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The Ideal Skin Care Routine: Look Five Years Younger From Just Two Minutes a Day with Dr. Anthony Youn - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #120

Skin care is confusing. If you’re like millions of Americans, walking through the aisles at Sephora or checking out your local department store’s beauty counters can be overwhelming. It seems there’s a new cream each day that promises to smooth this, lift that, and tighten everything else. On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I cut through all the marketing and bogus claims. I’ve spent several years developing the simplest and easiest skin care program that gives the...


A Secret Natural Weapon to Heal Your Gut and Rejuvenate Your Skin with Dr. Marisol Teijeiro - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #119

The health of your GI tract is reflected in the condition of your skin. This gut-skin axis is on the cutting edge of holistic health and beauty research. So how can we maximize the youthfulness of both? My guest this week is a renowned naturopathic physician who has dedicated herself to healing her patients’ gut-skin axis. By focusing on something very… unique, she has helped thousands of men and women with issues as wide-ranging as irritable bowel syndrome to facial wrinkles. And she...


Thoughts on Organic Food and Cancer Prevention, Going Gluten-Free, New Year’s Resolutions, and More with Dr. Mariza Snyder - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #118

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” -- Hippocrates. “Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” – Michael Pollan, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” On this week’s episode, I’m once again joined by functional medicine doc Dr. Mariza Snyder for a fun and informal discussion about several hot topics in health today. We discuss a recent study that revealed a connection between eating organic food and lower rates of cancer (especially in women), how reducing gluten in your diet can impact your health and...


The Naked Truth of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #117

Ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills? In this episode, I’m joined by one of Hollywood’s top plastic surgeons for the past 40+ years, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. He’s seen it all and done it all. And he’s revealing it all in this podcast. We discuss what plastic surgery was like in the 1980’s and 1990’s, cosmetic procedures you must avoid, 3-dimensional facial rejuvenation, and his various stories. And boy, does he have stories. He’ll tell about nurses...


The Best Options for Lifting Your Face: From Non-Invasive to the Lift-and-Fill Facelift with Dr. Rod Rohrich - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #116

Jowls, drooping skin, and a sagging neck – these happen to everyone eventually. So, what can you do about it? There are so many options for lifting the face today, including lasers, threadlifts, minifacelifts, FaceTite, and real facelifts. So how do you choose which is the best option for you? On this episode I’m joined by one of the country’s leading experts in facelift surgery. We’ll discuss the best non-invasive and minimally invasive ways to tighten the face and neck, and reveal...


International Cosmetic Medicine Trends and What’s In Our Future with Wendy Lewis - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #115

Do you wonder what new cosmetic and anti-aging options we could have in the near future? Here in the United States, we are often the last people to gain access to new cosmetic treatments. It’s not uncommon for doctors and patients in Europe, Asia, and South America to have the latest technological advancement years before it hits our shores. So in this episode, I’m joined by an expert in cosmetic medicine who travels to plastic surgery conferences and meetings around the world. She’s...


All About Facial Fillers with Dr. Roy Kim - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #114

Each year hundreds of thousands of people have their lines erased, their cheeks inflated, and their lips plumped using injectable fillers. It is the number two most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. But with all the different fillers that are available, how can you ensure that you get a natural-looking result? Hollywood is full of “pillow faces,” with some celebrities looking like their mug was stung by a hive of bees! So obviously having enough money to afford the most...


Why to Eat Organic Foods, Essential Oils to Improve Your Health, and More with Dr. Mariza Snyder - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #113

Have you ever wondered why holistic health experts recommend eating organic foods? A California court recently ruled in favor of a man who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that is believed to be the result of excessive exposure to Roundup, a chemical herbicide made by Monsanto that is used to spray non-organic crops. This is the first major court case to shine a light on the potential health hazards of eating conventionally grown foods. On this episode of The Holistic Plastic...


Holistic Solutions for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair with Dr. Alan Bauman - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #112

Are you one of the over 80 millions Americans who suffers from hair loss? You may have noticed that your hair is thinning as you get older, and especially after menopause. Or maybe you have a parent who lost his or her hair and you’d like to prevent the same thing from happening to you? If this applies to you, then you’re in luck. You can prevent and reverse hair loss, and you don’t necessarily need surgery to do it. On this week’s podcast, I’m joined by the country’s leading expert in...


How to Protect You and Your Family from the Dangers of EMFs with Dr. Libby Darnell - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #111

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are all around us. They emanate from our cell phones, our tablets, and even as dirty electricity leaking from our homes. Over the past ten years, our exposure to EMF’s has increased exponentially, with no reduction in sight. So just what are the dangers of all this exposure to EMFs? On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I interview an expert in EMF exposure and prevention. She learned first-hand how excessive exposure to EMFs can cause...


