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A show where we discuss a variety of issues relating to you, your family and community. Sundays at 5:45 a.m.

A show where we discuss a variety of issues relating to you, your family and community. Sundays at 5:45 a.m.


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A show where we discuss a variety of issues relating to you, your family and community. Sundays at 5:45 a.m.




Life Issues

Bradley Mattes is president of Life Issues Institute. He shares about the growing awareness and enthusiasm behind support for pro-life issues and talks about how individuals and churches can get involved. To learn more about Brad Mattes and Life Issues Institute, visit lifeissues.org


Clean Mama

How do we maintain a clean, clutter free home? Many of us long for this, yet feel somewhat frustrated and stuck when it comes to cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering our home. Author and Cleaning Expert, Becky Rapinchuk gives encouragement and direction for those who wish to organize and maintain a cozy, comfortable home. Also, check out her website: www.cleanmama.com


The COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Sally Salmons, Carle’s associate chief medical officer for Medicine and Medical sub-specialties shares information and answers questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine.


Family Discipleship

Many of us who have children in the home would agree that the past few months have been somewhat challenging and difficult for parents. What should our priorities be, in leading our family, and how do we go about achieving success in mentoring and training our children? Pastor Adam Griffin, lead pastor of East side Community Church in Dallas Texas, talks about family discipleship, from his book, "Family Discipleship, Leading Your Family Through Time, Moments and Milestones," which he...


Crime Stoppers

Anonymity in reporting criminal activity in our communities is extremely important to ending crime. Often times, family or friends will not report a crime for fear of retaliation. Crime Stoppers guarantees that that they will share your tips to law enforcement, while keeping your information totally secure and anonymous. John Hecker shares the local history of this organization and how it works to keep our communities safe.



Gloria Martin, a Cancer Kid Mom and author of the book, "I Cry In The Shower, Loving Silas Living With Cancer," shares about her son. She talks about the ten year journey of cancer and the passing of Silas at the young age of sixteen. He taught his mom and many others so much about life, death and ultimate faith in God. Gloria shares practical ways we can support our friends and loved ones who may be experiencing grief during this up-coming holiday season.


Trooper Tracy

Sgt. Tracy Lillard, also known to many in Illinois as Trooper Tracy, shares about life in 2020 and what that's looked like for her family. She enjoys engaging and educating the public through social media. She's had much success in this and is now the Statewide Social Media Coordinator for the Illinois State Police. Needless to say, she loves what she does and it really shines through. We think you'll enjoy today's guest.


Most Fires Start In The Kitchen

Eric presents a recent scenario in his home, involving his response to what could have become a house fire. Robert Simmons, a Deputy Fire Marshal, responds and shares what Eric did correctly in this situation and perhaps what else he could have done. Also, Robert shares his concerns about recent house fires and mistakes people make in their kitchens that cause fires.


The Cold, Flu and Covid-19

Dr. Michael Smith, is the Emergency Medicine and Medical Director of Carle Regional EMS, and he provides information about the common cold, influenza and covid-19. He discusses symptoms, research and vaccines.


Youth For Christ Juvenile Justice Ministry

Dan Wolgemuth, President and CEO of Youth For Christ, shares about an experience where he and several YFC executive-level employees voluntarily booked themselves into a juvenile detention center for 24 hours to help understand and relate to the incarcerated teens served by YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry program.


Rural Health and Farm Safety

Amy Rademaker from the Carle Center for Rural Health & Farm Safety, shares ways to keep safe during fall season and harvest time. Whether you are riding an ATV, operating a combine or driving your car in the country, you'll find this conversation helpful.


Parental Involvement In Education

This week's show is taken from the WBGL Afternoon Show, where we are joined by co-host, Danielle from "Eric and Danielle" and Dr. Joannie DeBrito, Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family. Dr. DeBrito gives advice concerning parental involvement in a child's education and very practical insight into how to address concerns we might have with teachers and school administrators.


Life Lessons From The Language Of A Horse

We can learn a lot about life and leadership, from the language of a horse. Author and nationally known leadership and horse training expert, Dr. Lew Sterrett, shares about two words, Truth and Trust, and explains how these two words are both vital to the training of a horse and are also very important to humans and our development too. He leads a fascinating ministry called, Sermon On The Mount. Dr. Sterrett trains horses while sharing life changing messages to audiences all around the...


Acing Computer Science And Coding

Your child or grandchild seems to be fascinated with computers. Perhaps you would be interested in them learning more than just gaming. Author Grant Smith shares about his book, Everything You Need To Ace Computer Science And Coding In One Big Fat Notebook. Grant has been a middle school teacher and a teacher to teachers, on this important topic. He has a passion to teach programming and coding, in a very fun and interactive way, to kids of all ages. Listen to learn more!


The Return To College

It’s been a challenging season for colleges and universities, as their leadership teams have been navigating through many unknowns. Dr. Alan Cureton, president of the University of Northwestern - St Paul, shares his perspective on leading through this unprecedented time and what his university is doing to prepare for a successful and safe school year. Dr. Cureton challenges his constituents to live in wisdom and prudence and not succumb to pervasive fear.


Every Orphan's Hope

My old bike can make a difference? Yes it can and many are! Donating your bicycle to Every Orphan's Hope can bring hope to a person in Zambia. Founder and President, Gary Schneider shares how bicycles are being used to bring opportunities to not only the people who work in the shops to repair them but the people who receive them and are then able to use them for transportation. Find out how your old bike can make a huge difference in someone's life.


Hanging Out At Centennial Farm

We had the unique privileged of spending some time at Centennial Farm near Philo, Illinois with Farmer, Darrel Rice and Champaign County Farm Bureau Director, Brad Uken. Our conversation took place in a machine shed next to a beautiful John Deer tractor.


Meteorology and Weather

WCIA's Chief Meteorologist, Kevin Lighty answer questions about the complexity of weather, what conditions produce lightning and tornadoes, explains terms frequently used by weather forecasters and shares about the wonders of what we can see in the sky.


Health and Safety During The Summer Months

John Dwyer, Coordinator for the Champaign County Emergency Management Agency, shares how the county is planning for and responding to emergencies specifically related to Covid 19 and severe weather in the region.


Investing With Biblical Principles

Arthur D. Ally is the founder and President of Timothy Plan - the leading company in, "Investing With Biblical Principles." He shares how we can learn to invest in companies and funds that best reflect our sincerely held convictions and Biblical worldview. How do we better align our investments with our beliefs? Listen to find out!