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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

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How to solve your fertility struggles, finally get pregnant, and become the mama-bear you know you are…with a mind-body method proven to increase you chances of pregnancy by 55%. This is the place to slow down your day, feel your feelings, and shift that dark cloud in your mind to a healthy, happy desire. Because getting mind and body on board is your best path to “baby on board.”




How to solve your fertility struggles, finally get pregnant, and become the mama-bear you know you are…with a mind-body method proven to increase you chances of pregnancy by 55%. This is the place to slow down your day, feel your feelings, and shift that dark cloud in your mind to a healthy, happy desire. Because getting mind and body on board is your best path to “baby on board.”




Episode 101 - The power of your period

People are always shocked to hear this…But I feel like the most opportunistic time to COMPLETELY shift the energy within your fertility journey is when you get your period. It sounds crazy cause it’s the normally the hardest time. It’s always when I would feel my heart drop into my stomach and I’d have to… somehow… garner up the courage to tell my husband not this month, yet again. It is the time we are most vulnerable, and it is so easy to search for an excuse as to WHY it didn’t happen...


Episode 100 - Trust your desires

Today I’m releasing the 100th Fertile Ground Podcast. Holy shit. To think I began this little podcast project in the midst of my fertility journey and now with my 2 boys and over 300,000 downloads later — I’m STILL practicing and living by everything I talked about in even the earliest episodes. Todays podcast is fun, short’n’ sweet and impromptu. We’re gonna chat about DESIRES. Do you feel like you have any beyond baby? It’s easy to fall under the trap that you need to withhold and...


Episode 99 - Do less to become more fertile

If you feel like everything you do is just leading you into more desperation and farther away from yourself….If you’re filling your life with to-do’s that isn’t even you and using that inner mean girl to try to shame yourself into doing it…If you’re making certain fertility choices because you think you’re SUPPOSED to and not because you fucking want to…Then listen to todays podcast.I interviewed two of my Fertility Mind-Body Mastery graduates Ashley and Amber — on how they got pregnant by...


Episode 98 - Kaitlin’s journey from feeling broken to finally feeling whole

When Kaitlin reached out to me, her identity was primarily her diagnosis. Her current health status -- according to many doctors and practitioner’s -- had dominance over her life decisions, but mainly dominance over her thoughts and what she believed was possible for her. “I need to heal my diagnosis before I get pregnant.” made her feel ashamed of her body, isolated (even from the TTC world), and a slave to all the rules she believed she needed to follow in order to heal and finally get...


Episode 97 - Listen to this if you’re feeling hopeless…

This week’s podcast is a demonstration on how I don’t always call the shots in my fertility business. I’ve learned to listen to what fertility wants me to explore and communicate to you. And TBH I wasn’t exactly down for this podcast… but once I sat with it and explored it myself. it made total sense in my mind and body. ALL OF MY CLIENTS + MYSELF deal with feelings of hopelessness in our lives. It’s part of a worthy pursuit of getting to this point of, “Fuck. I don’t know if I can do this...


Episode 96 - How Julie stopped doing ALL the things and got pregnant with TWINS!

Before joining Fertility Mind-Body Mastery, Julie was doing ALL of the things to get pregnant. She was focused solely on the physical aspects of fertility. Including (but not limited to) a glass of celery juice every morning — as per her acupuncturists suggestion — that made her want to barf her brains out. But she was willing to do anything she could to make her baby. After some time, her AND her husband realized that they were a shell of who they used to be. IE, they both love football. So...


Episode 95 - Ashley’s journey from being the “good girl” to living and loving her life now

Like so many of the women I work with, Ashley has a huge heart. Not only is she lovely, but she cares and does so much for others. And like so many women, this highly acknowledged “good girl” behavior as a child, can easily become shaped into a people pleasing put-everyone-else-before-you mentality as an adult. At the core, people pleasing is looking outside of yourself for worth. Needing other people to be happy and appeased in order for you to be happy. A LOT of pressure on the mind-body....


Episode 94 - Stopping waiting for results to feel worthy.

If you get your hopes up and super confident that “this is going to be the month” and it doesn’t happen… Then what? Here’s the million-dollar question AND answer… What do you make it mean after a failure – after a failed treatment or you get your period? I didn’t do enough. I’m lazy. I must not want it that bad. More googling/research and physical changes. Somethings wrong with me. All this outside shit/changes SEEM logical. BUT is it WORKING to respond this way? (A serious question you have...


Episode 93 - How Laura went from failed IVF cycle to pregnant naturally.

Laura joined FMBM after 2 miscarriages resulting from IVF. She was beside herself, lonely, so frustrated and confused about next steps.She joined Fertility Mind-Body Mastery not to necessarily get pregnant – but to do something for herself for the first time on her fertility journey. She had lost herself, lost her way and the over-focus on perfecting the journey had left her mentally, physically exhausted. Get this: Laura proceeded with another IVF cycle in the program which made zero...


