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Dovish Bubble Wrap

Three trading days until Christmas and Santa Claus and his rally are nowhere to be seen. We welcome Jim Iuorio from the CME to talk about the markets. It's an uncertain time, and Jim says the getting tomorrow's Fed meeting in the rear view mirror will help. On the FarrCast, we say "emotion is the foe of the long-term investor" and right now the focus is on Jerome Powell -- and he needs to show no emotion and calm the emotional beast of the markets down. It's not just Wall Street providing...


Shutdown Light

Eventful. Well, that's one way to put it. Jim Iuorio joins us from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and gives us the technical take. It's not voodoo: the levels and patterns technicians watch are reliable predictors of the sentiments of market participants. Jim tells us what he watches to get a handle on what the collective psychological sentiment of the markets. What happened at The White House today? Really, what was that? Dan Mahaffee from the Center for the Study of the President and...


Will Xi or Won't Xi?

The market dropped 800! Don't panic -- listen to the FarrCast! Jim Iuorio joins us, and he's not worried about the yield curve, maybe a little about trade. The markets are behaving like markets do -- and sometimes they go down. Keep an eye on the long term: it was an awful day for sure, but relax and keep to your discipline. President Trump returned from Argentina and the G20 and said he'd made the biggest deal of his life. Yet the bond market didn't move. Dan Mahaffee joins us from...


East German Swimmers & The Fed

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! The FarrCast is back and the markets seem to be settling down. Michael welcomes Kenny Polcari who says the markets are waiting on geo-political events. The economy is sound and consumers just spent a record amount on Black Friday. Michael asks Kenny the question on everyone's mind: will there be a Santa Claus rally? Breaking news! Just before we went to air, Trump gave an interview to the Washington Post, and what an interview. Dan Mahaffee from the...


We're Followed By All of the Finest Treasury Secretaries

Remember when interest rates spiked upwards? Well, the markets are still trying to find to stability. Kenny Polcari told us that we have to test the lows of October again and then the markets can begin to build again. Rates are rising, and the markets have to decide what the proper valuation is in the new environment. Kenny gives us a quick primer on the fragmentation of the markets, and how that exaggerates the volatility. Michael welcomes Matt Leffingwell to talk about DC post-midterms....


What We Learned from TV Re-Runs

t's another wild week in the markets! Jim Iuorio joins Michael and reminds us -- you can lose money in the markets, and when we forget that the markets slap us in the face. You can't just shovel money into the market anymore, but have to have a plan. Jim has a plan, and shares some of the things he's looking for in the data as we come to the end of the year. Wild week in the markets? It's nothing compared to what is happening in Washington this week. Dan Mahaffee joins from the Center for...


TINA Is in the ICU

It's the election FarrCast! Kenny Polcari calls in from the floor on the New York Stock Exchange. The markets had a big relief rally on Wednesday: split government is what the markets wanted to see. Then on Thursday, the markets breathed out. Kenny says we are in a seasonally strong time of year, but will likely test support before another leg up. Looking forward to 2019, Michael and Kenny say there is competition for money next year, and that's a good thing. We go to Washington with Dan...


The Market Soared! (But Hold On)

The market soared! Well, Kenny Polcari says hold on -- the Dow was up 400 points (and 250 of that in the last hour and a half today!) but we are still off 2000 from the highs. Kenny says it's not over yet, but the market is trying to build a base, but don't be surprised to see another test of the lows as the market digests the midterms. Is civility dead? That's the question Michael poses to DC expert Dan Mahaffee. The midterm campaigns are (over) heating, and we are one week from the...


Ganges, Potomac, and L'Etat C'est Moi (Oh My)

Welcome to the FarrCast! As always we start with the markets, and what a difference a week makes. The Dow ricocheted 500 points -- Kenny Polcari joins from the floor, and he says the pain isn't over yet, but it does seem like the markets are building a floor; Kenny says to watch for the lows creeping higher -- that's the good sign we want to see. It's early in earnings season, and while bottom line profits look good, the top line revenue growth is important and Michael and Kenny explain...


Running To, and Running Away . . .

