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Ep21 - Food Sensitivities & Your Cycle + Detox Strategies

Are you frustrated and fed up with struggling with unresolved hormonal health issues? Today, we dive into all things hormones with a certified naturopath, Dr. Naomi Judge, who is well-known in Australia for helping women connect the dots between their health, happiness, and hormones. Find out how a life of optimal vibrancy and joy can be your new normal! Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Topics Discussed in this Episode: Some of...


Ep20 - Q&A- Sleep, Cycles & Hashimotos + My Trip to Emergency & Cysts

Are you ready for another exciting Q&A episode? Not only am I going to answer some of your questions that I’ve pulled up from Instagram but I’m going to share a crazy story about appendicitis, ovarian cysts, digestion, and all that good stuff that happened to me over these past few weeks. Let’s dive in! Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Topics Discussed in this Episode: The reasons why you’re waking up several times during the...


Ep19 - 10 Ways to Slow Aging Naturally

Are you worried about your wrinkles and grey hair, and feeling like you’re 10 years older than you actually are because your skin isn’t what it used to be? Then you are going to love this episode! We will dive into aging and the 10 ways to slow aging naturally. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Topics Discussed in this Episode: 10 simple strategies that can really help to slow down the aging processThe things that affect aging and...


Ep18 - Q&A: Nutrition for PCOS, Morning & Nighttime Routines, Breast Cancer Prevention and Bone Broth

I am really excited to dive into another Q&A episode today! I hope to offer up some strategies and support to help you guys move forward from whatever it is that’s concerning you with regards to your hormones and your health. Let’s dive in! Visit for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Nutrition steps you can implement to better take care of your hormonesCreating more structure in your day to day with...


Ep17 - Bioidentical Hormone Replacement + Boosting Hormones Naturally

What is hormone replacement therapy and how can it significantly impact our quality of life? What measures can we take to promote longevity? If you’ve got the same question or similar questions to that one, then this episode is perfect for you! Dr. Stephanie Gray shares her knowledge and expertise to help us figure out some of the root causes of our health problems and the ways in which we can fix them. Visit for complete show notes of every podcast...


Ep16 - Inflammation and Your Hormones, Hot Detoxing & Powerful Healing Remedies

Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode Are you curious about what anti-inflammatory living is like? Find out and get into the anti-inflammatory diet and nutrition with Julie Daniluk as she shares her discovery and understanding of the healing powers of food through her own healing recovery. Enjoy! Topics Discussed in this Episode: Food intolerance testing versus food eliminationFavorite sweeteners and sweeteners to avoidHow...


Ep15 - Ditching Diets, Eating #RealAssFood and Intuitive Eating

What drives your attitude towards food? Do you sometimes resort to stress eating or emotional eating? How can we become intuitive eaters? Nutritionist and emotional eating coach Rachel Molenda shares her knowledge about all these and more. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Why we need to understand the emotions that are driving our behaviors towards food before we tackle nutritionWhy intuitive eating is the most sustainable eating styleThe steps towards intuitive eating that Rachel...


Ep14 - Your Summer Hormone Detox

Are you having hormonal issues that you’re looking to overcome? How can you start eliminating the symptoms that you’re having? My Summer Hormone Detox Program may just be what you need! Find out what it’s all about and get the support that you’re looking for! Topics Discussed in this Episode: What my Summer Hormone Detox Program is all aboutWho my Summer Hormone Detox Program is forAll the goodies that you can get from my Summer Hormone Detox ProgramWhat you can expect from the Hormone...


Ep13 - Pre-Conception Planning + Culinary Nutrition

What does preconception planning look like, and when is the best time to start? Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Meghan Telpner shares her own experience with preconception planning, miscarriage and pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. Hopefully, you, too, will be empowered to become your own best health expert and be inspired to find your own unique path to optimal health. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The UnDiet revolutionHow...


Ep12 - How to Test for Hormonal Imbalances

Do you find yourself waking up with anxiety or being unable to sleep at night? Or do you have trouble losing weight no matter how hard you try? Dr. Carrie Jones talks about some of the problems caused by hormonal imbalances and how the DUTCH Test can help us find solutions to these issues. Hopefully, this will help you gain some insights into the different puzzles that make up our health, our hormones, and our vitality. Topics Discussed in this Episode: What is the DUTCH Test?What...


