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O.L.D Syndrome and The Aging Brain

Nutritional deficiencies may trick you into thinking you have a medical problem or memory issue. Roger discusses the need to look at forgetfulness as a warning sign of brain starvation - just like feeling thirsty or hungry lets us know to replenish food and fluids. Nutrition, sleep, and stress relief are all brain essentials that become even more important as we age. SHOW NOTES 00:00 O.L.D. syndrome 02:30 Lack of nutrition and the aging brain 06:15 How inflammation destroys your...


The Biggest Lie From Modern Medicine

Do you realize that our government is lying to you? Decades of public health initiatives were based on flimsy information that caused diseases, rather than helping cure them. Roger Drummer discusses the misinformation put out by the government and nutritional institutions that shape and ruin our lives. Learn how to eat clean and stop worrying about cholesterol - the biggest lie ever told by modern medicine. LINKS Government Revised Diet...


Killing Cancer with Ketosis

The ketogenic diet is a fascinating concept that can be used to achieve many different goals. In this episode, Roger Drummer discusses the particulars of the ketogenic diet he used to cure himself of cancer. Roger gets into the specifics of the ketogenic diet and explains fasting, food types, and the timing involved in eating for medical ketosis. Being in the health field for decades helped prepare him for this journey. However, today the resources are available for anyone to find the...


Food, Mood, and Memory

Do you know about the impact that food has on your mood and memory? Roger takes a look at how cholesterol, serotonin, stress, nutrition, and sleep all contribute to mood and memory issues. We also discuss how herbs and nutrition each impact the way you feel, as well as the Three Treasures and how herbs can help you climb out of chronic fatigue. SHOW NOTES 01:05 How your brain is affected by cholesterol, serotonin, stress, nutrition, and sleep 04:30 Cholesterol is actually good for...


Ketogenic Diet, Stress and Adaptogens

The ketogenic diet has a major role in regulating blood sugar. Stress is the worst disruption of the body’s ability to regulate itself, especially regulating sugar. Since regulating sugar is the key to both ketosis and avoiding chronic illness, adaptogens can play a major role in helping you attain success in keeping on the ketogenic diet and staying healthy. SHOW NOTES 01:05 What is the Ketogenic diet? 02:50 The perfect way to fix your metabolism 03:15 Cancer and Ketosis 05:05...


Energy Medicine: All About Energy

We are energy beings with an energetic homeostasis that coincides with the western medical term of homeostasis. By becoming balanced energetically we allow for our own innate healing to occur. Roger and Laura discuss energy medicine, how it affects homeostasis, and how to balance your energy centers with the use of adaptogens. SHOW NOTES 00:30 Manipulation and flow of energy - massage acupuncture, prayer, chi gong, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, etc 14:15 Food grade tonic herbs 18:00...


Memory Loss and Confusion: Understanding Alzheimer's

There is a memory epidemic sweeping the world. Roger and Laura discuss the 3 main types of Alzheimer’s, recent studies related to it, and solutions for preventing or slowing it down. Contrary to popular belief, we are in the driver’s seat of our own brain health - and not the victim of our genetics. SHOW NOTES 1:45 Alzheimer’s is becoming a leading killer 3:50 Stress destroys memory centers in your brain 6:30 It’s a lie that most people are eating better 8:15 Memory loss due to toxic...


Protecting Your Child's Brain

The world is a toxic place for our children. Roger and Laura discuss nutrition for expecting mothers, small children, and even teenagers. In this modern world, our children are the ones who need the most protection as they progress from the womb into adulthood. SHOW NOTES 1:45 Why protein is important for an unborn baby 3:10 Toxicity in a developing brain - why it’s important to eat clean during pregnancy 4:30 Why not to drink tap water when you are pregnant 6:10 Food quality is...


Killing You Softly - Neurotoxins

Everyday toxins are slowly killing you. Neurotoxins and other chemicals in your food & water are disrupting your brain function. In this episode, Roger and Laura discuss how to protect yourself from exposure to MSG, aspartame, fluoride, lead, and pesticides. Since it’s not enough to just take supplements for brain health, you must be aware of how to avoid these everyday neurotoxins that are slowly killing your brain and memory. SHOW NOTES 0:55 Slowly killing your memory 1:25 Preventing...


Is Your Gut Making You Sick and Fat?

Almost like a separate organism, the bacteria in your gut has more control over you than you think. Roger Drummer and Laura discuss how gut microbes may not only be making you fat, but they also may be creating chronic disease in your body. SHOW NOTES 1:15 Is your gut full of bacteria? 3:30 Bacteria controls your metabolism, regulates your blood sugar…and even produces chemicals for your brain. 5:45 Bacteria that makes you fat vs. bacteria that makes you skinny 8:10 Beyond fiber,...


