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#10: PTSD: My Other Playmate

PTSD. I'd like to say I didn't see that one coming, but that'd be a lie. Similar to bipolar disorder, I think I've had some nugget of this following me since my youth. But the shit I endured during my stay in the Marines helped it come to dark fruition. PTSD can happen to anyone who's survived something they weren't always sure they would Now, I'm not going to dig into a deep look at PTSD. I can't. I only know a certain amount and I only know what my experience of it has been like. The rest...


#9: Burning Down The House...Again

The only way to become the phoenix is to start a fire. I learned a long time ago that if I was to survive–just survive–I'd have to burn down the Old Kenny to let the new version appear. The old me was not up to the task of providing what only the new me could. And burning down the Old Me scared the shit out of me Yet, the process was already taking place whether I liked it or not. I only understood this in retrospect. Bipolar, and all the wrong decisions surrounding it, were the mental and...


#8: Energy Of The Past

The energy of the past can come pounding to the surface of my mind, heart, and body whenever I retell my bipolar story. It recently came roaring to the fore in a most unexpected fashion just yesterday. I met a counselor, in passing, who I'd been hoping to bump into at some point. I wanted her inner circle opinion on how to make a real world move with the material in my head, beyond what I do on this site. Because the dream build is taking more cash than I have to complete it. So I need a...


#7: Bipolar Prone: A Matter Of Perspective

I view myself as being "bipolar prone", rather than thinking of my bipolar as being cured The difference between these two perspectives is a crucial one to understand. And the reason for why my definition is more appropriate is hidden in a way not easily accepted by, or readily visible to most. But before we even dive down these various rabbit holes, let's get one major point clear: It's not MY bipolar If you take ownership of the illness by thinking of it in terms of being "mine", it will...


#6: Seven21 Media Center Interview w/ Jeremy Ellenbogen

Seven21 Media Center in Kingston, NY. Home of Ellenbogen Creative Media and my friends: Jeremy, Henry and Alice Ellenbogen. This is where a big piece of my new life as a sane man began I just wanted to reformat a DVD. It was from one of my very first interviews, a talk with a local cable television show host. I didn't have the software to use what they gave me for marketing purposes. Somebody suggested I see the Ellenbogens over at Seven21. An entirely unique and fascinating world was opened...


#5: Karen Gupton Interview – Arc Of My Bipolar Story

This is the best version of my entire bipolar story. It's concisely delivered without a lot of fluff. Yet it's crammed with every pertinent fact about how I became bipolar, how I found out, what it did to me, how I got out and a bit of what came next. It sums up nicely the bipolar hell I survived I presented the story calmly, while relaying even the worst parts of it in a positive fashion. I shared my pain and anger from that time without getting emotionally involved, which isn't always easy...


#4: Dr. Larry Smith Interview: Embracing The Journey Of Recovery

Dr. Larry Smith is a chiropractor in Canada who had his own devastating run down the Addiction Mountainside. Pun intended. He's also a triathlete! We met while simultaneously writing our books with the help of the same marketing company. And meeting Dr. Larry was one of the bonuses becoming an author granted me! He's got a vibe that is all heart; all caring. And he's got a sense of humor about the pain he's endured, same as I. It simply makes speaking with him a frigging positive experience!...


#3: WKNY Interview with Judy McTague: Pt2

This was my return interview at WKNY, about 4 months after the original. Right off the bat: the info and helpful perspectives I shared here all remain valid. But man, was I humming a hair along the manic power lines! I was truly bipolar-free but still dealt with lingering aftershocks I remember being nervous about the interview that day. I was off my game a little because of it. It wasn't an entirely natural state of mind, meaning, it wasn't just stage fright. I was dealing with some of the...


#2: WKNY Interview with Judy McTague: Pt1

About 9 years ago (!) WKNY in Kingston, NY had me on as a guest, speaking with Jody McTague. Jody was wonderful! The experience of being on the radio was almost surreal but also gratifying. At the time, I thought I was finally "making it" as I tried my damnedest to turn my experiences into a business that helped others get out of the bipolar hell I'd once endured. I didn't "make it" very far but the interview should still be a huge help to many In restarting this portion of my sharing, it...


#1: Let's Wage Some War! (My Way)

Here I go again. I thought I'd left behind the idea of actively sharing anything about my bipolar past. I have always wanted my material to be available to those who need it most. But my first run at doing so turned into a bitterly stressful dead end. In response, I began Outsiders Journey. I wanted to branch out into new areas, while still giving out all I'd learned to beat bipolar. So I designed parts of the site to passively share that info without embroiling myself in the same shit I'd...