Ep11 - AIP Diet + Coffee Enemas + Working Out + Thinning Hair & Your Thyroid

I have another Q&A episode in store for you today! I love doing these episodes because I love answering your questions, so keep them coming and enjoy the podcast! Topics Discussed in this Episode: What is the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet?What is a coffee enema and how is it the same as or different from a colonic?Should you work out if you have adrenal fatigue?What do you use on your hair when you notice that it’s thinning? Key Takeaways: The AIP diet focuses on eliminating gut...


Ep10 - Balancing Hormones with Essential Oils

Whether you’re new to essential oils or have been using them for quite some time, this episode is packed with valuable information that you wouldn’t want to miss! Dr. Mariza Snyder shares the best way to use essential oils for hormone balance, how we can use essential oils to manage stress, and so much more! Topics Discussed in this Episode: The best way to use essential oils for hormone balanceHow we can use essential oils to lower our stress and cortisol levels and support adrenal...


Ep09 - How to Heal Estrogen Dominance

What happens when you have high estrogen levels, and what can you do about it? If you want to learn more about estrogen dominance, this podcast is chock-full with the information that will help you avoid it or heal it, and inspire you to make that change to hormonal health! Topics Discussed in this Episode: What is estrogen dominance?What are the symptoms of estrogen dominance?What are some causes of estrogen dominance?What can we do to heal estrogen dominance? Key Takeaways: Estrogen...


Ep08 - Q&A - PMS Cravings, Collagen Powder, Parasite Cleansing & The Pill

I get a lot of questions that come in via email or on Instagram or through my website, and I figured I might as well put these into a podcast. So get ready to learn a ton of information as we dive into our very first Q&A episode! Topics Discussed in this Episode: How to combat PMS cravings for sugarStarting a detox program and doing a parasite cleanseWhere I shop for clothesThe collagen brands I use and how I use themGetting off the pill and having issues with fertility Key...


Ep07 - Tip to Glowing Skin, Safe Sun Protection & Toxic Chemicals in Your Products

Are you excited to have fun under the sun this summer? Naturopathic doctor and clear skin expert Dr. Jen Newell shares some really great insights and advice about taking care of our skin, what brands to choose and what to look for in a sunblock. It’s a really great conversation to have as we head into the summer months but also to have beautiful, clear, glowing skin all year round. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Why sun care is importantThe difference between UVA and UVB raysWhat the...


Ep06 - Owning Your Power + Creating Possibility & Achieving Success Without Losing Yourself

Have you ever experienced burnout in your life or thought that there was something missing in it? What about the thought that there’s something more for you to do, more for you to become and more for you to achieve? Is it even possible to reach your goals and live a life of purpose without losing yourself on the path to success? This is such an important conversation to have and one that my good friend and leadership consultant, Oliver Manalese, shares his expertise. Let’s dive in! Topics...


Ep05 - Food Sensitivities and Your Hormones + Skin Health & Digestion

Do you want to learn more about food sensitivities and how they are related to your hormones? Perk up your ears as the creator of the Maxim Movement, Dr. Andrea Maxim shares so much goodness on today’s podcast. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The first step towards treating and supporting our hormonesCauses of inflammation in our gutHow we can reintroduce foods that we avoided during the treatment of our gutWhy we should pay attention to skin care and the importance of getting off the...


Ep04 - The Best Travel Supplements

Are you thinking about going on a vacation anytime soon? If so, what are the essential supplements that you travel with? Tune in as I share my own list of essential travel supplements that I can’t go on vacation without. In this episode you will learn: What supplements are good for any type of digestive upsets or traveler’s diarrheaWhy probiotics are essentialWhat supplements are good for better digestionWhat supplements are helpful for setting your circadian rhythm, getting better sleep...


8 Tips for The Best Sleep Ever

What’s your routine before going to bed? If you don’t have one yet, it’s about time we create one for you! Sleep has been the number one thing on my get-healthy list over the past year, so perk up your ears as I share with you some of my best tips for the best sleep ever. In this episode you will learn: Why do you need some kind of routine before going to sleep?What is melatonin and what does it do?How can you optimize your sleep and get the best sleep ever? 3 Key Takeaways: It’s so...


Detoxing + Cleansing Foods + Your Toxic Environment

This podcast is all about supporting your health, your hormones, your vitality and your energy! Join me as I talk about detoxification and what we can do to help support our liver in the detoxification process. Let’s dive in! In this episode you will learn: What is detoxification?What is the connection between detox and your hormones?What are some really simple and effective strategies that you can implement to clean up the chemical and toxic clutter in your life?What are some of the...