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I'm Worried That I'm Not Worried

We start with market expert Jim Iuorio calling in from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After all of the hand-wringing, the markets are moving higher, and now closing in on the all time highs. Jim says he feels good, and that worries him a little bit. There might not be much more good news to add into the soup. Is there room for disappointment? Jim tells where he the next leg up, why it stalls, and where it goes from there. A holiday weekend is coming up and in DC that means...


Special: Innovation in China (and Coffee and Joy!)

It’s a special FarrCast. On this week’s regular show, guest Chris Campbell from Yum Brands China shared some of the details of doing business in China. In the special, Michael welcomes Chris back for an extra segment for a deeper dive. China expert Dan Mahaffee stays on and we learn about making an archtypical American brand – KFC – into a uniquely successful Chinese business. Listen for a fascinating look at the interactions of a changing culture, emerging middle class, and new technologies...


Ten Year Money Sometimes Forgets It’s Ten Year Money

First up on tonight’s FarrCast it’s Josh Brown from CNBC and Ritholz Wealth Management. Josh and Michael talk about where every investment relationship begins – not with what security to buy, but with what the investor’s goals are. Josh tells why he’s not afraid of a recession, and shares the one thing he is absolutely certain of. (It’s not what you think!) Next up it’s our senior political analyst Dan Mahaffee. Sec’y Nielsen is out at Homeland Security – and there are implications beyond...


You Don't Learn Much from the Second Kick of the Mule

In the past, the yield curve inversion has been a pretty good indicator of a recession. Jim Iuorio joins and explains, technically (but simply) why this time is different. Jim says there isn't much to be scared about -- except other people being scared. Eventually a recession will come, but Jim says right now, the economy is broadly in good shape. He shares his concerns, and what he's watching coming over the horizon. There might be some bumps in the market as the economy shifts into a new...


The President Might Not Drink But He’s Enjoying Mueller Time

It’s the FarrCast: Washington, Wall Street and the World! We start on Wall Street as Michael welcomes back Stephanie Link. The markets have twisted and turned as the yield curve has flattened, but Stephanie says it’s no time to panic. She is looking long term and it’s not rosy – but it’s not bad. Michael moves on to Washington and Dan Mahaffee joins to talk about the policy implications of the Mueller report. There are opportunities for progress but at least for now, both sides are playing...


It's Easy to Yell at a Panda

Welcome to another great FarrCast! Michael welcomes back Kenny Polcari. It's been a pretty good year so far, but he expects a little sideways movement. There has been a lot of good news priced in (and the Fed gave the markets some good news today) and there could be some shocks along the way. On the whole, the economy is sound and Kenny says stay the course, and watch for opportunities to buy. For the second segment we move from Wall St to Washington, and senior analyst Dan Mahaffee is our...


Calling It Dog's Breakfast Is an Insult to What I Feed My Dog

Michael welcomes Jack Bouroudjian, legendary trader and economist from UCX in Chicago. When Jack was last with us, it was just before the market bottomed. He told us what the markets needed to turn at Christmas, and he was spot on. He shares what he's looking for next -- and it's something every investor needs to hear. The Speaker says the President isn't worth impeaching; Dan Mahaffee says the Democrats are opting for guerrilla warfare instead of trench warfare. Brexit is back at the top...


Are We Just a Ball of Yarn and They're a Large Cat?

Jim Iuorio joins in with a check in on the markets. Listeners to the FarrCast know that when the markets bounced on Christmas Eve, there would be a pause in the rally about 2645 (and there was) and then at 2800 (and here we are.) Jim says to break higher we need two things: a real (even if incomplete) agreement with China, AND the Fed doesn't re-pivot and turn hawkish. If we see a "grace period" Jim thinks the markets will power through the 2800 level. For the second segment, Dan Mahaffee...


Making His Own Headwinds

With the Federal Reserve at the top of the headlines this week, we have a special FarrCast beginning with special guest Dr. Jeffrey Lacker, former President of the Richmond Federal Reserve, now Distinguished Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, . The Fed has shifted into pause and the balance sheet is moving towards normalization. What does that mean for the economy? For the markets? Dan Mahaffee joins us from the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress -- and there...


Here’s My LeBron Moment

Snow is coming to DC and Michael is back in studio to bring you another great FarrCast! Kenny Polcari calls in from his new gig, and says the markets feel good. The markets are expecting a trade deal, but not getting too far ahead of itself. Markets are reasonably priced after rising out of the despair of December. The markets started low, but Kenny sees a piece meal trade deal coming together, and the markets having a constructive year. Dan Mahaffee is back on the FarrCast to give us the...


