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Live Healthy at Any Size

Melinda goes solo in this episode to bring you up-to-speed on life with Baby Sammi, and the 28 Days to Freedom course. This is the last episode for 2018. The podcast will be back in 2019 with a new format and fresh, action-oriented content that you can apply to your own life! Key Takeaways: Your weight is going to fluctuate over time, this is normal! We should all try to be the best person we can be, and living healthy is a part of that! Mentioned in this Show: 28 Days to...


Doug Bunnell

Conversations with Melinda Parrish, plus size model and body positivity influencer. Melinda has sparked the #healthyatanysize movement through her social media advocacy for women of all shapes and sizes to live a healthy, aspirational lifestyle that is not centered on weight loss. Each week, Melinda Parrish is serving up a dose of inspiration, information, and insight alongside some of the most influential voices in body positivity, health, and wellness. Melinda believes that women were not...


Heal your Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti with Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson, Physical Therapist and yoga instructor, works with women of all ages who are ready to take an active role in their health and healing! Megan’s practice was created out of her passion and drive to make women's health care more accessible. In her many years of clinical practice, she noticed that busy moms struggled to follow through with Physical Therapy. And it definitely was not for lack of effort! Megan believes that a healthy, happy mom makes for a healthier, happier...


Binge (the series) with Angela Gulner

Angela Gulner is a writer, actor, and producer, as well as the creator of the series Binge, a dark comedy television series! She has taken her experience as someone in recovery from bulimia and put it into this darkly witty, heartfelt, and hilarious show! She and her team have raised the money to take their pilot and expand it into a full first season, which fans can’t wait to see. In this episode we discuss her personal history with eating disorders, how she went about turning that into a...


Not Your Average Runner with Jill Angie

Jill Angie is a runner, author, and a running coach who is representing for the curvy-bodied athletes of the world! A self-proclaimed fat runner, Jill grew to love running when she stopped thinking about running as a means to offset calories, and started looking at it as a way to build up her confidence and strength. Running became a source of joy for Jill, even when it was difficult. That’s something we can all aspire to! In this episode, Mel and Jill talk about how Jill came to be a fat...


Big Things with Zach Miko

IMG’s first Brawn Model, Zach Miko, sits down with Melinda Parrish to discuss his background, his experience as a brawn male in our society, his journey in entertainment, and his recent rise to superstar status. Zach gushes about meeting Tyra Banks IRL as a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model, his love of the new Queer Eye series, and ways that his wife nags him to take better care of himself. Zach’s paving a new way for men of size in the world and he has so much wisdom, confidence, and...


Dietland with Jennifer Ponton

Actor, writer and producer Jennifer Ponton sits down with Melinda Parrish to discuss the AMC series Dietland. They also talk about run-ins with Real Housewives of New York, Jennifer's experience doing nude scenes as a fat actress, her journey as an actress of size in entertainment, and what's on the horizon for this explosive new show. Key Takeaways: Confidence & success don’t come from size The patriarchy wants you to diet You can be both fat and happy Mentioned in this...


Daring to Live with Stephanie Nadia

Stephanie Nadia is an award-winning YouTuber and plus size fashion/beauty influencer. In 2013, Stephanie began sharing content. Since then, she has become an outlet for plus-size fashion, beauty, creativity, body-positivity and women empowerment. Stephanie’s goal is to bring about more diverse representation in the fashion/beauty industry. Coming from a mixed background, Stephanie seeks to represent both her South Asian and Latin American heritage. She is hoping to empower women of all...


Eating Disorders in the Military with Dr. Marian Tanofsky-Kraff

Dr. Marian Tanofsky-Kraff is a Professor of Medical & Clinical Psychology at the Uniformed Services University. She is an expert on eating disorders in military settings. She and I first met in the fall of 2017, when we were invited to speak on a panel about eating disorder stereotypes before Congress by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). Because of my personal experience with having an eating disorder while in the military, I was very excited to meet her and learn from...


Straight / Curve with Jenny McQuaile

This episode features Jenny McQuaile, the Director / Producer / Lady Boss behind the film Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image, which is available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo on Demand from May 18th. Imagine if a quarter of a million women, mothers and daughters gathered in homes around the world for a real talk about body positivity and invited the men and boys in their lives to be a part of this conversation. What kind of change would be possible if women and girls...


