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Becoming Our Best Selves with Lola Berry

My next guest needs little introduction. Lola Berry is a nutritionist, a yoga teacher and is the author of ten best-selling books. Her name is synonymous with her happy-go-lucky persona and her vivaciousness for life, but what she rarely reveals is the criticism that she receives behind the scenes. As a well-known personality, Lola has faced a barrage of unkind criticism judging the way she looks, what she wears, her weight, and her very being. I actually met Lola nearly ten years ago when...


Everyday Alchemy with Pia Bijkerk

Rarely has a book captivated and delighted readers as much as My Heart Wanders by Pia Bijkerk, an author, artist and visual storyteller. It honours what Pia calls our heart wanderings - the journeys that we take physically and emotionally when we’re guided by our intuition. Pia believes that we have the opportunity to flourish as human beings when we tune into our inner child and our deeper yearnings, rather than being guided solely by our thoughts. Through her work and her mentoring...


The Power of Conscious Choice with Tim Silverwood

Did you know that almost three quarters of our planet’s surface is covered by ocean? This has lead Tim Silverwood to believe that we should be calling it Planet Ocean rather than Planet Earth. As an environmentalist, a campaigner, and the co-founder of Take 3. He’s a dynamic voice within the movement away from single use plastics, and a refreshingly optimistic presence within the environmental movement. As a keen surfer, Tim has closely watched the evolution of the ocean and its...


Permaculture Can Change the World with David Holmgren

In many homes worldwide, David Holmgren is a beloved name. As the co-creator of the global permaculture movement, his work has touched millions of lives, and can be seen etched into the gardens of inner city projects to community co-operatives to large-scale farms. The term permaculture was created back in the mid-1970s by David and university professor Bill Mollison, and is a combination of the terms ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’ to create a symbolic union. Its 12 principles are based...


Connect to Country with Jamie Marloo Thomas

Did you know that wellbeing has sustained Aboriginal Australians to be one of the world’s oldest continuing living cultures for more than 80,000 years? It’s an honour for this podcast series to be introduced with a conversation with Jamie Marloo Thomas, a proud Aboriginal Australian and the co-founder of Wayapa - the first formalized wellness and connection practice based on Indigenous Australian knowledge. Wayapa is also known as Wayapa Wurrk, which means connect to country. It focuses...


Introducing All Being Well

Welcome to All Being Well, ​a podcast guiding you along your personal wellness journey. Healers, Innovators, Growers, Peacemakers - hear the wisdom and philosophy of leaders in the wellness industries, some you’ll know, and some you’ll love to meet. The intention of each episode is to provide insights, tools and a new way of thinking to make a shift happen in your day, week and year. Think of it as your wellness companion, sitting in your pocket, just waiting to be discovered. We launch...