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Episode021 - Counting backwards from ten!

In this short (seven minutes) solo episode, I talk through a really (and I do mean really!) simple technique for when you're faced with overwhelm... how to deal with Learned Helplessness. What's Learned Helplessness? It's the belief that you can't do anything, so you don't try. You can't meet a deadline so you don't even do the work properly... you know the kind of thing. Yes, it's simple. No, it's not easy, because remember to do it in the heat of your overload is tricky! ;)


Episode_020 - not working with Chris Huskins

Chris is the chilled out podcast man! Starting a young family and running four companies should drive him round the bend. Instead he's cool, calm and cucumber-like! So what is it that allows him to be so chilled and yet so fantastically productive at the same time? In this episode, Chris and I chat about not-being so structured and disciplined... the ultimate antidote to my last episode :) We talk about diary white-space, we talk about walking away no about not working. We talk apps too,...


Episode_019 Discipline! with Scott Beebe

Scott Beebe is head of and an absolutely awesome productivity-ist (Is that a real word?) Passionate about what he does (getting business owners out from the chaos of working in their business to being able to work on it) but as you'll see in this interview, also massively passionate about his family life and staying sane as he gets things done. We talk about Scott's way of using some of the business coaching tools he's developed with his family to be in the zone and...


Episode018 - one down level down from The Big Idea

A short, solo episode where I share the thee Ts that make it more likely you'll hit your big, strategic ideas. Strategy and Big Ideas are great. If you get them wrong nothing else matters, but all to often the Big Idea is there - but the execution isn't. Things go wrong at the level below 'strategic'. By thinking about the three Ts here, you're much more likely to hit those Big Ideas. Nothing's ever sure, but some things are surer than others :)


Episode017 - Dan Moyle - marketing manager and so much more

Dan Moyles is a busy, busy man. He's the marketing manager for a fast-growing (and impressive) business in the states and yet he still has time to ride his motorbike for fun, be with his family and take an hour a day for just getting ready, praying and meditating. How does he manage that? Well part of it of course is that by taking an hour a day for himself he gets so much more done... productivity works the other way around to how many of us pretend. But there's so much more to Dan's...


Episode016 - balancing planning with flexibility

A short, solo episode... looking at the trade off between planning a long time in advance and doing things at the last minute. Both have advantages and both have disadvantages... is there a secret trick that balances the two? Yes - sort of. It's about planning the process, not the product, and this episode is an example of how to use that. The whole episode, which runs for just over six minutes was prepared in just over ten! I'm not pretending it's the best episode of a podcast...


Episode 014 -Reflective Practice

We all want to be better next time. The key to doing that is looking at what we've done so far. It doesn't take a genius to work that out, right? Reflective Practice is the formal name for thinking about how to make it better next time - and that might include 'faster next time'. But if we're not careful, reflective practice doesn't increase productivity - it just wastes time by become self-indulgent gazing at your own glory... or worse, an exercise in making excuses for yourself. On the...


Episode 013 - an accountant talks about experimenting

Jon Norton is an accountant. Don't switch off! He's an interesting accountant - honestly! As you might expect from an accountant everything in Jon's world is about proof and making sure it works. And by "everything" we include his personal productivity. We talk about his experimental approach - where you can't lose! (And we mention Thomas Eddison in passing who said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".) His approach runs from how long he works for and where he...


Episode 012 - Working from home and being a parent

Clare's productivity is amazing. She's a mum. She does other stuff. She works two days a week. She's running her own business. Oh, and she's a blast! What's not to love with a combination like that? Clare and I chat about what she does to be so productive -hint, it's a little bit about the tools but it's a lot about headstate - and it's and utterly honest conversation where we joke over the mistakes we've made but at least we admit we've made them! ;)


Episode 011 - Cathy Wassell and being a productive mum

In this down-the-wire-via-Skype interview, I chat with Cathy Wassell. She's a mum of two small kids, who runs her own small business, managing the social media for other small businesses. It's quite the balancing act, because you can't always control either children or social media! We chat about how she manages, what Apps she uses - and why she doesn't... and we touch on a whole range of other (usually related but not always topics, such as whisky cheesecake! :) )


Episode 010 - Two thoughts about making decisions

This is a solo episode, so brace yourself as I pretend to know what I'm talking about. I apply Occum's Razor to making decisions and come to the conclusion that one way to improve our productivity is not to worry about what the decisions are that we make, so much as whether we make them or not! Short, sharp and semi-personal... because this is a weakness of mine! :)


Episode 009 - Running a business on only three hours a day!

