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A New Way Of Looking At Adrenal Fatigue w/ Ari Whitten

There are tons of factors that could be playing a role in your bad habits that are keeping you feeling tired, slow, foggy, or just not yourself. Ari Whitten recognized this, and after seeing a lack of representation in the medical field surrounding adrenal fatigue, he decided to produce the information himself. About Ari Whitten After countless hours of research, Ari has discovered how to stop your fatigue with evidence-based science. Now, he uses his knowledge to empower people all over...



Why does society have such a hard time with women who swear? And more importantly, why do we feel the need to tell people they should change to suit our preferences? The topic of swearing is a personal one for me, and I've received plenty of feedback over the years telling me I'd be more successful or likable if I cleaned up my word choice. Make no mistake, this is a 5 chili episode. In this episode, I'm exploring the internal biases we have about people who swear, the reasons why people...


Understanding Autoimmune Diseases And How To Find Relief w/ Angie Alt

If you are sick, unsure of what is wrong, or struggling to make the changes you need to get your body back on track, autoimmune issues could be the culprit. After 18 years of dealing with a variety of health issues that left her questioning her own mental state, Angie found healing by getting to the root cause of her issues and never giving up. Now, Angie is an advocate for helping others understand their diseases and empower themselves through knowledge. About Angie Alt Angie is changing...


The Pulse

It's no secret that on the Fierce Love Friday edition of this podcast, I often talk (and rant) about issues facing my community around health and wellness. But today, I'm taking a slightly different approach and pulling back the curtain on what went well – and didn't – in 2018, plus taking a look at what's to come this year and considering the bottom line. I was inspired to record this show based on Paul Jarvis's weekly dispatch email. Transparency is something that's often lacking in the...


Troubleshooting Female Hormones w/ Laurie Christine King

If you're a woman who's been struggling with hormone issues, specifically related to your menstrual cycle or hormonal birth control, this episode is for you. Laurie Christine King recognized that women need support in this area and has taken to social media to share educational information with her followers about how to live your best life. About Laurie Christine King By surrounding herself with supportive people, empowering her body to achieve its full potential and unlocking her passion...


My 2019 Theme

There's something about the new year that symbolizes a fresh start. For many, it's also a chance to sit down, reflect, and set intentions for the year. Me personally? I've found resolutions to not be very useful in the past. A few years ago, I shifted my strategy and started setting yearly themes instead. They've worked out so much better for me than standard new year's resolutions, and today I'm sharing why. In this episode, I'm exploring the ways that yearly themes have challenged me yet...


How To Adapt Your Strength Training To Your Menstrual Cycle w/ Craig Zielinski

Happy New Year and welcome to the first show of 2019! To celebrate the new year I am going to be joined by my husband, Craig Zielinski or ‘Z’, who is here to talk to us about women's strength training and hormones. Today we are recapping Craig’s discussion about women's strength and hormones at the recent Ancestral Health Society of New Zeland’s conference, as it is an incredibly important issue for so many women today. About Craig Zielinski We are diving into everything surrounding female...


The Fucket List

You've probably heard of bucket lists, the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. But did you know there's an opposite concept called the fucket list? It's basically all the stuff you're cool with never doing – or never doing again – in your life. And though it's important to know what you want, I think it's also really clutch to know what you don't want. In this episode, I'm exploring the idea about what a fucket list is and why you might want to make your own. I'm also talking...


Finding The Courage To Show Up Even When Scared w/ Jessica Honegger

Sometimes you need to pull back the curtain on success and reveal the winding road it took to get to where you are today. Today’s guest, Jessica Honegger, is doing exactly that, and showing us all what it’s like to get comfortable outside of your comfort zone. About Jessica Honeggar Jessica is the founder of Noonday Collection, a socially conscious fashion brand, a hilarious podcast host, author, and inspiring entrepreneur. She is an advocate for talking to yourself with self-compassion,...



With the New Year right around the corner, there's been a lot of talk lately about toning. Naturally. It's the time of year when people re-assess their fitness, nutrition, and health in general. And if you hang around in women's fitness spaces, toning will come up. It's not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. In this episode, I'm exploring why women use the word toning, what it really means, and the unspoken layers of meaning associated with it. I don't purport to have all the...


