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The Bucket List Blueprint: Your Guide To Long-term Goal Setting & Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Rick Alexander wants you to burn your couch, and he even wrote a book about it. The author, Lionheart Radio host, and Navy Special Ops Combat Medic joins this week’s Brute Strength Podcast. In this episode, Rick gets into his “Bucket List Blueprint” for long-term goal setting and breaking out of your comfort zone. Topics: 03:00 – “Burn Your Couch” 14:45 – Military time 22:13 – Long-term contentment 36:00 – Ultramarathons 42:00 – Hallucinations 49:13 – Bucket List...


Mentorship, Gut Health, and The Travel Diet ft. John Berardi

Crowd favorite John Berardi of Precision Nutrition is returning to the Brute Podcast for round two this week. In the first half of the podcast, Michael and John discuss the wisdom, mentorship and goal-setting rituals that John credits with making him a better husband, father and business leader. In the second half, we’re talking body. John and Michael will dive into gut health, tips for dieting while traveling, nutrition recommendations for kids and how he educates his family on overall...


Hustle In Silence ft.Hannah Eden

Hannah Eden went from a life of drugs and partying to an online fitness inspiration, and this week, she joins Michael on the Brute Strength Podcast. In this episode, Hannah recounts her personal fitness transformation, what it means to take risks and follow your passions, and how she’s come full circle to help others do the same. Topics: 11:30 – Outside-in vs. inside-out 17:40 – Making a transformation 31:45 – Working with your significant other 38:00 – Respond, don’t react 41:30...


Relationship Development ft. The Couples Institute

You don’t have to be in a relationship to benefit from this week’s Brute Podcast. Special guests Pete Pearson and Ellyn Bader of The Couples Institute join Michael Cazayoux to discuss the importance of communication, which, as an acquired skill in human interaction, everyone can benefit from. In this episode, relationship professionals Pearson and Bader will provide tips on creating a vision for your relationship, creating a team dynamic, rewiring your approach to arguments, and rituals...


Beyond Macros ft. "The Grocery Ninja" Matt Walrath

Ever wonder what it takes to be coined with a name like the Grocery Ninja? Matt Walrath, the man behind the nickname, and his company Beyond Macros have helped hundreds of clients transform into stronger, more confident versions of themselves. In this episode, Matt gets real about why most diets fail, how to build a better relationship with food, his advice on nutrition and macros, and why seeing your friends naked can be one of the most freeing experiences in your life. You won’t want to...


Brute Coaches Roundtable

This week we have a special Brute Podcast featuring the entire Brute Strength staff, including Nick Sorrel, Adrian Conway, Michael Cazayoux, Nick Fowler and Dr. Sean Pastuch. Tune in to hear their collective thoughts on recent changes in the CrossFit community, what they believe this means for athletes hoping to qualify for the Games, and how to professionalize coaching within the community. Topics: 01:05 – Reacting to the changes in CrossFit 05:50 – The Games 26:00 – Affiliate...


Burning Man: Our Story On Personal Growth and Enlightenment

When Adee and Michael Cazayoux team up for anything, you know the outcome is going to be epic. This week’s Brute Strength Podcast is no exception, as Adee Cazayoux is back to focus on personal development and relationship advice with her husband and our host, Michael Cazayoux. Together, they’ll share stories about their first experience at Burning Man, delve into expectations and reality, personal breakthroughs, and getting naked with 500+ people. Listen now to learn their biggest...


The Power of Intention and Visualization

On this week’s podcast we welcome the battle rope guru, Aaron Guyett. Aaron is a man who wears many hats including fitness instructor, business owner and Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. In this episode we’ll be getting into leadership, mindset shifts and how to create a vision to get exactly what you want out of life. Tune in to learn more about how Aaron used neuroplasticity training to achieve 90 percent of his greatest accomplishments in life. Topics: 02:00 – Aaron’s definition of...


SealFit, Leadership, Sacrifice ft. Floyd McLendon Jr.

Floyd McLendon Jr. has had a huge impact on Michael Cazayoux’s life since they first met at SealFit, and this week he’s joining the Brute Podcast. Floyd has faced failure, disappointment, heartbreak and discrimination growing up, but ultimately he came out on top. Now, as a former Navy Seal, he’s imparting his leadership knowledge to those he comes in contact with. In this episode, the author of Hard Earned Lessons dissects what he calls the “Seven Principles for Preparing for Battle.”...


How To Beat Fraser ft. Patrick Vellner

CrossFit is evolving, and so is three-time CrossFit Games athlete Patrick Vellner. This week, he joins the Brute Podcast to discuss his mind shift in the sport, why he may be one of the only athletes that can beat Mat Fraser and some of the new changes to the CrossFit community. Topics: 05:10 – Life before CrossFit 16:30 – Accidentally qualifying for the CrossFit Games 24:30 – Mind shift from 2017 to 2018 40:00 – New announcements in CrossFit 56:00 – Balancing life and...


