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Never Forget? Ah, But We Do. (EP.165)

Introduction “Never Forget” when voiced this time of year refers to the sneak attack on civilians on 9/11/01, killing almost 3,000 of us. The attackers targeted unarmed civilians. When I was our youngest son’s age, “Never Forget” admonished, equally loudly and passionately, for us to always remember the Pearl Harbor sneak attack--executed during pretend peace negotiations on behalf of the attacking Japanese--on our military base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 12/7/41, killing a similar number....


Misdirected Compassion is a Disaster (EP.164)

Introduction The venerable Merriam-Webster dictionary offers the following definition for compassion: “Sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” By alleviating it, we must--must--mean supplying the needed relief, stabilizing the patient in medical terms, along with helping the person, the patient again in medical terms, through motivation and training, to then live a full and independent life whenever at all possible. Promoting policies that would...


Facts, Facts, Whose Got The Facts? (EP.163)

Introduction If given the same set of facts, people are going to have a much easier time having reasonable discussions and coming up with workable solutions to the known and enormous problems facing all of us. But we are not all working from the same set of facts. Media, politicians and others with agendas they value more highly than the truth are insidiously successful in creating wildly different pockets, echo chambers, of opinions, insults and accusations masquerading as facts. This is...


Atlas Must Never Shrug (EP.162)

Introduction Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand has sold about 7 million copies to date. Published in 1957, it just recently fell out of the top ten annual best sellers. Rand imagined an America wherein the state is taking control of everything, basically stealing it from the people who were personally responsible for building companies and making things happen, giving it all away to “the people” and doing it in the name of compassion. All while accruing enormous power for itself. As the nation...


Slavery and the American Union (EP.161)

Introduction There those who believe that our admittedly deeply flawed nation is the best, most prosperous and freest and nation on earth. Capable, as it often has, of rescuing other nations--other continents--from war and financial ruin. Martin Luther King was one of those believers. As am I. And there are those who believe that America has been flawed to the point of being evil ever since 1619, the beginning of slavery in the US. Not 1607 with the founding of the first settlement. Not 1775...


160 The Grand Unifying Theory is God (EP.160)

Introduction Among many people, there is a belief that a Grand Unifying theory, a G. U. T., when once discovered, will be able to completely explain the universe in a way that eliminates any need for a belief in God. I believe that the G. U. T. is God. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute episode. Continuing Part of our unique and exceptional role in America is to know why we believe what we believe about God--and to be able to communicate those thoughts clearly to others. Stephen...


Officer Involved Shootings (EP.159)

Introduction Yup, let’s jump right in. For this episode, everything will refer to fatal officer involved shootings. All too many people and most of the media are acting as judge and jury, working to deepen our national divide for their benefit. Where are the people, where are the media, who seek the truth, believe in the basic rules of jurisprudence, including due process, and are willing to put the pursuit of truth over personal, party and identity group agendas? That is the subject of...


POTUS Wanted: Wrong Job Description (EP.158)

Introduction We are offering all the wrong rewards in our ongoing process of nominating and hiring new leaders of the free world. We offer poor pay, constant and stinging criticism, a frequently uncooperative Congress, and a Supreme Court that may undo any accomplishment. And enough lavish perks and ego strokes to make Nero happy. That’s why we keep getting a grab bag assortment of candidates. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute episode. Continuing Let’s imagine for a moment that we...


The Heartbeat of Revolution 2.0™: 2 Degrees of Separation (EP.157)

Introduction Perhaps you have heard of the concept of 6 degrees of separation. This view holds that we are all six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. A core belief here at Revolution 2.0™ is that if we are more than 2 degrees of separation away from actively participating in researching and implementing the solutions to the mounting issues our society, our nation faces, that we not doing all that we can to make a difference. And, no, being smarter or more strident than...


Fish Wisdom: Vital Lessons for Today (EP.156)

Introduction Most of us have heard the piece of wisdom pointing out that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach that man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime. Well, not so fast. In order for someone to want to fish for themselves, buying and maintaining the tackle, sometimes going out in the cold and rain, and occasionally spending most of the day and coming back with nothing, they must be motivated. Without motivation, they will still want the free fish. Now,...


