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STOP the yo-yo dieting, negative body image, and apathy! It's time to #PowerYourBody the Body Buddies way! Join Kristy Jo, author of The Power Foods Lifestyle and Transformation Expert, as she educates you on the science of nutrition, fitness, and mindset. You DO have what it takes to not only POWER your body, but POWER your life!

STOP the yo-yo dieting, negative body image, and apathy! It's time to #PowerYourBody the Body Buddies way! Join Kristy Jo, author of The Power Foods Lifestyle and Transformation Expert, as she educates you on the science of nutrition, fitness, and mindset. You DO have what it takes to not only POWER your body, but POWER your life!
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STOP the yo-yo dieting, negative body image, and apathy! It's time to #PowerYourBody the Body Buddies way! Join Kristy Jo, author of The Power Foods Lifestyle and Transformation Expert, as she educates you on the science of nutrition, fitness, and mindset. You DO have what it takes to not only POWER your body, but POWER your life!








Episode #214: Healthy Keto for Beginners

Download the FULL Keto Cheat Sheet Here: Learn the Top 5 macro-based foods for KETO: When making a Keto meal, try to follow one of the following meals: Healthy Power Foods Lifestyle Keto helps us to: Learn about the Phase Challenges here:


Episode #213: "Intermittent Fasting vs. Small, Frequent Meals"

You may have heard how incredible Intermittent Fasting can be for your health by now, but maybe this conflicts with what you KNOW about the Power Foods Lifestyle being mainly focused around small, frequent meals. In this episode, Kristy Jo discusses the importance of BOTH strategies, outlining their benefits, the different psychological patterns of those who engage in either strategy, and how to tell when to do either one. YES, you can go back and forth between the two. 28-Day Keto...


Episode #212: Only Do Keto for 1-6 Months (Here's Why)

In this episode of the Body Buddies Podcast, Kristy Jo, author of the Power Foods Lifestyle and creator of the Body Buddies 3-phase Keto approach explains why Keto is a utility diet only to be utilized for 1-3 months. The 3-phase approach will help you exit the Keto strategy (eating to deprive the body of glucose so the brain feeds of secondary fuel of ketones) correctly without the weight gain, bloat, or ending up dissing on Keto. This process is extremely therapeutic for hormonal...


Episode #211: Danielle's Keto Transformation

Join Danielle Pyles as she and Kristy Jo discuss her 50 lb+ transformation using the Keto Nutrition Strategy over the past 9 months! In this episode, Danielle shares: Are YOU ready to take the Keto Challenge with Body Buddies? Start with Phase 1 in the 28-day Challenge (then you can do Phase 2 and 3 afterward!). Click here to learn more. >>>Download the Strategic Day checklist for your fridge FREE.


Episode #210: Why Do I have Dry Mouth in Keto?

When you're doing a ketogenic diet approach, you may wonder why you get dry mouth... and more than that, HOW you can alleviate it! In this episode of the Body Buddies Podcast, Kristy Jo will discuss why your body stops getting as thirsty, the enzyme that minimizes its function, and other tips to help you understand this natural process when doing the Keto diet (hopefully you're doing it the Power Foods Lifestyle way!). Do Keto the Power Foods way with our all-new 28-day challenge!:...


Episode #209: 'Improving Your Sleep' with Carl Lanore

Are you a restless sleeper? Always feel exhausted? Is your sleep interrupted by snoring? If so, this podcast interview is for YOU! Join Kristy Jo as her guest, Carl Lanore, takes us on a journey to better understand sleep. Over 20 years ago, Carl had a heart problem and was over 300 pounds. One of the key parts of his regaining health was focusing on improving his sleep. We're not supposed to snore. This means your airway is obstructed which raises cortisol as your body receives a...


Episode #208: Eating Veggies for Anxiety and/or Depression

When you are experiencing Anxiety or Depression, the chemicals in your brain are not working properly. Many times, this is due to a nutrient deficiency. In this video, I will discuss how vegetables work to: 1. make neurotransmitters in your brain 2. detoxify your body of metabolic waste 3. slow the breakdown of sugar in the body And you will learn the simple system I use to rotate through veggies in a REALISTIC manner. Love your bud, #CoachKristyJo CHANGE YOUR...


Episode #207 : Cravings and Emotional Eating in Keto

When you are dealing with cravings that are setting you back in your health, you may feel frustrated as you can't get in control! In this podcast, Kristy Jo will discuss the difference between cravings and fixations to help YOU determine what is the cause of your cravings. Cravings are those coming as a result of physiological depletion. Fixations come from psychological focus on food, marketing, or the lusting after food that you may have felt you can't have. We want to create a HEALTHY...


Episode #206: How to Motivate Yourself to Make A Change

Have you ever wondered HOW to get yourself motivated to make a change? If so, you're not alone. This is a question most people wonder about. In fact, most people feel if they could find the answer to this question they would make all the changes in their health, fitness, and weight they could! Register for the 28-day KETO Challenge with Kristy Jo: In this episode, Kristy Jo will discuss four aspects of motivation: * This is an inside job. Look to...


