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"I wish I had KNOWN THIS a decade ago...we could have been HAPPY" FINAL reminder: men's program starting TOMORROW!

(ANNOUNCEMENT: If you don't have time to read through... my HUGELY successful men's program is starting in tomorrow, Friday June 7, 2019... make sure to sign up!! Limited spots left!) ---- He told me that this morning... they NOW have the level of connection and peace in their home that they had in "the very beginning of our marriage"... 10+ years ago. They've gone from distance, constant tension, staying late at work because he just didn't want to be home with her... Now they're...


Men's pilot program was a HUGE success! New program starting THIS Friday! Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again!

The pilot program I launched about 2.5 months ago was a HUGE success! New program starting THIS Friday, June 7, 2019! Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again! Fill out the application to see if you'd be the right fit to experience these amazing results! ---------- Here's some of what was said of the program: Would you recommend this course? To whom? Why? "I am a person who rarely talks about the way I...


I was wrong. She should come

"Wow... now you've got me crying." "Thank you for all your insight... You have totally changed my approach and I am shocked at how poorly I have approached my wife" "Your program has been a life-changer for me and my wife!" "Belah, Thank you for offering this webinar and your efforts to help marriages grow stronger!" "My wife decided to join me tonight (because I asked her and didn't tell her) and she said it was so helpful for her. Thank you!!!!" SO... I was wrong... I...


213-Obsessed with Sex?

I think this has been something I've wondered and I know the wives I've worked with have thought their husbands were. Maybe you're a husband and you're concerned that you might be too? Maybe you're a wife and think your husband is. I mean there's a lot less scriptures about sex in the bible than there are about other things right? Well...Have you heard all the scriptures about golf? And yet, people spend a lot of time golfing. Or playing football. Or doing make up or hair or clothes....


212-The 3 ways to change a controlling wife

Sexless + Controlling = miserable husband Sex-Full + Controlling = miserable husband Sexless + Non Controlling = miserable husband Sadly, sexless or controlling or both are the biggest problems I see. And this is what I hear from husbands that are desperate for change. I want to help you! JFYI My husband said this is one of the best podcasts ever---he has only said that 1 other time (!) so I hope this is one that is helpful for you. I talk about foundational truths about men and...


LIVE Free Webinar: The 7 Blocks to Her Libido (for husbands!)

This Friday, I'm pulling back the curtain on the real blocks that your wife has around sex. This is a webinar for husbands to attend and learn more about your wife. (Please don't invite your wife to it! Otherwise, you'll probably be making the very mistake I'm trying to point out!!) First and foremost, you need to understand where she's coming from and then you can know what to do next! :) I work with husbands and these are the issues I see most often. But when I help husbands remove...


211-"Honey, you're hot--PLEASE seduce me!"

Yep... MY husband said this! Like last week. What did he mean? Maybe you're a wife that has insecurities like me? After a wonderfully intimate evening, I came clean about something I had been struggling with for a while. He was able to give ear to my heart and hear that I was feeling pain that I wasn't even aware I was hiding from him. Various husbands have expressed confusion as to why a wife wouldn't want him looking at others while at the SAME TIME she's hiding her curves he LONGS...


210-Should you tell her about your past sex life?

Do you want unity in your marriage? Do you want her to feel safe to be utterly vulnerable and literally naked before you? Then it is NOT helpful for her to know your past sex life. You probably have forgotten plenty of your past, but once you've told her it will stay with her for years--even decades. Whatever sexual sin you've had before (or even the porn you've done while) is sin. It's your job as a man to discipline your mind, and your actions to be faithful to her. But if you're...


209-Last week... my brother was found without a pulse

I have been late to get a podcast out to you...for a pretty important reason. My brother was found on the side of the road without a pulse. I raced to the hospital several states away and arrived when the doctors told us he may be brain dead---we found out they were considering putting him on life-support. No one knew how long he was there without blood pumping through his body. But God. My family reached out to loved ones, Christians, churches, friends, friends of friends all asking...


208-"Help! I have low libido" OR "HE does!"

