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Bite Sized Habits Podcast with Dr. Heather McKee, evidence based ways to build healthy habits that last

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Welcome to the Bite Sized Habits podcast, This podcast is all about serving up bite sized, digestible evidence-based guidance from top health and behaviour change experts and some inspirational real life stories to help you to get the mindset for success and stay there.

Welcome to the Bite Sized Habits podcast, This podcast is all about serving up bite sized, digestible evidence-based guidance from top health and behaviour change experts and some inspirational real life stories to help you to get the mindset for success and stay there.


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Welcome to the Bite Sized Habits podcast, This podcast is all about serving up bite sized, digestible evidence-based guidance from top health and behaviour change experts and some inspirational real life stories to help you to get the mindset for success and stay there.




Episode 19 The importance of embracing our vulnerability

You can read the full show notes here: The importance of embracing our vulnerability Life coach, personal trainer, meditation teacher, and positive mental health advocate Ben gives us a lesson in the importance of cultivating positive mental health habits. Ben aka the naked professor is a champion of the need for us all, in particular men to become more in touch with ourselves, care less about what others think of us and be proud of our vulnerabilities. In this episode...


Episode 18 The power of transforming negative thoughts into positive emotions

You can get the full show notes here: The power of transforming negative thoughts into positive emotions Fiona Brennan is a much-acclaimed clinical hypnotherapist, bestselling author, Ted x speaker and positive psychology advocate. Having experienced the struggles of anxiety first hand, Fiona was driven to find an approach that not only helped her breakthrough her own mental barriers but one which she could then share with others. S he is the author of The Positive...


Episode 17 Why we don't need fixing

You can read the full show notes here: Why we don’t need fixing Having had worked in addictions for years behaviour change specialist and bestselling author Shahroo wanted to find a way to translate key behaviour change theory into an accessible format that could be used by her clients and be easy to apply to their everyday lives. In this episode we discuss: · Shahroo’s top habit tip that she implements every day to help her overcome challenging situations · How...


Episode 16 Can you make peace of mind a priority?

Get the full show notes here: “Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” Brian Tracy Having suffered from anxiety for over 10 years. Chloe knew a thing or two about the importance of making her mental health a priority. Having trained as a hypnotherapist she wanted a way to be able to share all that she learnt, to help others know that change is possible. So she founded calmer you, to help people bring out the calm and self-assured...


Episode 15 Can you celebrate what you gain?

For full show notes see here: Hannah, a highly regarded personal trainer reached out to the Bite Sized Habits Podcast as she felt the philosophy of the podcast was really aligned with her own. In particular in terms of having an accessible, realistic yet evidence-based approach to building healthy habits. Once I found out about her own personal journey I knew I just had...


Episode 14 The Real Definition of Self Care

You can find the full show notes at: Suzy Reading: The real definition of self-care It was the combination of motherhood colliding with her Fathers terminal illness that catapulted Suzy into the world of self-care. Suzy is, (among other things) a mother of two, a Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, Health Coach and author of the fantastic ‘The Self-Care Revolution’. Her mission...


Episode 13 Can you take just one breath?

You can find the full show notes here: It was a major health scare that was the catalyst for Terrence’s journey into mindful living. A sceptic at first Terrence wasn’t sure meditation was for him, he didn’t even know how to go about it. However, a chance meeting with a practitioner sparked his curiosity, all it took was one mindful breath and Terrence was hooked. This lead...


Episode 12 How to live more positively

For full show notes go o: Despite all the time and energy Charlotte put into ‘fixing herself’ physically through diet and exercise she remained hounded by fatigue, food intolerances, repeated injuries and chronic stress. Out of sheer desperation and at her doctor’s advice she decided to try meditation. Interestingly, over the course of a few weeks of mediating she started...


Episode 11 A traffic light system for habit change

For full show notes go to: Running his own thriving company and managing a busy social life makes it difficult for Henry to have structure in his eating and drinking habits. Now that he isn’t able to exercise as much as he once was he has become more aware of this and is looking for ways to restore a healthy balance. However, he doesn’t want to do this to the...


Episode 10: How are others supporting you in your health goals?

