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Ketosis and Cleansing

Did you know that you can stimulate your own body’s amazing cleansing process called autophagy? One of the main benefits of a juice cleansing is that it can have a great benefit to how your liver processes carcinogens and other toxins. Sometimes the liver just needs a break and a good juice fast focused on greens can do the trick.


Everyday Toxins Are Lowering Your IQ

According to modern science, the average IQ has been tumbling down on an average of 7 points per generation. It’s not surprising, considering the trend of poor nutrition, exposure to fluoride, pesticides, and other neurotoxins. Learn how to reverse this growing trend in your own family through awareness, food choices, and proper nutrition. SHOW NOTES 00:00 Toxins interrupt brain function00:30 Every generation is getting dumber03:45 Harming unborn babies' nervous systems11:45 Detoxify your...


Antibiotics...They're in Your Food!

Did you know that antibiotics could be in the food that you eat every day? The introduction of antibiotics transformed Western medicine and could easily be described as the most important medical discovery of the last 100 years. Roger discusses the wonders and dangers of antibiotics, as well as how their success has crippled the industry - as it cannot let go of this idea of a single chemical cure.


Monsanto is Killing You with Roundup

Are herbicides, pesticides, and environmental toxins in the food that you eat? Probably. Monsanto recently lost a $289 million dollar lawsuit due to the relationship of Roundup causing cancer in humans, and were also hit with a study by the Environmental Working Group, alleging unsafe levels of Roundup in foods that you eat everyday. Roger discusses how to protect yourself from pesticides and set up your body to get rid of the toxins in your system from foods you've eaten and why...


Death by Medicine

You know something is wrong with the medical system when you’re diagnosed with indigestion and sent home, but you die from heart disease. Learn all about the 3rd leading cause of death in America, Iatrogenic Death—better known as “Death by Medicine” The daily news is filled with traumatic events that occur within our medical system - the combination of drug reactions, needless surgeries, and other medical mistakes that claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Roger also discusses...


The Speed Molecule

Are you properly feeding your brain ? Roger Drummer discusses the “speed molecule” acetylcholine - one of the most important neurotransmitters in your brain, and why high quality herbs & nutrients are essential to keep your brain healthy. SHOW NOTES 03:30 Complex mental tasks require a well fed brain 04:40 Reducing inflammation in your brain 07:00 Why your brain needs choline 10:10 High quality B vitamins can make a difference 13:05 Protecting your blood-brain barrier 21:00...


Anti-Aging and Tonic Herbalism

If you take herbs or are thinking about taking herbs, you MUST listen to this podcast! Roger Drummer discusses true anti-aging, from the perspective of tonic herbalism, and explains why putting energy back into a worn out system is much more profound than simply taking antioxidants. While both are good for you, only tonic herbalism will change a worn out person back into a functional human being.


Immunity: How to Recover from Antibiotics

Exploring the world of antibiotics, Roger Drummer discusses the best way to avoid overuse and exposure. You'll even learn how to build your own medicine chest at home and avoid being dependent on antibiotics in the first place. SHOW NOTES 01:50 Antibiotics weaken your immune system 04:30 How your diet plays an important role 07:10 Your body can become resistant to antibiotics 09:15 Avoiding drug free foods by buying organic 17:15 Overprescribing antibiotics 21:00 What you can do to...


Eating Vegans?

Is eating meat right for you? Roger Drummer discusses eating meat, from the perspective of being a long time vegetarian. This isn’t about eating a Vegan diet, but rather eating animals that are Vegans, and how that may affect your health. Learn all about the effects on Roger's physical and mental well-being after adding bison and lamb meat to his diet.


Protecting Your Brain from Premature Aging

Are you experiencing premature aging of the brain? Brain health is influenced by toxic exposures, exercise, and especially nutrition. Your brain has certain requirements and if they aren’t met, you'll experience brain starvation. What we call memory loss may simply be the result of your brain lacking the proper food over a long period of time. SHOW NOTES 02:30 Neuroplasticity…your brain CAN rewire itself 04:15 An undernourished brain can cause memory loss 08:00 Inflammation causes...