We've Had a Pretty Good Year in the Last Month

It's a new FarrCast! The markets are up 17% off the Christmas lows. Will the rally continue? As we hit the next significant resistance level, Michael talks with Jim Baka of Calamos Wealth Management on some of the tools available to the long term investor. Senior Political Analyst Dan Mahaffee says the President might not be happy -- but with a deal in place in Congress, another shutdown isn't likely. The next fight is over where the Administration is going to shift money around to buy more...


The State of the State of the Union

The FarrCast is back and thawed out after a week in deep freeze! Michael welcomes Jim Iuorio to talk on the markets: we’ve seen a 16% rise since the Christmas Eve lows. Jim says there has been a lot of good news and we may well drift higher, but there is a China sized (& shaped) roadblock up ahead. He sees positives ahead for 2019 and tells us where he sees potholes along the way. Dan Mahaffee joins us for an expert’s view on the State of the Union. The President painted with a broad brush,...


Well It Feels Like a Millennia

On tonight's FarrCast, Michael welcomes back Stephanie Link. She is one of the leading minds, and leading voices on Wall Street and she share her thoughts on how market volatility can be an opportunity for the long term investor. The markets turned down today, apparently because of the realization that global growth is slowing -- but that's old news if you've been listening to the FarrCast. Listen for what Michael and Stephanie see coming next. The shutdown continues and Dan Mahaffee gives...


Peering into the Corner of the Attic

It's a snowy FarrCast! 2019 is off to a good start in the markets -- there's plenty to make up from the dive at the end of 2018. Michael reviews the markets as they've found their footing. Things aren't great -- but they aren't bad. We welcome Mark Hamrick, veteran economic journalist, former head of the National Press Club and currently chief economist at Michael and Mark have a free ranging conversation on Brexit, the market outlook, and a dive into a new consumer survey from...


Pulling Down the Wallpaper

It's a New Year and it's a new FarrCast! We start with Jim Iuorio from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. There are a ton of moving parts, Jim says, and he breaks down why the markets broke down in December, and what they need to see for the next leg up. Dan Mahaffee joins to tell us the state of play in Washington, DC. The holidays brought one domino fell after another. The impacts of the shutdown are beginning to be felt as TSA, USDA, and other acronyms are closed. The perfect is the enemy...


It's a special Year End FarrCast!

Every year, Michael picks his top ten. This year, there are bargains to be had after the markets have tumbled. What are the prospects in a market repricing environment? Farr, Miller & Washington is a "buy-to-hold" investment manager, which means we make each investment with the intent to hold the position for a period of 3-5 years. Nevertheless, in each of the past thirteen Decembers I have selected and invested personally in ten of the stocks we follow with the intention of holding for...


Dovish Bubble Wrap

Three trading days until Christmas and Santa Claus and his rally are nowhere to be seen. We welcome Jim Iuorio from the CME to talk about the markets. It's an uncertain time, and Jim says the getting tomorrow's Fed meeting in the rear view mirror will help. On the FarrCast, we say "emotion is the foe of the long-term investor" and right now the focus is on Jerome Powell -- and he needs to show no emotion and calm the emotional beast of the markets down. It's not just Wall Street providing...


Shutdown Light

Eventful. Well, that's one way to put it. Jim Iuorio joins us from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and gives us the technical take. It's not voodoo: the levels and patterns technicians watch are reliable predictors of the sentiments of market participants. Jim tells us what he watches to get a handle on what the collective psychological sentiment of the markets. What happened at The White House today? Really, what was that? Dan Mahaffee from the Center for the Study of the President and...


Will Xi or Won't Xi?

The market dropped 800! Don't panic -- listen to the FarrCast! Jim Iuorio joins us, and he's not worried about the yield curve, maybe a little about trade. The markets are behaving like markets do -- and sometimes they go down. Keep an eye on the long term: it was an awful day for sure, but relax and keep to your discipline. President Trump returned from Argentina and the G20 and said he'd made the biggest deal of his life. Yet the bond market didn't move. Dan Mahaffee joins us from...


East German Swimmers & The Fed

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! The FarrCast is back and the markets seem to be settling down. Michael welcomes Kenny Polcari who says the markets are waiting on geo-political events. The economy is sound and consumers just spent a record amount on Black Friday. Michael asks Kenny the question on everyone's mind: will there be a Santa Claus rally? Breaking news! Just before we went to air, Trump gave an interview to the Washington Post, and what an interview. Dan Mahaffee from the...