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The Awakening of Functional Body Building ft. Marcus Filly

Welcome to the awakening of functional bodybuilding. Marcus Filly, the founder of Revival Strength, joins the Brute Podcast for a second time to take us to ground zero of functional bodybuilding. Marcus began his health and wellness journey while attending med school but soon realized, through all the long readings and lectures, that his intended path in the field was meant for something more. So he made the decision to say goodbye to med school and find a more fulfilling way to apply...


Going Keto With Adee Cazayoux

The dream team is back, and this time, the Cazayouxs went keto. Adee Cazayoux, CEO of Working Against Gravity, joins her husband and Brute Podcast host, Michael Cazayoux, on this week’s episode to give us a breakdown of their experience on the Ketogenic Diet. Together they’re sharing a firsthand look at their keto journey in an effort to help those who are back and forth about starting the low-carb diet to make a decision if the transition is right for them. If you can’t get enough of...


Skills vs. Strength In Gymnastics ft. Nick Sorrel

Just like the progression of any relationship, your ability to advance in gymnastics relies on fundamentals—as in, to show off your expert form, you first need to build a solid foundation. In true doctor fashion, Head of Brute Gymnastics Dr. Nick Sorrel joins this week’s Brute podcast to dissect the more advanced movements of the sport to help set you up for success. He also jumps into the differences between strength and skill to discuss how each plays a role in improving your...


The Fundamentals of High-Performance Nutrition ft. Brian St. Pierre

Ever wonder how a nutrition coach approaches their own diet choices? This week’s Brute Strength podcast is your chance to find out, as Precision Nutrition coach Brian St. Pierre joins Michael Cazayoux to discuss his current diet regimen. Brian is used to working with high-performance athletes, but he’s joining the podcast to share his thoughts on how us “normal” folks can keep nutrition simple, stay consistent, create habits for success and get the most out of doing the least amount of...


Getting Outside The Box ft. Pat & Taz Barber

Jay-Z and Beyoncé might have to give up the throne for this week’s Brute Podcast guests. The dream team, Pat and Taz Barber, join Michael Cazayoux this week to bring you a raw look into their experiences as athletes in the CrossFit community and how life has changed since stepping away from competitive sports to focus on raising a family. They’ll also take the discussion “Outside The Box” to present their newest partnership with Brute Strength that offers an affordable solution for...


The Carnivore Diet & Extreme Mental Clarity ft. Anthony Gustin

Mic drop. Dr. Anthony Gustin is back on the Brute Strength Podcast for another round of knowledge bombs on mindful eating, carb tolerance and the importance of solitude. If you missed round one with the creator of Perfect Keto, visit Episode 156 of the Brute Strength Podcast here. If you’re ready to dive straight into this episode, get ready for Dr. Gustin to go full-on “MythBusters” on all things surrounding the carnivore diet and why it works, plus stay tuned as he shares tips for...


Housewife To Billionaire ft. Lisa Bilyeu

Imagine going from housewife to co-founder of a billion dollar company. Yeah, that was a “b” in front of that “-illion.” That’s what happened to this week’s Brute Strength Podcast guest, Lisa Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory. In this episode, Lisa shares some of the most significant tests and milestones she’s faced throughout her career as well as the journey that led to the early days of Quest Nutrition. She also provides an in-depth take on the power of mindset,...


Noah Ohlsen On Mindset And Perspective

Noah Ohlsen is a five-time CrossFit Games athlete turned two-time Brute Strength podcast guest (but you may not see the latter in his Instagram bio). Once known for his perfect hair and boyish smile, Noah has made a name for himself in the CrossFit community, proving time and time again what it means to come back from setbacks in the sport. Even with a few unlucky moments in his CrossFit Games career, he’s managed to place within the Top 10 in four of his last five Games...


How To Create Safe, Sexy, Successful Romantic Relationships ft. Jayson Gaddis

Whether you’re looking to improve your current love life or expand your non-existent one — you’ll want to hear what the love guru, Jayson Gaddis from The Relationship School, has to say. On this week’s episode, Jayson’s covering topics of attracting an ideal partner, the taboo of polyamory vs monogamy in the modern world, the many nuances that we find in modern love like marriage and divorce, and how to understand when to walk away from a relationship. Topics: 09:23 – Marriage and...


Habit Stacking: Small Life Changes That Produce BIG Results

Adam Feit has been teaching people how to win from an early age. As an adult, that mentality carried over into his career as he became a coach and worked with athletes at all levels, including the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and college football teams like the University of Louisville. Even though he was living what many, including Adam, considered the dream, something clicked that it was time for change. That’s when he decided to open a sports performance center for kids. This week, the...