Chatting to Sarah Tomlinson about how she runs her web design business on only a few hours a day is inspiring. (On a bad day it's intimidating!) With a seven month old and another baby on the way, Sarah's learned how to be more efficient than most people. It's just they way it has to be for her! I chat to her about how she does it, and pick up some awesome tips along the way for This is productivity on overdrive, but without sacrificing what's important or forgetting what we're productive...


Episod 015 - Natalie Hailey

Natalie Hailey is one of those people who does it all... mum, wife and entrepreneur. She's also fun, sane and one of the nicest people I've met online. So, at risk of making her sound like some kind of saint, in this episode I chat to her about: It's an absolutely fabulous episode, packed with wisdom from someone who's starting to make her mark on the online world, but not getting up before she went to bed yesterday. :)


Episode 008 - Tim Lewis on being productive while working for yourself

It's hard work to do stuff for The Man, sure. But at least you know what to do. When you hire yourself because you're self employed things get messier. Not only do you have to do the work, you have to figure out which work to do. Self employed publisher Tim Lewis helps get it unpacked for us in part one of a two-parter.


Bonus episode: Hunting The Missing Mojo

No matter how big your plan for changing the universe and no matter how much you love what you do, there are days when you just feel 'meh'. Your mojo has just upped and left. So what do you do when that happens? You can't be productive without your mojo. I asked a range of people, from friends to experts (and a couple of people who are both! ;) ) what they did to refind their mojo. I got a lot of different answers, and used a lot of different recording devices (quality alert! :) ) but...


Episode 007 - Lifehacking. Easier said than done

We all know that willpower (alone) is rubbish for improving our productivity and keeping us doing what we're supposed to be doing. That's everything from going to the gym to working harder to being nice to that irritating neighbour and taking lunch breaks. What we need is to have the 'good thing' so ingrained it becomes a habit that doesn't need a habit. But building habits can be hard. Enter lifehacks. Lifehacks are a mechanical trick or device to get something from the back our our...


Episode 012 - Odd things we say in my family

I'm not making any claims, but no one has seen me and Batman in the same room, at the same, time, right? ;) In this episode I explore a couple of sayings we use around here to help us get things done and to help us figure out what we need to get done. Productivity is often about But sometimes we don't know what to do when, or don't feel up to doing it. Let me introduce you to FutureSimon, who knows what you should have done today, to make his job easier - and Batman, who you might have met...


Episode 006 - Running a business on only three days a week!

Wouldn't you love to work just three days a week? The other two days are time to spend with your new daughter (as well as the weekends!) or chill out, relax - or do some personal development... ... in this episode I chat to Dave Algeo, who runs a training company and who does exactly that. Dave's utterly honest and open about how he managers - and when he might not! There's something for anyone here, if you're interested in knowing how to get enough done and still have time to play.


Episode 005 - What we can learn about being efficient by being rubbish!

We're all good at something. And it's fair to say we're all less good at other things. If we're going to be honest, there are some things we're absolutely sucky at! But all is not lost. Sometimes we can look at things that we're rubbish at (or better yet, things that other people are rubbish at) to see how to be more efficient and effective. For example, I know I drive more economically when my car's computer tells me there's only enough juice in the tank to get where I'm going with not...


Episode 004 - A rant from a cafe!

Only to episode four and I can't wait to get to my office to record something! ;) Here, I rant a little - just a little - from one of my favourite cafes, as I do some Reflective Practice and debrief myself after a productivity training course I ran. The course was great, the clients were great, the outcomes were mixed? Why? Not because people didn't know what to do by the end of the day, but because...