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Ep. 30: The Diabetes Dilemma, Part 2

There's a laundry list of symptoms that could indicate the onset of diabetes, including dramatic weight loss, increased thirst or hunger, blurred vision, and headaches, just to name a few. But these problems are symptomatic of many serious conditions. If you're experiencing any of these discomforts, how do you know whether or not you're in danger of developing diabetes?


Ep. 29: The Diabetes Dilemma, Part 1

Almost a third of the total population in the United States is diabetic or pre-diabetic, and the numbers are especially egregious among the very young and very old. What's going on? What are we doing that's led us to this disturbing point? It's the diet, folks. The culprit is everything you eat. And yes, you can adjust your diet in ways that'll keep you from becoming another diabetes-related statistic.


Ep. 28: Cracking the Egg Myth

Pity the egg. This mainstay of the world diet has been slandered for years, displayed as a dangerous delivery system for cholesterol and other health-killing ingredients. The misconceptions begin with cholesterol itself, which isn't the villain the hype would have you believe. In fact, eggs are loaded with healthy stuff like fat and protein. Yes, those things are good for you, and eggs are where to find them.


Ep. 27: The Secret of Superfoods

Just what are superfoods? Depends on who you ask. To some food companies, superfoods are whatever the marketing department says they are. They may tell you that certain superfoods are good for heart health, or for maintaining a healthy gall bladder, or for enabling you to grow wings and resist fire. But the true superfoods aren't necessarily that specific. Fresh food and foods rich in nutrients are superfoods. There are more, and there are certain places you can find them in almost any...


The Dangerous Dentist

Fillings have been a common tool of dentistry for decades. They're typically an amalgam of metals like silver, tin and copper, with liquid mercury added to bind it all together. And mercury is bad for us, period. Exposure to mercury can result in everything from chronic illnesses to mental health problems. But there are safe alternatives, and all you have to do ask.


Ep. 25: Wasting Energy on Protein Bars

Energy bars and protein bars are popular with health-conscious consumers looking for a quick shot of energy as they prepare to jog, hike or work out, or even as a meal substitute. But they're kidding themselves. Many products marketed as healthy snacks are candy in another name, loaded with sugar and other junk that should horrify anyone who cares about maintaining health.


Ep. 24: Is Flaxseed Oil the Cure-All They Claim?

Flaxseed oil has been touted as everything from a cure for constipation to a balm for hearth health, and even as an effective means to prevent cancer. It's available as a supplement and in other health productions like lotions. Oh, and it's also an ingredient in everything from paint to linoleum. So is there anything to the hype, or is it just hype?


Ep. 23: Probiotics, the Healthy Bacteria

What are probiotics, and why do we need them? Simply put, probiotics are bacteria and yeasts that are good for you. They help keep your gut healthy, which relates directly to your overall health, everything from your digestive system to the health and functioning of your brain. Probiotics are available in certain foods and can be used as a supplement, but some products may not be as probiotic-rich as they claim.


Worn Out by Fatigue and Insomnia

Many functions of your body are out your control: your digestive system, your immune system, your nervous system. If you had to think about every breath you took, you'd wear out yourself remembering to inhale. But what if your body isn't regulating every function properly? Hello, fatigue and insomnia, symptoms that your body's worn out. However, there is a technology that allows you to access the problems, and to fix them.


Ep. 21: Curing Chronic Pain

Back pain, neck pain, joint pain. Yes, you can suffer a trauma or accident that can make you ache. But a trip and fall or a car collision aren't the only things that can throw your body out of whack and invite the agony of chronic pain. Pain is a symptom of problems elsewhere in your body. Fix those problems, and you fix your pain.


Ep. 20: The Agony of Migraines

Billions of dollars in medical treatment and lost productivity are among the consequences of migraines. The problem is, millions of migraine sufferers are treating symptoms, not causes, and they're creating more problems with medications may provide temporary relief from pain, but leave users at the mercy of serious side effects. The solution, even for those with chronic headaches? Stop relying on short-term relief and find out what's causing the pain. Then take the necessary,...


Ep. 19: Osteoporosis, the World's Most Patient Bone Killer

Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density that occurs over the course of decades. Even though you may show symptoms at a young age, the real problems begin as you grow older. If you're eating poorly or leading a sedentary, non-active lifestyle, osteoporosis may be an unwelcome part of your future.


Ep. 18: Road Map to Your Heart

Over 60-million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, but nobody is doomed by genetics or habits to a bad heart. There are strategies you can adopt at any time in your life to avoid heart disease. But the sooner you begin, the better. Hint: No matter what you've heard, cholesterol and fats aren't the problem.


The World's Most Dangerous Food

The world's most dangerous food is everywhere. It's an ingredient in countless products on your store shelves and the subject of decades of misinformation from food manufacturers. What is it, and how can you keep yourself safe from it?


Ep. 16: Food That Hurts

Is your food making you sick? Anything from simple indigestion to inflammation could be a result of a food sensitivity. If you're eating something your system can't handle, get ready for chronic pain and many other ugly symptoms. Environmental hazards can contribute, too. But to make yourself healthier, you first have to know which foods may be bad for you, and why.


Ep. 15: Writing Off Prescription Medications

No medication is free from the dangers of side effects. If you're treating high blood pressure, say, with a prescription medication, and you start experiencing fatigue, dizziness, weakness, brain fog or other symptoms, your drugs may be to blame. So what do you do? Reach for more drugs, or consider something safer and more effective?


Ep. 14: Insomnia, RIP

Your body can't do much of anything well if you're not getting proper rest. Chronic sleep problems may be the result of nutritional deficiencies, chemical imbalances or even home electronics. Yes, that electric blanket you love so much may actually be costing you sleep.


Ep. 13: Your Polluted Living Room

The bad news? Our homes are full of building materials and other environmental hazards that create indoor air pollution, a toxic brew of chemicals we breathe through our nostrils and absorb through our skin. In fact, the air inside can be several times more toxic than the air outside. The good news is that awareness and avoidance of key products can help you avoid making your home unhealthy. You can be even more proactive by running a fan, opening the windows once in awhile, or using an...


Ep. 12: Frankenstein's Refrigerator

What's the big deal about genetically-modified foods? It's that modified and engineered foods may result in bigger yields and huger profits for food producers, but they're just not good for you. The battle over GMOs is ongoing. What should you know, and what sources of information are most reliable?


Ep. 11: Laundering Your Immune System

The secret to a powerful immune system, a means of making your body resistant to illness and disease, isn't medication, raw garlic, or useless hand sanitizers. Wash your hands with soap and water, wash them well, and you're doing the best thing possible to strengthen your body's ability to stay healthy. Anything else, including vaccinations, may in fact increase your system's susceptibility to making you sick.