Is Healthcare a Human Right? (EP.155)

Introduction Q. Is healthcare a human right? A. No. Reasonable access to healthcare is a human right. Q. What about housing, food, clothing, employment and income, and so on? A. Same answer. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing America is a unique and exceptional nation. Part of the equally unique and exceptional role we need to play in it is to understand the right and wrong--and the cost--of the political arguments swirling around us.. “Human right” vs....


Profits Bad, Debt Good–Really? (EP.154)

Introduction Our--emphasis on our--national debt is skyrocketing. We are currently at $22 trillion, adding about $1 trillion a year. This is a bipartisan attack on our economic infrastructure. Profits are increasingly under attack, with at least two of the leading Democratic presidential contenders claiming that healthcare industry profits “rip billions from healthcare”, effectively stealing money from the people who need it the most. Put these two facts together, and this underlying...


Presidential Debates (EP.153)

Introduction There is very little presidential about the candidates, and virtually no real debating. Insults, attacks and posturing, yes; debating, no. Note that I did not title this podcast the Democratic Presidential Debates; the Republicans are just as guilty. Hey, 2016 was not all that long ago. When John F. Kennedy successfully ran for President in 1960, his slogan was “A Time For Greatness.” That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing We live in a unique and...


Activists Don’t Want Solutions (EP.152)

Introduction Hard core activists want attention, applause from sympathizers, the ability to claim the moral high ground through a bullhorn, and a place in society that grants them a type of street gang respect. And all this without the inconvenience and anonymity of having to support themselves with, well, a real job. The last thing they want to do is actually solve the problems they are pretending to address. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing We live in a...


One State Solution: Israel & Palestine (EP.151)

Introduction If the goal is to have lasting peace in the Middle East, with as much economic success and freedom as possible for both Israelis and Palestinians, a one-state solution is likely to be the best way to achieve those goals. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing We live in a unique and exceptional country; part of the equally unique and exceptional role that we play here is to understand what is going on beyond our borders, and to hold our politicians...


“Parenting is Hard Work, and Requires Great Courage” (EP.150)

Introduction Parents play an increasingly vital role in today’s more and more complex and dangerous society. At the same time, many are abdicating their responsibility to the state in the form of teachers, law enforcement, and fundamentals including food and healthcare. Parents are primarily responsible for everything in their children’s lives. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing Your role, our unique and exceptional roles in our shared unique and exceptional...


Easy Is Not A Human Right (EP.149)

Introduction Having an easy life is not a human right; quite the opposite, it is a dysfunctional way to live. And structuring government policy to make things as easy as possible for people is simply wrong. Wrong for the taxpayers, yes, but more deeply and terribly wrong for those afflicted with an easy life. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing I believe that America is a unique and exceptional place, and that you--you and I--have an equally unique and...


Inexcusable Crisis at our Southern Border (EP.148)

Introduction We have a massive and inexcusable crisis at our Southern border. But the crisis is merely a symptom; the disease is in DC--and in us. That is the subject of today’s 10-minute blog/podcast. Continuing I believe that America is a unique and exceptional place, and that you--you and I--have an equally unique and exceptional role to play in it. Yes, you have heard that from me before, and you will hear it again. That’s what drives this podcast. Your role, our role, includes knowing...


Green(back) New Deal (EP.147)

Introduction We need economic and financial sustainability. Sustainability is a concept much in the news these days. Sustainable fishing, energy and wood products, to name a few. We were told, without complete consensus among scientists, that we have 12 years, now a bit less than that, to live on earth without experiencing a complete climate disaster--announced to be an existential threat--a threat to our very existence. Unless, we are told, we immediately find radically different and...


No Labels (EP.146)

Introduction We need to stop using labels to either define ourselves or to categorize others. Labels like left, right, progressive and conservative are mindless substitutes for actual thought and productive discussion. Cliches like “Lock her up.”, “Trump the dictator.” “Baby killer.” and “You are against women’s rights.” are also not arguments as much as empty-headed claims that anyone who disagrees is an idiot or worse. Kinda makes me yearn for the return of the 20-second sound bite. By...