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David Maxwell and the experts visit gardens, talk to gardeners and offer topical advice

David Maxwell and the experts visit gardens, talk to gardeners and offer topical advice


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David Maxwell and the experts visit gardens, talk to gardeners and offer topical advice




Worms, old wives tales and Frances Tophill

After a cold first week of May, David and his experts guests take calls from listeners on encouraging more worms in the garden, growing great blueberries and a beginners guide to figs. Also on the programme, David chats to Gardeners’ World presenter, Frances Tophill about her allotment and he catches up with Jimi Blake about the year ahead for his celebrated garden in Wicklow. And after a listener got in touch about rusty nails being good for pot plants, David asks about other garden related...


Gardeners' Corner: Worms, old wives tales and Frances Tophill

David Maxwell and guests answer questions and bring you seasonal gardening inspiration.


Tulips, naked pumpkins and Sarah Raven

Gardeners’ Corner heads to Glenarm Castle for the annual Tulip Festival. Presenter David Maxwell takes in the display with Reg Maxwell and speaks to gardener Jordan McWhirter, who planted some of the six thousand bulbs. David also catches up with celebrity gardener Sarah Raven and asks her what follows the tulips in her East Sussex garden. Also in the programme, organic vegetable grower Klaus Laitenberger on naked pumpkins and David’s expert guests Claire Woods and Averil Milligan give a...


Cherry blossom, saving water and Vanessa Feltz

In Japan they forecast the cherry blossom as it spreads across the country. This weekend, Gardeners’ Corner finds out how it’s looking where you are and the importance of protecting the blossom of fruiting trees at this time of year. Also on the programme, with no rain in the forecast, David chats to his guests, Claire McNally and Maurice Parkinson, about saving water in the garden, and while it’s normally David giving the gardening tips to Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio 2, this week he turns...


Making raised beds and slugs; the good, the bad and the ugly

David Maxwell finds out all about slugs; the good, the bad and the well….Should gardeners’ get rid of them all and what are the best methods to limit their damage without harming the environment? There will be advice from many familiar Gardeners’ Corner voices on how they deal with this problem pest. Also on the programme, making raised beds; what materials are needed? How deep should they be? What are the advantages? And Mr No Dig, Charles Dowding on why he’s removed the wooden sides from...


Useful weeds, prairie planting and lots of ladybirds

Whether you are new to gardening or an old hand, weeding is part and parcel of the pastime. But maybe it’s time to give some of those weeds a second chance. This weekend on Gardeners’ Corner, David Maxwell hears from Amy Kelly on weeds she wouldn’t be without. He meets Lori Hartman who is planting ‘prairie style’ in her first garden in Broughshane to remind her of her native USA. Also on the programme, an update from Alan Power as he gets to know a new garden in county Kerry after many years...


Wildlife, Wildflowers and Wilting leaves

This weeks Gardeners' Corner phone-in offers advice on bringing wildlife into the garden over the Easter period & what to plant now the sun has come out. Presented by Helen Mark.


Small urban garden special

How can you transform a small urban outside space? A special edition of Gardeners’ Corner explores how to create privacy, add drama with big containers and make a small garden feel bigger. Presenter David Maxwell is joined by experts Ann Fitzsimmons and Claire Woods to discuss the gardens of 4 listeners, including one described as a ‘concrete box’ and a family garden which has to work for both children and adults. Also on the programme, Amy Kelly on growing your own in containers, Johnny...


Perfect peaches, tapping birch trees and gardening careers

Join David Maxwell and his guests for some spring time gardening. This week, Averil Milligan and Reg Maxwell are the experts on hand to answer listeners’ questions including; how to grow perfect peaches, when to cut back Aubretia and why daffodils are not producing flowers for one listener. Also on the programme, David chats to organic vegetable grower Klaus Laitenberger on what we should be doing in the veg patch this March and he finds out from Greenmount student Kyle Ross why pursuing a...


Pruning and Potatoes for St Patrick’s

Join David Maxwell for another spring edition of Gardeners’ Corner. This week, with St Patrick’s day just around the corner, David explores the art of rose pruning which traditionally should be done by this date. It’s also the day to put potatoes into the ground, but what conditions do they need and what are the best varieties for the back garden? With seed sowing well and truly under way, Barbara Pilcher is in her greenhouse sowing some of her first herbs of the season and Colin Agnew is...


