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Cutting edge information in health, nutrition and functional medicine distilled into practical advice you can use to improve your health.

Cutting edge information in health, nutrition and functional medicine distilled into practical advice you can use to improve your health.
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Cutting edge information in health, nutrition and functional medicine distilled into practical advice you can use to improve your health.




Gut, Thyroid and Heavy Metals

Lab test results can seem solid and unquestionable. But what do the lab test ranges of “normal” or “abnormal” really indicate, and where do they come from? Are thyroid lab tests or gut tests indicating abnormal levels always something to be concerned about? Conversely, are all blood lead levels marked “normal” actually out of the danger zone? Dr. Tommy Wood shares his take on when and how to act, along with other health tips for fitness and longevity. https://drruscio.com/?p=36645 Take the...


Strength Training: Improving Quality of Life with Cancer

Should the elderly lift weights? How about stage 4 cancer patients? The results Dr. Thomas Incledon has seen say this practice is very likely to improve their quality of life. Being weak from various illnesses is often considered the product of those illnesses, but frailty may in part be fueled by lack of movement. In this episode, he shares his individualized, holistic approach to health, which includes strength training, micronutrient testing, and GI testing....


Fish Oil Can Lower Your Risk of Preterm Birth

You may not have expected fish and pregnancy to go together. But it turns out that fish contain a critical fatty acid called DHA. DHA has been shown in numerous studies to lower women’s preterm birth risk, and supplementing with fish oil is an easy way to get enough DHA in your diet (algae is another option). How much is enough? And what about avoiding mercury? Dr. Kristina Harris Jackson, an expert in omega-3s and measuring DHA in blood, shares everything you need to know about safely...


Your Questions About the Healthy Gut, Healthy You Protocol

Today we will cover listener questions from Healthy Gut Healthy You, including: Diet for microscopic colitis; Stopping antimicrobials and biofilm removers after one month; Symptoms while fasting; Mixing Elemental Heal with other liquids; Traveling out of the country; Great-in-8 and H. Pylori; and Is the protocol okay for children. https://drruscio.com/?p=36647 Take the survey at http://drruscio.com/survey My book Healthy Gut, Healthy You is available at...


Health Benefits of Collagen, What the Evidence Shows

Collagen is a very popular supplement right now for improving skin and joint health, and numerous studies support this. Preliminary evidence also suggests it may reduce dysfunction in your gut lining. If you’ve wondered what the research really says about collagen’s impact on your health—and why you might choose marine collagen over bovine collagen—this episode will give you some quick, practical highlights, and options for how to get more in your diet. https://drruscio.com/?p=39958 Take...


How to Problem Solve Creatively for a Better Life

If you’re a goal-oriented, ambitious person, the path to problem-solving and high effectiveness may seem counterintuitive: mix in periods of “unfocus.” In this episode, Dr. Srini Pillay—a psychiatrist, executive coach, brain-imaging researcher, and Renaissance man—shares his strategic techniques for focusing less. Learn how you can tap the power of your unconscious to increase your creativity and tackle your goals from new angles. https://drruscio.com/?p=35974 Take the survey at...


Mona’s Story: Overcoming Chronic Acid Reflux & IBS

Mona was struggling with chronic acid reflux, a bad taste in her mouth, constipation, bloating, and more. She tested negative for H. pylori, and had gone from primary care doctor to specialist, to dentist, even to the ER, with no success. Fortunately, she found my clinic and I took her through a series of simple gut therapies (including the low FODMAP diet and antimicrobials) that resolved her symptoms and got her feeling “100%”. She was even able to eat dairy again! Hear her story—and...


From Diarrhea and Amenorrhea to Symptom-Free and Pregnant in Just Over 6 Months

In many cases, thyroid symptoms are the “smoke” and the “fire” is in the gut. In today’s episode, you’ll hear a case study of a patient who had low T3 along with digestive and hormonal symptoms like diarrhea, gas, rashes, and missing periods. After she received natural treatment for her gut health and hormonal health, she was symptom-free and became pregnant within six months. There was no need to treat her T3 directly. You’ll also get a breakdown of why a T4 plus T3 combo treatment should...


Breathwork: Techniques to Reduce Stress & Improve Cognition

We live in a stressful era. Could something as simple as changing your breathing help? The practice of breathwork can not only reduce your stress, it can also improve your memory, lower your body’s fear response, and make you more cognitively effective. There are many modes of breathwork. In this episode, Josh Trent takes us through the powerful benefits, and some simple steps that beginners can try right away. He also discusses the promise of more advanced methods. If you’ve tried...


Even ‘Famous’ Thyroid Doctors are Getting this Wrong!

A patient came to my office with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism by a “famous thyroid doctor” who had written books on the subject. When I checked her lab results, even by a conservative measure, they could not be considered hypothyroid. Yet the patient was put on medication, making her more ill. In this episode, learn more about these clinical case study details—that appeared in the January edition of the Future of Functional Medicine Clinicians Review—and how practitioners can avoid making...