Stress - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Stress causes 90% of all disease...how is this possible? Laura and Roger dive into all of the different ways that stress destroys your physical body and brain, how to avoid it, and how it turns ugly. You'll also learn the difference between good and bad stress - as well as how the use of adaptogens, yoga, and a change to your diet & lifestyle can help balance your stress response. SHOW NOTES 0:45 90% of illness is stress related 3:38 Why is stress bad? 6:15 Chronic stress can kill...


Dying for Nutrition

Is nutritional deficiency the root cause of your chronic disease? Roger Drummer touches on chronic fatigue, brain health, and high blood pressure as examples of major health issues that respond well to increases in targeted nutrition. SHOW NOTES 0:30 The BIG gap between Western medicine and Western nutrition. 1:00 Specific nutrients are needed for optimum health 2:30 Adrenal weakness and the inability for your organs & glands to make energy out of your food 7:05 Is your brain lacking...


Salt, Bread, and Butter

Inspired by a trip to the salon, Laura Shakti and Roger Drummer take a trip through the basics of food quality and answer some of the questions that are confusing the public about salt, bread, and butter. Noting that everyone tends to get caught up in finding complex issues to discuss, we often forget that it’s the basics that form the foundation of everything that we do. SHOW NOTES 1:30 What's the deal with iodine in salt? 4:00 Trace minerals in salt 9:05 Cleansing your energy with...


Cooling Off Your Digestive Fire

Do you realize that the food you eat regulates the internal temperature of your body? Find out what foods are best for you and your lifestyle in order to stay healthy. Moving beyond the normal ideas of nutrition, Roger Drummer and Laura Shakti discuss the energetics of herbs and food. Roger delves into the properties of hot and cold foods, as well as detoxing and energy foods. Learning about the energetic properties of food and herbs deepens your knowledge of self-care. SHOW...


Sugar…as Addictive as Cocaine?

Discover a fascinating look into how the food you eat affects your health. Roger Drummer and Laura Shakti discuss sugar cravings, what they mean to your brain, how to eliminate them, and how all cravings are related. If you really want to make the effort to change, listen to this episode to learn how you can change your breakfast, change your brain, and even change your life! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Sugar and your health 2:00 Inflammation and the level of sugar in your diet 5:15 Are you...


Diabesity and Blood Sugar Solutions

Diabetes and obesity are two of the biggest health crises of our time. Roger Drummer and Laura Shakti discuss diabetes, obesity, and how they relate to blood sugar issues. Learn about dietary tips to start back on the road to wellness, how using herbs and certain foods can control blood sugar naturally, and how to lay the foundation for avoiding chronic disease. SHOW NOTES 00:00 Obesity and diabetes in America 02:40 Genetic or autoimmune disorder? 03:30 Type-2 diabetes,...


The Truth About Adaptogens

Adaptogens are quickly gaining popularity due to modern stress and other chronic health issues. Time Magazine recently published an article on adaptogens, but missed some key points about these amazing herbs. Roger Drummer and co-host Laura Shakti discuss how adaptogens have the ability to balance the body’s energy centers and allow it to have a proper response to regain vitality. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Adaptogens are gaining popularity for stress relief and other health issues 4:00 Why...


More Fat = More Sex...Really!

Have you ever wondered about how the food you eat impacts your sex life? Roger Drummer and co-host Laura Shakti discuss how stress and cholesterol can affect your sex life, how fat increases testosterone, and why “horny goat weed” is so effective. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Why does more fat equal more sex? 4:05 Nutrients needed to produce ATP - CoQ10 5:55 How cholesterol medication impacts your libido 9:23 Why I intentionally raised my cholesterol 12:30 How increasing fats increases...


Ketogenic Diet - What's All the Buzz About?

Have you heard about the ketogenic diet? It's more than just a buzz word - this low-carb diet has many proven benefits to improve your health. Co-host Laura Shakti and Roger Drummer discuss how the ketogenic diet can be beneficial to your health for weight loss, as well as battling cancer. Roger also discusses how he used ketosis to keep cancer from spreading and developing in his body. SHOW NOTES 1:04 Introduction to the ketogenic diet/ketosis 4:55 Flipping your metabolism from being...


Brain Basics…Keeping Your Brain Healthy

In order to have a healthy brain, you must be proactive and take the necessary steps to feed your brain what it needs to perform at its best. Roger Drummer and co-host Laura Shakti discuss how to balance your brain with high protein foods, natural supplements, and adaptogenic herbs. SHOW NOTES 0:00 How to increase dopamine with a brainy breakfast 3:26 Get your brain back in just 7 days 4:34 Sugar cravings put you in a position to lose control of your brain 8:29 Supplements and herbs...