The Fikowski Story

Students, you’re going to want to get your notebooks ready because Brent “The Professor” Fikowski is taking us to school on the Brute Podcast this week. Brent is a three-time CrossFit Games athlete, placing second in the 2017 Games, and after this episode, you’ll understand how he’s remained one of the sport’s top four male athletes since 2016. Even though Brent is “The Professor,” he brings a mindset to the game that can’t be taught—the mindset of a competitor. But that doesn’t mean...


The Mad Scientist of Strength ft. Chris Duffin

What exactly does it take these days to be nicknamed the Mad Scientist? Are we talking Doc Brown in a DeLorean cruising through a space-time continuum, or is it more of a beaker and test tube vibe? Whatever the case, we’re stoked to have the modern-day Mad Scientist and world-renowned strength athlete and coach Chris Duffin on the Brute Strength podcast this week for his second episode. In Chris’ first episode, we learned about the upbringing that shaped his mentality for creating...


Create Good Habits, Envision Your Future, And Own Your Shit! ft. Michael Cazayoux

Michael is taking a backseat to hosting the Brute Podcast this week as Adee Cazayoux joins the podcast to interview him for the second time since Episode 46. On their first episode, Michael shared his story of overcoming drug addiction, finding CrossFit and the moments in his life that led to the creation of Brute Strength. This week, Adee’s line of questioning has them diving into various topics including what it’s like to make the first move in friendships as you get older,...


David Goggins Is The Toughest Man Alive

Author, ultra-marathon runner, and retired United States Navy SEAL, David Goggins joins the Brute Strength Podcast this week for an incredible story of suffering and success. David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and the ONLY member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, including three Hell Weeks, the U.S. Army Ranger School, where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. This episode is all about pushing the limit, craving...


The Science of Genetic Engineering and Its Impact On Your Food, Fitness, and Longevity

Pediatrician Michelle Perro, MD, joins the Brute Strength Podcast to discuss the issues with GMOs in our food system. Michelle is a veteran clinician with 35+ years of experience in pediatrics and integrative medicine. She is well known for her book What’s Making Our Children Sick?: How Industrial Food Is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness, and What Parents (and Doctors) Can Do About It. This episode is all about holistic medicine, improving your fitness through diet, and what you...


"I Almost Got Fraser Kicked Out of The Games" ft.Matt O'Keefe

Elite influencer and sports marketing guru, Matt O’Keefe, joins The Brute Strength Podcast for the second time after his original debut on episode 47. This week he’s going to dive deeper into his growing apparel line, Redline Gear, and share inside stories about what it’s like managing top-tier athletes such as CrossFit champ Mat Fraser. He’s also got some great tips for those looking to make a career out of training and competing. Topics: 02:50 - Redline Gear and Mat Fraser 11:55 -...


Living Among Murderers, Deadlifting 1,000 Pounds for a Double, and Surviving the Unthinkable Ft. Chris Duffin

Kabuki Strength’s Chris Duffin, aka the “Mad Scientist of Strength,” joins the Brute Strength Podcast to discuss his “survivor mentality.” Chris lived a secluded life early on, raising his sisters in a not-so-affluent atmosphere. His story then becomes one of triumph and tribulation as he later goes on to set the world record as the only man to deadlift 1,000 lbs for a double. This episode is all about the mindset, strength and importance of goal-setting that got him...


The Simplest & Most Effective Life Hack You're Not Using ft. Mark England

On our 116th episode, Procabulary’s Mark England made us think about the true power of our words and vocabulary. Mark makes his second appearance on the Brute Podcast this week to peel back the layers of the power of language and the physiology of breath. Topics: 05:40 - Stories we tell ourselves 13:45 - Physiology of breathe 20:00 - Taking action against goals 25:10 - The power of because Links: Procabulary Instagram Books: The Power of Persuasion: How We’re Bought and Sold –...


The Bucket List Blueprint: Your Guide To Long-term Goal Setting & Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Rick Alexander wants you to burn your couch, and he even wrote a book about it. The author, Lionheart Radio host, and Navy Special Ops Combat Medic joins this week’s Brute Strength Podcast. In this episode, Rick gets into his “Bucket List Blueprint” for long-term goal setting and breaking out of your comfort zone. Topics: 03:00 – “Burn Your Couch” 14:45 – Military time 22:13 – Long-term contentment 36:00 – Ultramarathons 42:00 – Hallucinations 49:13 – Bucket List...


Mentorship, Gut Health, and The Travel Diet ft. John Berardi

Crowd favorite John Berardi of Precision Nutrition is returning to the Brute Podcast for round two this week. In the first half of the podcast, Michael and John discuss the wisdom, mentorship and goal-setting rituals that John credits with making him a better husband, father and business leader. In the second half, we’re talking body. John and Michael will dive into gut health, tips for dieting while traveling, nutrition recommendations for kids and how he educates his family on overall...