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Nonprofit Answers Podcast helps you raise more money to help more people. Every week host Jeremy Reis answers your nonprofit marketing and fundraising questions so you can invest precious donor dollars wisely. Submit your questions at

Nonprofit Answers Podcast helps you raise more money to help more people. Every week host Jeremy Reis answers your nonprofit marketing and fundraising questions so you can invest precious donor dollars wisely. Submit your questions at
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Nonprofit Answers Podcast helps you raise more money to help more people. Every week host Jeremy Reis answers your nonprofit marketing and fundraising questions so you can invest precious donor dollars wisely. Submit your questions at




019 - Donor Psychology - What moves someone to donate? Part 1

In this second episode of a special series of fundraising education, you will learn donor psychology and the reasons why people give. Jeremy has identified 15 different psychological triggers that moves someone to donate to your nonprofit. In this episode, Jeremy explains the first 8 motivations, or donor psychological triggers, that help someone make a decision to give to your nonprofit. This is a fascinating look at why people give and how you can change your messaging or produce events...


018 - Nonprofit Donor Motivations

Recently, my 15 year old daughter Emily has shown interest in nonprofit marketing and fundraising. In this special series of Nonprofit Answers episodes, you’ll learn all aspects of the fundraising process. In this episode, you will learn donor motivations and how your nonprofit presents an appeal or campaign to specific types of donors. You’ll start learning the foundations of donor psychology and how to motivate donors to give.


017 - 5 Secrets to Successful Fundraising

When I joined Food for the Hungry just over 6 years ago, there was a lot I needed to learn about fundraising. In this special episode, I reflect on the lessons I’ve learn over these years and share the five secrets successful fundraisers know. You’ll learn how to demonstrate urgency, how to be more direct with your ask, a mistake you’re likely making in how you talk to donors, a lesson on using facts to motivate donors, and key insights into showing gratitude. These lessons, learned over...


016 - Effective Nonprofit Storytelling

Storytelling is the foundation of excellent nonprofit marketing. Jeremy is frequently asked, “how do I effectively tell our story?” In this special episode, Jeremy Reis explores effective nonprofit storytelling that produces results. You’ll learn the tips and tricks to writing great nonprofit stories that raise funds and builds relationships with your donors and stakeholders.


015 - How to Define a Major Partner Email Strategy

In this episode, Gary asks what, if anything, should we email major donors? This isn’t an either/or answer, it isn’t whether or not you send major and midlevel donors emails, but which emails and how often. Jeremy teaches you how to define a major partner email communication strategy and recommends which emails to send based on which segment the donor is in. This is a “can’t miss” episode for major donor teams.


014 - How Do I Grow My Email List?

Growing your email list is an essential part of digital marketing for your nonprofit. You will be able to create a new source of donors through adding people who have an affinity for your cause. In this episode, Jeremy explores several ways you can add new names to your email list.


013 - How Do I Position the Donor as the Hero?

Your donor is the hero. This is one of the hardest concepts for nonprofit staff to accept. They want their frontline staff to be the heros. They want to recognize the beneficiaries as the heros. Both are true, but in the context of fundraising, your donor is the hero. In this episode, Jeremy answers a question about how to position the donor as the hero in your nonprofit communications. Using examples, Jeremy teaches you how to write active copy that presents an appeal from the point of...


011 - How Often Should My Nonprofit Blog?

Blogging is not dead. Far from it. In today’s episode, Jeremy answers a question from a nonprofit executive about how much blogging is right for his organization. This executive is being told by his team to blog every day, but doesn’t understand why. Jeremy explores the types of posts we should write, how to measure the effectiveness of each one, and addresses the frequency of blogging. How do you decide how many times to blog a week or a month? For a full transcript of this episode, visit...


010 - How Do We Stop Fighting Internally Over Income Sourcing?

In this special edition of Nonprofit Answers, Jeremy is live at the Christian Leadership Alliance with a timely question. At the conference, a nonprofit leader asked Jeremy how to properly give internal credit for income without causing problems with attribution and to reduce internal fighting over “credit” for donations. Jeremy explains the problem with internal sourcing of income and how they resolved the problem at Food for the Hungry. Do you have a question about nonprofit marketing?...


008 - How Do I Create a Sense of Urgency in My Appeals?

Creating a sense of urgency in your appeal messaging will help move readers to become donors. What if you have a difficult time creating a sense of urgency? In episode 8 of Nonprofit Answers, Rob asks a question about how to create urgency in his appeals for a women’s shelter. Jeremy explores why you want to create urgency and how to do it. Read the full transcript at: Do you have a question about nonprofit marketing or fundraising? Ask now at...


005 - What to Do With 25,000 Email Addresses a Partner Offered Us?

Karen’s organization has a partner who offered them a list of 25,000 email addresses. Her boss wants to just add them to their email service provider, but Karen doesn’t agree. In episode 5, Jeremy gives Karen advice as to how to answer her boss and what to do with the opportunity. Read the full transcript at Do you have questions how to use the assets offered by your partners in the digital space? Questions about email marketing or increasing your email...


004 - How Does Email Design Impact Response?

How does email design impact response in your emails? Often there are conflicting answers on blogs as different organizations experience different results when they change factors in their email marketing. In episode 4, Jeremy explores a question about graphics vs text emails and how you can test to determine the right factors to improve response for your nonprofit emails. Read the complete transcript at Do you have a question about email fundraising...


003 - How Do We Segment Our Emails?

Have you ever hired a consultant to help you with a project, but when it comes time to execute, they disappear? This happened to Holly when she brought in a consultant to look at her email fundraising program. The consultant told Holly she should improve her segmentation and then disappeared before sharing with her a direction to go. In episode 3 of the Nonprofit Answers Podcast, Jeremy teaches Holly about different ways to segment her email file to maximize response. Read the full...


002 - How Do We Improve Our Turnaround Time for Sending Disaster Fundraising Appeals?

In episode two of the Nonprofit Answers Podcast, Jeremy Reis takes a question from Ryan who’s frustrated with their turnaround time on disaster response fundraising appeals. This is a topic that really hits home: how do we decide if we’re going to respond to a disaster and then get our appeals out the door quickly in email and direct mail? Jeremy shares how Food for the Hungry decides when to respond and how they send out emergency response fundraising appeals quickly. Read the full...


001 - How Will the Changes to Facebook’s Algorithm Impact My Nonprofit?

In episode 1 of the Nonprofit Answers Podcast, Jeremy Reis answers a question from Helen, a nonprofit marketing manager in Nashville. Helen is concerned about the recent algorithm changes with Facebook and wants to know what she should do. Should she continue to invest time and resources into Facebook? What changes should she make to her social media strategy? Read the full transcript at Submit your nonprofit marketing and fundraising question at...