6 Steps For Personal Development ft. Adee Cazayoux

Adee Cazayoux, founder of Working Against Gravity, makes her third appearance on the Brute Podcast this week to talk about personal development. In this episode, Adee talks about building courage, maintaining accountability and what it means to develop yourself from within. Listen along and get an honest look at self-improvement with her six questions to make you think, break out of the ordinary cycle and reach the next level in life. If you enjoyed this episode, catch up with all things...


Lessons On Grit, Performance, and Perseverance with Rachel Balkovec

Rachel Balkovec, the first female strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball, makes her second appearance on the Brute Podcast this week! Rachel grew up adamant to break out of her comfort zone, and shares her tips for personal and professional development, like falling in love with the process rather than the outcome. Listen this week to understand why this passionate coach thinks you should support the people around you minimally, as well as her personal coaching...


Why We Over Eat ft. "The Hungry Brain" Author, Dr. Stephan Guyenet

Dr. Stephan Guyenet is on the Brute Podcast this week to dive into his book, The Hungry Brain. Hunger is one of the strongest biological influencers for survival in all species, but is it a physical or mental need? Tune in as host Michael Cazayoux and Dr. Guyenet define hunger, how it influences decisions and how to hack the process in order to take control of cravings and improve eating behavior. Topics: 06:35 – Eating behavior 14:50 – What is hunger? 20:04 – Fasting & calorie...


Lifestyle Design with Carl Paoli

One of the original CrossFit gymnastics experts, Carl Paoli, makes an appearance on the Brute Podcast this week, but instead of talking shop, Carl gets into some of his more recent accolades in lifestyle coaching. Carl shares his best tips for designing the life of your dreams, controlling your emotions and taking charge of creating your own reality. There’s a lot to be said about taking an active effort in pursuing your biggest passions, and this episode’s purpose is to guide you on the...


How To Pick Your Programs ft. Sean Pastuch

When it comes to competing, there’s a lot to be said about choosing the right coach. Dr. Sean Pastuch, the founder of ActiveLifeRX, joins Michael this week to help identify the four steps needed for finding a coach, choosing a program and reaching your full potential. If fitness is your passion or your job, then this episode will help you go the extra mile as Dr. Pastuch dives deep into program goals, different styles of programming and the dynamic between staying healthy and competing at...


Muscle and Strength Pyramids ft. Dr Eric Helms

Eric Helms, author of The Muscle and Strength Pyramid, joins Michael Cazayoux on the Brute podcast to discuss exercise and nutrition science. Whether you’re eating for competition, physique or longevity, Helms’ Ph.D.-certified advice can help you reach your goals. Helms also covers popular nutrition topics such as flexible dieting, keto and high-carb diets. Grab your favorite snack and enjoy the show! Topics: 24:10 – The Muscle and Strength Pyramid 42:50 – What your clients want vs....


How To Go From Trainer To Coach with Mike Bledsoe

CEO of the Shrugged Collective Podcast, Mike Bledsoe, is on the Brute Podcast this week to talk about his evolution in the fitness industry. He plunges into the difference between a coach and a trainer, what it takes to create better leaders and coaches, and how to start seeing better results with your clients. Be sure to check out his Strong Coach Podcast series for more tips on how to build trust and become a better coach! Topics: 03:20 – Trainer vs. Coach 17:20 – Mike’s...


Brain Training with Trevor Moawad

Trevor Moawad, a top sports psychologist, joins the Brute Podcast this week to talk about his work with Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. The thought leader and mental conditioning coach was also known as the "brain trainer" for the University of Alabama football team and discusses how to eliminate negativity and create a more neutral thought process. Topics: 06:50 - College football 13:00 - Neutral thinking 40:00 - Challenge vs. Threat 1:02:40 - Embracing...


Space Travel, Brains, and Muscle with Cody Burkhart

NASA engineer Cody Burkhart joins the Brute Podcast this week. A competitor at the 2012 CrossFit Games Regionals, Cody has continued influencing the fitness world by developing exercise systems for astronauts preparing to travel to space. In this episode, Cody addresses recovery, mindset, breath work and the path to mastery, so be sure to listen for the best takeaway tips and book recommendations. Topics: 3:25 - Working at NASA 14:20 - Oxygen and breath work 32:00 - Martial...


Sex, Connection, and Desire ft. Adee Cazayoux

This week, founder of Working Against Gravity (and Michael’s wife), Adee Cazayoux, is back again to discuss relationship psychology. After such a positive response to Episode 148: 9 Ways To Improve Your Relationship, Adee and Michael are continuing their conversation and sharing their tips for building a better relationship with loved ones. In this episode, Adee and Michael discuss four myths about sex, how to spice up your dates and improve your sex life, and how time apart can bring you...