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12 Step Blueprint for a Waste-Free Life in 1 Year with Polly Barks of Green Indy Blog

We are back today with Polly Barks of Green Indy Blog. Polly was actually the very first person I interviewed for the podcast, back in July, though it ended up being the second interview published. In that episode, we talked all about how to advocate for zero waste, including online, in your local community, what to do if your friends + family totally aren’t interested, and more, so if you haven’t listened to that one already, be sure to add it to your play list! Polly has living zero waste...


Why You Need To Give A Sh** with Eco-Author Ashlee Piper

We are chatting with Ashlee Piper today, author of one of my new favorite book, Give A Shi**, Do Good, Live Better, Save The Planet. Ashlee is a former political strategist who channeled her passion for animals and eco-logical preservations into a career as an eco-lifestyle expert. She is a journalist, tv/media personality, and consultant who's aim is to find and communicate the latest and greatest in the realm of sustainable living. We are chatting all about her book, how to implement...


Fight Food Waste With Your Phone with Olio Co-Founder, Saasha Celestial-One

Today I'm chatting with one of the co-founders, Saasha Celestial-One, on how OLIO grew from an idea into a marketplace saving thousands of food items every week. We also talk about the global food waste crisis and how each of us, as an individual, can reduce the food waste in our home, and in our community, to help fight one of the biggest crises the world faces today.


How To Save The World with Environmental Engineer Katie Patrick

Today on the Hippie Haven Podcast, I’m chatting with Katie Patrick, an Australian-American environmental engineer, software designer, author, podcaster and public speaker with 20 years of experience in her field. After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a degree in Environmental Engineering, she worked as an environmental design engineer in Sydney on some of the world’s first platinum-LEED-certified commercial buildings. She has served on the board of...


Everything Can Be Done Sustainably with Eco-Influencer Addie Fisher

Today on the Hippie Haven Podcast, I'm chatting with Addie Fisher, a sustainable living enthusiast + influencer, known on instagram as @oldworldnew. Addie graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelors in Architecture Studies and minors in both Interior Design + Sustainability. She originally started her blog, OldWorldNew, six years ago as a class project, and it has since evolved into an informational platform about eco-friendly living. Addie talks about her journey into...


Manifest Your Best Life with Manifestation Coach Katie Jones

Today we're talking about how to manifest your best life. If you have no idea what manifestation is, don't worry. My friend Katie Jones explains everything, how it worked for her, how she's helped me find my path and how you can apply it to your own life. Katie is a meditation and manifestation coach originally from Austin, Texas, but she now splits her time between Costa Rica and Truckee, California. She did the desk job life for about a year, then quickly realized it wasn't for her and so...


How To Go Zero Waste with Kathryn Kellogg of GoingZeroWaste.com

Callee chats with Kathryn Kellog, the popular blogger behind GoingZeroWaste.com. Kathryn is a professional actor turned eco-activist. After a breast cancer scare led her to cutting plastic out of her life, she discovered the zero waste movement, and started her blog in 2015 about her journey to fit all of her trash in a 16 oz mason jar. She quickly became one of the most well-known names in the zero waste community, and has been featured on CNN, The Guardian, MSNBC + National Geographic,...


Mind Over Matter with Sarah Williams of Tough Girl Challenges

Callee chats with Sarah Williams, creator of Tough Girl Challenges. Sarah is a published author, podcaster, vlogger, motivational speaker, life coach, and world adventurer who, among her many amazing accomplishments, has hiked the Appalachian trail, completed the Marathon des Sabes, and climbed Mt. Kilmanjaro. Sarah was also recognized by the Guardian as one of the 10 most inspiring contemporary female adventurers to follow, and Red Bull named her as one of the adventurers to follow on...