Bonus Episode! How to Talk to Your Daughter About Weight with Dr. Jenny Conviser

Jenny H. Conviser, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in the Feinberg School of Medicine, and on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Conviser is Certified in both Sport Psychology and Child and Family Therapy. She specializes in eating and weight-related disorders, couples therapy, sports psychology and women's' health. In this special Mother’s Day bonus episode, Dr. Conviser and I discuss the importance of...


Becoming the Best Version of Yourself with Shainna Tucker

Shainna Tucker is the blogger babe behind A Thick Girl’s Closet. She started her blog in college, and it’s grown into a very successful venture where she’s gotten to work with many prominent brands, be featured in campaigns (including one with me!), and many other, tremendous opportunities as a blogger. Shainna is a tall, thick woman of color who’s made her peace with her looks over the years. She’s got such strong, inner confidence that is infectious to anyone who meets her! And she...


Growing up Curvy with Caralyn Mirand

Caralyn Mirand got her start in plus size modeling as a high school student when she was selected for Tyra Banks’ Fiercely Real Model Search. Although she didn’t win the competition, it got her in with an editor at Seventeen Magazine, which launched her as a professional plus size model. Since then, she’s worked with loads of clients in the fashion industry, gotten her college degree, and has launched a successful lifestyle blog. She’s preparing for her wedding in 2018 and is chronicling...


Every Body Deserves Love with Alexa Phelece

Alexa Phelece is a plus size model, fashion blogger, and body positivity influencer and the founder of Every Body Deserves Love (EBDL), a non-profit. Through her own journey to self love, Alexa came to understand the importance of self acceptance, self confidence, and self esteem in order to reach your full potential in life. Alexa began modeling in 2016, which helped her discover even more newfound confidence and self love. Now, she finds herself at the center of the body positive...


Men Get Eating Disorders, Too with Ryan Sheldon

Ryan Sheldon is the blogger behind Confessions of a Binge Eater. He’s bravely and openly shared his experiences with binge eating disorder (BED) as he’s navigated recovery. His presence in the blogosphere is shining an important light on how men are affected by eating disorders, despite predominant stereotypes about eating disorder sufferers. In this interview, Ryan and I go deep on what binge eating disorder actually looks like. He really opens up about the day-to-day machinations of the...


Why Dieting is the Problem, Not Binge Eating with Isabel Foxen Duke

Isabel Foxen Duke is a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women make peace with their bodies, so they can stop obsessing about food and get back to living awesome lives! In our interview, Isabel gives an amazing account of her own personal experience with disordered eating, an the downward spiral she went on before she was able to heal herself through intuitive eating. Isabel’s experience in the healthcare system, and therapeutic settings, speaks to some of the...


Coming Out Curvy with Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is a body positive fashion blogger, beauty influencer, and reporter who is best known for her work with Revelist. She’s built a huge following, become a very recognizable face in our feeds, and built an amazing community around her celebration of her body, and her own standard of beauty and fashion. In this interview, Jessica and I discuss her own personal journey to become body positive. Like many plus size women, Jessica grew up hiding until she got to college when she...


NYFW 2018 Warm Up with Sarah Chiwaya

Sarah Chiwaya (the blogger babe behind @curvily, discovered the world of plus size blogging around the time of her wedding several years ago. She learned firsthand the power of representation, and fashion, to radically transform a woman’s sense of self-worth! Sarah has built her own blogging empire since then and has used her voice and her image to create powerful representation for curvy bodies in the fashion world. She also happens to be my fashion week spirit...


Building a Plus Size Fashion Empire with Stylish Curves with Alissa Wilson

Alissa Wilson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Stylish Curves, and a certified O.G. of the plus size blogging world! She started from the bottom rung of the fashion editorial scene and has risen to be the creator of her own fashion media empire. And she’s just getting started! In the interview, we discuss Alissa’s rise to where she is today. She’s grown the site from a side hustle, passion project to a full-time gig! Along the way, she’s witnessed the transformation of the plus...


The Essential #healthyatanysize Reading List for 2018 with Keyaira Boone

Keyaira (Key) Boone is a freelance writer, blogger, and all around great human who also created She’s set out to carve out a space for herself online where she can share authentically about who she is, what she loves, and the things that are important to her, inspiring us all in the process! Like so many of us, Key has always wanted to have a voice, and create a platform for herself, but she’s struggled with the idea of being an “influencer,” and commodifying her...