Stronger Than You Think w/ Sarai White

In a world of airbrushing and Instagram, today's guest Sarai White keeps it real and accessible. Sarai is helping people get comfortable with getting moving, and breaking down what we perceive as our flaws to love what we see in the mirror every day. About Sarai White Sarai views exercise as a means of mental therapy, a hobby, and a healthy activity, not as a way to change who you are. She gives women permission to not have to be perfect and uses strength training to show her clients that...


Why Safer Skincare Matters

Everyone's health and wellness journey unfolds differently, and the things we choose to focus on first can vary. For me, it was food and movement that came first. Several years later, I finally began to think about what I was putting on my body – my skincare routine – as a piece of the puzzle (especially considering I have endometriosis and I'm more mindful of the products I use now). In this episode, I'm sharing a bit more about why safer skincare options matter for your health and talking...


Learning To Adapt To Unexpected Major Life Changes w/ Theresa Larson

Dr. Theresa Larson is a force to be reckoned with and is on a mission to help her clients create their ‘new normal’. An IRL friend, author, and inspiring speaker, Theresa works to help people adapt to major life changes, whether good or bad, temporary or permanent, to help better cope and thrive in your new situation. About Dr. Theresa Larson Theresa is sharing everything about her work with adaptive athletes, how she combined her passions into the job of her dreams, and why she is working...


Endo Warrior

Endometriosis is a painful condition that so many women suffer with in silence. I am one of those women. It's not uncommon for women to go undiagnosed for years, to be dismissed, or to be told it's all in our heads. But recently, there is a growing community of women trying to learn more and support each other as we navigate life with endo. In this episode, I'm sharing my own personal story and struggles with endometriosis, plus the nutrition, lifestyle, and other interventions that have...


How To Break Out Of The Societal Box w/ Allison Tenney

The conversation around representation and inclusivity in the wellness space is multilayered and is incredibly important when understanding how to support women in the fitness industry. My guest today, Allison Tenney, is cutting through the BS and diving in deep on addressing everything from body autonomy to social justice issues. About Allison Tenney A passionate soccer player, coach, RKC Certified kettlebell trainer and all around great girl, Allison is here to share her story and news...



Ever since childhood, I've been labeled as shy or sensitive...and it's often been used in a derogatory way. I never understood until just a couple years ago that I'm what's called a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). HURRAH! There was finally a term to describe part of the way I experience the world. And it's not just me. It's estimated that nearly 1 in 5 people is highly sensitive. In this episode, I'm sharing about how (and when) I learned about being HSP. I'm also telling you some of the...


Diversity In The Wellness Space & How To Get Your Message Heard w/ Les Alfred

Les Alfred saw a lack in the representation of strong, colored women in the fitness community, so she decided to create a space herself. The Balanced Black Girl Podcast focuses on creating an inclusive wellness media hub that is more representative for more diverse groups of people. She works to amplify other women of color in wellness space so more people can get to know them and their message. About Les Alfred Focusing on creating a platform to help more people feel included and finding...


Period Talk

As women, we experience natural monthly fluctuations related to our menstrual cycle and period. Yet I can't tell you how many women are mystified or even frustrated by the variations they experience throughout their menstrual cycles. Understanding even the very basics and tracking your cycle can lead to great insights. In this episode, I'm walking you through how your appetite and strength levels may vary throughout your cycle so that you can better honor those natural fluctuations and make...


Pelvic Floor Health And Why It Is So Important w/ Jessie Mundell

Leaks. Lots of women get them, but nobody seems to talk about them. That’s why this episode is dedicated to helping moms, moms to be and women in general, deal with common issues that women are often too embarrassed to talk about. About Jessie Mundell Jessie Mundell is an expert in prenatal and postnatal exercise and is a wealth of knowledge exploding with information about your pelvic health and how you can gain a better quality of life. Jessie is here to share a message of hope and help...


Health Coach Confessions

It's easy to think that health and fitness experts each perfectly, exercise perfectly, and live perfect lives...especially given what you see on social media and the Internet at large. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Not only is it unrealistic to think that health coaches don't have struggles, it often leads to you setting up impossible standards for yourself. When left unchecked, the cycle of on the wagon / off the wagon can go on for years. In this episode, I'm letting...