A Mind-Body-Spirit-Skin Care Approach to Youthful and Healthy Skin with Integrative Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Jeffries - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #110

There is more to treating skin than applying the right cream. We’re learning that the health of our skin and how quickly it ages is impacted by a wide spectrum of factors, including diet, stress, and more. Therefore, focusing on a holistic approach is the ideal path to youthful and healthy skin. My guest this week is a board-certified integrative dermatologist who has championed this. She has created a mind-body-spirit-skincare approach to treating skin which extends beyond the...


The Fasting Mimicking Diet, Essential Oils, and More with Dr. Mariza Snyder - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #109

Have you heard of the Fasting Mimicking Diet? This new five day diet utilizes very carefully chosen foods in a limited calorie fashion to make your body believe it is fasting. The Fasting Mimicking Diet has been scientifically supported to help aid longevity, fight disease, reduce weight, and even potentially fight cancer. On this podcast episode, I’m joined by my good friend, functional medicine doc Dr. Mariza Snyder. We will start a new one-episode-a-month series on The Holistic...


Is the Fluoride in Our Water Ruining Our Skin? with Melissa Gallico - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #108

Nearly 70% of the homes in the United States receives fluoridated water. We’re told that it helps prevent tooth decay. But is it really necessary, and is it possible that fluoride is actually bad for us? My guest this week is on a mission to educate people on the potential impacts that fluoridated water has on our skin. As a former intelligence analyst for the FBI, she’s spent years researching the connection between fluoride consumption and inflammatory skin conditions such as cystic...


A Plastic Surgeon’s Top Seven Non-Surgical Tips for Looking Your Best with Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #107

Do you want to look younger without going under the knife? Who doesn’t? On today’s episode, I’m joined by a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who provides his patients the entire spectrum of treatment options, from skin care to lasers to injections to surgery. We’re going to get to the bottom of what treatments you should consider having done, and in what order, so you can make the best of your time and money. His recommendations are simple, make sense, and are easy to start. ...


It Might Be Mold! How To Know If Mold Is Affecting Your Family’s Health with Dr. Ann Shippy - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #106

Weakness. Fatigue. Chronic pain. Thinning hair. Frequent headaches. Brain fog. Rashes. Chronic cough. All of these could be symptoms of mold toxicity. It’s believed that approximately 25% of buildings in the United States have some sort of water damage. This water damage can lead to issues with mold that could be affecting your health and the health of your family. On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by an internal medicine physician who is an expert in...


Seven Top Tips To Uplevel Your Guy’s Health with Dr. Jerry Bailey - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #105

“I eat well and take care of myself. I wish my husband would do the same.” This is something that I hear almost every day in my office. Why does it seem that women are more likely to eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and take vitamins and supplements, whereas men seem to neglect their health? On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by an expert in men’s holistic health. We’ll tackle this subject head-on, as he gives us his top seven tips for men’s health. ...


“I Hate My Neck”- Cosmetic Treatments To Help You Love It Again with Dr. Anthony Youn - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #104

“I hate my neck.” It’s one of the most common complaints I get from men and women over 50. So what can you do about it? In this podcast episode, I cover all the bases for rejuvenating the neck. From skin care to lasers to injections to surgery, I’ll give you the straight scoop on all the best ways to turn back the clock for this often-neglected body part. I’ll give you some cool tips to age-hack your neck, and also reveal to you which popular treatments aren’t worth the hype. Please...


Facial Cosmetic Surgery 101 with Dr. Jason Roostaeian - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #103

Let’s face it. Any plastic surgery is scary. But having plastic surgery on your face just might be the scariest surgeries of them all. How do you know if the operation and doctor you’ve chosen are truly what’s best for you? And how do you avoid getting botched? On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by one of the young leaders in cosmetic facial surgery in Hollywood. He’s known for being on the cutting edge and creating amazing results, but also for being a...


The Holistic Prescription How to Prevent and Heal Chronic Disease with Dr. Madiha Saeed - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #102

Chronic illness is on the rise throughout the United States. Although we’re living longer, our longevity is artificially supported by prescription medications and invasive procedures. So how can we holistically prevent and heal chronic disease and live longer, healthier, and better lives? My guest this week says it all comes down to inflammation. Inflammation is the main trigger that ignites chronic disease, and she’s developed a Holistic Prescription to calm inflammation, determine the...


Cutting Edge Non-Invasive Treatments to Tighten This, Lift That, and Even Get a Six Pack with Dr. Jennifer Walden - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #101

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments are exploding in popularity. It seems every week there is a new device that offers a more effective way to tighten this, lift that, and even give you bigger muscles. On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, we’re going to introduce you to the newest technology in cosmetic medicine. Have you heard of Geneveve, Votiva, Emsella, Emsculpt, or the Big D Wave? No? Most plastic surgeons haven’t either! These are just some of the newest,...