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153 | Pelvic Floor Health And Why It Is So Important w/ Jessie Mundell

Leaks. Lots of women get them, but nobody seems to talk about them. That’s why this episode is dedicated to helping moms, moms to be and women in general, deal with common issues that women are often too embarrassed to talk about. About Jessie Mundell Jessie Mundell is an expert in prenatal and postnatal exercise and is a wealth of knowledge exploding with information about your pelvic health and how you can gain a better quality of life. Jessie is here to share a message of hope and help...


152 | Health Coach Confessions: Fierce Love Friday

It's easy to think that health and fitness experts each perfectly, exercise perfectly, and live perfect lives...especially given what you see on social media and the Internet at large. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Not only is it unrealistic to think that health coaches don't have struggles, it often leads to you setting up impossible standards for yourself. When left unchecked, the cycle of on the wagon / off the wagon can go on for years. In this episode, I'm letting...


151 | Why Growth Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be w/ Paul Jarvis

If you are looking for a message of reassurance, motivation, and creativity, you have come to the right place. Paul Jarvis writes candidly and openly about completely changing how he lived his life and does business. Today he is sharing why he decided to bring the public along on his journey, and how to balance your life in every regard. About Paul Jarvis Paul provides a universal message that applies to people no matter where you are in life. Paul talks about so much that I, and others...


150 | Goodbye Hello: Fierce Love Friday

It's time to say goodbye to Stupid Easy Paleo! For the last seven years, it's been my website and brand. But just like most good things, it was time to move on and welcome a novel concept...being myself. StephGaudreau.com is my new home online (including this podcast), and I'm so frickin' pumped to show you. In this episode, I'm talking a little bit more about why some things must die to make way for new growth. Their parts must be added back to the soil to enrich it for new things to...


149 | How To Trust Your Inner Voice & Conquer The World w/ Hannah Rettler

Hannah Rettler ditched her job in Public Health to follow her passion of helping others find what sets their soul on fire. An enthusiastic, optimistic and always present force, Hannah is inspired by helping people become their most soul buzz-worthy selves. About Hannah Rettler By having the courage to surrender what your intuition is moving you towards, you can continue to try new things and have faith that you will be okay. Learning to slow down and listen to your inner nudges and gut...


148 | Haters: Fierce Love Friday

If you're making healthier choices in your life, your bound to experience some questions, pushback, or maybe even some flack from the haters. This topic is one of the most common that my community brings up: wondering how to deal with haters. The fierce love answer is that it doesn't frickin' matter what people have to say because it's your life, not theirs. But I realize that's not always helpful in the moment. In this episode, I'm sharing four strategies for dealing with anyone who gives...


147 | The Importance Of Feeling At Home In Your Body w/ Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith is an amazing woman who is using her organization, Girls Gone Strong, to work towards big issues that are timely and important in the world today. Girls Gone Strong works to provide high-quality free education to women and continues to be a thought leader in the fitness industry. In this special episode, we are tackling important issues such as sexual harassment, marginalization, objectification, and much more. About Molly Galbraith True health is not about what you can...


146 | How to Survive the Holidays: Fierce Love Friday

Next week is the unofficial start of the holiday season with the arrival of Halloween. The last two months in the year are often the most challenging: food temptations, stressful travel, a dwindling bank account, and awkward family & social interactions can leave your willpower drained. It's common to fall into the "fuck it all" mentality and YOLO everything OR try to strictly diet through the holidays which requires massive amounts of willpower...and sometimes a rebound binge. It doesn't...


145 | Curating Your Life With Compassion & Self Care w/ Cristina Curp

After managing her autoimmunity and losing over 60 pounds, Cristina Curp created The Castaway Kitchen to share her healing journey as a mom trying to make it all work. She has an important message to share for those sick of the one size fits all approach to nutrition, and ready for a new set of rules. About Cristina Curp If you are looking for a real talk among the absolute craziness of the world today, then this episode is for you. Cristina is dishing out her favourite keto, paleo and AIP...


144 | Goodbye FOMO, Hello JOMO: Fierce Love Friday

FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out, is stronger than ever these days thanks to social media and the ever-looming anxiety that there's more, better, different things we could be doing with our time. But the overwhelm from FOMO isn't doing us any favors. Thankfully, there's another way. In this episode, I dive into the concept of JOMO, the JOY of Missing Out, and why it's just as viable as its evil older sibling FOMO. You'll learn about the connection between JOMO, values, self-care, boundaries,...


