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How can you accept a diagnosis for the cause of your pain when the cause can't create your pain?

Scoliosis causing back pain, lumbar pinched nerves, stenosis or herniated discs as a cause of sciatica, bone on bone as the cause of joint pain when the range of motion of the joint is full; all of these diagnoses are fictitious and could never create the symptoms described and yet they are commonly provided as the cause of these symptoms. Millions of people a year are directed to get MRIs to identify the cause of their pain and structural variations like the ones described are identified....


Why the x-ray will never truly identify whether a joint is bone-on-bone!

If you have hip, knee or shoulder pain, chances are you will be getting an x-ray to identify the cause. There is a high probability that you will be told that you are bone on bone and that you require a joint replacement. What you have to know is that these tests can not confirm whether you are bone on bone. This is a lie perpetuated by the medical establishment. They can only tell you whether there is decreased joint space. But to identify whether you are truly bone on bone, the only...


Question: Why are you still in pain after all the treatments, procedures and medical practitioners?

This is the question I want asked by all those suffering in pain to all those who are treating them and unable to reduce their pain or return them to a normal functional lifestyle? People continue to suffer with no sight of ending their pain or getting their lives back. They put time, effort and money toward this effort and nothing gets done, in fact it continues to get worse. I talk to people daily who think they are alone in this situation. They must be told that they are not alone; they...