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BONUS: Re-imagining the Festive Season with Pia Jane Bijkerk

Today’s conversation is a soulful invitation that offers you an opportunity to reflect on the year that's been and to feel a sense of renewal, bringing our delightful guest Pia Jane Bijkerk back onto the show. Pia is an artist, an author and a visual storyteller, who believes that intuition and creativity play important roles in enhancing our daily life. Pia's written a book on The Festive Season Reimagined and I adore the opportunity it provides to slow down and live this season...


#19 Slow Adventures with Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon

We've all day-dreamed about throwing in the towel and heading out on adventure, but what happens if you actually followed that instinct? Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon are creatives in Melbourne who did just that - they sold their possessions, moved out of their home, and left in an old four wheel drive with a single goal: to discover Australia’s best swimming spot. With the holiday season upon us, it’s not always possible to take a year off to travel the world - or...


#18 Down to Earth Living with Milkwood Permaculture

Today’s conversation with permaculture educators Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar from Milkwood is dose of goodness for anybody looking to connect with the earth, and themselves. Hearing from Kirsten and Nick is an absolute joy, as they share their gentle and exploratory journey towards creating a meaningful life. Their story begins in central Melbourne, working as art-makers and VJs, before undertaking an enormous challenge and moving to Nick’s rural family farm in NSW in the hope of...


SPECIAL: We need to talk about men (Sam Wood, Damon Gameau, Dr. Monty Badami & Sam Gledhill)

I’m going to interrupt business as usual broadcasting here because it’s November... and we need to talk. We need to talk about men. This episode is inspired by Movember, which uses this month to talk about improving the quality of life for men and raising funds to do something about it. The reason for this conversation is pretty clear when we see the numbers: And lastly - 70% of men say their friends can rely on them for support, but only 48% say that they rely on their friends. In other...


#16 A People's Movement for Humanity with Danny Almagor

What is the role of money and business in creating the world that we want to live in? That’s the question that Danny Almagor has dedicated his life to, creating Small Giants with wife Berry Liberman, the magical storyteller behind Dumbo Feather. Together they’ve formed a dynamic partnership that uses business to create change, and as a tool for positive social and environmental impact in the world. Small Giants creates, nurtures and empowers businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to...


#15 How to deepen your relationships with Tim Dean

Knowing how to get the most out of the people we meet, live with and love is so important to living a meaningful life. But too often we struggle to communicate our true selves. We fail to connect deeply or have conversations that allow us to reveal our vulnerability and naturally relate to others. Instead, our chitchat can feel like it’s in a rut - mundane, dull and filled with innocuous nonsense about events, plans or the weather. According to Tim Dean, the ability to be sociable and to...


#14 The Compassionate Kitchen with Gemma Davis

If you're looking to introduce more plants into your diet - whether you're a vegetarian, a meat-eater, a flexitarian or simple hearty lover of food - this episode is for you. Gemma Davis is a qualified naturopath who blogs about ethical eating at The Compassionate Road about how we can make kinder choices through food and in life, from questioning leather, the conditions behind free range eggs, and plant based cooking inspiration. The timing of this episode is rather poetic, as a number of...


#13 Slow Food, Slow Living with Paul West - Part 2

*Enjoy second part of my special conversation with Paul West* Paul West is a chef, sustainable food advocate, and the host of River Cottage Australia, famously bringing Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s beloved series of farm life to Australian television screens. However, for Paul, life wasn’t always so rosy. In our conversation, we go behind the scenes to explore his own story of discovering the River Cottage lifestyle - from overworked, overstressed and undernourished chef, through to...


#12 The River Cottage Lifestyle with Paul West - Part 1

Paul West is a chef, sustainable food advocate, and the host of River Cottage Australia, famously bringing Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s beloved series of farm life to Australian television screens. However, for Paul, life wasn’t always so rosy. In our conversation, we go behind the scenes to explore his own story of discovering the River Cottage lifestyle - from overworked, overstressed and undernourished chef, through to re-defining what success meant to him and his growing family. A...


#11 Radical Self Acceptance with Dr. Richard Chambers

Dr. Richard Chambers is an internationally recognised mindfulness expert, psychologist, and part of the team who created Smiling Mind. I've personally benefitted from his knowledge, alongside thousands of others, to harness the power of mindfulness in everyday life. Mindfulness means being aware and fully engaged in each moment of life. It starts with paying full attention to what we are doing, staying in direct contact with what is actually happening, and not getting caught up in judgment....


