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David Maxwell and the experts visit gardens, talk to gardeners and offer topical advice.

David Maxwell and the experts visit gardens, talk to gardeners and offer topical advice.


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David Maxwell and the experts visit gardens, talk to gardeners and offer topical advice.




Bankside beauty, daylilies and drought

Join David as he finds out what plants are best adapted to dealing with drought. Among them, the daylily, which Maurice Parkinson believes should be more popular in the UK and Ireland. How to transform a steep and uninviting bank; David visits Randalstown where local volunteers have transformed an old railway embankment into a thing of beauty. Also on the programme, Klaus Laitenberger on how to use the bits of veg we normally throw away and how do you know the right time to dig up your home...


Gardeners' Corner: Bankside beauty, daylilies and drought

David Maxwell and guests answer questions and bring you seasonal gardening inspiration.


An urban oasis, jobs for July and a garden you don't need to water?

David Maxwell and experts Averil Milligan and Neil Porteous offer sage advice on how to make the most of your summer garden. David takes a trip to an exotic oasis in East Belfast that's brimming with colour and texture and has become a real talking point for residents of the area. Averil Milligan takes David on a tour of her dry garden, and Mary Doris offers tips and tricks on activities to get the best out of your summer space.


Gardening for allergies, insta, and insects

The pandemic may have confined many to their homes for months but it also forced some young gardeners to connect on social media. This week on Gardeners’ Corner, David Maxwell meets 27 year old Philip Stewart who has transformed his garden in county Londonderry and is documenting it all on social media. Anthea Forde is getting grips with the plant collection established by her late husband, Patrick, at their 400 year old home in Seaforde, county Down, and how to make a beautiful garden for...


BBC Radio Ulster Gardeners’ Corner team delve into summer colour

Tune into BBC Radio Ulster’s Gardeners’ Corner this Saturday morning when Helen Mark will be visiting Jim Bradley to find out what colour scheme will be on trend this summer, Amy Kelly makes the mouth water with her succulent salads and hang on to our hydrangea as Helen discovers a field of flowers in Scotland. That’s Gardeners’ Corner, this Saturday morning with Helen Mark and the Gardeners’ Corner team on BBC Radio Ulster 9am to 10am.


Gardeners’ Corner talks herbs, meadows and mulching

Helen Mark will be finding out how to make the perfect herbal brew while David Maxwell goes wild in a summer meadow. And to mulch or not to mulch? That is the question that will be answered by the Gardeners’ Corner team.


Gardening for bees and exotics by the sea

Our gardens can provide a lifeline to bees, and this week David Maxwell and his guests will be exploring how we can make them the perfect place for these precious pollinators. Also on the programme, getting the cottage garden look; David visits Cherry Townsend’s garden in Islandmagee. And why a garden by the sea can create opportunities; Helen Mark chats to Conrad McCormick about the exotic looking plants which can cope with salt and wind. David will also be joined by Averil Milligan and...


The cut flower craze, bolting rocket and resplendent roses

With garden flowers very much in fashion, and ahead of British Flower Week, David Maxwell meets a young couple who are trying to turn their passion into a business. Andy and Aisling McCormick started their flower farm last year and they say there’s a big demand for beautiful blooms grown locally. Also in the programme, Ann Fitzsimons on why all is not lost when your veg goes to seed and David heads to Islandmagee where Cherry Townsend is enjoying the scent of June roses. The expert combo of...


Light-loving lavender, dry shade and ‘the Autistic Gardener’

Join David Maxwell for the first Gardeners’ Corner of meteorological summer. This week, David finds out all there is to know about growing lavender in a northern climate from Moira Hart, who has acres of the perfumed plant in Wexford. Barbara Pilcher is planting in the dry shade of a mature beech tree in her garden and David chats to Alan Gardner from Channel 4’s ‘The Autistic Gardener’ about his own garden as late spring gives way to summer. Also on the programme, David is joined by experts...


The immortality plant, Ireland’s first tea plantation and Ards allotments

Join David Maxwell in his own garden this bank holiday weekend along with expert Ann Fitzsimons. The pair chat about must have plants including Alchemilla mollis (Lady’s mantle) and Alliums. Also in the programme, David visits Ards allotments where Amy Kelly is growing strawberries and raspberries as well as some more unusual edibles. Is Portaferry the new Darjeeling? David heads to Ireland’s first tea plantation to find out if it’s possible to grow a ‘builder’s brew’ in the Northern Irish...


