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The Par Train makes life less frustrating than your golf game. Featuring interviews from PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs and more - you’ll learn to laugh through every up and down, harness the power of the mind and get back on track both on and off the course.

The Par Train makes life less frustrating than your golf game. Featuring interviews from PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs and more - you’ll learn to laugh through every up and down, harness the power of the mind and get back on track both on and off the course.


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The Par Train makes life less frustrating than your golf game. Featuring interviews from PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs and more - you’ll learn to laugh through every up and down, harness the power of the mind and get back on track both on and off the course.






#88: The Golf Shot Heard Around the World

You probably saw the story that went viral this past week about a guy on a mini-tour who called his shot in the 18th fairway. 130 yards. "I'm gonna make it, banks open," he said. And then he did just that. Will Appleby takes us through the story, the surreal feeling after, chasing his dream and stories from caddying at Bel-Air CC. PROMO: Enter the code LOVETRAIN and get 20% off face masks, polos, tees and more at #wearadamnmask


#87: Learn a Perfect Swing in 60 Minutes

Chuck Quinton is the founder of the Chuck built his golf instruction business to beat frustration with science. He's known for having the perfect swing and he's here to help all of us get one too. Out of all the podcasts we've done, this is the one conversation that has the best chance to transform our swings and golf games. PROMO: Enter the code PARTRAIN at for 10% off to bomb it past your buddies.


#86: One of Bryson DeChambeau's Tools to Gain Speed

Speed is like a drug. Once you taste it, you can't get enough. Michael Napoleon is the Co-Founder of SuperSpeed Golf -- the swing speed system that Bryson DeChambeau uses. Michael hopped on the train to tell us all about their new toy. It's only $99, and your friends are probably going to start wondering how they can get a taste. PROMO: Enter the code PARTRAIN at for 10% off. Consider it a late Father's Day present.


#85: Every Golfer Needs a Little Crack

Ever have back pain or stiffness? Dr. Cody Hanish (@drcody_dc) is known in the medical world as the owner and chiropractor at Combined Clinics Australia. However, others know him as "Dr. Crack" -- the guy with millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Dr. Cody talks about why golfers need more "crack" in their lives, your probability of dying on the table, why getting cracked feels so good and so much more. Father's Day "Not Too Late" Promo: Enter the code LOVETRAIN at for...


#84: Being Black in a White Sport

Maurice Allen is the 2018 Volvik Long Drive World Champion, 2015 & 2016 European Long Drive Tour Champion, motivational speaker and the Guinness World Record holder for fastest ball speed (211 mph). However, the Par Train crew and Maurice didn't talk much about his accolades on the course. Instead, Maurice gave us an honest, real, and raw look inside Maurice's experiences with racial injustice in a white sport -- golf. I urge everyone to listen to this amazing interview, share it, and...


#83: Sheep Ranch - The Ultimate Escape on the Edge of the World

Chris Keiser and his family built golf heaven over 20 years ago. Many of you know it as Bandon Dunes. The 6th course, Sheep Ranch, opens June 1, 2020. Chris hopped on the train to talk about what makes Sheep Ranch special, the backstory of the logo, the "oh shit" moment during Covid-19, Sand Valley, why now may be the perfect time to make the trek and so much more. PROMO: Enter the code STAYHOME for 20% off at and get dad the golf gear they deserve.


#82:'s Alan Shipnuck on Why Tiger was the Biggest Story in the Match 2.0

5/24/2020's Senior Writer @AlanShipnuck hops on the Train to give us his immediate reaction after the Match 2.0. He explains why Tiger was the biggest story of the day, why the Match 2.0 beat the first one, what the PGA Tour could learn from today and how the Tour could look different for the rest of the year. PROMO: Only Par Train listeners get the the code STAYHOME for 20% off at You guys deserve some new gear with courses slowly reopening. Treat yourself.


#81: The Surprising Aftermath of My Return to Golf

It can be really tough when you're not allowed to do something you love. A lot of us are experiencing this right now during quarantines, but something happened that I didn't quite expect after hitting my first golf shot in 2+ months. PROMO: Go to right now and enter the code STAYHOME for 20% off aka Rhoback's Black Friday deal. Par Train listeners get it all year round. Get yourself one of their performance tees. Nothing makes you look more jacked and feel more comfortable than...


#80: Out of Office - Top 10 Golf Destinations to Visit Post Covid

The idea of going on a golf trip with your buds feels impossible right now. We're all itching to get back to normal. Therefore, the Par Train crew thought this was the perfect time to reflect back on every golf destination they've ever visited until they arrived at the perfect top 10 list. After all, a golf trip daydream is better than nothing at all. Stay safe train fam! PROMO: I got a text message today that said "I regret one thing about buying my Rhoback t-shirt. It's that I didn't get...