143 | Inclusivity & Social Justice in Health & Fitness w/ Dr. Tee Williams

Dr. Tee Williams is an incredible influencer and wonderful teacher who has dedicated his life to bridging the huge gap between social justice education and coaching. Dr. Tee believes that 9 times out of 10, whatever you are coaching about is going to be embedded in some sort of experience your client has had in a social context. By increasing your self-awareness you can start to think about and understand your blind spots in social justice so that you can compensate for them. About Dr. Tee...


142 | Diet Culture: Fierce Love Friday

Ughhhh Diet Culture. My first thought is always, "Fuck that shit." And my second thought is that you need something more concrete so that you can begin unpacking the ways that Diet Culture has affected you. If you're constantly playing small in your life, obsessing over your body, and always starting your diet over again on Monday, you might be deeply affected. In this episode, I'm talking about (from my perspective) what Diet Culture is (and isn't); how it operates to keep women small,...


141 | Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food w/ Alison Marras

Too often in life, we tend to go toward the things we think we are good at, and avoid the things we are not so good at, even though those are the things that could make a big difference in your life. Alison Marras wants you to expand your repertoire and your mind by fostering an exciting relationship with food and your body. About Alison Marras Based out of New York City, Alison is a nutritional therapist, coach and founder of the blog Food by Mars. She is a fellow...


140 | The Big D (Divorce): Fierce Love Friday

Divorce is such a loaded subject, and for women especially, something that we get judged harshly for by society, friends, and family. For many years, I avoided admitting the truth about my own divorces for fear of judgment. (Sometimes, we're our own harshest critics.) In this episode, I'm sharing my stories about divorce, why I was afraid to date my current husband, and why kindness and compassion about people on the other side of the relationship coin is vital. Mentioned on this...


139 | Stop Letting Perfectionism Control Your Life w/ Aimee Suen

Aimee Suen is a nutritional therapy practitioner, author of the small eats blog, and one my dearest personal friends. Aimee is passionate about helping people improve their health habits and lifestyle in an ultra approachable way. Today we are discussing perfectionism, taking care of yourself, and mindfulness, to make sure you are taking care of your body in every way possible. About Aimee Suen After a very real quarter-life crisis, Aimee decided to stop placing her value on the things...


138 | Self-Sabotage: Fierce Love Friday

Self-sabotage is one of the toughest parts about making healthy lifestyle change stick, and if you experience it, you're not alone. In fact, mindset in general is one of those umbrella topics that influences our ability to make better choices. Yet unlike diet and exercise, mindset is a much more abstract thing. How, then, can you get a handle on mindset work? In this episode, the last in my Core Four pillar of health series, I'm introducing you to different reasons you may be...


137 | What Can Our Ancestors Teach Us About What We Should Be Eating? w/ Hilda Labrada Gore

You've probably heard arguments incorporating evolutionary biology made to justify why we should be eating more of certain foods and less of others, but is that reasoning really legit in today's world? Hilda Labrada Gore has traveled the world researching various tribal diets and their wellbeing, and brings that knowledge to us today. About Hilda Labrada Gore After being inspired by Dr. Weston A. Price, Hilda followed in his footsteps and traveled to Kenya and Peru to work with native...


136 | Why You're Tired: Fierce Love Friday

Are you frickin' tired? Feeling like you're running on empty or that you can't get ahead with rest? You're not alone. Our modern lifestyle sets us up to be "on" all day with little chance for rest and renewal. And when we finally get to sleep at night, it's just not enough. My third pillar of health framework is Recharge Your Energy. In this episode, I'm walking you through how to recharge your energy, both DAY and NIGHT, including strategies for more efficient workflow and sleep hygiene....


135 | Find Your Happy w/ Lori Harder

Do you struggle to focus on what actually makes you feel happy because you’re too busy with the other mundane tasks that seem to creep in and fill up our lives? Lori Harder wants to help you find the top contributors to happiness in your life, and figure out how you can get more of that. About Lori Harder Lori is the perfect example of someone living her truth fully every single day. Author of the new book A Tribe Called Bliss, Lori is sharing her message about finding your happiness in an...


134 | How to Build a Stronger Body: Fierce Love Friday

Build a stronger body <--> build a stronger mind. Getting stronger and focusing on what my body could do rather than solely how it looked was absolutely instrumental in changing my life for the better. But when it comes to getting stronger, many women are still intimidated, confused, and even scared even though they're curious inside. And truthfully, strength isn't just about slanging barbells, though that can be lots of fun and really damn empowering. In this episode, I'm introducing you...