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Stop staring at your Mistakes | Ed Talks Daily

We are naturally inclined to beat our selves up when we make a mistake. Especially when it gets in the way of our dreams. We keep blaming ourselves, prolonging the situation instead of moving forward. I say to you this morning, it’s time to move to a new direction. Just take a different route and let the past go. — Thank you for tuning in to Ed talks daily for a new motivational message everyday! Please subscribe to this podcast and leave a review. Follow Edouard Gilles on all social media:...


If you hate Monday, Listen.

Good morning beautiful people, I’m launching today “DAILY ED TALKS”. My goal is to bring to you an inspirational message each day to uplift your spirits. Tune in to this message about cruising Monday! Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ceoambitionist/support


Motivation Sunday Message: New Struggle, New Level

Hello there podcast listeners, I am sending positive vibes your way this morning. I urge you to make the day full and fulfilling, do so by growing and taking responsibility for your life. It's time to get to the level that you're yearning for through personal development and spiritual growth. Be grateful and joyous for life all while spreading grace and joy to others. --- Thank you for tuning in to ED Talks Daily. Please Subscribe and Leave a Review Follow me online: Fb.me/ceoambitionist...


Ed Talks Coping With Anxiety EP. 28

Is anxiety hindering you from achieving your best potential? Is worry stealing your peace of mind? If that's the case, I want to let you know that you are in control, not them. You can determine what the fabric of your life will be if you start this journey of personal development. On this episode, Ed Talks about coping with Anxiety and some shifts you can make to allow that to happen. --- The Ed Talk Podcast is holistic podcast. The purpose is to inspire growth in all aspect of one's life....


Ed Talks Delay Not Denial | Ep. 26

What you're waiting for and not getting right now is simply a delay, not a denial. What you want has not become a reality because you're in the process of creating such reality. A delay only becomes a denial when you give up waiting, continually be patient towards the goal. Continually to be patient in the pursuit of a worthy ideal. Remember that success is simply the pursuit of a worthy ideal. Please Be sure to follow me on all Social Media Platforms for more Holistic Content. Instagram:...


How to Develop Persistence | ED Talk Podcast E25

In this episode, Ed talks about developing persistence by discussing Napolean Hill's principles of Persistence which include: 8 Factors of Persistence A. Definiteness of Purpose (knowing what you want) B. Desire C. Self- Reliance D. Deftness of Plans E. Accurate Knowledge- Knowing that one’s plan’s are sound F. Cooperation- Sympathy, understanding an G. Will Power H. Habit- Persistence is the direct result of habit Take inventory of yourself and See what in Particular you are missing. What...


Ed’s 10 Life Transforming Affirmations

How do you go about reprogramming you subconcious mind? Daily affirmations. In this episode, I share with you 10 affirmations I've written for myself and urge you to do the same. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ceoambitionist/support


Ed Talks Time Management Principles | E24

The most important thing in our lives is the time we have to live, so how do we make the best of it? What are some principles we can begin to apply in our lives that will help us thrive and stay alive? There are principles of Time Management that we can begin to apply in our lives that will have a positive impact on the overall quality of our lives and give us more time to live life. --- Thank you for tuning in to the Ed Talk Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to this...


Connecting to Source Energy | Wendi Blum | UPS4E1 PART

Welcome back for Part 2 of Wendi Blum’s Interview, last week we discussed her beginnings and story, this week, we discuss the following: What rituals do you follow every day? 00:52 Have you ever engaged in activities that drained your power and how did you overcome them? 6:31 Wendi talks about self control over indulgence 10:03 Asking yourself why when it comes to self indulgence? 10:35 Why recording your vision statement is important 13:34 Why use a a journal to write down your goals and...


How To Get To The Next Level Mentally | Ed Talk Podcast E23

It's time to get to the NEXT level. It's time to achieve your destiny by transcending yourself beyond yourself, into your beast self. A lot of us live weakly through life when we're destined to to thrive beastly through our circumstances. We shouldn't have to settle in life but prosper through this thing called life by mastering our habits, emotions and reactions to the stressors of life. Listen to this Podcast where I share words that will uplift your spirit making you realize that you may...


Designing an Optimal Life | Wendi Blum UPS4E1 PART 1

On this episode of Unlimited Power, I bring to you Wendi Blum! Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur Consultant, Designer and MORE! Season 4 Introduction 00:59 A Wendi Blum Introduction 2:08 Writing her first book “What’s your Destiny?” 6:29 Do you think our destiny is Pre-written or do we create it? 7:28 When did you embark in your journey of personal development 10:24 How was the process of undoing the negative programming of your life? 12:05 Do you think we should focus on being or...