#79: 200K Masks in 2 Days - Rhoback’s Pivot Story

The founders of Rhoback, the most comfortable sports apparel clothing we've ever worn, hopped back on the Train taking us behind the scenes. What is it like to run a small business during a global pandemic? How do you pivot from sports apparel to masks? How do you fulfill 200K orders while working from home? This and so much more. Promo: Enter the code STAYHOME for 20% off at Pro tip: The long sleeve performance tees are perfect for lounging around the house and the performance...


#78: Erik Anders Lang Teaches Non-Judgmental Awareness

Erik Anders Lang (@erikanderslang) hops on the Train for the second time to discuss how non-judgmental awareness can transform our golf games and our overall happiness in life as well. Go to to donate and give back to children who don't have meals during this tough time.


#77: Brendon Todd - The Comeback Story We All Need

Brendon Todd, PGA Tour Pro, missed 37 of 40 cuts from 2015-2018. In Fall 2019, he was the hottest player in the world winning back-to-back tournaments and leading the FedEx Cup points race. Brendon talks about things that we can all use in our lives like facing adversity head-on, weathering the storm (Something we can all relate to right now) rewiring his mind and believing in himself again. We also talk about how Brendon and other PGA Tour Pros are doing during this unusual time at home and...


#76: Coronavirus Hitting Close to Home

The Par Train crew came together for a sobering and open conversation about their loved ones who got infected by the virus, the new world we live in, how to make the most of life at home, the changes to the golf world and so much more. Hopefully, after listening to this conversation, you'll feel inspired to do your part and stay home. Quarantine Promo: Speaking of doing our part at home, you deserve to treat yourself and get some new comfy swag. Go to and enter the code TRAIN....


#75: Couples Therapy - Happy Wife Happy Slice

Ever had an argument with your significant other because you play too much golf? The Par Train crew created a brand new mini-series called Couples Therapy to help couples talk these issues out and come together. This week's couple features Ryan and Brittanie. College sweethearts and happily married for 5 years -- hear how they overcame their biggest golf-related argument a year ago and use a specific communication strategy and compromise to maintain a happy, healthy marriage. Do you know a...


#74: The Life of Patrick “It’s a Trap” Reed

A brand new mini-series, Wikipedia Chronicles covers the life stories of your favorite players on the PGA Tour. This week the Par Train crew uncovers the controversial past of Patrick Reed. PROMO: Enter the code TRAIN for 20% off the stretchiest, most comfortable, coolest "all your friends are talking about it" activewear at


#73: Dottie Pepper - What it Takes to Give Golf Fans the TV They Want

Dottie Pepper, CBS Golf Broadcaster and former legend on the LPGA Tour hops on the train for her third time. We dig into the economics of putting golf on TV aka 18+ NFL games at once, the common mistakes PGA Tour pros make, her life-changing travel hack, a foolproof game plan for first-time masters goers and so much more. Note: make sure you keep listening through the end. Most of the CBS Golf deep dive is in the second half of our conversation. EXCLUSIVE PAR TRAIN PASSENGER PROMO: It's VEST...


#72: The Voice that Golf Desperately Needs - Colt Knost

Colt Knost recently announced his retirement from playing on the PGA Tour after a 13-year professional career. What's next? He plans to wake up every golf fan asleep on their couch on Sunday afternoons. Listen to this insightful and hilarious discussion about new beginnings, reflecting on what could've been and becoming what we believe to be the voice we all desperately need. PROMO: Enter the code TRAIN at for 20% off the most underrated golf and athleisure gear on the market...


#71: Going Viral One Trickshot at a Time

Josh Kelley, a golf trickshot sensation with over 300K followers on instagram and facebook (@holein1trickshots) hops on the Train to talk about what it takes to go viral and live the dream, one trickshot at a time. Josh talks about putting on a trickshot show alongside Tiger Woods, how he got started, overcoming haters, making a living and so much more. Promo: Do you believe in science? Do you want to hit it farther than your buds? Enter code PARTRAIN for 10% off at


#70: Finding Peak Mental Performance with PGA Tour Coach Ward Jarvis

Brendon Todd missed 37 of his last 40 cuts on the PGA Tour from 2016-2018. He lost his status. He had the yips. Then, he met Mental Coach Ward Jarvis and won back-to-back PGA Tour events in the Fall 2020 PGA Tour series. Ward hops on the train and breaks down the mental principles that he and Brendan still work on to this day that sparked such an unbelievable comeback. Get your notepad ready, because this conversation is one that can help all of our games. PROMO: Literally every time I wear...


#69: Learning to See with Evan Schiller - Iconic Golf Photographer

Evan Schiller is probably the best photographer in the game of golf, but this isn't an interview about photography. Evan teaches us how a craft like photography has helped him see every other part of life a bit clearer. Highlights: Why Bandon Dunes is the best golf destination in the world, something we’re all doing wrong on our own Instagrams, what made him make the leap to become a photographer with no formal training, how he broke into the industry and got his first yes, learning not to...