture. In today's podcast, Sarah Pellkofer helps explains some of the benefits of using specific microbes in your garden as well as looking at some recent studies on how microbes can impact plant growth and pest resistance. Sarah has her PhD in Plant Science and Policy at the University of Zurich, studying plant-soil interactions and publishing her work on Soil Biodiversity and the Stability of Ecosystem...


Episode 35: Mineral Balancing and Soil Test Analysis with Aaron Crozier

You know, we talk a lot about soil testing on this podcast and how important it is. Well I wanted to get someone on the show to have a discussion about how to understand and evaluate these soil tests because getting a soil test is one thing, but understanding how to use that information can be something else entirely. Our guest this week is Aaron Crozier. Aaron is a soil and plant health consultant, You can check him out on Instagram as @Growru. Aaron is passionate about using soil and...


Episode 34: Are Bottled Nutrients a Thing of the Past? Nelson Lindsley Shares His Opinion and Announces a New Collaboration!

Has cannabis cultivation evolved to where cannabis-marketed bottled nutrient companies are becoming outdated? Hear my conversation with Nelson Lindsley of Poetry of Plants on the subject. Also an exciting new collaboration and podcast announcement!


Episode 33: The Bug Lady is Back to Discuss Scouting and Cannabis Pests

Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans comes back on the podcast to talk about what she's seen over the past year consulting on cannabis farms, including advice on scouting, sticky cards, and much more!


Episode 32: Korean Natural Farming with Chris Trump

Chris Trump explains Natural Farming, KNF and the philosophy behind the these methods for growing plants using locally sourced microbes and inputs. He is a Master Natural Farmer certified by Master Cho of Korea. He has also studied microbiological analysis under Dr. Elaine Ingham. His family’s farm is currently the largest natural farm in America growing over 800 acres of Macadamia Nuts. They have returned sick trees to vital health completely eliminating 3 fungal diseases that academics...


Episode 31: Learn from World Record Holder Ron Wallace about Giant Pumpkins and Yield

The giant pumpkin community has a lot in common with cannabis growers. Both are pushing the envelope to maximize plant health and yield. Hear from one of the best about how he grows some of the largest plants in the world every year!


Episode 30: Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, and VPD with Travis Higginbotham

Mold and Mildew are such a problem for many growers. In this podcast, Travis describes how these pathogens work and how to best manage them through environmental controls. Travis Higginbotham is the new director of Cultivation Support for Fluence. Prior to working at Fluence, he worked at a state of the art environmentally controlled greenhouse covering 50 acres where he was the head of research and development. They grew annual and perennial crops for big box retailers supplying the NE...


Episode 29: The Right Tool for the Job with Kurt Becker

Learn about the importance of selecting the right equipment for spraying your crop from Kurt Becker, the Executive VP for Commercial Products with Dramm. Kurt is a genius when it comes to spray applications and I was so excited to pick his brain on the subject. We also discussed some of the dangers of using RO water, better options for sanitation and improving water quality for beneficial microbes. If you want to improve the efficacy of your foliar sprays this is "must listen!"


Episode 28: How Fish Products Are Made And What The Differences Are with Casey Schoenberger

What's the difference between fish emulsion and fish hydrolysate? Are these products sustainably made? Where are the fish coming from? We tackle these questions and more in this week's episode with Casey Schoenberger, the Director of Sales for Dramm Corporation's Fertilizer and Farm Segments.


Episode 27: The Role of Lighting in Plant Growth with Fluence Bioengineering

Learn the key terms to understand and compare lighting technologies as well as the history of lighting as it relates to plants from Travis Williams and Travis Higginbotham with Fluence Bioengineering. We also discuss the future of lighting and how it relates to the horticulture industry. I found this podcast to be really helpful in evaluating different lights and how lighting spectrum and intensity can effect plant growth, disease resistance, and much...


Episode 26: The Hidden Half of Nature with Anne Biklé

The Hidden Half of Nature with Biologist Anne Biklé. In this episode we discuss the benefits of mulching and the role microbes play in our gardens and our bodies.