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Bringing stories of hope to the rebels, the “troublemakers”, and the misunderstood that want to do good.

Bringing stories of hope to the rebels, the “troublemakers”, and the misunderstood that want to do good.
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Bringing stories of hope to the rebels, the “troublemakers”, and the misunderstood that want to do good.




Five Things You Must Accept To Get What You Want

Have you come to terms yet? Have you accepted that you do things in unorthodox ways and that you’re a little weirdo? Yes? Awesome! Then I believe you're well on your way to enjoying your life. BUT and this is a big but. Have you thought about and accepted that you may need to make some big sacrifices in order to get what you want out of life? In this episode we're going to talk about five things that you must accept to help you build enough confidence to not give a crap about being judged...


Start With How You Want To Feel

What if you thought about how you want to feel before you set goals and made a plan? Would you do things differently? When how you want to feel becomes your driving force you tend to worry less about what other people think of your choices. As a result, what YOU want becomes more clear and decision making becomes easier. In this episode we're going to explore this approach. You'll hear how you can use it to build your life based on YOUR core traits and values - rather than following the norm...


Confident Enough

We're back for season two! Throughout this season we’re going to dig into our fear - mainly our fear of being judged. I think we all know how fear can hold us back from getting what we want. But have you ever stopped to think about how fear can keep you from even knowing what you want? Like knowing who you are without outside influence. What is it that YOU want when you eliminate others' expectations? AND we'll explore how you can build the confidence and the courage that you need in order...


It Was Worth The Embarrassment

I love sharing experiences from my own life so, you know you aren't alone! This episode comes from one of the most mortifying times in my life. It’s a short story about my younger self's naive idea of becoming a sex therapist. It turned out I wasn't cut out for it to say the least. Instead of a potential career path I got a crash course in courage, commitment, and determination. Heads up – there’s light swearing in this episode. Read the blog post here – I Did What I Had To Do. Music:...


Now That Was A Bad Idea!

I love sharing stories from my own life to help bring some humor to yours! This episode comes from one of my favorite blog posts. It's a short story about how a group of kids thought it would be fun to have a neighborhood fight club. Spoiler alert: It didn't end well. Heads up – there’s light swearing in this episode. Read the blog post here - That Was A Bad Idea. Music: Kidmental @


Do You Wander Through Life?

But with intention? How many times have you heard “Will you ever figure out what you want for your life”? Or how about “Can you just pick something and stick with it”? If you answered "If only a had a nickel", then you're probably one of us. In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about the popular quote turned lifestyle motto - "Not all who wander are lost". But it isn't what you think. We're a different breed of "wanderers". Heads up – there’s light swearing in this episode. Show...


You Don’t Have To Justify Yourself

Do your choices not make sense to most people? Have you ever shared something only to get that look of, “What in the hell are you thinking?”. Yeah, me too. I imagine you experience this justification thing a lot. Now don’t get me wrong, I'm sure everyone feels like they have to justify themselves from time to time. But when you’re misunderstood and your choices are unconventional, people need you to make sense of what you’re doing because it doesn’t fit into the way that they see the world....


Maybe You’re Just Misunderstood

Do you ever feel like most people don't get you? Like they're always thinking, "What's wrong with that girl"? Well, maybe you're just misunderstood. In this week's episode we're going to dig a little deeper into why people like us are often misunderstood. Hear about the "cafeteria incident" where I lost my shit in front of everyone (and maybe even cried a little) and about being put into therapy when I was only 15 for being too wild. Heads up – there’s light swearing in this episode. Show...


Why Being A Troublemaker Can Be A Good Thing

Are you a troublemaker? I've been a troublemaker my whole life but with good intention (for the most part anyway). A troublemaker is defined as person who habitually causes difficulty or problems - but who’s to say it's a problem? What may be a problem for one person can actually be a solution for many others. In this week's episode we're going to talk about why being a troublemaker can be a good thing. Hear why I thought stealing my brother's four wheeler was standing up for the rights of...


Bad Girl Gone Good Podcast Introduction

If you’ve been labeled a rebel or a “troublemaker”, chances are you’re just misunderstood and you’re exactly what the world needs to help make it a better place. I’ll share my personal experiences along with my “weird” perspective on life to give you hope, encouragement, and guidance. Get inspired and build the courage to say ‘F’ you to society’s expectations and live life on your own terms. *Music by Kidmental @