What if you're a wife that has WAY lower libido than your husband? If you feel like this is just physiologically the way you were made, I want to help. I think there's a lot more to you and the way you're set up sexually. I, Belah Rose, "the sexpert", can easily say I have a low libido. Does that keep me and my husband from having an incredible sex life? Fierce, firey, sensual, spiritual... And I get turned on too and get excited about making love! So... I don't think your...


207-My Husband's Advice

My husband is a very wise man. Probably the wisest I've met (and I get to live with him! :) :) :) ) Listeners have asked to hear from my husband and I'm glad because he has a lot of wonderful & helpful things to share! I think his message has nuggets that any and every marriage will benefit from! -- If you're a husband... I'm about to pilot a brand new program: Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and love being married again! I have SO many men--may be...


Calling all men who want an AMAZING sex life! And be respected outside of the bedroom!

I'm about to pilot a brand new program: Masculinity Reclaimed: Be respected, enjoy fierce intimacy and thrive in your marriage again! It’ll be a phenomenal program! I already have had 50% of those I’ve invited into the program apply, so I’m expecting a very strong group of men joining. Yesterday, was a small sampling of speaking/teaching men directly and it was absolutely phenomenal what they’ve already received marriage/intimacy changing revelations/insights that they were COMPLETELY...


206-Playful sex life

Productiveness IS good, but we forget that we're not just human doers -- we're also human beings. Take the story of Martha and Mary. Martha was working hard and being productive FOR JESUS. Mary was calmly sitting, being still and LISTENING TO JESUS. Both were Godly women. And Jesus even defended Mary for “choosing the good part” when Martha accused her of not DOING. Consider how Jesus modeled JOY and DELIGHT -- not just productivity. He certainly “did” a lot, but he also had breakfast...


205-Words in Sex

Words are important. They can cause a wildfire or a passionate flame in your bedroom. Outside of the bedroom: We can be hurtful and careless with our words and say “Oh he’s my husband”. Does that sound familiar? But is he really JUST your husband? That is God’s son you’re dealing with. If you want to get your words in line with God’s will, one of the first things that needs to be done is to APOLOGIZE. Just get it out of the way. It’s hard, especially if it’s not part of the culture of...


204-The TRUTH about "honesty"

A lot of women are under the impression that they need to share everything with their husbands. In fact, they say this is being “honest”. I disagree. In EVERY marriage (yes, even VERY good ones), there are many things that are not (and should not) be shared. No one needs to share about tons of bathroom stuff---yuck, not sexy. But there are tons of other things that just wouldn’t be useful, helpful, godly, respectful, kind or many other reasons to share. AND it depends on what level of the...


203-Your Sex-Life Impacts Your Kids

As a mother, you would do ANYTHING for your children. What does that have to do with making love to their father? Well, A LOT. In fact, their eternity is at stake. Really. Other things covered: World-renowned psychologist mentioned: Jordan B. Peterson Excited for you to dive deep into how to transform your marriage!


202-Wisdom > $$$

What does money have to do with your marriage? Finances are often touted as the biggest reason for divorce... but get this: when you have an awesome sex life studies estimate that it's equivalent to having an additional $100k per year! So... NO financial issues... But there's more, the BIGGEST financial DISASTER that can ever befall someone is divorce. SO an awesome marriage and sex life can either pay big $$$ or cost you a ton of money! With all that said, how well are you prioritizing...


201-Why he's DESPERATE for your intimacy

I get so many emails from husbands. I want to send a message to their wives...the wife I used to be. I was a wife who saw sex as And so I avoided it and got resentful that the things I was doing wasn't appreciated. He kept asking me to learn more... and I got angrier. Well God has changed my heart on this. I have discovered that God made my husband's member, and I am his wife. It is my privilege to be a part of intimacy with him. I am his only means of receiving this vital fulfillment...


200-Two Types of Sex: Masculine & Feminine

Are you having the WRONG type of sex? Why your wife doesn't LOVE intimacyWhy sex feels carnalWhy sex feels like it's just for HIMWhy sex isn't fulfilling (EVEN if you orgasm)I argue that there is a very legitimate reason... You guys haven't made feminine sex....everHave you ever even been exposed to what feminine sex is?Let me give you a description and then the tools on how to get started!Go to for further explanation and a step-by-step guide to feminine...