Episode 92 - My conception story to baby #2

It feels crazy to announce to that I’m halfway through my pregnancy with baby #2! The fertility journey is one wild ride. So many ups and downs. So many unknowns and uncertainties. So many what-the-fuck-is-happenings. The irony is that the more I surrender to this truth – that fertility cannot be tamed, and my only job is to let her be wild, misunderstood and often confusingggg -- the more connected with her I feel. The more free and safe I feel to live my own life. The more fertile I feel....


Episode 91 - Have you ever been called “too sensitive?” Listen to this.

Has anyone ever called you: too sensitive, too emotional, too anxious, easily triggered? Do you have gut issues/IBS/stomach aches that flare-up when you’re nervous system gets activated? Do you wish you could just be like “normal people”… be more “easy going” and not care so much? Do you worry this could be affecting your fertility? Me too. I was/still am a yes to all of the above. ANDDDD some. I have a highly sensitive nervous system. Now just because you have a highly sensitive nervous...


Episode 90 - The Missing Piece of Mindset Work

Have you ever read an inspiring book that you completely fell in love with, and you were like, “Omg this has changed my life!” but then a month after you close the last page – you’re right back to feeling like you did before reading it? What happened? Why the fizzle? How do you make the transformation last? There are two important components to transformation. 1.Theory = The knowledge. 2.Application = How do you APPLY this knowledge into everyday situations. Application is what’s often...


Episode 89 - Coming back to your magic with Grace

Before joining Fertility Mind-Body Mastery – Grace had closed her heart down. She hadn’t cried in years but also hadn’t felt deep joy either. She grew up with a special spark…believing in magic and loved the idea of manifesting and consciously creating her life – and this was a drastic difference from where her fertility journey had unconsciously led her. She knew intuitively that the block she as feeling was in her head. She was finally ready to prioritize her mindset and strengthen her...


Episode 88 - How to strengthen your muscle of receiving

So many of the women I work with have this in common: Ever since they were a little girl, they wanted a baby and to be a mom more than anything in the world. It’s been their #1 desire. Their non-negotiable. Their every-fucking-thing. Which makes this journey THAT much more confusing and frustrating. You see, I was also that little girl. I spent my youth playing house, asking for dolls at every birthday/Christmas and spent my free time watching birth stories on TLC. All I wanted to do when I...


Episode 87 - Amber’s secrets to embracing her high-sensitivity on her fertility journey

Today’s podcast release is an interview with a wonderful client Amber who is wise beyond her years. But she didn’t always see it this way… She allowed our culture to cause her to second guess her brilliance and intuitive guidance both in her life and her fertility journey. Here’s the thing… women who are this wise are often highly-sensitive. AKA. Anxious. And I think it’s because our culture is too fast and furious for our sensitive spirits. (I’m like Amber and I am highly-sensitive as...


Episode 86 - How Robin found SAFETY in the discomfort required for growth

Robin was a self-proclaimed fixer, hard-worker, doer and pusher. She thought this was the only way to get what she wanted. She thought this was the way to her “trophy.” These are very typical type A characteristics in the women I work with. They are determined to get what they want and I fucking LOVE that about them (and you.) But what happens when this type of work doesn’t translate into the fertility journey? It’s SUCH a valid question, which is why I wanted to interview my client Robin on...


Episode 85 - The Keys to a Successful Marriage While TTC with Maggie Reyes

It’s like a flashlight is shined on your marriage when you’re on the fertility journey. Emotions are heightened. You’re trying to get on the same page as to the “right next steps.” Maybe one of you is doing more than the other. And resentment can easily build. You have 2 options at this point: 1. Be in the energy of: “I just need to get pregnant so this can all be over.” Which really adds more pressure to you and your marriage to hurry up and make it fucking happen or everything is going to...


Episode 84 - Money and Fertility

Money and the fertility journey go hand in hand. And initially, that could be a huge piss off. Resentment builds and shame takes hold with the thought of, “Why do I have to pay when to most people, this is absolutely free?” And if you focus solely on the physical aspects of the journey, it’s super easy for this thought to disempower you after every investment you make on the journey – big or small. I agree that some investments on the journey come with discomfort. Which is totally okay....


Episode 83 - How Juanita stopped toxic positivity, started embracing her humanity and got pregnant

Juanita got pregnant with her first baby easily and naturally. And when the second baby didn’t come as easy, it was super confusing to her. She tried diet, exercise, supplements and “thinking positive.” Literally all of the things to try and conceive another baby. After some testing, she decided to embark on IVF and enlisted the support of my program, Fertility Mind-Body Mastery -- to help her prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually -- in order to give her the best chance of success at...


Episode 82 - How to Ask for a Sign

As a woman, the fertility journey can feel you’re holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. And your shoulders are tired... And your mind? Also tired. And the rest of your body is tired AF too….The truth is that the journey can take over every aspect of your life. As you believe this one thought: “It’s all on me to figure this thing out. It’s on me to figure out what’s wrong with my body and what thoughts I should be thinking with my mind. I need to control this and find the...