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#11- Blood Testing, Celebrity Fitness and Building A Successful Fitness Business With Rehan Jalali

In this episode I team up with the all famous L.A based Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist and Author Rehan Jilali. Having been in the industry for over 20 years and having trained some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone and Halle Berry to name a few) you can be rest assured to pick up something valuable. In this episode we talk shop on: - Blood Testing: The 3 Most Important Tests you should be doing with your clients - Program Customisation: What key factors...


#10 Overnight Success Within The Fitness Industry

Becoming An Overnight Success In The Fitness Industry An inspiring story from a man who went from hero to zero and back again through his passion, fitness. Introducing Sean McGarity, one of Ireland’s leading educators for up and coming personal trainers. In this episode we discuss: Sean's personal story and his biggest mistakes Three key ingredients to personal training success The neglected area of business development and why you need it The fear of investing in your learning Why the...


#9 The Mindset of a Personal Trainer With Chris Burgess

In this episode I interview Chris Burgess of Lift The Bar Fitness Mentoring. A must listen for all those up and coming personal trainers looking to excel within a highly saturated industry. We talk shop on all things personal training, including: - Dealing with fear of rejection (as clients and PT's) - Overcoming self doubt and fear of being successful. - What makes good content? - The biggest mistakes you can make as a personal trainer. - How to effectively market yourself as a personal...


#7 All you need to know about protein in under 20 mins

In this short episode I discuss everything you need to know about protein in under 20 minutes. Topics Include: - What is protein? - Role in health, body composition and performance - Protein Quality and Sources - Muscle protein synthesis - The role of leucine - How much protein do we need per day/per meal? - Vegetarian considerations - Protein Myths www.phil-graham.com


#6 How To Become A Professional Personal Trainer with Mark Coles

In this episode I interview close friend and owner of M10 Fitness, Mark Coales. This is an absolute must for any Personal Trainer looking to get more out of a job they love! We discuss Mark's journey on how he went from working as a normal personal trainer in a big box commercial gym right through to owning and running one of the most successful personal training facilities in the UK - M10 Fitness. Key Topics Covered: - Key business aspects of personal training - Knowing your Niche - The...


#5 IFYM, Peri Workout Nutrition, Reverse Dieting

Finally, Episode 5 is now alive! Safe to say this episode was long over due! In this episode we give you guys a general catch up on our recent goings on over the last few months (we've been busy!) and also discuss some hot nutrition and training realted topics: - IFYM (If it fits your macros) - Pros/Cons and it's potential application in client nutrition programs. - Peri Workout Nutrition - Macronutrient manipulation - Reverse dieting and much more.... Useful Links www.phil-graham.com...


#4 Creatine, Shoulder Training and Body Composition Assessments with Dr Claire Hencken

In this episode we discuss everything you need to know about: Creatine Monohydrate - Biochemical Purpose, Benefits, Dosing, Forms, Safety (inc long term use)and more.. The Rear Delt: Purpose, Benefits to training and strategies to maximise development. Body Composition Testing: I talk with the highly credible Dr Claire Hencken who has spent the majority of her life studying and working as an anthropometrist on the pros and cons of different methods of body composition assessment. For...


#3 Strength Training Program Design With John Connor

In this episode we talk shop on deadlift training, fructose and interview our first special guest John Connor, internationally recognised professional strength coach and founder of the Irish Strength Institute. John gives us a great insight into his thoughts and experiences when it comes to program design, talking everything from general preparation, eccentric training right through to the pros and cons of periodisation.


#1 Gut Health, Occlusion Training & Carb Supplementation

Welcome to the first episode of ÉliteMuscle Radio. In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk shop on: Gut health, Cyclic dextrin (the newest carbohydrate craze), Occlusion training, Branch Chain Amino Acids and much more! Useful Links www.phil-graham.com www.facebook.com/philgrahamfitness www.twitter.com/Philgraham01