Adaptogenic Herbs in Inner Peace

Did you know that adaptogens can retrain your body to function at an optimized level? Roger Drummer talks about the adaptogens in Inner Peace and their positive effects such as calming your nervous system, deeper sleep, and even detoxing your brain. SHOW NOTES 00:20 Why most health issues are related to stress 02:30 Deeper sleep with Inner Peace 04:45 Removing tension from your nervous system 09:30 Listen to your body 12:00 Why athletes benefit from adaptogens 13:35 How adaptogenic...


Letting Go of Fear with Adaptogens

Stress relief is often misunderstood and needs to be incorporated into your health program, just like exercise. Laura and Roger Drummer discuss stress manifesting as fear and how to build the tools to overcome it. We take a look at PTSD, cancer, heart attacks, and adaptogenic herbs - with some personal experience thrown into the mix.


Is Stress Making You Fat?

Stress, obesity, and diabetes all have a major impact on your body's health...but there is hope. We discuss the mistake of following standard government and medical advice on food, such as the low fat/high carb diet that ruined the nations health - and what you can do to make a positive change in your life. SHOW NOTES 00:00 How stress plays a role in obesity 03:44 Regulating stress and blood sugar 07:00 What is metabolic syndrome? 08:30 Diabesity syndrome 09:35 Abandoning the low...


O.L.D. Syndrome and The Aging Brain

Nutritional deficiencies may trick you into thinking you have a medical problem or memory issue. Roger discusses the need to look at forgetfulness as a warning sign of brain starvation - just like feeling thirsty or hungry lets us know to replenish food and fluids. Nutrition, sleep, and stress relief are all brain essentials that become even more important as we age. SHOW NOTES 00:00 O.L.D. syndrome 02:30 Lack of nutrition and the aging brain 06:15 How inflammation destroys your...


The Biggest Lie From Modern Medicine

Do you realize that our government is lying to you? Decades of public health initiatives were based on flimsy information that caused diseases, rather than helping cure them. Roger Drummer discusses the misinformation put out by the government and nutritional institutions that shape and ruin our lives. Learn how to eat clean and stop worrying about cholesterol - the biggest lie ever told by modern medicine. LINKS Government Revised Diet...


Killing Cancer with Ketosis

The ketogenic diet is a fascinating concept that can be used to achieve many different goals. In this episode, Roger Drummer discusses the particulars of the ketogenic diet he used to cure himself of cancer. Roger gets into the specifics of the ketogenic diet and explains fasting, food types, and the timing involved in eating for medical ketosis. Being in the health field for decades helped prepare him for this journey. However, today the resources are available for anyone to find the help...


Eat Like a Monk...Live Like a Warrior

Diets used to be solely for losing weight, but now are often used to establish an identity. People join group or tribe associated dietary protocols for a variety of reasons. Roger Drummer discusses the Shen, or spirit of dieting, and how eating for spirit identifies some of the reasons special diets were used to enhance meditation and prayer. Unless you have special medical reasons or health issues - the best part of every diet should be a focus on eating clean. SHOW NOTES 00:30 My...


Food, Mood, and Memory

Do you know about the impact that food has on your mood and memory? Roger takes a look at how cholesterol, serotonin, stress, nutrition, and sleep all contribute to mood and memory issues. We also discuss how herbs and nutrition each impact the way you feel, as well as the Three Treasures and how herbs can help you climb out of chronic fatigue. SHOW NOTES 01:05 How your brain is affected by cholesterol, serotonin, stress, nutrition, and sleep 04:30 Cholesterol is actually good for...


Ketogenic Diet, Stress and Adaptogens

The ketogenic diet has a major role in regulating blood sugar. Stress is the worst disruption of the body’s ability to regulate itself, especially regulating sugar. Since regulating sugar is the key to both ketosis and avoiding chronic illness, adaptogens can play a major role in helping you attain success in keeping on the ketogenic diet and staying healthy. SHOW NOTES 01:05 What is the Ketogenic diet? 02:50 The perfect way to fix your metabolism 03:15 Cancer and Ketosis 05:05...


Energy Medicine: All About Energy

We are energy beings with an energetic homeostasis that coincides with the western medical term of homeostasis. By becoming balanced energetically we allow for our own innate healing to occur. Roger and Laura discuss energy medicine, how it affects homeostasis, and how to balance your energy centers with the use of adaptogens. SHOW NOTES 00:30 Manipulation and flow of energy - massage acupuncture, prayer, chi gong, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, etc 14:15 Food grade tonic herbs 18:00...