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S3EP33, Christal McNair of Studio Bungee

How does a small town girl end up in commercial banking and owning her own small business? Christal McNair worked hard, that's how. She also paid attention from her commercial banker contacts and learned how to build a business. Studio Bungee was born from all the lessons she learned. Her business makes sure their clients get a great workout, regardless of their limitations (she has a bad back) in only 30 minutes. Christal doesn't stop with being a small business owner. She volunteers...


S3EP32, Shahid Hussain of Kvalito

Shahid Hussain is working it. He made the USA his home 3 years ago, from England. Marietta was chosen as a spot close (but not too close) to his in-laws in Charleston, South Carolina. He started a small business, Kvalito and has adapted it from a knick-knack store to more of a design studio. T-shirts, monograms, car wraps (yeah that's a thing) pretty much anything you need to help your local business get noticed. Shahid also helps the community. He sponsored a local football and recently...


S3EP31, Hangman's Hill History, Kaaren Tramonte and Christa McCay

Kaaren Tramonte of Blendin Georgia followed her curiosity. She knows everything about Powder Springs’ history, but she was intrigued with Hangman’s Hill off of Kennesaw Avenue in Marietta. So she did her research (it’s in a private homes yard) and went on and found the details to area where convicted criminals were hanged in Cobb County. Albert Lingo’s story was really cool and I followed up my interview with Christa McCay of Marietta Museum of History. Why kill his...


S3EP30, Seeing beauty in everyday life, photographer and healthy living advocate, Megan Carswell Gladden

Megan can now see the beauty in her everyday life, but there was a time when that was a struggle. 11 years ago, when her daughter and first child was born with severe allergies, she struggled to make it through each day. During this time of being a new mom to a child with elevated needs, she began capturing photos in the every day moments with her daughter. Through this passion she realized she was capturing so much beauty in the hard moments. As she continued to push herself...


S3EP29, Helping parents meet their children's needs, JC Curlee

JC Curlee had a lot to figure out on her own. She had a son that wanted to go to college, but needed money. Through hard work and a lot of google searches and forms, her son had over one million in scholarships and several college acceptance letters. She knows how hard it was and people started reaching out to her for help. Then she realized she could create resources to help others. She started the parent resources network and is adding a podcast soon.


S3EP28, New friends and caricature art, Marietta's Art in the Park

Bill came upon a caricature artist, Ashley Roland and he chose to get a drawing done with his podcast equipment he always kept handy. So he started a podcast episode… He spoke to Victoria Scales and her long term friends Dee Williams and Lissa Miller. Victoria happened to be doing her caricature next to Bill. Magic ensued… Then Bill turns his attention to the artist doing his drawing, Ashley Roland. We talk traveling and living on the road. Checkout their online businesses...


S3EP27, Engaging the community and innovative policing, Chuck McPhilamy of Marietta City Police

Chuck McPhilamy makes an impassioned plea to have those tough conversations between the community and the police. Marietta Police Department has invested into training above what is required to help police deal with growing problems. For example, every officer went through a 40 hour crisis intervention training (CIT). That training is a game changer for everyone involved. From the officer who does not know what it is like to hear voices, to the citizen with the issue that gets to see these...


S3EP26, Nunsense and Season 2! Marietta Theatre Company

I caught up with Blaine Clotfelter, Stephanie Earl and Jeff Cooper of Marietta Theatre just before the play Nunsense started. We also talked about Johnny Pizza and the special food he brought along for opening night... Auditions for the Toxic Avenger are going on right now.


S3EP25, Getting big things done without compromising, Beverly McAfee

Beverly McAfee is my favorite interview. There I said it. She has a great combination of caring and hutzpah that is quite frankly, endearing. How did Marietta get a concert series, why does the First United Methodist have a park and replica of their first church, why is their a mentoring program at Marietta High School — you guessed it Beverly. She is the first to admit that she had a lot of help, but her way of getting things done is powerful. Enjoy our own Marietta gem, Beverly...


S3EP24, Master connector, Katie Mallett of Make+Do Community

Katie Mallett always felt out of place. She tried to fit in, but everything she tried never worked out long term. This pattern followed her -- until she worked with a coach. They found Katie's gift was to create a fun and safe place for people to learn and connect. Make + do community was born. Now she helps people make things from candles to cocktails and her life makes a lot more sense.


S3EP23, Transformative Libraries, James Mitchell of Sewell Mill Cultural Center

James Mitchell is building our community by running the Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center. The new location has audio studios, video studios, a theater and much more. How did James get to Marietta? Well he started out in Evergreen Alabama, a small town he felt he had to break out of -- and he did. As a teenager he spent 6 months in Louisiana with his girlfriend and then a totaled car and a child on the way, he shifted his focus toward getting educated and taking care of his family....