Chelsea changes and making a showstopper garden

For many it’s considered the greatest flower show on earth and while it’s normally held this week, Chelsea has been ‘chopped’ from its normal spring slot and moved to the autumn. It’s the first time this has happened in the show’s 108 history meaning this year’s RHS show will be completely unique. This week, David Maxwell chats to some local Chelsea Flower Show successes about what taking part in it did for their careers. He speaks to ‘King of Chelsea’ Mark Gregory about his plans for the...


Heads, herbs and hail

We all know gardening is good for us, but why is it now a recognised therapy? David Maxwell speaks to Larne based horticultural therapist, Liz Curtis. David explores the freshly planted herb garden at Glenarm Castle Gardens and Amy Kelly explains some plant jargon like ‘potting on’ and ‘pricking out. Also on the programme, David will be joined live by Ann Fitsimmons and Maurice Parkinson to take listeners’ questions including, planting inspiration for a new bed and how to tackle cutworms,...


Worms, old wives tales and Frances Tophill

After a cold first week of May, David and his experts guests take calls from listeners on encouraging more worms in the garden, growing great blueberries and a beginners guide to figs. Also on the programme, David chats to Gardeners’ World presenter, Frances Tophill about her allotment and he catches up with Jimi Blake about the year ahead for his celebrated garden in Wicklow. And after a listener got in touch about rusty nails being good for pot plants, David asks about other garden related...


Tulips, naked pumpkins and Sarah Raven

Gardeners’ Corner heads to Glenarm Castle for the annual Tulip Festival. Presenter David Maxwell takes in the display with Reg Maxwell and speaks to gardener Jordan McWhirter, who planted some of the six thousand bulbs. David also catches up with celebrity gardener Sarah Raven and asks her what follows the tulips in her East Sussex garden. Also in the programme, organic vegetable grower Klaus Laitenberger on naked pumpkins and David’s expert guests Claire Woods and Averil Milligan give a...


Cherry blossom, saving water and Vanessa Feltz

In Japan they forecast the cherry blossom as it spreads across the country. This weekend, Gardeners’ Corner finds out how it’s looking where you are and the importance of protecting the blossom of fruiting trees at this time of year. Also on the programme, with no rain in the forecast, David chats to his guests, Claire McNally and Maurice Parkinson, about saving water in the garden, and while it’s normally David giving the gardening tips to Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio 2, this week he turns...


Making raised beds and slugs; the good, the bad and the ugly

David Maxwell finds out all about slugs; the good, the bad and the well….Should gardeners’ get rid of them all and what are the best methods to limit their damage without harming the environment? There will be advice from many familiar Gardeners’ Corner voices on how they deal with this problem pest. Also on the programme, making raised beds; what materials are needed? How deep should they be? What are the advantages? And Mr No Dig, Charles Dowding on why he’s removed the wooden sides from...


Useful weeds, prairie planting and lots of ladybirds

Whether you are new to gardening or an old hand, weeding is part and parcel of the pastime. But maybe it’s time to give some of those weeds a second chance. This weekend on Gardeners’ Corner, David Maxwell hears from Amy Kelly on weeds she wouldn’t be without. He meets Lori Hartman who is planting ‘prairie style’ in her first garden in Broughshane to remind her of her native USA. Also on the programme, an update from Alan Power as he gets to know a new garden in county Kerry after many years...


Wildlife, Wildflowers and Wilting leaves

This weeks Gardeners' Corner phone-in offers advice on bringing wildlife into the garden over the Easter period & what to plant now the sun has come out. Presented by Helen Mark.


Small urban garden special

How can you transform a small urban outside space? A special edition of Gardeners’ Corner explores how to create privacy, add drama with big containers and make a small garden feel bigger. Presenter David Maxwell is joined by experts Ann Fitzsimmons and Claire Woods to discuss the gardens of 4 listeners, including one described as a ‘concrete box’ and a family garden which has to work for both children and adults. Also on the programme, Amy Kelly on growing your own in containers, Johnny...


Perfect peaches, tapping birch trees and gardening careers

Join David Maxwell and his guests for some spring time gardening. This week, Averil Milligan and Reg Maxwell are the experts on hand to answer listeners’ questions including; how to grow perfect peaches, when to cut back Aubretia and why daffodils are not producing flowers for one listener. Also on the programme, David chats to organic vegetable grower Klaus Laitenberger on what we should be doing in the veg patch this March and he finds out from Greenmount student Kyle Ross why pursuing a...