Natural Therapies for Histamine Intolerance & Mast Cell Activation

The patients that Heidi Turner typically sees in her practice have done the basics of diet, probiotics, antimicrobials. They have often been through many doctors, elimination diets, supplements, and more, yet inflammatory symptoms persist and are resistant to treatment. They often have some degree of histamine intolerance or mast cell activation. For this highly sensitive population, managing symptoms alone is a challenge. But recently, many of Heidi’s patients have seen significant healing...


Histamine Intolerance & Unnecessary Thyroid Medication

Unnecessary thyroid medication can be dangerous for a patient, even generating symptoms. Unfortunately, with overdiagnosis of hypothyroidism on the rise, more and more patients are being prescribed medications they don’t need. Hear a case study from a functional medicine clinician who was able to determine—through an evidence-based approach—that a chronically ill patient was not hypothyroid, getting her off unnecessary medication and feeling better. He also found that dysbiosis in her gut...


Could Supplementing With Iron Be Harming You?

Could lack of bioavailable copper be fueling your iron issues? That’s Morley Robbins’ take, based on 10 years of self-study in mineral research. You’ll learn why iron supplementation may not be a quick fix and get a protocol to optimize your copper levels. We have a reasoned dialogue on what the research may imply and where further study is still needed. Morley also shares results he’s seen with those who have used his protocol. (Tip: favoring whole, nutrient-dense foods—like organ meats and...


The Over-Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

In a study of 291 patients in Greece, researchers found that around 60% were incorrectly diagnosed as hypothyroid. While true hypothyroidism does exist, it’s a diagnosis that clinicians need to take a closer look at. Many clinicians are prescribing thyroid hormone when it’s not necessary, or when a patient’s symptoms could be resolved by healing the gut. The effects can be harmful, both to patient health and to their wallets. Patients themselves may exacerbate the problem by requesting it...


Clinical Insights on How to Treat Thyroid Issues Effectively

A case study that appeared in the June 2019 issue of the Future of Functional Medicine Review Clinical Newsletter showcases the strong link between the thyroid and the gut. It’s critical that clinicians recognize this link to treat thyroid issues effectively, and review data on the true likelihood of various scenarios. In this podcast, hear clinical pearls from the case study. And learn how you can get access to a thyroid treatment algorithm and many more insights that have led other...


A New Way To Reduce Inflammation and Immune Reactivity

Many gut interventions focus on the health of the microbiota, like diet, probiotics, and antimicrobials. But fewer treatments address the immune system directly. Influences can go both ways between the immune system and the microbiota. In this episode, Dr. Ty Vincent, MD shares his insights on working with a therapy called low-dose immunotherapy. It uses very low dilutions of antigens to calm specific intolerances, allergies, and sensitivities. He’s seen that sometimes healing an intolerance...


Dos and Don’ts for Genetic Health with Dr. Ben Lynch

Treating your genes is a relatively new concept. And it can be tempting to think you can change the course of your health by simply discovering and addressing a dysfunction in one particular gene, say, MTHFR, COMT, or DAO. In this episode, Dr. Ben Lynch, a naturopathic physician with expertise in genetic health, walks us through why that isn’t the case, and why returning to the fundamentals is critical to optimizing your genes “upstream.” https://drruscio.com/?p=34859 My book Healthy Gut,...


Cancer-Fighting Foods, Supplements & Lifestyle

Everyone’s cancer risk is different based on unique medical histories, genetics, and environmental exposures. But our diet and lifestyle choices are important influences on cancer within our control, which optimize the body’s “terrain” to fight and/or prevent cancer. In this podcast, Dr. Nalini Chilkov shares her recommended cancer-fighting foods and supplements (which may vary depending on your risk factors), as well as lifestyle recommendations like sleep and exercise....


A New IBS and SIBO Treatment for Tough Cases

My recommended first line of treatment for IBS and SIBO is a change in diet, potentially followed by probiotics, and then other steps I discuss in my gut health protocol in my book Healthy Gut, Healthy You. But what if you’ve followed these steps and are still facing health challenges? A new option to consider is immunoglobulins, which can help to restore the mucous membrane in your gut and support your immune system. In the latest research, about 70% of non-responsive patients were helped...


Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO, Testing & Treatment

There is a third type of SIBO (besides hydrogen and methane-based SIBO) that currently does not have a test available: hydrogen sulfide SIBO. In fact, it can sometimes look like a flat line on a lactulose or glucose SIBO test. What can patients and clinicians do with the resources available? Guests Dr. Allison Siebecker, Gary Stapleton, and I discuss the testing methods available to assess and validate your likelihood of hydrogen sulfide SIBO, and their experiences in the clinic and in the...