#10 Low Tox Living with Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart is a health activist and change agent. She coined the term 'low tox' many years ago after seeing a lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. At the time the decision seemed to be filled with black and white binary distinctions of 'no tox' and 'zero chemical' lifestyles that felt unrealistic for her to integrate into daily life. Instead, she founded the blog Low Tox Life and began to research simple steps that she could take to reduce the...


#09 The Farm Community with Emma and Tom Lane

‘Grow, feed, educate’ is Emma and Tom Lane’s motto for their beloved business, The Farm in Byron Bay. The ethos underpins all they do, and stems from their deep belief that firsthand experience of seeing how food is grown and produced makes eating so much more pleasurable - and equips us to make better food decisions for our health and the health of our planet. The family lived on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, where Tom led his family’s business, the fashion label Oroton, and Emma worked in...


#08 Making Work Meaningful with Kate McCready

Kate McCready is a work, business and life coach, and her goal is to activate the best in us to better our lives and world. Kate is the host of the Good Work Revolution podcast, which I’m a big fan and listener of, where she explores side projects to ignite our purpose, navigating transitions and creating heart-centred and human-centred workplaces. Kate is the warmest and wisest person I’ve been able to sit with and ponder deeper meaning behind bringing our conscious selves to all facets...


#07 Planthunting with Georgina Reid

Georgina Reid is the soil-savvy force behind The Planthunter, an independent online magazine that has developed a cult following, weaving together a rich story of connection between humans and plants. Celebrating plant life in all its forms, it offers an intelligent, inspirational and sometimes wonderfully wacky mix of content that delights readers away from their computers and into their garden. When Georgina had a seed of an idea to create a website exploring the connections between...


#06 Finding Home Within with Maud Léger

Ask yourself this question: What does my inner and outer self look and feel like at this time in my life? Your outer self being the part of you that you show to the outside world. Your inner self is a private world of sensations, feelings, memories and thoughts. It’s private and it’s precious and it’s ours alone. Just close your eyes and meditate on it for a moment. Now ask yourself this. Does anybody else truly get to know my inner world? Maud Léger spent many years hiding her inner...


#05 Becoming Our Best Selves with Lola Berry

My next guest needs little introduction. Lola Berry is a nutritionist, a yoga teacher and is the author of ten best-selling books. Her name is synonymous with her happy-go-lucky persona and her vivaciousness for life, but what she rarely reveals is the criticism that she receives behind the scenes. As a well-known personality, Lola has faced a barrage of unkind criticism judging the way she looks, what she wears, her weight, and her very being. I actually met Lola nearly ten years ago when...


#04 Everyday Alchemy with Pia Bijkerk

Rarely has a book captivated and delighted readers as much as My Heart Wanders by Pia Bijkerk, an author, artist and visual storyteller. It honours what Pia calls our heart wanderings - the journeys that we take physically and emotionally when we’re guided by our intuition. Pia believes that we have the opportunity to flourish as human beings when we tune into our inner child and our deeper yearnings, rather than being guided solely by our thoughts. Through her work and her mentoring...


#03 The Power of Conscious Choice with Tim Silverwood

Did you know that almost three quarters of our planet’s surface is covered by ocean? This has lead Tim Silverwood to believe that we should be calling it Planet Ocean rather than Planet Earth. As an environmentalist, a campaigner, and the co-founder of Take 3. He’s a dynamic voice within the movement away from single use plastics, and a refreshingly optimistic presence within the environmental movement. As a keen surfer, Tim has closely watched the evolution of the ocean and its...


#02 The Permaculture Revolution with David Holmgren

In many homes worldwide, David Holmgren is a beloved name. As the co-creator of the global permaculture movement, his work has touched millions of lives, and can be seen etched into the gardens of inner city projects to community co-operatives to large-scale farms. The term permaculture was created back in the mid-1970s by David and university professor Bill Mollison, and is a combination of the terms ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’ to create a symbolic union. Its 12 principles are based...


#01 Connect to Country with Jamie Marloo Thomas

Did you know that wellbeing has sustained Aboriginal Australians to be one of the world’s oldest continuing living cultures for more than 80,000 years? It’s an honour for this podcast series to be introduced with a conversation with Jamie Marloo Thomas, a proud Aboriginal Australian and the co-founder of Wayapa - the first formalized wellness and connection practice based on Indigenous Australian knowledge. Wayapa is also known as Wayapa Wurrk, which means connect to country. It focuses on...