From Plastic Pollution to Art with Amanda Brown of Reefusable

Callee chats with Amanda Brown, who is a eco-artist and conservationist in Florida. She completed her Bachelors in Environmental Science from Franklin University Switzerland and currently works as an environmental program officer for a media-based nonprofit. In her spare time, Amanda makes art out of plastic pollution for her Etsy shop, Reefusables. We talk about where she gets her inspiration + her materials from, the severity of trash in the ocean, and how you can help prevent plastic...


Vegan Wine with Wine Critic Yolanda Shosana

Callee chats with Yolanda Shoshana, who is a culinary historian with a focus on wine and spirits. In this episode, we talk about how wine is traditionally made, which turns out, includes the use of some weird animal products, what vegan winemaking alternatives exist, and what her favorite vegan wine brands are.


Why Composting Isn’t Enough with Celia Ristow of Litterless [Part 2]

Callee chats with Celia Ristow, the blogger behind Litterless.com, in a two-part interview. In the previous episode, we talked about her journey into zero waste and in this episode we’re talking about food waste, how to prevent it, how to properly store food, different composting methods, and why composting isn’t enough.


Zero Waste is Impossible with Celia Ristow of Litterless [Part 1]

Callee chats with Celia Ristow, the blogger behind Litterless.com, in a two-part interview. In this episode, we talk about Celia’s journey into zero waste, how she was one of the first zero waste bloggers on the scene to discuss imperfect zero waste and how she cofounded Zero Waste Chicago, which is an environmental organization that offers resources and education to increase awareness of alternatives to the traditional waste stream.


Vegan + Zero Waste Parenting with Erin Curtis

Callee chats with Erin Curtis about vegan + zero waste parenting. We discuss her vegan pregnancy, natural home birth, raising her daughter with zero waste, bringing her daughter to slaughterhouse protests, and so much more! To learn more about the Hippie Haven Podcast or to contact Callee about zero waste consulting, visit her website at www.ahippieinavan.com. Join the Hippie Haven FB Group too! www.facebook.com/groups/thehippiehaven Thanks for listening! If you liked this episode, please...


Animal Rights Activism with Ezra Frazier of All Around Vegan Box

Welcome to The Hippie Haven Podcast! In this episode, Callee chats with Ezra Frazier of All Around Vegan Box. Ezra is a 19 year old in North Carolina who started his own vegan business, the All Around Vegan Box. We chat about why Ezra became vegan even though he didn't care about animal rights at first, how his mindset shifted, how he encourages passive animal rights activism through his monthly subscription boxes, why he thinks there's so few male vegans, and how to change that. Check out...


How To Advocate For Zero Waste with Polly Barks of Green Indy Blog

Welcome to The Hippie Haven Podcast! In this episode, Callee chats with Polly Barks of Green Indy Blog. Polly is a full-time zero waste activist, with a focus on making zero waste accessible for all. We chat about what zero waste really is, why "zero" is misleading, how to create a zero waste community in your town, what to do if your family isn't on the same page, and so much more about advocating for zero waste. Check out Polly's zero waste blog: www.greenindyblog.com To learn more about...


Running a Vegan Business as a Single Mom with Stefanie Grant of Twinkle Apothecary

Welcome to The Hippie Haven Podcast! In this episode, Callee chats with Stefanie Grant, owner of Twinkle Apothecary - a line of natural beauty + wellness products. Stefanie tells us about her journey from being an actress in LA, to becoming a single mom, moving back home to Oklahoma, and opening her own business. We also talk about why her son isn't entirely vegan, how she creates her essential oil perfumes, how a mindset change grew her business, and why we both consider working late to be...


Welcome to the Hippie Haven Podcast - Callee's Story

Welcome to The Hippie Haven Podcast, where we have real life conversations about all things hippie, from veganism, to zero waste, to tiny living, and everything in between. In this bonus episode, Callee, the host of the Hippie Haven Podcast, tells you about her background, from her time in the military, to traveling the USA in a van, starting her sustainable self-care business, and becoming a zero waste activist + consultant. To learn more about the Hippie Haven Podcast or to contact Callee...