Markets are waffled as yield surged. Kenny Polcari joins us tonight and tells us why there is no reason to panic, and what to look for as earnings begin. Kenny is looking to the banks to get off to a good start, and is looking for another leg up before the end of the year. DC is the gift that keeps giving, and our senior political analyst, Dan Mahaffee helps to sort. Two weeks ago, Dan said Rosensteen stays and Kavanaugh goes -- Dan explains what got Kavanaugh over the line. Breaking news...


Markets Underestimate the Fed, Kavanaugh Goes, Rosenstein Stays

Wow, what a week! What will we talk about? We start with the markets and Jim Iuorio -- there has been a lot of talk about a bull market, but Jim points out that much of 2015 and 2016 traded sideways. Corrections can be time or in price. There is a lot of great news lately -- consumer confidence, employment, median income. But there is concern -- will the higher rates eventually break the rally. Iuorio is optimistic but is worried about the word "accelerate" coming from the Fed...


So You're Saying It's Coercion

Michael opens tonight's show with an explanation of financial discipline -- investors talk about it, but what does it mean? How does rebalancing help manage your risk? Michael brings on bond expert Andy Mathes tonight. He tells us what he sees in the bond markets, and what that tells us about where the equity markets go next? Last week, Dan Mahaffee said that the Kavanaugh nomination should proceed apace unless something cataclysmic happens. Tonight Mahaffee says "I think we have a...


Pulling a Circus Tent Over the Swamp

When the S&P 500 set a new high on October 21, Kenny Polcari was the FarrCast saying he'd like the markets trade sideways for a bit AND he expected September to be okay. Now we are in the middle of September and Kenny has been spot on. Michael and Kenny talk about what comes next. Dan Mahaffee joins to look at DC: there is an unprecedented disconnect between the health of the economy and the popularity of the President. Trump fatigue is setting in, and the GOP looks to lose the House. Tom...


Playing Chess on Three Boards

It's the Chicago FarrCast! Jim Iuorio joins us from Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The markets had an excuse this week to back off with a little hint of wage inflation (remember February when a hint sent the market into a correction?) but the rally continues. The yield curve is flattening, but it's still positive. There might be a chink in the market's armor in the increasing rate environment. Chicago native Dan Mahaffee from the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress comes in...


Pleas, Convictions, and new Market Highs!

The FarrCast is back! People are coming back from vacation, and juries are returning with verdicts. Michael welcomes back the great Kenny Polcari to sort out what it means for the markets. Kenny says, in the short term, political noise might create volatility, but in the long-term does not price stocks. September is usually a rough month for equities, but Kenny thinks the markets hold up. UNLESS -- something comes out of left field. Dan Mahaffee joins from the Center for the Study of the...


Republicans Hate Us... Democrats Hate Us... We Must Be Doing Something Right!

Jim Iuorio joins us from the floor of the Chicago Exchange to talk earnings and blue skies ahead. Dan Mahaffee discusses Iran, Russia and more tax cuts. It's hot in D.C. and it's hot on The FarrCast! Please Listen!


I'm Getting T-Shirts Made

It's a slow, languid summer week. The President met a few world leaders and held a press conference that got a little coverage, but there wasn't much . . . Oh who are we kidding? There is enough material for four shows this week. We've got Jim Iuorio from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange kicking us off with a look at the markets. There was moderately positive economic news on consumer spending and moderately dovish comments from Fed Chair Powell, and the markets reacted to that news and...


You Can Lose a Finger

Tariffs blows have been traded and DOOM is upon us. Well, maybe not -- the markets are adapting to the President's totally unprecedented style. Jim Iuorio joins us from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and tells why the sky isn't falling. Tom Heath and Jim talk about oil -- as a massive producer the US benefits from high oil, but hurts the consumer. Where is the sweet spot? Next up is regular Dan Mahaffee -- a Supreme Court nominee has been nominated. Mahaffee says that the Kavanaugh pick is...


My Mom Would Be Really Excited

It's the holiday week edition of FarrCast! Kenny Polcari calls in from the floor of the NYSE and tells us how the markets are distorted by the low volumes on the holiday. Tariffs are to take effect on Friday -- Kenny tells us what to look for depending on how the news breaks, and what the tone is. It's a new quarter, and we look to other side of the tariff news: have we seen a peak in investor sentiment? Dan Mahaffee is Michael's guest for the second segment, and he gives us a preview of...