No-Mow, climbing house plants and Dahlias with June Blake

Does the thought of cranking up the mower fill you with dread? Well this week on Gardeners’ Corner, presenter David Maxwell finds out why we should all be doing it a lot less. Dr Trevor Dines from the charity Plantlife, explains how you can have a beautiful garden that plays a part in supporting the natural world. Also on the programme, June Blake on dramatic Dahlias and why they deserve a place in your garden this summer and Conrad McCormick is creating a mossy pole for climbing...


Clematis massacre, hedging hopefuls and online gardening?

High hedges might make good neighbours but what makes a good hedge? In this week’s programme, presenter David Maxwell, will be joined by experts Ann Fitzsimmons and Reg Maxwell to talk about the many benefits of a hedge, whether it’s for wildlife, sound proofing or even as a defence against flooding. Also on the programme, David speaks to Chris Cocks about clematis for every garden. Claire McNally describes some of her favourite lilies and Juliet Giles from Gardens Illustrated on the rise of...


Grow your own wedding flowers, living the ‘Good’ life and crunch time for two apple trees.

How possible is it to grow your own wedding flowers? David Maxwell and his guests help a listener who’s due to tie the knot in August. Also on the programme, 250 families in Derry and Strabane embark on a journey toward self-sustainability – so just how easy is it to live the ‘Good’ life? Klaus Laitenberger is on hand with advice on what to start now when it comes to organic veg and Amy Kelly has her top picks on long cropping plants including wild strawberries, perpetual spinach and hanging...


Perennials from seed, Tyrone wildflowers and sensational snowdrops

How to fill your garden with costly plants for next to nothing, David Maxwell and his guests help a listener who wants to grow everything from seed. Also on the programme, David chats to Anthony McGuigan about the beauty of the Brantry brought to life in his book on south Tyrone wildflowers and he speaks to Robert Miller about one of Ireland's best snowdrop displays. And just who is having its way with a Wisteria in Omagh? David and his expert guests Ann Fitzsimons and Maurice Parkinson get...


Show-off succulents, mossy lawns and shrubs for scent

How can you transform your trash with succulents, get rid of that spongey lawn and fill your garden with sweet scent in winter? Join David Maxwell and his guests for plenty of gardening chat. This week, Claire Woods and Neil Porteous join him to take listeners’ questions including finding the perfect fruit tree to remember a much loved pet and how do you replace a shed supporting a climber without the climber noticing? You can email the programme with questions at anytime on...


Growing tea, revitalising your soil and gardening the mind

Join David Maxwell for another Gardeners’ Corner episode full of inspiration. This week - everyone loves a cuppa in the garden, but have you thought about growing your own teas? Whether your tipple is builders brew or fragrant herbs, Amy Kelly has some advice. One listener is pulling down an old garage and is wondering how he can bring soil buried under concrete for decades back to life. And what’s the evidence that gardening is really good for us? Psychiatrist Sue Stuart Smith chats to...


Coffee grounds, sweet pea and Matthew Wilson

In this week’s programme, presenter David Maxwell is joined by Averil Milligan and Reg Maxwell to answer listeners gardening questions including what to do with coffee grounds and ash in the garden, and the importance of knowing your soil’s pH. Also on the programme, as children are once again out of school due to lockdown, David finds something they can sow right now, and Matthew Wilson on where to start when you buy an established garden.


Misbehaving squirrels, yacon and Christine Walkden

Presenter David Maxwell is joined by Jim Bradley and Ann Fitzsimons to answer listeners’ seasonal gardening questions. Klaus Laitenberger chats about winter in the vegetable garden and the wonder crop that is yacon! Also on the programme, squirrels behaving badly. What gardeners can do about the greys and how to help the reds and just how well can you grow oranges in Bangor?


Snowdrops, whiskey barrels and greenfinches

David Maxwell and his guests deliver some winter gardening inspiration including; a trip to self-confessed galanthophile Maurice Parkinson’s garden to discover all shapes and sizes of snowdrop, why have greenfinches become a less frequent visitor to our gardens? And what got Pippa Greenwood of BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time, into gardening. Also on the programme, David will take calls from listeners on growing Oca, moving Nerines and what to fill a whiskey barrel with. (apart from...


Gardeners’ Corner at Christmas

Presenter David Maxwell is joined by Brendan Little and Cherry Townsend for some festive gardening fun. How to bring outdoors indoors this Christmas, gifts for gardeners and Christmas herbs will all be on the menu, and they catch up with some listeners who took part on the programme during 2020, including the lockdown gardener and some green-fingered young people. So whether you’re decorating the house, preparing for festive meals or looking for some last minute present inspiration,...