For full show notes go to: In this episode we talk to the renowned Stephen Ledbetter, also widely known as Coach Stevo. Stevo has spent over 10 years practicing in the field of motivation science. For two years he wrote to an audience of 85 million on the My Fitness Pal blog, and has since gone on to found Habitry. He is currently based in Oakland,...


Episode 9: How to put things together for yourself

For full show notes go to: Dr Gary Bennet is the Bishop-MacDermott Family Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Global Health and Medicine at Duke University. He directs the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center and the Duke Obesity Prevention Programme and is the Immediate Past-President of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. He has authored more than 125...


Episode 8 Trying to stick with your goals? Why values matter

For full show notes go to: Overview In this episode Amy, a certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, discusses how through a series of small changes and mindset shifts she managed to gain back control of her health. What is really magical about this journey is how Amy used her core values as her guiding light. How prior to making a decision she would...


Episode 7 Finding the healthy habit that works best for you

For full show notes go to: Overview With so many fads in fitness and health at the moment it’s hard to separate what’s trendy from what works for you. In this episode the vibrant Dr Amy Bucher, Behaviour Change Design Director at Mad*Pow Boston discusses the importance of experimentation and cultivating kindness to finding the healthy habits that will...


Episode 6 The Power of Functional Medicine

The power of functional medicine In this episode Dr Bernadette Dancy, health coach extraordinaire, talks about the functional medicine movement and how taking a functional medicine approach can help us look at our health more holistically. Bernie has over 15 years experience as a senior lecturer in sport and exercise science, a PhD in sport psychology and a rake load of qualifications in exercise prescription, and personal training. Bernie helps people with stress, those with chronic...


Episode 6 What do you stand for?

Stuart Biddle is a Professor of Physical Activity & Health at University of Southern Queensland, near Brisbane, Australia. He started out in physical education before moving into the psychology of physical activity as an academic. He was Head of Sport & Exercise Sciences at Loughborough University, UK, 2001-2007. This was where met Stuart and was very fortunate to have him as an academic supervisor where we co authored a paper on physical activity, sedentary behaviour (reducing too much...


Episode 4 Part 2 How to Establish a System of Habits

In part 1 of Martins story we looked at how he journeyed from a sedentary lifestyle into a healthy habits master. In the second part of this episode (listen time 25 mins), we look at the key healthy habits he established to maintain his health long term and how he focused on enjoyment and structure to get him there. His insights are really valuable in understanding some of the lifestyle shifts people go through when creating habits that last. Not all of what he applied will work for you...


Episode 4 Consistency Beats Intensity Part 1

With a sedentary and demanding job, Martin started to notice his clothes were getting tighter and his energy was becoming quickly depleted. He promised himself he would start running when the weather got better. He lives in Ireland, so it never did! He was faced with a decision keep going the way he had been; feeling low on energy, self conscious about buying clothes and with increasing back pain. Or he had the choice, to start making some changes. In this episode Martin, a father of two,...


Episode 3 Dietitians Eat Doughnuts

In this episode Laura talks about how nutrition impacts all of us in so many ways. Laura is interested in helping people find out what is best for their body and how we can use nutrition to maximise our performance both at work and in our daily lives. In this episode you will learn: -How nutrition isn’t black and white, and why we shouldn’t be dogmatic about it -How flexibility in your diet is key -How to look at food as a project and break down your nutrition goals just like you would with...


Episode 2 How To Shift That Last Bit Of Weight, Without Feeling Deprived

In this episode Shelia, kindly shares her personal weight loss journey. Shelia talks about how she overcame a issue that baffles a lot of us; How do you approach losing those last stubborn pounds, without being too restrictive or resorting to dieting? In this episode Shelia describes: - How she let go of a dieting mindset - How healthier choices are now the easier choices for her - How she manages her hunger yet doesn’t feel deprived Key questions for you to contemplate based on this...


Episode 1 Find delight in your healthy habits

In this episode chief science officer, entrepreneur, behavioural scientist, and epidemiologist Dr Kate Wolin talks about going back to basics with your health, understanding the core principals of behaviour change and the importance of finding out what works best for you. For those who are less interested in the research field I would recommend starting this episode around 26.30 minutes in, where Kate focuses more on how you can apply the research findings to your everyday life. In this...