12 Ways to go from Clutter to Clarity | UPS3E10 David Hall

On this week's episode of Unlimited Power, David Hall of A+ Clutter Clearing shares the best tips and tricks to declutter your home, office and transform your life. We discuss the following: David Hall Introduces His Self 1:24 Why Live in a Clear Environment 2:29 Being in control of your home Environment 3:57 David's Hall Childhood and Past 6:28 12 Tips on Decluttering your Home and Office 7:34 Why Start the day with gratitude and kindness 7:50 Keep the Bedroom As a Sanctuary 9:32 Always...


Live in the Present

What is the point of thinking about the past and future. The past is simply a present that left and the future is a present that is to come. The most important we can do is be fully in the present moment. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ceoambitionist/support


Why Vegetable Oil Is Worst Than Smoking | UPS3E8 Ben Azadi Pt 2

Previously on Unlimited Power, We introduced Ben Azadi, a health coach and best selling Author who’s goal is to impact 1 Billion people to take control of their health. He made it his mission then to debunk the misconceptions that comes with the fitness/health industry by being a selling author and launching his recent book: The Perfect Health Guide. Ben shares his insight on the following topics: .. How do we take control of our health - 2:12 The importance of Reading | Book Recommendations...


Why Cutting Calories and Eating Less doesn’t work | BEN AZADI UPS3E8 Pt 1

Watch Video Version: https://youtu.be/PiNMMXwUbf8 After being obese, tired and depressed, Ben Azadi took a stand to his past ways by losing the weight and starting a brand/business to help people do the same. To be specific, Ben Azadi wants to inspire 1 Billion people to take control of their health after losing 1 important person in his life, his father, to type 2 diabetes. He made it his mission then to debunk the misconceptions that comes with the fitness industry by being a selling...


The Truth about Tai Chi Sifu Lester Holmes | UPS3E 7 Part 2

On this week’s episode of Unlimited Power, Sifu Lester Holmes Breaks down the roots of Tai Chi Chuan. We start the episode discussing body language and venture into talking about opposing force with calmness. We talk about Ying/Yang. Sifu Lester Holmes opens up about his past drug addiction and how that helped him become more compassionate. Aside from all of that, Sifu Lester demonstrates a few Taichi Exercises you can do sitting down. To see a list of topics discussed and watch that...


Preventing High Blood Pressure with Dr.Love

High blood pressure is a “silent killer” Most of the time there are no obvious symptoms. Certain physical traits and lifestyle choices can put you at a greater risk for developing high blood pressure. When left untreated, the damage that high blood pressure does to your circulatory system is a significant contributing factor to heart attack, stroke and other health threats. THE BEST CURE IS PREVENTION. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ceoambitionist/support


7 Aura Layers in Reiki and Life Wisdom By Rachida Douglas | UPS3E2

Watch Video : https://youtu.be/AGNMJFfvatc -- Rachida Douglas speaks about her choice of path and ambition in education. She expresses her mission in life and how her path have led her to healing through Rei Ki. She breaks down the meaning of Rei Ki and discuses the crown chakra and it’s significance. Rachida Douglas discusses the 7 Aura Layers in Reiki. The aura is part of the Universal Energy Field associated with objects. The Human energy Field is part of UEF associated with the human...


The Art of Tai Chi Chuan With Sifu Lester Holmes | UPS3E 7 Part 1 of 2

Watch in Video Format: https://youtu.be/yLP7fZjkndc -- On this week’s episode of Unlimited Power, Sifu Lester Holmes stops by to discuss his journey of becoming a sifu of Tai Chi Chuan and how it transformed his life. He discusses childhood, what is Tai Chi Quan, shares nutrition advice and even talk about compassion and passion. — Lester Holmes has been studying Chinese Martial Arts for over 25 years and has been teaching for eight years, developing a fun, informative, relaxing and result...


Dr.Love Shares His Great Knowledge on Mind, Body and Spirit

On this episode of Unlimited Power, Dr. George Xavier Love Shares his wisdom once again about so many different things that can help you achieve a whole mind, body and spirit. Watch to learn the following: 1. Dr. Love’s Definition of Healing 2:22 2. Why Pain will help you grow but seek pleasure 6:20 3. Be Compassionate instead of Becoming passionate 9:00 4. Why the world needs Qigong 10:33 5. How to relieve Stress 16:44 6. Why you should try to program your dreams 18:19 7. Why have sex...