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Episode 27: The Role of Lighting in Plant Growth with Fluence Bioengineering

Learn the key terms to understand and compare lighting technologies as well as the history of lighting as it relates to plants from Travis Williams and Travis Higgenbotham with Fluence Bioengineering. We also discuss the future of lighting and how it relates to the horticulture industry. I found this podcast to be really helpful in evaluating different lights and how lighting spectrum and intensity can effect plant growth, disease resistance, and much...


Episode 26: The Hidden Half of Nature with Anne Biklé

The Hidden Half of Nature with Biologist Anne Biklé. In this episode we discuss the benefits of mulching and the role microbes play in our gardens and our bodies.


Episode 25: Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life with Geologist David Montgomery

My guest this week is David Montgomery. David studied geology at Stanford University before earning his Ph.D. in geomorphology at UC Berkeley. He teaches at the University of Washington where he studies the evolution of topography and how geological processes shape landscapes and influence ecological systems. He loved maps as a kid and now writes about the relationship of people to their environment and other things that interest him. In 2008 he was named a MacArthur Fellow. He lives with...


Episode 24: Running a Commercial Cannabis Facility with Nate Gibbs of Gold Leaf Gardens

There's a lot more to running a Cannabis company than just growing the plants. Gold Leaf gardens is based in Washington State and known for their top shelf flower, extracts and Leira Cannagars. They grow their products "with Aloha" and I sit down with the owner Nate Gibbs to talk about everything from their views on organics to branding and marketing to stay competitive in today's ever changing market.


Episode 23: Blumat Setup, Tips, and Tricks with Damian Koch

Watering and irrigation is one of the least appreciated aspects of gardening that has such an incredible impact on the health and growth of your plants. Damian Koch works for the North American distributor of Blumats and helps growers in designing custom systems for their garden. This is our follow up podcast on Blumats where we tackle setup, and frequently asked questions.


Episode 22: Blumat Irrigation with Steve Troy

Watering and irrigation is one of the least appreciated aspects of gardening that has such an incredible impact on the health and growth of your plants. Steve Troy is North American distributor of Blumats, an excellent way to irrigate you containers and beds using no electricity. We have been using Blumats for years now with our soils and they work great! Check out our discussion and shoot me an email at if you would like help setting up your own Blumat system in your...


Episode 21: Chris Jagger of Blue Fox Farms

Chris is owner/operator of Blue Fox Farm, a 40 acre organic vegetable farm in the Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. He is also owner/head consultant for Blue Fox Agricultural Services, a full service agricultural supply and consultation company focusing on ecological solutions for the modern farmer. Both his farm and his agricultural services use Living Soils as a foundation to scale farming operations efficiently and profitably. He rounds out his involvement with the agricultural...


Episode 20: LEAN Farming with Ben Hartman

Ben's book, The Lean Farm, has changed the way we run our farm. Any farmers or growers that rely on cultivation for their income need to read this book. Ben shares some insight into how we can improve the efficiency of our farming, reduce expenses, and remove waste.


Episode 19: Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans aka 'The Bug Lady' is back!

Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans is back to discuss dipping rates, sprayer recommendations, consulting advice, and much more in this week's podcast. Learn what works from a science-based perspective and one of the top experts in the industry when it comes to spraying for various pests.


Episode 18: A Deeper Look at Containers with William Evans

William Evans has been working in the horticulture and nursery industry for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Today’s podcast is all about containers. While I’ve always been a proponent of planting directly into the ground when possible, this is not an option in many situations and propagation is best done in small trays or containers. William shares with us how containers can dramatically reduce transplant shock, improve worker efficiency, increase plant...


Episode 17: Understanding Soil Testing with Agronomist Kris Borgman

Learn the pros and cons of soil testing as well as how to understand and interpret the results. Our guest this week is Kris Borgman. Kris earned a Bachelors of Science in Crop and Soil Science from Washington State University and has 19 years’ experience in agronomy, field management, sustainable programs surrounding agricultural, turf and natural environments. He is the currently the President of Agronomy for UNIBEST International who are the makers of the Soil Savvy Test Kits. The Ion...


Episode 16: Permaculture and Cannabis with Jessi Bloom

Our guest this week is Jessi Bloom. Jessi is a Northwest native and comes from a strong background of horticulture and environmental sciences. She is passionate about animals, permaculture and making functional gardens beautiful. She travels nationwide as a speaker and is the best-selling author of Free-Range Chicken Gardens and Practical Permaculture Design. Jessi’s work has gotten press and been featured in many national and local media outlets from the NY Times, Better Homes & Gardens,...


Interview with Jaya Palmer

Jaya Palmer brings us some exciting and practical tips for setting up your grow room as well as an introduction to using predatory mites and beneficial bugs.


Episode 5: Interview with Tim Wilson aka "MicrobeMan"

More Our guest today is Tim Wilson of Microbe Organics. Some listeners may know him better as Microbe Man from his helpful posts on many internet forums; Tim is a long time friend and colleague who has taught me much of what I know regarding microscopy and evaluating compost teas. I consider Tim to be one of the foremost experts and researchers on aerated compost teas and microbial amendments in North...


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