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Each week, on WBGL Community Matters, we hear from a variety of guests who discuss important issues of interest to you and your community.

Each week, on WBGL Community Matters, we hear from a variety of guests who discuss important issues of interest to you and your community.
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Each week, on WBGL Community Matters, we hear from a variety of guests who discuss important issues of interest to you and your community.




The Salvation Army

Major Randall Summit, from the Salvation Army talks about the origins of this historic and relevant ministry and how it continues to fulfill it's mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Major Randall shares about the importance of local needs being met through partnerships and how the red kettle campaign is vital to maintaining their annual budget.


Operation Christmas Child (Alex Nsengimana)

Alex Nsengimana suffered so much loss as a child. While in an orphanage in Rwanda, Alex received a shoe-box. He also received hope in Christ through love from strangers. Alex shares about the hope he now offers to children around the world.


Family First Ministries

When we consider building strong, healthy relationships with our children, we should do our best to consider our spouse and investing in him or her and think about the impact this will have on our children or grandchildren. Recording artist, Family Advocate and Life Coach, Tom Frye, shares how we can grown in our marriage relationship as well as how we can relate to our children who are married or on their own, and how we can disciple and lead our younger children.


Building Stronger Families and Communities

Recording Artist, Family Advocate and Life Coach, Tom Frye, encourages parents and grandparents to normalize and prioritize their faith in God, in relationship to their children. He discusses the difference between discipline and punishment and encourages parents to take time to invest in their most important small group, their family. He shares about his personal journey, the Frye Family Band and a ministry for families called, Family First Ministries, which exists to encourage parents to...


A Conversation About Medicare Coverage

What should we know as we are looking into Medicare Coverage? What conversations should we have during enrollment? Terra Mullins, a Community Outreach Manager discusses who we can talk to and what information we should look into while making decisions about what plans to choose from.


Farmers and Harvest

Brad Uken, a local farm bureau director, discusses the pressures farmers and their families face, especially during planting or harvest seasons. The combination of stress, isolation and long work hours can lead to depression. Brad shares what he believes we can do to help farmers and families through this time. Along the way, he also answers various crop and harvest related questions.


It's Harvest Time

Have you ever wondered, where all of the corn in the field goes and what it is used for? Brad Uken, from the Champaign County Farm Bureau, explains this and answers other questions pertaining to farming and harvest time.


Horses Helping People

To most of us, a horse is a beautiful creature. It's fascinating to hear how such a large, strong, beautiful animal can connect emotionally and even help children and families in their recovery from trauma. We'll hear more about Hope Lives Rescue Ranch as we sit down with Director, Emily Reichman. She'll share heart warming stories and important information regarding her equine therapy program.


What To Keep In Mind While Driving Your Vehicle

Trooper Joseph Rush, with the Illinois State Police delves into Scott's Law, also known as the Move Over Law. He tells us what to do when we see a vehicle stopped on the roadway. He also reminds us of laws regarding safety around the school bus, the farm vehicle and more.


Preparing Children For Their Future

Financial Coach, Alec Ring discusses plans parents can have to prepare their children for the future. His favorite plan is the WORK plan. He shares how character, integrity and hard work are very important principles to pass on to your children and grandchildren.


WBGL Community Matters

Danny Huerta, Vice President of Parenting and the Youth Department at Focus on the Family, helps parents navigate around the issue of smart phone use by their children. He also talks about how important it is to make adjustments with your children, to pause and then reset situations, so that everyone is on the same page and working towards mutually beneficial goals.


WBGL Community Matters

Will it make life easier? Is this device really for safety? Is my child mature enough? What conversations should we be having? Many of us are facing these and other questions regarding smartphone use by our children or grand-children. Danny Huerta, vice president of parenting and youth at Focus on the Family responds to questions parents or grandparents might have and gives practical advice regarding the place and time for smartphones and conversations surrounding them.


Fighting PTSD and Finding Support

Tyler Wilson loved life. He always had a smile. He was a combat Marine, who after serving his nation, battled PTSD. In the wake of tragedy and death by suicide, his mother, Julia shares about signs and symptoms of PTSD and how loved ones should respond. She founded a group called, "Angel Moms." It's a group where moms find hope and healing through loving community with others who have also lost a son or a daughter.


States Attorney, Tracy Weaver

States Attorney, Tracy Weaver discusses the responsibilities of a States Attorney, rights of victims of crime, as well as concerns of drug related crime and domestic violence issues. She highlights the importance of sharing information, pertaining to crimes, with local law enforcement.