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AB Pod Epi-7: Bipolar Prone: A Matter Of Perspective

I view myself as being "bipolar prone", rather than thinking of my bipolar as being cured The difference between these two perspectives is a crucial one to understand. And the reason for why my definition is more appropriate is hidden in a way not easily accepted by, or readily visible to most. But before we even dive down these various rabbit holes, let's get one major point clear: It's not MY bipolar If you take ownership of the illness by thinking of it in terms of being "mine", it will...


AB Pod Epi-6: Seven21 Media Center Interview w/ Jeremy Ellenbogen

Seven21 Media Center in Kingston, NY. Home of Ellenbogen Creative Media and my friends: Jeremy, Henry and Alice Ellenbogen. This is where a big piece of my new life as a sane man began I just wanted to reformat a DVD. It was from one of my very first interviews, a talk with a local cable television show host. I didn't have the software to use what they gave me for marketing purposes. Somebody suggested I see the Ellenbogens over at Seven21. An entirely unique and fascinating world was...


AB Pod: Epi-5: Karen Gupton Interview – Arc Of My Bipolar Story

This is the best version of my entire bipolar story. It's concisely delivered without a lot of fluff. Yet it's crammed with every pertinent fact about how I became bipolar, how I found out, what it did to me, how I got out and a bit of what came next. It sums up nicely the bipolar hell I survived I presented the story calmly, while relaying even the worst parts of it in a positive fashion. I shared my pain and anger from that time without getting emotionally involved, which isn't always...


AB Pod: Epi-4: Dr. Larry Smith Interview: Embracing The Journey Of Recovery

Dr. Larry Smith is a chiropractor in Canada who had his own devastating run down the Addiction Mountainside. Pun intended. He's also a triathlete! We met while simultaneously writing our books with the help of the same marketing company. And meeting Dr. Larry was one of the bonuses becoming an author granted me! He's got a vibe that is all heart; all caring. And he's got a sense of humor about the pain he's endured, same as I. It simply makes speaking with him a frigging positive...


AB Pod: Epi-3: WKNY Interview with Judy McTague: Pt2

This was my return interview at WKNY, about 4 months after the original. Right off the bat: the info and helpful perspectives I shared here all remain valid. But man, was I humming a hair along the manic power lines! I was truly bipolar-free but still dealt with lingering aftershocks I remember being nervous about the interview that day. I was off my game a little because of it. It wasn't an entirely natural state of mind, meaning, it wasn't just stage fright. I was dealing with some of...


AB Pod: Epi-2: WKNY Interview with Judy McTague: Pt1

About 9 years ago (!) WKNY in Kingston, NY had me on as a guest, speaking with Jody McTague. Jody was wonderful! The experience of being on the radio was almost surreal but also gratifying. At the time, I thought I was finally "making it" as I tried my damnedest to turn my experiences into a business that helped others get out of the bipolar hell I'd once endured. I didn't "make it" very far but the interview should still be a huge help to many In restarting this portion of my sharing, it...


AB Pod: Epi-1: Let’s Wage Some War! (My Way)

Here I go again. I thought I'd left behind the idea of actively sharing anything about my bipolar past. I have always wanted my material to be available to those who need it most. But my first run at doing so turned into a bitterly stressful dead end. In response, I began Outsiders Journey. I wanted to branch out into new areas, while still giving out all I'd learned to beat bipolar. So I designed parts of the site to passively share that info without embroiling myself in the same shit I'd...


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