S3EP22, Real fried chicken, the union occupation and tin type photography

Trevor Beemon updates listeners on the latest news from the organization. Their capital campaign to bring a cabin and brick smokehouse to the Root House property is half way to its goal of $600,000. At the Root House on this particular Saturday, we spoke with Clarissa Clifton, a food historian, a union occupier named Steve Reilly and tin type photographer Matt Alexandre. Clarissa made some fried chicken and buttermilk cake on the original cast iron stove from the Root House! Matt...


S3EP21, Not your father’s high school library! Tim Nielson, Marietta High School librarian

Tim Nielson never connected with any of his teachers growing up. He also rolled his eyes when he heard other soon to be teachers say they wanted to make a difference in a child’s life. But, it turns out he did become one of those teachers. One of his first students tracked him down on facebook to thank him and another student’s mom said that he flipped a switch and her son was changed, all because of Tim. So as the librarian of Marietta High School, Tim uses every chance to create a...


S3EP20, Paul of Paul’s Pot Pies and his son, Brayden

When Paul Lubertazzi was a kid, he remembers his grandmother saying don’t jump on the bed when the macaroni is drying. That was the normal thing when a big Italian extended family in Nutley, NJ gets ready for Sunday dinner. How did Paul end up in Marietta in 1984 during the height of the mall era? How did he decide on a pot pies exclusively? Why does each of his pot pies have a flower on the top? And what does bees have to do with it? (Nothing really, but it is a great story and Paul and...


S3EP19, TV Show "Coach" Star, Comedian and Marietta Native, Pam Stone

Pam Stone grew up riding a horse bareback to Perkin’s market during the summer and scaring away a perv with her horse (yup, apparently there is an east Cobb perv). Her time at Wheeler High School was not easy. She was as a tall, incredibly thin nerd and had trouble making friends. She headed off to Kennesaw State College with low expectations. But she was surprisingly popular with the guys and doors started opening up to her. She started waitressing at the Punch Line Comedy Club in...


S3EP18, Pet and human clairsentient, Rhonda Weisberg

For over twenty years, Rhonda Weisberg has served as a clairsentient intuitive, working with clients across the country, bringing them clarity, insight, peace of mind, and “spiritual coaching” from their higher selves, Spirit guides, and angels. Rhonda also works with animals. So I brought along Lucy, our 6 year old, miniature Dachshund for a reading. Let’s check out how it all went down! Rhonda’s website The shelter Rhonda refers...


S3EP17, Are they ready? Marietta Theatre Company is one week out…

Just one week from the opening of “Title of Show”! Bill meets most of the gang at the Two Birds Taphouse for a pre-rehersal dinner and drinks. (Did you know Marietta Theatre Company has their own drink?) The team feels confident as Bill speaks with the actors (Blaine Clotfelter, Gina Ann Riggs, Jeff Cooper and Becky Ittner) who are “off book”. Bill also speaks with the musical director, Shane Simmons about the crew and his life before the Marietta Theatre Company. Get your tickets...


S3EP16, Passionate About Live Theatre, Blaine Clotfelter and Jeff Cooper of Marietta Theatre Company

Blaine Clotfelter and Jeff Cooper love to act. They started Marietta Theatre Company along with a few friends you’ll meet in the next episode. In this episode, you’ll get a behind the scene view of two men that do what they love and are helping to revive the Square’s once thriving theatre district. Their latest musical, “Title of Show” sounds like a reason winner!


S3B2, Fun and Games, Marietta New Theatre in the Square Golf Tourney

Bill catches up with Raul and the gang. Special thanks to the sponsors listed!!! Larry Rica 00:54 and Scott Kinsey 8:56 Fork You Concepts 30 South Park Square Marietta, GA Raul Thomas 16:57 Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square Emil Thomas 22:20 Evette Thomas 24:50 Skylar Eugenio 28:04 David Fore 41:22 City Club...


S3EP15, Art, Music and BBQ! Buddy Finethy of Hawg and Ale Restaurant

Wow! What a life Buddy Finethy has led! From a Dad who was on the run to finding comic books to creating the Mellow Mushroom art to... There is just a lot going on in this man's life. Did I mention he learned how to build a tribe from the Dead Heads? (That's the group of folks that followed the Grateful Dead around the country). Hawg and Ale opened in April 2018 and Buddy and his partners created a place that includes art that focuses on American Bad a--es and food that celebrates the best...