Episode #205: Q&A On Health Conditons for Keto

Register for the 28-day Keto Challenge: Q. Can my family do Keto with me? (wife, husband, kids) Moderate protein, high fat, and veggie way of eating should be baseline. However any child under the age of 16 should not be put in Keto. Add sweet potato, red potato, quinoa, black beans, lentils, or whole grain bread. This makes a healthy meal for kids or others not ready to do Keto. Other questions answered in this Podcast Episode: Q. Can you do...


Episode #204: Veggies and (Healthy) Keto

Sign up for the 28-Day keto Challenge: Which veggies should you be eating in #Keto? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Come learn in this podcast episode about how these veggies will help move metabolic waste through the body, as well as provide necessary electrolytes to you! 4 Categories of Vegetables in the Power Foods Lifestyle Do not keep vegetables out too much in keto as this can make the pH in your body go too high. This can result I a bodily condition called...


Episode #203: What is Ketosis and How Does It Work?

Join the 28-day Keto Challenge: What is Ketosis? Why is Keto SO powerful? Is Keto a Power Foods Lifestyle strategy? Learn more about Keto than what you've heard! In order to gain control of your blood sugar, you either need to a) time your carbs properly and pair them with vegetables and protein, or b) eat in a manner that does not cause insulin surges Your brain needs 120 grams of glucose to function each day. Glucose is a sugar that is...


Episode #201: If You're Gaining Weight While Following the Power Foods Lifestyle...

Question: Listen to this episode to discover the answer for YOUR body and situation. You will learrn a lot in this short episode about: * how often to eat meat each day * why you should only eat grass-fed meat * why you weigh more when eating carbs * how soon to weigh in after an indulgence meal * how often to weigh * the hormone you should NOT listen to when eating low carb * how often to eat grass-fed meat * and so much more! The Body Buddies Podcast is available on iTunes and...


Episode #200: How to Assess Your Bowel Movements

While you may feel it’s taboo to talk about the big B.M. (bowel movement), it’s actually a very important point of discussion in the Power Foods Lifestyle, and a topic I bring up frequently with my clients. I hope you have a great take-away from this information and say to yourself: “I need to listen to what’s going on in my body. Abnormal bowel movements and/or flatulence are my body saying, ‘Look, we have some problems. I can’t handle this.’ I need to change up what I’m eating to honor...


Episode #199: The Power Foods Lifestyle Cheat Sheet (Part 1)

If only there were a method to help people find the way of eating that works best for them, while applying all of the principles that are proven to prevent disease, extend life, and improve natural energy along the way! But there is! And it's called The Power Foods Lifestyle! In this episode of the Body Buddies Podcast, Kristy Jo discusses the Power Foods Lifestyle Cheat Sheet and how simple it is to get started today, even while you are learning! Kristy Jo asks those who follow the PFL...


Episode #198: "How to Reduce Headaches Naturally"

Whether you experience a throbbing ache in your mind, migraines, or cluster headaches, this blog post is for you! An aching head makes for a miserable day. And if you are not feeling well, that will become a wedge in your life between where you are now and who you want to be. In natural approaches to the body, I ask for you to open your mind to find what is CAUSING those headaches to come to be? In this blog post and my most recent podcast episode, I will walk you through some very...


Episode #197: The Strategic Day of Nutrition

When we think about healthy eating and nutrition, we think in terms of all-or-nothing. We think ‘I’ll do good today, this week, and this month,’ but if we don’t follow through (counting macros, calories, etc.) we tend to abandon those efforts. And this results in feeling like a failure. I came up with the Strategic Day to help guide our Body Buddies to make wiser decisions to fuel their bodies AND stop abandoning healthy efforts for the sake of it being 'too hard' and 'overwhelming.' I...


Episode #196: How to Get Vibrant Energy Naturally

Are you experiencing brain fog, fatigue, a less-than-stellar memory, and other troublesome factors in your life? This could most definitely be DUE TO YOUR NUTRITION! In this FREE masterclass episode, Kristy Jo will help you learn how to obtain vibrant Energy & Stress Relief in 4 Simple Steps. You will learn how to say goodbye to the sluggish feeling in your body in less than two days! …WITHOUT weighing food, counting calories, etc! Let’s find a STRATEGIC solution and take control. Yes,...


Episode #195: MTHFR Gene Mutations" with Patty Butts

If you or someone you love has been dealing with migraines or a mental health condition, this Body Buddies podcast episode is for you! Patty Butts, PhD sits down with host, Kristy Jo, to discuss the details of the MTHFR gene mutation, and how nutritional choices can manifest negatively in mental health. “All mental health begins in the gut," she said. "The vagus nerve and the gut are connected.” Patty goes on in the episode to explain how she understands the emotions that can trigger...


Episode #194: "Simple, Delicious Salad Dressings" with Chef James Barry

If you have wanted to learn how to make your own delicious dressings for salads from scratch, this is the episode for you! Chef James Barry spills the secrets from the healthy chef kitchen to help you improve your health and lifestyle! In this interview episode you will learn: Get the Power Foods Lifestyle Starter Kit: Recipes, Methodology, and Starter Meal Plan here: About James: James Barry’s culinary career started as a private chef. His inauguration...